MEMORIZE Chapter 491

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00491 New family member. ————————————————– ———————-=

next day.

As soon as I opened my eyes in the morning, I went down to the underground training room. Last night, changes occurred in various areas, including user information and Hwajeong’s second awakening, but in fact, I was not really feeling them. No, should I say it doesn’t feel real yet?

This cannot be seen as a good phenomenon. User strength comes from a complete understanding of user information.

What is the level of my information now, how much output can I produce with this information, and how should I fight in the future?

Based on these things, the user must find the combat method that best suits his or her user information. Otherwise, there will be problems with output efficiency.

< User Information (Player Status) >

1. Name: Kim Soo-hyun (3rd year)

[Strength 96(+2)] [Durability 94(+2)] [Dexterity 98] [Stamina 100(+2)] [Magic Power 96] [Luck 90(+2)]

(The remaining ability points are 0 points.)

I sat cross-legged on the floor in the center of the underground training hall and calmly stared at the user information.

If you compare abilities to a house, physical strength is the pillar. If you compare abilities to a tree, physical strength is the roots. If you compare your abilities to a car, your physical strength is your frame. In other words, physical strength serves as a support that supports other abilities so that they can demonstrate their full output.

Suddenly, the time when my physical strength was 70 points flashed through my mind. It was really difficult back then. My extremely low stamina made me tire easily. Although he had high abilities, he could only count on one hand the number of times he had fought to his heart’s content. Hwajeong? Every time I used it, I had to risk my life.

But now it’s different. As of now, physical strength was at the highest point among the six abilities. The lowly bully who tormented me at the lowest point transformed into a great helper over a period of three years.


Now it was time to actually check it out.

I got up right away. When I removed the earring from my ear, Victoria’s glory was caught in my right hand along with a white light. After taking a moment to catch his breath, he began the confirmation process by swinging the sword horizontally.


The sword passed through the air very lightly. It is clearly empty space with nothing in it. But my hand felt like I had cut something. As evidence, the soft light flowing from the sword was seeping through the gap, leaving a blurry afterimage.

Soon, when a beautiful silver line was drawn in front of my eyes, I was able to smile softly. Although I only drew the sword once, it felt quite different from before. Additionally, the speed increased even further. It was proof that physical strength was playing a supporting role.

So how much output can be achieved with horsepower amplification? I immediately worked my magic.

As magic power begins to circulate in the circuit, the surrounding air also begins to fluctuate. I intentionally slowed down the sword. But even so, the flow of magical power left behind where the sword passed is extremely violent. The air is bubbling like boiling water.

I slowly increased my magic power and, as if I was dancing, I drew and stabbed as I wanted. A cold energy blooms from the tip of the sword, and the speed gradually gains momentum. Immediately, the momentum changed and sharp energy began to scratch and stab everywhere. I lightly slipped my foot.

He took a step and cut horizontally, turned his body and struck vertically, moved to the side and struck once with a strong cut, and then ran forward and cut diagonally.

Snap, snap, snap, snap!

The sound of tearing the air is quite loud. And it’s light. No, it’s light yet heavy… ?

No, no.

Strikes that used to be heavy now felt so easy and light. At 70 points, the power that can be barely achieved by striking with all your might, reaches 100 points, and is similar to a light swing.


The glory of the sky fluttered belatedly. And when she was about to sink a little, she lifted Victoria’s glory to the top and breathed quietly.

It takes 1 second to get here. No 2 seconds?

After tilting my head, I stamped my feet with all my might and took a leap. Then, with a short burst of energy, he struck his sword into the empty air.


Boom boom boom!

A single cheer followed by four slashes. My feet touched the ground. As soon as I touched it, I leapt again and slashed my sword once more toward the empty space, where an afterimage still remained.


Boom boom boom boom boom!

This time, six explosions in succession rang out in the training hall. The sound was so strong that you could believe there was a weak earthquake on the ground. Of course, even if that happens, there is no need to worry. The underground training hall is designed to withstand any significant impact.

My feet touched the ground again and I calmly caught my breath. Suddenly, I felt that my head felt refreshed. Not only my head but also my body feels very light.

In fact, it was just a simple posture, but the more I moved, the more I felt stronger. no. It was like that in reality.

I was finally able to smile happily. I’ll have to do a little more digging to find out the details, but I’ve got a rough idea.

In the first round, I had two fighting methods.

You can pour all your strength from the beginning and keep pushing without stopping, or defend moderately and look for gaps, and when the opportunity arises, pour all your strength and attack. In short, can we say that it was a double-edged sword in which failure meant flight was the only option?

This fighting method had a significant impact even in the second round. Although it disappeared a bit as my stamina ability increased to 90 points, I always had a part of my mind preparing for my stamina to run out quickly.

But now there is no need for that. You don’t have to fight anymore.

Beyond acting as a support, physical strength was clearly pushing the abilities so that they could produce more power than they were supposed to. In other words, the range of options for conducting battles has expanded dramatically.

I was finally able to completely shake off the regret of not being able to raise my other abilities to 101 and 102. Either in terms of user information or in terms of using Hwajeong. Even if I think about it twice or thrice, increasing my physical strength was truly the best choice.

okay. Having stability has definitely made me stronger. At this level, I felt confident that I could beat even Gong Chan-ho in his prime.

“Ha~. Now that I’ve checked what my physical strength is… . Now, all we have to do is confirm Hwajeong’s awakening?”

I muttered to myself, feeling very satisfied. Then, suddenly, my thoughts went crazy about the second awakening, and I tried to talk to Hwajeong.


I waited a bit, but Hwajeong’s voice was not heard. Yesterday I said I was tired and I would say it tomorrow, but it looks like I still haven’t woken up.

I was lost in thought for a moment. And then I decided to leave the underground training hall. After my second awakening yesterday, I was able to remind myself of my guard against the abuse of Hwajeong. This power is not something I can handle carelessly. It would be a much better choice to practice safely under Hwajeong’s advice, rather than trying to check it out and then fainting again.

With that thought in mind, I crossed the underground training hall in a cheerful mood for the first time in a while. The fact that it becomes stronger always makes people and users feel excited.

Finally, the moment I opened the door and looked at the stairs, I stopped walking for a moment. Someone is waiting for me down the stairs. Long hair with a dark purple tint. The user who was leaning diagonally with one leg bent and his foot against the wall was none other than Heo Jun-young.

A pair of eyes the same color as my hair glance at me.

“Your eye color has returned to its original color. “Hongan woke up yesterday and looked good too.”

I reflexively groped my eyes. Then I realized that I was still holding Victoria’s glory, so I converted it back into an earring and put it on my ear.

“Were you waiting for me to come out?”

Heo Jun-young nodded his head quietly. Then he kicked his foot and walked in front of me, making eye contact with him.

“I’d like to hear your answer to yesterday’s proposal.”

“… “You want to learn an ability?”

Last night, Heo Jun-young proposed a deal to me. As a condition of handing over the achievements from Pandora’s Box, he asked me to teach him the abilities I possessed.

“okay. “To be exact, it is the ability you named Lee Hyeong-hwan-wi.”


I quietly touched my chin. Heo Jun-young’s personality of not saying anything back was refreshing, but this time, it was a proposal that he couldn’t help but feel burdened by. That’s because Lee Hyeong-hwanwi was the most useful ability among the abilities I used. It was an ability on a completely different level from the swords used by dogs and cows.

Perhaps sensing my concern, Heo Jun-young opened his mouth in an unusually heated voice.

“If Anima Oratio is not enough… . I am willing to pass on other achievements as well. “I thought about it all night and decided.”


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“Other achievements?”

“okay. “If necessary, there is a limit to handing over everything.”


I chuckled.

“flaw. “Do you really want to learn about Lee Hyeong-hwanwi to that extent?”

Heo Jun-young did not answer. However, looking at the strangely eager eyes, I felt like I knew how he felt. Heo Jun-young’s eyes were speaking to me. She wants to become strong.

I thought about it carefully. Although it was a bit surprising to hear that he was passing on all of his achievements, I was soon able to understand Heo Jun-young’s thoughts.

The results that came out this time were certainly great, but if we limit it to Heo Jun-young as an individual, there are only one or two that can be effective.

Of course, Anima Oratio can also be a means of becoming stronger. However, since he does not know what abilities will develop, Heo Jun-young chooses to give up all these achievements and definitely become stronger.

If so, it means that Heo Jun-young was convinced that he could improve further by learning from Lee Hyeong-hwan-wi. And that was something I also agreed with. If Heo Jun-young learns from Lee Hyung-hwan, he will definitely be able to achieve infinite efficiency.

Either way, the suggestion of handing over all achievements was a bit appealing to me. Last night, I checked information on achievements I had not seen before during the festival, and they were all very useful.

『Memoria Stone.』

(Content: This is a Memoria Stone that has now been lost and cannot be found anywhere. It is generally classified as a magic material, but it is widely known as a key material in the construction of warp gates. An example that reveals its importance is ‘Even if you have everything, there is no memory There is a saying that says, ‘You can’t build a warp gate without stones. However, even if you don’t have everything, you can build a warp gate as long as you have the Memoria Stone.’)


(Content: This is Cordelia, the jewel of the sea. In the still unknown sea to the north, there is a clam called Evgenia that only lives in the deepest parts of the sea. Evgenia, which only searches for the cleanest places, can only find the seaweed called Rossio, the treasure of the sea. They eat and grow, and when 10 years have passed, only the surviving Evgenia clams produce a clear sea-colored jewel. That jewel is Cordelia.

When the user takes this gem, waste products from the body are removed and the flow of magical energy becomes smoother. In addition, you can always feel refreshed and refreshed, and the aesthetic effects, such as cleaner skin, are significant.)

『Vagus’s Stigma.』

(Content: Description: This is the Vegas Stigma, the brand of Humphrey Vegas, the mercenary king who led the liberation of slave gladiators in the ancient Hall Plain. At first glance, it looks like a stamp made by burning, but its true power is revealed only when it is branded on the skin.)

After thinking about my accomplishments, I quietly stared at Heo Jun-young. The eyes were still burning with the desire for strength.

In fact, it was not that he had no desire to teach Lee Hyeong-hwanwi. However, the target was not Heo Jun-young, and the original plan was to teach it to Ahn Hyeon and Yu-jeong. They were already following me, and since I had raised them to use them, my plan was to use them even more.

Anyway, that said, Heo Jun-young is not a particularly solid user compared to the other two. (If that were really the problem, those two would be more problematic.) Although Heo Jun-young looked cold and cold on the outside, he was a user who retained a hint of warmth on the inside.

However, if there is a problem on a different level, it is that we still do not know what he is thinking sometimes and what kind of user Heo Jun-young is. There were clear limits to the information that could be obtained from user information and the time period of one year.

It seems like I spent too much time thinking about it. I scratched my head hard. And after tasting three or four times, I passed by Heo Jun-young.

“Let’s go out first. “It’s too dark in here.”

“Kim Soohyun?”

“Let’s go out to the garden. “I have a few things to test there.”

“test… ? then!”

Heo Jun-young quickly followed behind. I sighed and shook my head.

“After a while. I don’t have a definite answer yet. “I will decide after seeing it.”

“So you’re saying you’ll teach me if I pass?”

“Maybe so. But if you learn this, you’ll have to bury the bones in the merchanery. “Are you okay?”

“You don’t have to worry about that. “I know it’s shameful, and Mercenary came in because of you in the first place.”

It was said half jokingly, half seriously, but Heo Jun-young answered quite seriously. I lifted my shoulder once and immediately went up the stairs.

“What is that. You came here because of me. “If anyone hears it, they will misunderstand it.”

And that was the moment I smiled bitterly and opened the door leading to the first floor.


As soon as the door opened, the air from the ground flowed into my nostrils.

But before I could even take a single step, I stopped walking. Then he frowned slightly and took a deep breath.

“This smell… .”

Although it was faint, the fishy smell of blood stimulated my sense of smell.

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Stage 3 awakening.

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