MEMORIZE Chapter 490

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00490 New family member. ————————————————– ———————-=

『Using Eve’s bloodline.』

『Please set the conditions for using Eve’s bloodline. There are four conditions to choose from.』

“I will accept the fourth condition.”

『You have chosen the fourth condition, Eve’s lineage.』

『Stamina is lowered from 92 points to 90 points.』

『4 new points, twice the number of points dropped, have been created.』

『The standard is set at a lowered 90 points. These 4 points can only be used for points less than 91.』

The process of using Eve’s bloodline was simpler than expected. Other than my body feeling a little hot, I couldn’t find anything unusual.

It wasn’t that I didn’t like it. no. Rather, it is better to do it this way. If you think about it, Hwajeong’s first awakening also took place during the war, and there wasn’t that special event. Of course, I lost my mind by manifesting my power, but isn’t that a situation where that is not warranted now?

So, after waking up quickly, I go inside and clean up the inside. And check user information while enjoying the festival. I thought that would work, so I opened the user information without delay.

< User Information (Player Status) >

1. Name: Kim Soo-hyun (3rd year)

[Strength 96(+2)] [Durability 94(+2)] [Dexterity 98] [Stamina 90(+2)] [Magic Power 96] [Luck 90(+2)]

(The remaining ability points are 6 (Free) points and 4 (Terms) points.)

I confirmed that my physical strength had dropped by just 2 points. So, while she was trying to pour out points without thinking, she paused for a moment. When I thought about it, I almost made a big mistake. If you raise it like this, free abilities will be applied first, so it is highly likely that condition points will not be applied later. As such, the order of application had to be changed. Apply the condition points first, and then apply the remaining abilities.

< User Information (Player Status) >

1. Name: Kim Soo-hyun (3rd year)

[Strength 96(+2)] [Durability 94(+2)] [Dexterity 98] [Stamina 100(+2)] [Magic Power 96] [Luck 90(+2)]

(The remaining ability points are 0 points.)

And I was finally able to achieve 100 points of stamina. Considering the difference between 100 and 101, it is still far from being able to handle Hwajeong, but it is a huge improvement compared to the days when it was active with 70 points.

… Actually, I did feel a little empty. Even though I couldn’t get 10 points, I could have scored 101 and 102 with two points. I had felt that power for a moment in the past, so I could feel with my body how much power it had.

But since I had already committed, I decided to just think positively. Above all, if you conquer the Steel Mountains, you will always get 1 point. Then, at the same time as achieving the third awakening, you will be able to completely handle Hwajeong.

As I already consider the power of Hwajeong to be higher than the 102 ability level, I did not regret this decision.

Anyway, is there only a second awakening left?

‘Hwajeong? Hwajeong!’

I immediately spoke to Hwajeong. As expected, there was no answer. As I was wondering what to do now, I soon realized that there was no need to worry. This is because a familiar, yet slightly different message appeared out of thin air.

『The second stage of awakening of fire essence, Flame Eyes – “The flame that burns forever.” begins.』

The first step is to declare a territory. Should it be ordered in an ancient way?

The second stage is the flame that burns forever.

At this time, I suddenly felt a strange sense of déjà vu. It felt like the whole world had stopped, something I’ve experienced before.

Excited! Excited!

And I could also hear my heart beating violently.

But as before, the world and time did not stop. The surrounding scenery was still the same, and the wind occasionally blew and the grass swayed. However, the speed catches the eye very slowly, as if rewinding at low speed.

And, it was at some point.

Hwareuk, Hwareuk!

The area in front of my eyes began to burn red. No, has the world turned red?

I do not know. But one thing is certain: my vision suddenly turned red. The landscape of the garden, which had been showing a variety of colors just a moment ago, now looks all red.

It was then.

Good luck!

For a moment, I felt like my eyes were flashing, and then I suddenly felt a hot energy in my eyes.


I reflexively screamed. I thought I was immune to most types of pain, but this pain was on a whole new level.

“Whoa! “Kaaaaaa!”

Would it feel like this if you poured molten iron over a hot fire? This feeling, as if my eyes were melting, was truly beyond my imagination.

Hwareuk, Hwareuk!

As I was struggling with the stinging pain in my eyes for a while, I felt the flames bursting out again. And in an instant, the surroundings began to become hot.

Still, we don’t know what’s happening. There is no time to look away. She can only perceive the situation through sensations coming from around her, and her face is frowning as she closes and opens her eyes repeatedly.


In the end, I couldn’t bear the pain that was growing every moment, so I ended up lying down on the ground. At the same time, he felt some regret. He thought it wasn’t much different from the first awakening, but the pain he felt was worse than he thought. Just like when I first accepted Hwajeong, I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing.

Boom, boom!

Boom, boom!

Soon, a loud explosion began to ring in my ears. I could see my vision turning white at the same time as all my senses were cut off. Not just out of sight, but also in your mind.

A phenomenon that is now so familiar to us.

So, are you going to pass out soon?

Then, as if my thoughts were correct, darkness began to slowly fall as if a shutter was being pulled down in front of my eyes. The good news among the misfortunes is that all senses have been cut off and the pain is no longer felt.

And after a while.

The last thing I could see through my thread-like eyes was a world that still looked red and fireworks dancing in the air. Then, suddenly, a long ray of flame came out from among the flames and covered my eyes.

I felt like it was sweeping my eyes as if telling me to quickly close them, so I gently closed them.


“Brother! are you okay? “Onii-sama, onii-sama!”

How much time has passed?

I heard a voice calling me and I cautiously opened my eyes. Then, I saw Ansol with a very worried face in front of me, and I saw other clan members giving similar looks around me.

The world was still red.

I think the place I am right now is a restaurant. I reflexively looked out the window and saw a dark, red night scene. If so, it means that it hasn’t been that long since I passed out. I suddenly felt a sense of relief for no reason.


I slowly raised my upper body. Then Ansol looked at me and shouted.

“Brother! are you okay?”


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“Your eyes, your eyes are strange! The flashing red… !”

“It’s red.”

First, I checked my physical condition. And when I gave it as much strength as I could, I was able to get up more easily than I thought. That wasn’t all. I felt extremely refreshed throughout my body.

indeed. Is this the effect of having 100 stamina? So what exactly is the process you went through during awakening?

Only one person will know the answer.


– … Yes.

Fortunately, Hwajeong answered. But she couldn’t shake the feeling that she somehow seemed powerless.

‘What happened to me now? ‘Can you tell me?’

– … The second awakening was completed safely. And the reason the eyes became like that… . It’s simply an effect of the first awakening. It’ll probably go back to normal in a day or two. So just wait until then… .

‘you… . Are you okay?’

– It’s not okay. It’s been a while since I resurfaced and I’m really tired… . Now that I think about it, it’s all because of you, right? They give me gifts for no reason… .


– … Let’s talk about it later. I’m so sleepy right now. Anyway, there’s nothing wrong, so don’t worry… . If anything happens, this body will take care of it.

‘responsibility? What are you responsible for? Hwajeong? Hwajeong!’

Hwajeong spit out random words. She didn’t understand so she called several times, but Hwajeong didn’t answer anymore. She could tell from her voice that she was awake and tired, so it seemed like she had really fallen asleep.

“Brother… .”

At that time, Ansol’s quiet voice suddenly flowed into my ears.

I suddenly came to my senses. There was an awkward silence in the restaurant, and the clan members were looking at me with anxious faces. Seeing that everyone was holding a bottle, it seems like they unintentionally ruined the festival. Moreover, he must have thought it even more strange that he stayed silent for a while without saying anything. Then I felt a little sorry.

We’ll learn more about the second awakening tomorrow, but I think it’s better to focus on this for now.

“I’m really sorry about this. “I guess I ruined the fun atmosphere.”

“That’s not the problem now… .”

“If you’re talking about the body, that’s fine. No problem. “It was just a minor mistake.”

“… … .”

I tried my best to explain it, but it doesn’t seem to have worked. I still didn’t know how to stop looking, especially since most of them were focused on my eyes. Does this look that strange? It’s not like there are very few users with colored eyes.

I thought it might be a good idea to change the subject, so I glanced away. And soon, I was able to find a very good topic. Vivian was kneeling in a corner of the restaurant. And that too with both hands raised.

Come to think of it, I originally went out to look for Vivien.

When I pointed with my chin, someone took a step forward. It was Heo Jun-young.

“I caught it. After you left, you didn’t come back for a while, so when I went out, I found you collapsed in the garden. so… .”

“… “Did you really think that I was the victim of Vivien?”

“I thought the possibility of that happening was zero, but I had no choice but to think that way. Well, I also had the intention of regaining the results I had achieved.”

“Oh, no! “I took the results, but Kim Soo-hyun said I don’t even know about it!”

When Heo Jun-young shrugged his shoulders and spoke, Vivien shouted with an aggrieved look on her face. And I sighed.

“after. that’s right. Vivian is not like that. “It was my mistake.”

“Yeah, right?”



“… you. “You know what you did wrong, right?”

“Well, that…” . sorry… . As soon as I saw it, I lost my mind… . Stop without even realizing it… . I’m really sorry… .”

When I spoke in a stern voice, Vivien immediately lowered her head. Still, he seems to know what he did was wrong.

But no matter what. The fact that the achievement was taken away without saying anything was something that could never be overlooked. In other words, we must not leave a precedent. I frowned and walked away. It was then.

“It’s time.”

Clang, clank!


A black object flew through the air and landed in front of Vivien, who was kneeling. Vivien’s eyes grew as big as a flower lantern. I blinked for a moment and then looked back at Heo Jun-young in surprise. Heo Jun-young gave Vivien back the results she had achieved.

“you… . “What are you doing now?”

Heo Jun-young stared at Vivian with an indifferent face and then showed an annoyed expression.

“They don’t just give it to you. Since you’re an alchemist, you’ll probably get something later. and… .”

“… and?”

For now, I waited for Heo Jun-young to speak. Then Heo Jun-young, who remembered an unpleasant light, frowned and spoke.

“I saw Goose Appreasel, and I understood why they did that. There was a charm spell on it. In particular, that bitch has an inescapable fascination… .”

“Charm magic?”

“okay. And it’s a useless achievement to me anyway. No, would you say it’s an achievement I don’t want to have? It’s been a while since I saw something so dirty. “It would be better to take something like that with you.”

“… Even though.”

I looked away, wondering what the hell was going on, but Vivien had already put the fruit in her arms. And with a face full of color. And then I looked at Heo Jun-young with a truly grateful face, but I gritted my teeth. Heo Jun-young must have felt that way as he tapped my shoulder and said,

“Kim Soohyun. Can’t we just move on from this point? “I don’t want you to blush because of me.”

“What if you can’t do that?”

“I’m not saying you shouldn’t do it, at least in this place. Same thing with Ahn Hyun not long ago… . “I don’t want to get tired in this great place.”

“… Tsk.”

Heo Jun-young carefully brought up Ahn Hyeon. I clicked my tongue. Vivien must have sensed my conflict, as she stared at me with an uneasy expression on her face.

However, Heo Jun-young, the person involved, said this, and it was something that could not be ignored. And I felt like I knew roughly what he was thinking.

In the end, I nodded my head. But of course, I didn’t forget to say a word.

“Vivien. “You must see me later.”

“Yes. I’m really sorry. “I guess I really was out of my mind.”

Eventually, the castle and incident came to an end with Vivien quietly nodding her head. As requested by Heo Jun-young, for now, at this location.

In the quiet silence, I looked away. There were now seven achievements left on the table.

I clapped my hands a couple of times to get their attention and then quietly opened my mouth.

“As you all know, the results from Pandora’s Box belong solely to the user Heo Jun-young. I believe everyone knows the rule. “If there is a desired outcome, you can achieve it through conversation with the owner.”

In short, it meant making a deal.

It was such an obvious statement that the clan members all nodded in unison, and soon a murmur began to fill the restaurant.

Although the atmosphere wasn’t as fiery as before, I was relieved to have changed the subject. Now, if you put Heo Jun-young in a moderately congratulatory mood, you will be able to continue enjoying the festival.

With that in mind, I stretched as hard as I could and opened my mouth.

“Anyway, congratulations. Heo Jun-young. “I took a quick look at it earlier, and there were a lot of good things out there, right?”

“hmm. That’s right. Well, is there anything you want? “I’m thinking of making some concessions to you and Ansol.”

Heo Jun-young quietly drank his drink and spoke. I chuckled.

“It would be a lie to say there isn’t one. Anyway, I haven’t seen it all yet… .”

“Anima Oratio?”

At the voice I heard at that moment, I stopped walking to the table and turned to look at Heo Jun-young.

Anima oratio. It was exactly right.

“If you want… . “There’s nothing I can’t give you.”

Heo Jun-young glanced at me. Then he felt his mood subside. In Heo Jun-young’s eyes, a strange desire flashed.

“… I think there’s something you want. “Please at least say something first.”

Heo Jun-young did not answer right away. She slowly moved her mouth and her neck with a savoring look.

Then, he calmly downed his drink and opened his mouth.

“Ability. “I want to learn one of the abilities you use.”


As time passed, the night deepened and thick darkness fell on the garden. The first floor of the building, which had risen to the 8th floor, was still brightly lit and noisy sounds were flowing happily. But on the contrary, one corner of the garden is extremely quiet. It was pitch black everywhere, and only the moon in the night sky was shining bright light.

But that didn’t mean that this corner of the garden seemed lonely compared to the building. It doesn’t even look lonely. Rather, a warm energy, slightly different from the energy flowing through the building, was floating around the area. Should I say that it is the kind of warmth a mother can feel when she embraces her baby?

The source of that energy was something white curled up among the grass. Silver-white fur covering the entire body. The horns are now quite protruding. The identity of the white thing was Yumi, a baby unicorn. No, the word baby is not appropriate anymore. As three years have passed, Yumi has grown and is now old enough to be called a colt.

The sight of Yumi sleeping quietly under the moonlight looks a little uncomfortable. Instead of lying down and sleeping comfortably like before, he looked infinitely curled up as if he was embracing something.

They, no, they were elongated and oval shaped, very similar to eggs. And there was not one, but two. One was a clean white color with not a single speck of stain to be found, and the other was a deep yellow color. In other words, Yumi was asleep with two eggs in her arms.

However, while Yumi is sleeping soundly, it seems that the eggs are not. Not knowing that they were trying to protect him from the cold of the night by enduring an uncomfortable position, he was trembling with all his might, occasionally shaking slightly and moving around.

Kyurrrrrr… .

Then, maybe it was because Yumi also felt something strange. She gently lifts her head, sticks out her squishy tongue and licks the wriggling eggs. But it wasn’t that she was clearly aware of the strangeness of the eggs, but rather she seemed to have licked them in her sleep out of instinct. Soon, as the movement of her eggs gradually subsided, Yumi hugged her again and buried her head.

Maybe, if Yumi had barely opened her eyes. If you had, you might have noticed this change.

Now, a soft light is seeping into the outside of the eggs and shining.

And the fact that there were tiny cracks on the surface.

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