MEMORIZE Chapter 496

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00496 Abandoned wizard hunter. ————————————————– ———————-=

I explained Seraph’s proposal without hesitation, including the revitalization of the ancient magic city of Magia and the authorization to establish a mercenary academy. And half of the clan members who heard the story looked at me with interest, while the other half tilted their heads and showed disapproval.

Most of the clan members who are now showing a reluctant tone were those who participated in Magia’s activation a year ago and experienced frustration due to the distance problem. I remember feeling very helpless at the time, but it wasn’t that I couldn’t understand how the clan members felt. We went through all sorts of hardships, including building roads, to lay the foundation for revitalizing the city, but we had to turn our backs on the success of the plan.

“Clan Lord. “Reactivating Magia means repeating the old plan from scratch?”

As expected, voices of concern arose from the beginning, as if the memories of that time had not yet been shaken off.

“That’s not it.”

And I responded right away. Now that the plan has been put back on hold, a clear solution must also be presented.

I crossed my hands and calmly opened my mouth.

“I understand your concerns. Maybe it’s because of the distance. But distance no longer matters.”

“yes? By any chance, have you found a solution?”

“That’s right. Among the achievements obtained this time, there is one called the Memoria Stone. The Memoria Stone is an achievement that plays a key role in building a warp gate, and if used properly, Magia can be registered as a new city in the Northern Continent.”

“Memoria Stone… ?”

Won Hye-soo opened her eyes and asked a question. At the same time, a chaotic commotion broke out among her clan members.

Meanwhile, I stared at a woman sitting in a corner of the conference room. Helena was alone in her turmoil, keeping her silence. She had a seemingly invisible smile on her face.

There is a saying that seeing a hundred words is worth seeing. It would be better to show once than to tell a hundred times. Thinking like that, I took out the Memoria Stone I had packed earlier from my pocket.

“Helena Lou Ayens.”

“Please speak.”

Helena smiled and answered, as if she knew he was calling her.

“The current warp gate is a legacy of the ancient Hole Plane, and our users do not know the details of its construction process or operating principles. But since you are a resident who lived through the Shinhwa era, I think you would know a little more detail.”

“I believe that is incorrect.”

“hmm? wrong?”

“That’s right. Warp gates were originally based on space movement magic. And space travel magic is derived from us. So it’s not just about knowing a little bit more.”

At first, I wondered what he was talking about, but when I remembered Helena’s identity, I understood. Helena’s soul has lived in Magna Carta for over thousands of years. Moreover, since it is called the strongest dragon, its spatial movement magic would be ridiculous.

“So does that mean we can build a warp gate in Magia?”

“erection? Construction. well. Either way, as long as you have the Memoria Stone, you can activate and maintain the warp gate anytime, anywhere.”

“… “Then can you show me now?”

“It’s not difficult.”

Helena held out her hand, still smiling. She threw the Memoria Stone, and Helena deftly caught it and slowly wrapped it around her. Then she took one look at me and immediately closed her eyes and muttered.

“Spatio Ad Salire.”

Soon an incomprehensible spell came out, and soon a small change occurred around Helena. To be more precise, should we say that the fist holding the Memoria Stone is shaking? It seemed as if steam was rising only from that area.

While everyone was focused, Helena opened her eyes again and opened her mouth.

“The Memoria Stone has the ability to remember a location. I just… . Hmm. I remembered where the Clan Lord was and calculated the coordinates. Spatio Ad Salire is a spell that inputs the calculated coordinates into the Memoria Stone. In other words, you can consider that preparations are complete.”

After speaking, Helena thrust her remaining arm into the swaying space.

“It’s like this.”

And at that moment, I felt strength coming into my eyes. Helena’s arm suddenly disappeared. At the same time, the missing arm appeared right in front of me.

I was sitting at the head of the table, and Helena was sitting at the end of the table. The distance was over 10 meters, and she jumped over it in one go.

The clan members finally let out an exclamation. I also nodded my head willingly. Helena looked at me with a questioning look on her face and calmly withdrew her hand.

“I think it’s worth trying again at this level. “I’m curious about your thoughts.”

As soon as I opened my mouth with a satisfied feeling, I could see a clear change in reactions.

“That’s amazing. It doesn’t matter if the distance issue is resolved. “I agree.”

“Yes, but… . “In fact, what I still worry about is whether we will be able to get more than the investment we put into the city.”

“What are you talking about. This is not a fundamental problem. There is a mercenary academy. Just because of that alone, this plan must definitely come to fruition. “There’s nothing to worry about now, right?”

“No. I feel like the mercenary academy alone is not enough. Now that we have decided to revitalize it, I think it would be a good idea to decide on the direction of what kind of city Magia will develop into in the future.”

The clan members who seemed reluctant earlier began to express their opinions. Everyone had enthusiastic faces, just like when they first conceived and announced the plan.

But I banged on the table to tell him to be quiet. It’s good that excitement is rising, but people are going too far ahead. I don’t know if time was plentiful, but as it was lacking, there were definitely things that had to take priority right now.

“now. Please be quiet for now. I know what you’re thinking, but you can’t fill up after the first drink, right? You have to walk slowly, one step at a time, you can’t handle everything at once. … In that sense, there are two things we need to do now. First, build a warp gate connecting Magia and Monica. And secondly, we will build a facility in Magia to teach chicks. Just doing these two things will make months fly by.”

The cluttered conference room suddenly became quiet. I tapped the table quickly twice. Now that we had reached agreement, it was time to put the plan into action in earnest.


The meeting that followed took longer than expected.


A few days passed.

The excitement over achievements and the birth of new life quickly subsided. I had instructed to promote this plan by mobilizing all available manpower. Then, a busy atmosphere quickly took the place of the empty space.

However, these two tasks were not tasks that we could do right away, but tasks that had strict procedures to follow as users. Still, I made some progress during the meeting, and I was able to organize what needed to be done to some extent.

The warp gate could be solved quickly as Helena said. Aside from the Memoria Stone, what was absolutely necessary were the coordinates of the Monica Warp Gate. That was enough for Helena to calculate.

However, there is one essential procedure along the way: permission must be obtained from Istantel Row, which owns the Monica Wharf Gate. However, since we have formed a very friendly relationship so far, I don’t think he will refuse.

And the construction of the mercenary academy… . Since I also graduated from the User Academy, I know what kind of facilities are needed, but first, I needed residents to build the facilities. A lot of that too.

Of course, you can purchase materials and hire residents. But the problem is that no matter how hard it is now, construction cannot proceed. It will be a huge construction project, incomparable to the Clan House, but it can’t be done with Monica and Magia going back and forth.

In other words, ultimately, activation of the warp gate was essential. Only then can we move on to the next task.

Anyway, I still didn’t feel like I was over a mountain, but even then, I didn’t forget my original purpose.

That was the User Academy that was to be activated this time.

“Oh~. Who is this? The Mercenary Lord came looking for me on his own. Girl Lee Hyo-eul, my emotions are truly endless.”


Lee Hyo-eul put down the tea cup on the table and spoke in a grumpy voice. When I looked down, I saw white steam rising and green tea water with gentle ripples. It somehow seemed tasteless.

“oh. What’s with that unappetizing look? “I was very careful and rode it.”

“Then you don’t have to drink it?”

“Ho Ho. Ho ho ho. Ho ho ho ho. huh?”

“… “I’ll drink it gratefully.”

I quietly lifted my teacup.


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The place where I am now is the central management body. This is because there were things to ask about the user academy, such as the exact date and time when the Inn of Beginning is activated, instructor participation rights, etc. And the user with total authority related to it was Lee Hyo-eul.

Just as I was barely able to take a sip, Lee Hyo-eul moved her throat, wiped her mouth and spoke.

“Haha~. “As expected, the car I rode was delicious.”

“… Is that alcohol? “Not a car?”

“Excuse me. Anyway, what brought you here today? “I heard that Mercenary is very busy these days?”

“It’s true that I’m busy, but there’s no law saying I’m busy too.”

After putting down the teacup, I shrugged my shoulders and said. Then Lee Hyo-eul nodded her head.

“After all, Mercantilery is full of talented users. All you have to do is give me direction.”

“okay. “Today’s visit is also a visit to suggest that direction.”

“swimming. “So you’re saying you came here in connection with the User Academy?”

“I won’t deny it. “I would like to talk about the date and time when the Inn of Beginning will be activated and the instructor participation ticket.”

Lee Hyo-eul scratched her head with the same expression on her face. She seemed to be in quite a bit of trouble as she looked elsewhere.

“There’s nothing difficult about being temporary. I guess it’s about 2 weeks later… .”

“In two weeks.”

“ok. however… . “Can’t you be satisfied with just one piece?”

“If that’s the case, there’s nothing we can do. But that’s because I don’t understand what you’re saying. Why did you say there were no properties for sale? Since instructor qualifications are distributed fairly, there will definitely be clans that offer items unless they are large clans. Especially in situations like now.”

When I first heard from Seungwoo Cho, I thought that might be the case. But when he thought about it, he felt something was strange.

So, no matter how much the angel gave the message, there is a high possibility that the property will come up for sale this time as well. No, I’m sure. This is because, looking at the user academy’s past offer status, almost 99% of chicks with good grades chose offers from large clans.

So, even if you are lucky enough to get the right to participate this time, clans that are relatively less competitive have no choice but to worry. Especially now that competition for listings is intensifying, there will definitely be one or two clans trying to sell participation tickets at a much higher price than before.

Hyoeul Lee must have hit the nail on the head and scratched her head again. He stayed like that for a while, then opened his mouth with a long sigh.

“Tsk. I can’t help it. Because I had to ask you a favor anyway. “Early or late.”

“Are you asking me to do something for you?”

“That’s because the Mercantile Clan has a lot of money.”


Although it was somewhat unexpected, the words themselves were true. Since numerous ruins have been excavated. No, from the day they attacked the Jewel Forest, the Mercantile Clan’s wealth could be seen to be at an unrivaled level. The amount of gold coins and jewels he currently possessed was truly enormous, and considering the equipment and classes he possessed, it was immeasurable.

“A little more detail. “You have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“… Actually, at least one piece is scheduled to be for sale this time. Of course, there could be more than that, but that’s none of my business.”

It’s scheduled. If so, it means that my prediction was correct.

“Anyway, what I was trying to ask you was… . What I was saying was that if the item was put up for sale, it would be better if the mercantile store didn’t bid on it. “Because I am planning to purchase that property through an agent, but I am not confident about dealing with a merchandiser.”

“Make me understand.”

“Sorry. It’s a personal matter. “I can’t reveal it.”

“Then there’s nothing we can do. “Every single piece is precious to me.”

“Ugh. I knew it would come out like that. Of course, I’m not asking you to just listen. There are conditions. If you do me a favor, the mercenary will get at least one extra seat. And that’s for free.”

“… say it.”

At least one digit. It’s free too. Then the story is different.

I immediately changed my attitude and expressed my intention to listen. Then Lee Hyo-eul smiled bitterly and revealed her feelings.

It was then.

Jump up!


Suddenly, the door burst open and a young voice rang through the room. Hyoeul Lee and I looked away at the same time. The voice was so buzzing that I thought it was Ansol at first… .

no. for a moment.

Lee Hyo-eul… . weird?

At first he looked at me, then looked surprised, then glanced at me, then calmed down in an instant.

And after a while, Lee Hyo-eul suddenly stood up.

“you! Who can do whatever they want… . “Did you ask me to come into this room?”

“Eh, eh? sister. Why are you so angry all of a sudden? ?”

“Can’t you see there’s a customer now?”


The buzzing voice completely changed into a crying voice. Lee Hyo-eul frowned, chewed her lip, and looked back at me.

“Merchantry Lord. Sorry. He’s my close friend whom I’ve known for a long time, but he’s very immature. “Can you wait a moment?”

“ok? Mercenary Road? Then that person is our number… .”

“Won’t you be quiet?!”


When Lee Hyo-eul screamed, the woman suddenly lowered her head.

… However, the user who was the guardian of the Northern Continent not long ago is my close friend whom I have known for a long time.

I raised my hand with my eyes fixed on the teacup.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s just for a moment. “Come back.”

“thank you.”

Lee Hyo-eul immediately approached the woman. He seemed to be trying to remain calm, but I could see him secretly dragging me by the arm. As if he was trying to get me out of my sight as quickly as possible.

We don’t know why Lee Hyo-eul behaves like this.

But it means I have a third eye.

I squinted towards the door with my third eye.

< User Information (Player Status) >

1. Name: Maeng Ara (1st year)

2. Class

① Guardian of the Northern Continent: Activation

② Normal, Priest, Beginner: Disabled

3. Nation: Barbara

4. Clan: Wizard Hunter (Clan Rank: C Plus)

I knew it.

As expected, the woman who just came in was the guardian of the new northern continent. I laughed bitterly. No matter how much a guardian is a being that needs to be hidden, it actually doesn’t mean much to me. Lee Hyo-eul couldn’t do anything about me, so I don’t think that just one year difference is an obstacle.

Well, it’s my first time seeing it, but it seems like there are some corners that look as fierce as the name suggests.

By the way, the name of the current clan is… . Wizard hunter? Aside from the fact that it’s funny, this seems like it’s referring to me.

Thinking that, I giggled and picked up my teacup.

And at that moment, a thought quickly passed through my head.



Without realizing it, I put down the teacup. And I stared into space, feeling a little dazed.

Eventually, in the user information window that was still floating, one part in particular caught my eye.

4. Clan: Wizard Hunter (Clan Rank: C Plus)

Wizard Hunter.

The moment I confirmed it, I immediately stood up.

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Existing users cannot benefit from the Mercenary Academy. Like the User Academy, only new users can benefit. However, as stated in the conditions, the two academies can receive overlapping benefits. In other words, the period during which benefits are granted to new users increases accordingly. 🙂

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