MEMORIZE Chapter 493

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00493 New family member. ————————————————– ———————-=

A few days have passed since the baby fairy and baby Pegasus were born.

In the meantime, there were many changes in the Mercenary Clan, and those changes were in the inner lives of the baby fairy and baby Pegasus. To put it simply, the two babies convinced Yumi to accept the user’s touch. Although she looked a little worried, Yumi was raised by the user anyway.

In this way, the baby fairy and baby Pegasus began to receive the user’s care in earnest. In fact, looking and poking under the guise of caring were common, but I wasn’t too worried. He must have not completely relaxed yet, because every time he did that, Yumi followed him around and blocked him.

In any case, since she had a history of raising Yumi, and also had a baby with user Nono and Won Hye-su, she didn’t feel much pressure about raising children in the first place.

No, it was definitely normal that way. however… .

This lazy afternoon right after lunch. The warm sunlight coming through the window was lingering on the office desk, and a total of 7 achievements were shining brightly. These are the achievements that came out of Pandora’s box, and are the things that Heo Jun-young passed on as a condition of learning the abilities.

And Yumi, the baby fairy, and baby Pegasus look at these achievements with amazement.

“… “Wow.”


“… Huh?”

“Beep beep?”

As I watched the baby fairy and baby Pegasus making unintelligible sounds to each other, I habitually tapped the desk. Then, perhaps reacting to the sound, the baby fairy turned her head and looked at me. I also rested my chin on one hand and stared at the baby fairy as best I could.

The baby fairy’s name is Mar. He was named Mar after his mother, Margarita.

After observing for the past few days, I have come to the conclusion that Mar is a very strange fairy.

What should I say, it just doesn’t look like a baby?

Like rituals, isn’t a baby synonymous with crying or whining? But that fairy who is looking at me now has not cried or whined even once since she was born. Rather, whenever I was working, he often sat quietly next to me and looked at me with curious eyes. This is also a topic that is just new.

For example… . Should we try it again?

As soon as he grabbed the quill and looked like he was going to write something, he immediately lowered his gaze. I said, ‘Vivian’s butt is red. ‘If it goes fast, it snaps.’ I wrote it down and immediately erased it. For an instant, Mar’s ears perked up. When I think about it, I don’t think it will have a very good effect on the emotional development of infants.

Marr fluttered her ears as if telling me to write more, but I looked away feeling a little sorry. And I was very surprised.

“Beep beep~.”

While I looked away for a moment, I saw baby Pegasus nibbling on the light and dark crystals among the achievements on the desk. And even while humming.

I urgently stretched out my hand.

“Well, what are you doing? “You’re not eating that.”


“Don’t do it, Dodo. Spit it out. Spit it out. Hey, hey? Hey man!”

“Beep, beep?!”

I separated the light and dark crystals and at the same time interfered with Baby Pegasus as much as possible. However, because it was biting my hand and struggling, I had no choice but to lift the wings on its back.

Despite this, baby Pegasus continued to open and close his mouth like crazy. Eventually, it must have gotten tired of its own efforts and started grinning and glaring at me fiercely. So I put it on my shoulder to tell it to stay still, but it showed its will by biting my neck again.

“… “This bastard really is.”


Feeling the tickling sensation on my neck, I ended up putting baby Pegasus back down. And quietly cupped his face.

Baby Pegasus’ name was Dodo. That is what it means to be arrogant.

Of course, it wasn’t the name I gave, and the clan members were calling it Dodo.

The clan members who approached him thinking of the baby unicorn days were doomed to failure. Although he’s a little better now, he was a bastard at first who wouldn’t even let a hand touch his own body. This is because if he was picked up and picked up, he would struggle with all his might and cry.

Is that all? As the name suggests, the act itself is quite arrogant.

okay. Just like the action you are doing right now.

Before I knew it, Dodo had once again moved to the crystal of light and darkness. However, instead of putting it in her mouth like before, she was looking at me with her front paws on her chin. The appearance seemed quite triumphant, as if he was saying, ‘I think this looks really interesting and I’m thinking of playing around with it. Are there any complaints?’

In the end, when he waved his hand to indicate that he could do whatever he wanted, Dodo started biting the decision excitedly with a look on his face that said he had won.

… really. I can’t squeeze it.

It was then.

As I was barely able to calm myself down by clenching and unclenching my hands, I suddenly heard crunching sounds coming from the door.

“It’s cute~.”

“Oppa, this is too much~. “How can you have it all to yourself?”

I pressed my forehead and looked forward. Then, I saw women with their faces peeking out through the gently opened door. Counting from the bottom, it looks like there are six or seven. In the meantime, I was looking at Yeji shaking her head, covered by Go Yeon-ju’s long hair, and I nodded, thinking that it was okay. And I was just about to say that it was okay and that I wanted to take him with me.

“Aaaah! Maryaaa!”

“Our Dodo! Do-do-do-do-do-do-do!”

This… . storm?

He simply nodded, but the women came screaming and rushing into the office.

Then Dodo, who was biting into a crystal with great pleasure, raised his head in surprise, wondering why this was a sudden lightning strike. Meanwhile, the women quickly picked up Mar and Dodo and left the room in an instant. It came in like a high tide and went out like an ebb tide.

Kyurrrrrr… .

At that time, Yumi finally moved her body. Until now, she had been looking at me and her children with a happy face, but when the children were taken away, she followed with a rather displeased look on her face.

As I watched Yumi run out the door, I hung my head in peace that had finally come. So, stop it a long time ago.

Eventually, after spending some time with the beginning of the year to cool my head, I was finally able to organize the achievements that Heo Jun-young had left behind.

Since it was passed from person to person in the first place, all ownership belongs to me. Among them, the one I’m going to use right now is Anima Oratio. And the plan was to store everything else in storage. I, too, was in a similar situation to Heo Jun-young, so I had almost no immediate results. However, the achievements that can be used as a clan lord are endless.

While thinking like that and organizing everything one by one, a jewel with a beautiful sea color suddenly caught my eye. It was Cordelia.

I looked at it for a moment and then quietly picked up the jewel. It is definitely a gem with great efficacy, but I had already removed the waste products inside my body when I accepted the Hwajeong. In other words, taking Cordelia did not show much of an effect. I’m not really interested in aesthetic effects.

Suddenly, the thought of giving it to Han So-young occurred to me. When she thought about it, she was upset that she had taken less care of her brother than he had, and she also remembered the incident where she had sulked the other day.

In a way, can we say that it is a gift for reconciliation? Of course, Han So-young already had the beauty of the world, but there was no question about how she would change if she ate this gem.

At the time, I was deep in thought, rolling the jewels here and there. Suddenly, a knock was heard on the door. As I reflexively raised my gaze, I saw the door swing open and someone coming in. It was Ansol, who looked a little tired.


“yes… . Brother… . I have something to tell you… . Hmm… .”

“… “Have you been doing volunteer work again?”

“yes. Volunteer… . Hmm… . But I have something to tell you at the temple… . “Please tell me.”

Volunteer activities refer to activities in which priests stay at the temple and provide free treatment to injured users. Since we don’t know when or where someone might get hurt, we take shifts for 24 hours, but I felt like I participated in the early morning class today.

By the way, is there something to be said at the temple?

“What do you mean?”

“They say the investigation into the mountain range where the dragon sleeps in Istantel Row has been completed. So, I have something to say about clan ranks… .”


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“Oh my. Clan rank?”

“yes. and… .”

Ansol nodded and nodded, then continued to tap his mouth and speak.

“I heard the angel in charge of your brother gave a revelation?”

“… Revelation? Ansol. Say it right. Are you sure it’s a revelation?”

“yes? yes. I’m not sure what that means. Anyway, I told him to come as soon as possible. He said if I ignore him this time, I’ll take care of it… . ah. “What I just said was a revelation.”

“… … .”

I looked at Ansol quietly. Even so, regarding the clan rank, it was difficult to believe the revelation. Because revelation only came out when there was some kind of teaching or something very important, and it was not of a nature that could be used only for invocation. If you remember, there were only two revelations in the first episode.

But there wasn’t a single lie to be found on Ansol’s face. All I can see is her face that says she’s tired and dying.

If so, it meant that something really important had happened.

“i get it. I’ll get ready and leave right now, so you can rest too. “You look very tired.”

Actually, quite some time has passed since I haven’t been to the summoning room. Come to think of it, is this the first time we’ve met Seraph in almost a year?

I immediately got up. Then I felt Sol An staring at my neck, so I wiped it with her hand.

Oh, I got drool on me.


The first floor lobby of the Mercenary Clan House was unusually noisy today. This is because the women of the Mercenary Clan were gathered together and placing mara and dodo on one table.

However, the two were not noisy. Because Marya was gentle by nature and Dodo didn’t even pay attention to her in the first place. However, as if the sight of them just sitting still was cute, the women surrounding them were chattering non-stop.

As the noisy conversation continued, Marr’s ears suddenly perked up. Then he suddenly turned his head and started staring aimlessly at somewhere. When Mar, who had been quiet until now, took action, Nam Da-eun immediately responded.

“Our Mar~. “Where are you looking now?”

Then Mar pointed to one side. The direction pointed was exactly towards the stairs.

Mar parted his lips.


“bar? What is it?”

“Wow. Baa, paa.”

“Could it be that you mean my dad? Hehehe.”

When Nam Da-eun tilted her head, Hanna quickly intervened. Although the women thought it was a joke, they all turned their heads towards the stairs.

Coincidentally, Kim Soo-hyun soon appeared on the stairs. He was wearing street clothes on his body as if he was about to go somewhere, and was coming down with a face deep in thought.

“Bah! “Bah!”

Eventually, Mar, who had been quiet the whole time, smiled broadly and stretched out his arms.

And at that moment, the women’s faces changed completely.

The first woman to take action was Nam Da-eun. She lifted the marl with both hands as if to snatch it, shortened the distance considerably, and opened her mouth with a solemn look on her face.

“Marya Marya? Look at your sister and say ‘Ma~’. ruler. Ma~.”


“Mmm! mind! “Mom is here~?”


Nam Da-eun kept emphasizing the word Ma, but Ma only tilted her head. A sad look appeared on Nam Da-eun’s face.

While Nam Da-eun was in despair, Hanna struck for the second time. But the result was the same. No matter how much I emphasized the word Mara, Marra just kept tilting her head. But there were still women left, and they had no intention of giving up.

Of course, not everyone was like that.

A mother craze suddenly broke out among the women, but only Kim Han-byeol was quietly observing the situation from the beginning.

no. From the beginning, Kim Han-byeol was not looking at Mar. Rather, she was eyeing Dodo from the moment she sat down at the table.

Before I knew it, Dodo had secretly left the table and was heading somewhere.

The place where Dodo stopped was right under the stairs where Kim Soo-hyun came down. He crouched down to hide on the left railing. And he just sticks his head out slightly and watches Kim Soo-hyun with eagle eyes. Kim Han-byeol looked at Dodo with interest as she touched the steaming teacup.

And a moment later, it was the moment when Kim Soo-hyun took his first steps onto the first floor with a thoughtful look on his face.


Dodo straightened up. And as if he had been waiting for this day, he bit Kim Soo-hyun’s ankle.


Kim Soo-hyun was the flagship. My mind was already confused by the revelation, but before I could pay attention to it, I was suddenly attacked. Of course it wasn’t very painful… . Kim Soo-hyun looked down in half surprise and half bewilderment.

“What, what is this guy?”


“Let it go, man. “I don’t have time to play with you right now.”

“Beep beep.”

“Let go. I have to leave right away. Okay, so please stop.”

“Beep beep beep?”

Kim Soo-hyun swung his foot as if trying to quickly separate them. However, even though his entire body was shaking, Dodo did not let go of his ankle once he had bitten him. In fact, he tightened his grip on his will even more. Dodo’s appearance went beyond his simple actions and showed his solemn will.

It was a noble will not to let go of this ankle even if it meant sacrificing her soul, to take the bone even if it meant giving up her flesh, and to bite it no matter what.


In the end, the person who raised the white flag this time was Kim Soo-hyun. He sighed deeply and started walking towards the entrance as if he was telling me to do as I please.

But even in the meantime.

If Kim Soo-hyun’s gait as he places his bitten left foot seems somewhat cautious, is that an illusion?

“… “Kick.”

Looking at the back of Kim Soo-hyun, who was quickly walking away, Kim Han-byeol let out a weak laugh. Then, I picked up the slightly cooled tea cup and drank it calmly.

Although it is a little… .

I thought that my brother seemed to have changed.

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