MEMORIZE Chapter 538

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00538 The peaceful days are over. ————————————————– ———————-=

next day.

As soon as morning dawned, the Clan House on Istantel Row was bustling with activity. This is because of the individual summons issued the evening before. Of course, a similar phenomenon was occurring not only in Monica but in all cities, and the source of it was the declaration of an attack on the Steel Mountains announced by the central management organization.

Many users gathered in each city’s representative clan and made a fuss and made a fuss, but looking at the entire Northern Continent, it could not be said to be particularly noisy.

‘uh? Rather than reacting like, ‘We’re attacking the Steel Mountains?’, we said, ‘We’ve finally made it official.’ degree?

Behind it all was the strategy of the central management organization, specifically Lee Hyo-eul.

Two months ago, Lee Hyo-eul secretly sent messengers to prestigious clans in each city. The content itself was nothing special. It was not much different from the announcement made during the last Halo selection, telling people to prepare slowly because they were planning to attack the Steel Mountains.

However, what Hyo-eul Lee was truly aiming for was what happened after that.

They certainly sent messengers secretly. However, it is extremely rare for secrecy to be maintained even afterwards. Not only did they send one or two messengers, but rumors were bound to spread somehow.

Lee Hyo-eul’s prediction was exactly right.

Clan lords to executives, executives to clan members, and clan members to acquaintances.

Rumors about the raid on the Steel Mountains began to spread from top to bottom, and within a month it became an open secret known to most users.

As a result, preparations for the attack on the Steel Mountains were carried out naturally and voluntarily, minimizing the impact even when the official announcement was made.

In fact, the fact that the representative clans were now crowded was not due to a sudden declaration, but due to preparations made in the meantime.

“ah. Now that I think about it, I heard that Soyoung turns 30 this year.”

Istantel Low Clan House Office.

Han So-young had been suffering from headaches since morning. This is because the official announcement of the raid on the Steel Mountains was made last night, and as soon as morning came, all the clan lords who had settled in Monica came rushing in.

Of course, if you just talk, it won’t be too difficult.

However, as always, Han So-young, who had to accept the information provided by her extra senses, was in a position where she had no choice but to exhaust more physical strength than necessary. And even more so if the information causes disgust and discomfort.

Moreover, due to the circumstances of the individual summons, Han So-young had to deal with each person individually, so she had to experience physical and mental exhaustion from the morning.

Just look at the middle-aged man sitting in his office right now.

“Hey. When I look at you face to face like this, I can’t seem to be 30 years old. Would you say it was like seeing a beautiful career woman? Uh-huh-huh!”

All you have to do is finish what you want to say, but he comes in the morning and starts talking nonsense. If it weren’t for the well-known military clan called Musa, they might have been kicked out long ago.

Although he was trying not to show it on the outside, a coldness was slowly overshadowing his expressionless face, as if he was reaching his limit.

“Actually, I’m over 40.”

“yes. So, are you saying that the Musa Clan will participate in the southern expedition this time?”

“yes? ah. Well, that’s right. Soyoung, don’t worry. “Our warrior clan, made up of only true men, will take the lead in conquering the Steel Mountains.”

“Then I guess that’s what it is. “Thank you to the Musa Clan for their participation.”

“Uh-huh. It was nothing. oh! But the sun is already high in the sky. Now that I think about it, I think I’m a little hungry… . “How about eating together?”

“There is a restaurant on the first floor. Hyerim? Musa Road is leaving. “Take me to the restaurant.”

Han So-young, who flatly refused, immediately called Yeon Hye-rim.

In the end, the man had no choice but to get up, but his sinister gaze did not disappear until the moment he left the door. Han So-young buried herself deeply in her chair, feeling as if dozens of caterpillars were falling all over her body.

But before there was even a moment to rest, someone opened the door again and came in. It was Park Da-yeon.

“huh? “Why are you doing this, sister?”

“… “Because it’s hard.”

“Huh? Actually, since morning until now, almost 20 people have come. But what should I do? “Just then, one more person came to visit.”


Han So-young let out a sticky sigh. It’s like she’s really, really struggling.

Park Da-yeon narrowed her eyes and cautiously opened her mouth.

“oh my god… . Then, would you like to take a break? Since it’s lunch time, I can take the time and have a meal with him.”

At those words, Soyoung Han gently opened her eyes. Her tone of voice seemed to be for Han So-young, but the information conveyed by her extra senses was completely opposite to his and hers. It’s as if she would only do it if you gave her permission.


“… “Huh, Mercenary Lord.”

“Ask them to come in.”

“… … .”

Han So-young immediately straightened her posture. Then, Park Da-yeon’s eyes suddenly narrowed.

“sister. “Are you really dating the Mercenary Lord?”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Oh, that’s right. “When I said he was a Mercenary Lord, his attitude suddenly changed.”

“Why are you talking nonsense too? Since there was only one person left, I decided to finish it quickly and take a break. And it’s rude to make a heavyweight like Mercenary Lord wait.”

“lie! Then why are you suddenly tying your hair?!”

“… … !”

At Park Da-yeon’s shout, Han So-young was startled and stopped her actions. At the same time, she felt her heart pounding. Because she was really pulling the hair on the back of her head like that.

Finally, Soyoung Han stood up without saying anything. And with the words, “I’ll bring her here quickly,” she squeezed a bean of honey chestnut onto the top of Park Da-yeon’s dainty head.

In the end, Park Da-yeon burst into tears and left the office, while Han So-young quickly adjusted her hair and clothes.

Before long, the door clicked open and a man appeared. It was Mercenary Lord Kim Soo-hyun.

“Long time no see. Istantel Row Road. “I received the summons last night and responded immediately.”

“yes. Thank you for your hard work coming. Please sit over here.”

It was a soft voice that was completely different from when dealing with Lord Musa. Soon, when Han So-young was about to feel a super sense with her excited heart, Kim Soo-hyun, who was sitting in her seat, immediately opened his mouth.

“I heard you weren’t feeling very well today. “I was asked to finish the conversation quickly.”

“yes… . yes?”

“First of all, to put it bluntly, the Mercenary Clan plans to participate in the southern expedition. “For this invasion of the Steel Mountains, our mercenaries will fully cooperate with Istantel Row.”

“ah… . yes… . Thank you for your cooperation… .”

Han So-young barely responded and gently clenched her fists. A little while ago, she remembered Park Da-yeon, who had gone out, biting her lip as if to leave her somewhere else.

However, Han So-young was also a formidable woman, so she was able to immediately find a topic of conversation.

“that is a good news. However, Halo’s representative clan, Hamill Lord, has some intentions.”

“ah. You don’t have to worry about that. Since West has been judged as the 4th team this time, I heard that it will be included in the late team, not the advance team. “I’ve already made it clear about that, so I won’t change my mind midway.”

At that moment, Soyoung Han felt speechless. West’s 4th power decision. The fact that she knew this meant that she already knew all the circumstances.


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If so, it can be said that the story is almost over. Unlike the warrior road where dozens of minutes were wasted earlier, the story ended in just six words.


Earlier, it would have been something she would have welcomed with open arms, but Han So-young suddenly felt an unexpected sense of disappointment.

It was then.

“… By the way, you seem really unwell today. “You look weak.”

Suddenly, a low and soft voice rang in Han So-young’s ears.

“Hmm. Just a little bit. It’s not that bad. “I guess Dayeon was really cruel.”

“Still. “It’s always a good idea to take care of your health.”

Kim Soo-hyun responded with a warm smile and rummaged through his arms. Then she quietly placed something on her table. That something was a pretty jewel sparkling with the color of the sea.

As Han So-young looked at her with puzzled eyes, Kim Soo-hyun cleared his throat once or twice before quietly opening his mouth.

“It’s one of my previous achievements… . This is a gem called Cordelia. It cleanses the body and makes the flow of magical energy faster. If you take it, it will be of great help. “It’s even better since you said you weren’t feeling well.”

Han So-young’s eyes slightly opened at Kim Soo-hyun’s explanation. If that was true, it meant that this jewel was the elixir of heaven that everyone aspired to have. Especially wizards. If the flow of magical power becomes faster, not only can magic be expressed at a faster rate, but also upward spells can be used.

But they give you such a precious elixir?

Finally, it was the moment when Han So-young looked at Kim Soo-hyun.

Suddenly, Soyoung Han felt a warm energy settle over her entire body. This is because she felt affectionate emotions from the gaze that was looking at her.

The insidious emotions of other men cannot be found even if you wash your eyes, and only the user Kim Soo-hyun can show them.

Such affectionate feelings, made up of such pure worry, brought endless sweetness to Han So-young’s body, which had been suffering all morning. She was so amazed that she felt that this was her healing.

However, I couldn’t receive it anymore.

“Then take one now.”

“no. I’m sorry… . A gift like this is too burdensome. “I’ll just accept your feelings.”


“I don’t think such a precious elixir is a gift for me to receive.”

Because it was wrong to receive this. To myself and to the Mercantile Lord.

After thinking that, Soyoung Han opened her mouth in a quiet voice.

“Merchantry Lord. I really appreciate this gift. But I think it’s right for this to go to the Mercenary Lord or the Mercenary Clan members, not me.”

“Oh, no. Even if I tried it, it didn’t have much of an effect. And that’s okay. “This is a personal achievement anyway.”

“Even so. This is a gift I cannot receive. There will definitely be some among your clan members who want this achievement. That’s why I think giving it to them as a gift is the right answer. … Even though it is an individual achievement, the position of the clan lord is bound to be completely different.”

“… … .”

In a way, it was a very meaningful statement that contained some kind of teaching. And it wasn’t Kim Soo-hyun who couldn’t understand that.

“All right. If you say that much… .”

Although Kim Soo-hyun thought for a moment, he calmly agreed. At the same time, Han Soyoung was a little embarrassed. This is because Kim Soo-hyun’s appearance as he carefully collects the jewels conveyed a sullen feeling. It was as if the puppy that was wagging its tail to get her praise suddenly became depressed.

If Lord Musa had given me a gift earlier, I might have accepted it. All you have to do is wipe your mouth after receiving it.

However, Han So-young said those words because she was truly thinking about Kim Soo-hyun, and that made her feel even more sorry.

In other words, Kim Soo-hyun’s feelings were also sincere.

In the end, feeling so sorry, Han So-young placed her hands on the table and slightly tilted her upper body.

“sorry. My heart is really happy… . “Aren’t you upset?”

“haha. no. No way… ? Ugh.”

At that moment, Kim Soo-hyun was startled and threw his head back. Han Soyoung tilted her head. But she soon realized that Kim Soo-hyun’s gaze was focused on her upper body. Because she was leaning forward, her loose-fitting clothes were pulled down, exposing her cleavage.

For a moment, there was silence. Although Han So-young felt awkward, she also felt strange.

“uh… . hmm.”

Kim Soo-hyun’s helpless face caught Han So-young’s eyes.

My attitude, which had always been the same, changed for the first time. And information delivered by extra senses that changes every moment, etc. All of these things feel very unfamiliar to Soyoung Han. no. To be exact, it was the first feeling I had in a long time, and it was feelings I had forgotten about since I gained super sense.

After a while.

Desperate to experience this fresh feeling a little more, Soyoung Han swallowed her saliva and calmly unbuttoned one button. Then the already loose top slipped down.

“Now that I think about it, it’s a little hot. Are you okay with Mercenary Road?”

“Yeah… . I am… . it’s okay… .”

Then I unbuttoned the second button. Now her breast covering was barely visible.

“Oops. The comb you gave me last time is really useful. “My hair was long, so I had a hard time straightening it every morning.”

“that… . really… . Good thing… . haha… .”

Next, he rolled up his arms, revealing his pure white arms, and crossed his legs proudly.

“And I sincerely thank you for participating in the Southern Expedition this time. “The Mercenary Clan is participating. There can be no better news than this.”

“That’s it… . matter of course… .”

Kim Soo-hyun is now looking away and even his face is shaking.

Han So-young calmly stared at Kim Soo-hyun.

no. In fact, he was pretending to be calm.

‘… It’s a big deal.’

Suddenly, a burning feeling came over me. Her lips trembled. Because even though her head told her she needed to stop, her body wouldn’t follow.

‘this… . It’s so fun… .’

It was Han So-young, who was strange but fun.

—————————= Review of the work ——————– ——-=

『Even though the tray was brought out, no one raised their hand.

I wish you would stop this habit. I said this once before, but everyone just smiled subtly and no one followed suit.

According to Shin Sang-yong’s secret tip, whenever the female users in the clan start eating, they want to see me strangely at a loss.』

It’s not for no reason that the clan members wanted to see Kim Soo-hyun’s helpless appearance in the past. Should I say that he has a charm with a twist? ha ha ha.


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