MEMORIZE Chapter 495

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Seraph explained in a monotonous voice. However, the details were very serious and did not match the voice.

The conditions of the mercenary academy mentioned by Seraph were as follows.

It is recommended that the Mercenary Academy be built in the ancient magic city of Magia.

The User Academy and Mercenary Academy can be completed in duplicate.

The completion period for the Mercenary Academy is determined at the discretion of the Mercenary Clan Lord. However, the points you can earn upon completion are only half of the user academy. In other words, you can only get 2 points, which are classified as free points.

The number of students admitted to the Mercenary Academy is limited to six per year.

The most difficult condition is that the number of students admitted per year is limited to 6. However, as long as duplicate completion is possible, there is no change in the fact that it is beneficial no matter what conditions are attached. In other words, if the user academy is a high school, can the mercenary academy be said to be a university?

Of course, it wasn’t entirely without problems.

Seraph recommended building a mercenary academy in the ancient magic city of Magia. I heard that it wasn’t coercion, but what the angels said meant that Magia was the best.

However, the current plan to activate the ancient magic city of Magia has been temporarily put on hold for about a year. Because distance was an issue.

The average round trip time to Monica is 4 weeks. Physical improvements could be made by cleaning up monsters or remodeling the interior of the city, but the streets were something that could not be done.

Moreover, there is a convenient means of access called the warp gate, but Magia was not an attractive city to the extent that one would refuse to use it and walk.


I stared at Seraph who had finished explaining. This is because I thought it was quite sophisticated to say something like this now.

“Seraph. “Did you know?”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s pretentious. “I got the Memoria Stone from Mercenary not long ago.”

“It’s a setting we’ve given. “Don’t you know at least who it went to?”

That’s true, though.

I clenched my chin and was lost in thought. In the past, I probably would have thought of using it.

I’m not sure, but I guess there are probably some angels who won’t be very pleased with my current actions. Nevertheless, what kind of intention is behind such a proposal?

But even taking that into account, this time is different. If you only look at the revealed conditions, it is very good.

What if we solved the distance problem and built a mercenary academy in the ancient magic city of Magia?

It will increase the possibility of preoccupying talented users who will come in the future, and will be of considerable help in realizing the Magia activation plan that has been put aside. In any direction.

To that extent, Seraph’s words were such an attractive proposition that it could be thought of as a push.

I tapped on the altar.

“good. But that means we need to install a warp gate in Magia. How do we solve this? “I have no knowledge about him.”

“Don’t worry. “We can’t teach you, but isn’t there already a resident under user Kim Soo-hyun who knows this knowledge?”

“… “Are you referring to Helena Lou Ayens?”

“Yes. Magna Carta, to be exact. The warp gate is a legacy of the ancient Holplane. However, if it were a dragon from the mythical era, it would have very extensive knowledge of warp gates.”

“What are the materials and costs for construction?”

“It may be ancient, but there is a saying in Hall Plain: Even if all conditions are met, a warp gate cannot be built without a Memoria Stone. However, as long as you have the Memoria Stone, you can build a warp gate even if you do not have everything.”

As if she had already had this question in mind, Seraph answered fluidly.

I ended up shrugging my shoulders. In the end, they were told to just give permission and take care of the rest, but you can’t miss this great opportunity just because it’s annoying.

With that thought in mind, I got up without delay. In an instant, a number of things to do in the future came to mind.

Then Seraph calmly raised her head and stared at me.

“Are you leaving?”

“huh. Because it looks like I’ll be busy again to implement your suggestion… . Oops, give me the marl.”

“… … .”

“Be careful not to break it. hurry.”

If I had left like this, I would have left a child behind.

Before I knew it, Mar was fast asleep in Seraph’s arms.

At that time, that is, when I held out my hand to ask for something quickly.

Suddenly, Seraph’s face changed completely. Didn’t his eyes suddenly turn moist and look infinitely pitiful?

What is this strange feeling? No, if you do this, it seems like they are taking the child away by force. This isn’t some kind of love or war.

“Why is your face like that? You’re not my real mother anyway. “I met you for the first time today.”

“User Kim Soo-hyun… . Bah… . Woah… . is it?”


“no. “I didn’t say anything.”

Seraph spoke with a somewhat sullen expression and carefully handed Marr over. Marr, perhaps feeling the cold air after being in her warm embrace, stirred her body slightly. However, he was able to settle into my arms without waking up, and I immediately turned around and headed toward the portal where blue light flowed.

It was then.

“User Kim Soo-hyun. Now that you think about it, I have one more thing to tell you.”

Just as I was about to bury myself in the portal, I heard Seraph’s voice behind me. As I half turned my gaze, I saw Seraph staring at me blankly. The altar was still empty, with one seat empty.


“The Inn of Beginning will be activated soon.”

“That’s the Guardian… . ah. I heard it from a former guardian. What, so?”

“Is that so. Well then, that’s a relief. Anyway, that’s it.”

Relief… . What?

For a moment, I felt slightly puzzled. We already knew that new users were coming. However, Seraph suddenly informed me once again.

For a moment, I stared at Seraph. Seraph also did not avoid my gaze. Those eyes were not the usual quiet eyes, but instead were filled with a strange desire. As if he hoped I would realize something.

While we were looking at each other for a while, a thought suddenly passed through our heads.

And at that moment, I found myself nodding my head.

“okay. thanks.”


“Then I’ll just leave.”

“… and. “I won’t ask you to come often from now on, so please only respond when called.”

Leaving Seraph’s last words behind me, I walked into the portal without delay. And I thought about what I said carefully. And the conclusion I came to was that there was no way Seraph would say something for nothing.


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Then there was only one answer.

Soon after returning to Hall Plain, I quickly searched in my pocket and took out a communication crystal ball. Immediately after granting magic power, someone suddenly appeared with a slight noise. It was Cho Seung-woo.

“User Seungwoo Cho. That’s me.”

(Ah, Clan Lord. Have you contacted me?)

“yes. If nothing else, can you tell me how many clan members are currently on a business trip?”

(You mean a business trip? Hmm…. A new job came in this morning, and including the number of people waiting for requests, there are a total of 7 people.)

“Good. Then tomorrow. So, please call everyone except those who are on a business trip and the minimum number of personnel required for operation. We have something to discuss. “This is an important issue.”

(Important meeting? Okay. I’ll make sure to announce it.)

Although he asked in a puzzled voice, Seungwoo Cho nodded his head without saying a word.

But there was still one more thing left to say.

“And contact the central governing body right now. “The communication crystal ball is in my office.”

(Yes? If it is a central management body… do you mean me?)

Seungwoo Cho asked back with a very surprised expression. I clicked my tongue inwardly. He’s resourceful, but he doesn’t seem to know where he’s sitting yet. I felt like I still lacked awareness.

“yes. “You can request to be connected to user Lee Hyo-eul.”

(How could I… No, no. Then what should I say to the user named Lee Hyo-eul?)

“The Inn of Beginning will be activated soon. Please tell us that you will participate as much as possible in Mercantile this time, and that if any property comes up for sale, you will purchase it first at any price.”

(Hmm. Yes. I will make sure to take care of that as well.)

The term for sale refers to the right to participate as an instructor in the user academy. The more instructors who participate, the more opportunities there are to appeal to new users, and the more priority you can have in recruiting.

After the war, a new system was established in the User Academy to allow as many clans as possible to participate, but sometimes clans that obtained instructor qualifications sold participation tickets to clans that did not. In other words, can we say it is some kind of transaction?

“I will leave it up to you.”

Anyway, I ended the communication by saying my best wishes. And, thinking that I had put out the emergency fire first, I let out a long sigh and looked down.

And at that time, I suddenly felt strength coming into my eyes.


On my ankle, the dodo was still clutching my ankle.

Even though my mind was confused, I laughed out loud. I forgot to talk about something important, but at this point, I have no choice but to acknowledge your grit.

Still, I felt a little sorry for him as he was just born, so I opened my mouth with a sad feeling.

“… “Isn’t it hard?”

Then Dodo answered in a slightly weak voice.

“Beep… .”


The next morning. After finishing the meal and light work, I walked straight to the main conference room.

In the main conference room, excluding clan members who were on a business trip and the minimum staff required for operation, about 40 people were sitting waiting for me.

After sitting at the head of the table, I looked to my left and saw Seungwoo Cho working hard to organize something. That seat was originally Hayeon’s seat.

“Let’s start the meeting. Now, before I tell you why I brought you all together today… . User Seungwoo Cho?”


“What happened to the request you made yesterday? Has there been a response from the central governing body?”

“ah. that is… .”

Oh, that’s it. Contrary to his initial cool answer, Seungwoo Cho expressed his disapproval. It looks like things didn’t go well.

“that is… . I was connected to a user named Hyoeul Lee. However, I actually received a slightly strange answer.”

“What a strange answer?”

“Anyway, this time it was the Mercenary Clan’s turn to participate. So, this means that one participation ticket has been secured. However, they said that it is highly likely that the property will not be for sale this time, so it is difficult to give a definite answer on that matter.”

“It’s not coming out? No way. As far as I know, there are at least 5 listings for sale. No matter how expensive it was, it was traded at around 8,000 gold coins.”

“I thought so too, so I asked, but I got this answer. It is said that there are currently more than a dozen clans that have applied like our Mercenary. Because competition is particularly fierce this time, there is a high possibility that the property itself will not be put up for sale… . And this is just my personal opinion, but even if it is put up for sale this time, the price is likely to double.”

“Hmm… .”

A heavy sigh comes out of nowhere. If you think about it, yes. What Seraph told me was that other angels also gave hints to the user in charge in some way. Although he couldn’t say it directly and said it in a euphemistic way, users with even the slightest sense of intelligence would have figured out the meaning right away.

Excluding the Guardians, it was rare to be told when the Inn of Beginning would be activated. In that case, the mere fact that it was notified to users this time could be considered a very special event.

After nodding my head with regret, I looked at my clan members. Everyone still looks confused because the meeting was suddenly scheduled.

While I was wondering what to talk about first, I thought it would be better to get the main point out of the way first.

okay. Although the details of additional participation rights are unclear, Mercenary has an ace up its sleeve. No, it has to be there, and it has to be now. At least until the User Academy ends.

I opened my mouth quietly.

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