MEMORIZE Chapter 494

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00494 Empower. ————————————————– ———————-=

The moment I entered the summoning room through the portal, I was greeted by a voice I had not heard in a long time.

“Long time no see. User Kim… . number… ?”

As always, a quiet tone echoes through the summoning room. However, the words that should have ended with ‘Hyeon.’ were not able to continue and ended up becoming faintly blurred. And that too with very slight doubts. I think I know why, so I deliberately avoided Seraph’s gaze.

As I look down, I see Marwa sleeping peacefully in my arms, and Dodo still clutching her ankle. … Why on earth is he doing this? What on earth did I do so wrong?

As I was about to carefully sit down on the floor, a faint sigh suddenly flowed in front of me. And a slightly stern voice followed.

“User Kim Soo-hyun. You must not sit down. “Go out and come back in.”

Only then did I lift my gaze and look ahead. Then, the beautiful figure of Seraph sitting on the altar finally came into view. Wings fluttering in the air and eyes that look sorrowful. The Seraph he saw for the first time in almost a year still retained the appearance in his memories.

“also… . “Can’t I bring these two in?”

“That’s right. “I cannot allow it.”

“They are just born.”

“It’s just fifty steps, but the nature of the residents is the same.”

Seraph sharply refused with a firm voice. I clicked my tongue and muttered.

“Tsk. “Anyway, I’m still obsessed with useless things.”

“It’s useless. And it’s salty. User Kim Soo-hyun. This space called the Summoning Room is a place just for me and the user Kim Soo-hyun. This means that it is a space just for the two of us that no one can trespass on. If so. Being invaded by a resident… . “It is absurd.”

“… … .”

“As much as I look at user Kim Soo-hyun, I hope user Kim Soo-hyun only looks at me. … At least in this space.”

Is it because the conversation went on to some extent? Although no one raised their voices, it was such a quiet and enclosed space that even small voices rang out. Perhaps because of that, she woke up and Mar, who had been fast asleep until now, turned her head with one of her blurry eyes.

I quenched my appetite and lifted my half-sitting body back up. Seraph’s words were valid and there was no point in being unreasonable.

I did it just in case… . As I expected that it might not work anyway, I turned away without saying anything.

no. It was just about to turn.


Suddenly, the word ‘Ma!’ came out of Mar’s mouth. I was pounding my chest with one hand and pointing at Seraph with the other. Moreover, the eyes that had been dull began to shine brightly. From the looks of it, she seemed to regard Seraph as her mother.

I smiled blandly, thinking that someone who would be waiting impatiently by now would be very disappointed to hear this.

First, you can go out and leave it at the temple, then retrieve it when you return after talking. Thinking like that, I turned around and walked towards the portal, step by step.

“bar? bar? Maa, maa!”

For the first time, Mar whined. Why doesn’t she just take me to her mom? she seemed to say. However, as Seraph said, I couldn’t leave them here, so I picked Mar up, patted her, and made her walk.

It was then.

“Yes, user Kim Soo-hyun!”

The voice, which was noticeably louder than before, stopped me as I was about to enter the portal. When I turned my gaze, I saw Seraph with his mouth slightly open and his hand reaching out towards me. And then, Seraph, who made eye contact with me, quietly cupped his hand and slowly withdrew it.


“Well, that…” .”

“He told me to go out and come back.”

“Well, just…” . Oh, come… .”

“Just come? why? “I said no.”

“Bird, now that I think about it, it’s been a while since I came to visit…” . They are still young children… . Oh no. So, flexibility. elasticity.”

When I asked curiously, Seraph spoke in a somewhat anxious manner. Seraph’s gaze had been fixed on Marr for some time.

“hmm. “It’s flexibility.”

“… “You don’t like it?”

Do you hate it? For a Seraph, she spoke in a very cute tone. I shrugged my shoulders. There’s no need to go back and forth, so there’s no way you wouldn’t like it. Well, I did wonder why I suddenly changed my mind.

I turned around again and moved to where I always sat. But despite this, Mar’s whining still didn’t stop. It looks like he isn’t satisfied with just watching Seraph like this as he keeps waving his arms at Seraph.

“It must be difficult. “Like you said, I wasn’t bringing you in in the first place.”

“no. it’s okay. “Just give me the child for a moment.”

“… Seraph?”

“If things continue like this, it will be difficult for the conversation to proceed. Rather than continue to languish like this, I would rather watch until all stories are finished.”

That was definitely true. It’s definitely true, but a strange feeling has been creeping over me since a while ago.

However, I could not ignore Mar’s earnest look, so I decided to accept Seraph’s favor. If you think about it carefully, this can also be seen as a helper role. With that thought in mind, I quickly moved to the altar.

And that moment.

So, the moment when Mar was handed over.

Suddenly, Seraph sat down a little to the side. As a result, a little space was created on the altar so that I could sit down.

… I was embarrassed. I was planning on handing him the marl and turning around, but his actions just now seemed to indicate that he was telling me to sit next to him.

However, Seraph was looking at Mar in her arms with her head down. Her appearance was infinitely holy and sacred, like the Virgin Mary holding Jesus. Suddenly, her eyes caught her eye, cheeks as red as a river bathed in a twilight glow.

“Bah, bah.”

Even though she was held in her mother’s arms, which she wanted so much, Mar’s whining did not stop. This time she is looking at me the other way and stretching out her arms.

I looked at Mar for a while, then turned around, feeling as if I was possessed by something. And then Seraph slowly sat down in the seat he had left. It was clearly a spacious altar, but strangely, it felt like I was sitting right next to it.

Eventually, Mar stopped whining and finally burst into laughter. When she glanced out of the corner of her eye, she saw Seraph pulling her towards her body, holding her under her head and inside her crotch. Her eyes were still shining transparently, but there was a faint, knowing smile on her lips.

Gradually and gradually.

I felt my gaze turning without even realizing it.

okay. Seraph was clearly smiling.

So, a long time passed.

By the time Mar’s babbling had subsided and the sound of colorful, even breathing could be heard. Seraph, who was calmly embracing Mar without the slightest movement or shaking, quietly opened her mouth.

“now… . “I think I’m asleep.”

“I see.”

I nodded my head and looked back to where I was supposed to be. Then I had a strange feeling that I knew how Seraph always looked at me.

“Mixed blood between humans and fairies… . Not to mention her looks, her natural potential is truly amazing. “What is your name?”

“… Mar. Mar, after the fairy queen Margarita.”

“Mar… . Mar… . “It’s a really pretty name.”

“… uh?”


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At that moment, it occurred to me that Seraph’s tone of voice had changed, even if only for a moment. And the moment I looked at Seraph again, I felt as if my breath had stopped. Seraph quietly raised her body and shortened the distance between her and me.

Soon, white and petite shoulders, a neckline that draws a fine line, and silver hair flowing down her cheeks come into view, one after another.

At the same time, the unique scent of Seraph wafted in and flowed into my nostrils. I quietly closed my eyes. The scent of Seraph that I smelled for the first time… . What can I say? Would you say it feels like purification? Anyway, I couldn’t deny that it smelled good.

Then, suddenly, I felt like I knew what the strange feeling I had felt earlier was. When entering the summoning room, the places where Seraph and I sit were always fixed. Seraph is the altar, I am the floor. Then, in the end, we have no choice but to have different perspectives.

But if you rub your shoulders like this. If it’s still there.

Doesn’t this look just like a married couple?

I felt like I wouldn’t be able to overcome the awkwardness if I continued like this, so I cleared my throat three or four times before opening my mouth.

“I heard that a revelation was made at the temple.”

“It seems the Priest of Radiance conveyed it well. That’s right. User Kim Soo-hyun has not responded even once to a total of 7 calls. As such, he felt the need to use the revelations to further motivate people to visit the temple.”

“… then. Are you saying that a revelation was made simply because you did not respond to the call?”

“Of course not.”

Seraph shook her head excitedly. Then, he calmly stroked Mar, who was sleeping soundly, and continued talking.

“User Kim Soo-hyun this time targeted the mountain range where the dragon sleeps. “Did you hear anything at the temple?”

“hmm. As a result of the investigation, it was recognized as a perfect achievement. As a result, I heard that your clan rank will increase this time.”

“That’s right. The current Mercenary Clan’s clan rank is AA. And due to this achievement, he will be promoted to S rank. In other words, for the first time in the history of the Northern Continent, an S-rank clan will be born.”


It is the first S-rank clan in the history of the Northern Continent.

I tilted my head for a moment, but soon I was able to understand Seraph’s words. It wasn’t that there were no S-rank clans in the first round, but they appeared right after the capture of the Steel Mountains. In other words, it was originally said that now was not the time for an S-rank clan to appear.

In fact, I didn’t pay much attention to it because I knew there were no real benefits to increasing the clan rank. But now, listening to Seraph’s words, I felt something meaningful that didn’t seem like he just said it.

“Yes, but… . Is there anything good that happens when you become S Rank? So far, three or four clans other than the Mercantile have advanced to AA rank, but there have been no special benefits.”

“Of course, there are no set benefits that users want as their clan rank increases. But from the angels’ perspective, it can be used as a criterion to judge qualifications.”

“Qualification? “What qualifications?”

“User Kim Soo-hyun has accumulated numerous achievements and achievements while leading the Mercantile Clan. Among them, there are some major things that shatter the devil’s plans.”

When I woke up and suddenly mentioned the devil, I stared at Seraph with a new feeling.

Throughout the first and second episodes, the story rarely went well when the topic of the devil came up. As such, there were many cases where they did not speak to each other except when absolutely necessary, but Seraph was the first to speak up because of what was going on today.

Anyway, I listened even more with the intention of hearing more.

“The achievements achieved by user Kim Soo-hyun over the past three years can be said to be unrivaled. Most angels, including me, rate user Kim Soo-hyun’s abilities very highly. So, this is the result of a long meeting. “To commemorate this tremendous achievement, we plan to grant special benefits that only the Mercenary Clan can enjoy.”

Seraph was particularly emphasizing the term Mercenary Clan. I said, stroking my chin.

“I know what you mean. Anyway, I appreciate your meaning, but you should tell me what that special benefit is.”

“I was going to tell you now though. When all is said and done, we plan to grant the Mercenary Clan the authority to build an academy.”

And for a moment, I didn’t understand Seraph’s words.

“… Academy? “Are you talking about the user academy in Barbara?”

“yes. That’s right.”

I frowned. In the first round, there was only one user academy. It was like that until we reached the top, and not only the North Continent but the entire continent had one user academy.

Of course, there were cases where the authority of the Inn of Beginning and the User Academy shifted when moving to Atlanta, but it was the first time that two academies were created on one continent.

“wait for a sec. Right now, I don’t really understand what you’re talking about. “The user academy was built in Barbara to begin with, right?”

“Of course, it’s a little different from Barbara’s User Academy. “Didn’t I tell you a little while ago?”

I flicked my hair loudly to tell him to tell me more. Because it felt stuffy.

However, Seraph was in no hurry and instead stared at me intently.

After pausing for a moment, Seraph soon quietly opened her mouth.

“This is not a user academy that anyone can use, but an academy exclusive to Mercenary Clan.”

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