MEMORIZE Chapter 460

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00460 Select. Great hero? Or Magna Carta? ————————————————– ———————-=

Magna Carta’s request was simpler than expected.

First, return the hanging seal. And in the process of reversing the seal, he asked me to change the path and help the soul settle into the body. In short, he said he would take care of the rest, so he asked them to thaw the body of the great hero frozen in the coffin and then put his and the great hero’s souls into it one by one.

That soul was a small sphere floating before my eyes. Two spheres that were black and white. This was Magna Carta and the soul of the great hero.

Only after hearing those words did I fully understand the intent of Magna Carta.

First, I want to look around the human world.

It is quite possible if you take over the body of a great hero.

Second, I will take revenge on the great hero.

Magna Carta requested that one’s soul be first placed into the body of the great hero, and then the soul of the great hero be additionally added. This means that, in fact, the owner of the body was a great hero, but Magna Carta entered first and gained control of the body.

So what happens to the great hero who enters second? This means that you become a tenant whose home has been taken away.

And thirdly, I want to go to my eternal resting place.

If you think about it, the series of processes can be seen as a dragon’s soul entering a human body. This meant that the wavelengths did not match each other.

Also, if we think about Hangyeol’s case, the body and soul tend to be drawn in the direction where each other’s wavelength matches. In other words, he suddenly became a tenant, but the spirit of a great hero would not remain still. He will try his best to somehow regain control of his body.

Of course, even so, Magna Carta cannot stand still.

This process. In other words, while souls that do not match each other’s wavelengths continue to stay and fight for control, the body of the great hero will not be able to endure and will crack. And when the crack grows out of control, there is ultimately only one path left.

It is death. When the body dies, the soul ascends to heaven, so in the end, this is the eternal rest that Magna Carta spoke of. In some ways, it can be said to be a battle for leadership that can be seen as an extension of the great war.

“One, one, two, three, five… .”

I started pressing the beads one by one from the left, just as Magna Carta said.

And only after pressing the fifth bead out of a total of seven bead five times did he stop his hand. Although there were two marbles that he had not pressed yet, he did not touch them because Magna Carta had forbid them to touch them.

Then I slowly raised both hands. Now all that’s left is to touch the palm shape of the coffin and inject magical power. As soon as I felt the touch of the cold bricks and slowly looked around, I saw a towering monument and a magic circle filling the hall.

Actually, I don’t know the details of what pressing the bead means. However, it is said that the great hero has already prepared all the conditions and preparations, so for me, all I have to do is watch the ritual and eat rice cake.

Expressing my gratitude to the great hero who was probably trembling right now, I used all my strength to generate magical energy and flowed it into the coffin.

Then, a change immediately began to occur in the magic circle that had taken on a dull glow. Perhaps it was because some kind of device started working when the bead was pressed, so a reaction occurred instantly as soon as magical power was applied.


The reaction was harsher than expected. Centering around the coffin where I was standing, seven branches of green-colored flames appeared and began to spread out in different directions.

The endless green flames stopped when it reached the monument erected at the end of the magic circle. The seven tombstones caught by the flames are instantly colored green.

Buzz, buzz, buzz!

Next, the tombstone let out a strong vibration sound and gave off a brilliant jade light, and it seemed like a large electric discharge was about to occur.


I let out a loud roar that made my ears ring loudly.

I reflexively covered my ears. It was a shame because the ceiling was open. If the hall had been an enclosed space, the storm that followed would have been no joke.

Eventually, after drinking heavily, the sight I saw was a green flame that had grown in size and was returning from the tombstone.

Puzzle! Squeeze!

The flames quickly reached the center and engulfed the coffin as if engulfing it. Then, for a moment, a large green spark appeared, and soon the light spread out in a circle, and the engraving on the floor began to glow. As if pouring molten iron into a mold, the area began to expand in a circle around the place where I was standing.

And as if the pipe is in sync with this phenomenon, it begins to vibrate and make a rattling sound.

Before long, the entire magic circle turned green.


For a moment, I stopped breathing without realizing it. This is because I suddenly felt a burning sensation in the palm of my hand that was touching the coffin. no. It wasn’t just the hands. It seemed as if the entire pipe was heated, and an unexpected warm energy was rising even around where I was standing.

So, when we looked closely at the coffin, we soon discovered something unusual.

There was a long gap right under what was thought to be the lid of the coffin, and water was leaking out of the gap.

Come to think of it, did you say that the great hero’s body was frozen? As soon as I thought of that thought, I felt like I could know the identity of that water. Perhaps the ice that surrounded the great hero’s body was melted by the flames in the magic camp and was the water flowing out.

Rattle, rattle! Rattle, rattle!

Then it seemed like my thoughts were right. At one point, I felt the coffin shake violently and the hands that were glued to the figure were suddenly torn away.

Up to this point, it was just as Magna Carta said. I quickly took a step back.

It was then. While I was still looking ahead, I saw the coffin lid, which had been shaking back and forth, suddenly open wide.

And after a while.

Clap, clap!

There was the sound of water shaking. At the same time, someone began to slowly rise from inside the coffin. The limp body floats in the air, as if it had been grabbed and pulled up by something.

It finally came out. I was finally able to see the great hero.

Since he was wearing the same armor he used during his life, his body was covered with armor and other equipment. But the face of the great hero, as her man revealed himself to be, was that of a beautiful woman.

Her eyes were closed, but looking at her long, thin eyebrows, I thought that her eyes were also beautiful. Beneath her pale nose, icy lips were visible, and the chin below them had a thin line.

The overall impression seemed expressionless, but the silver hair that looked like a waterfall and the partially exposed wet skin were pure white. In addition, even the half-armor on his body was emitting a pale silver light, flowing with a sacred and holy energy that was difficult to approach without permission.

Anyway, it was quite beautiful, but I decided to stop my appreciation here. Not only because we were almost at the end, but also because it was time for me to move again.

After taking a calm breath.

I stared at the two spheres still floating in the air. Black sphere and white sphere. Among them, I slowly raised my hand and pushed the black sphere towards the floating body. Then the black sphere flowed into the great hero’s body as if it had been waiting.

And, it was that moment.

Hold on!

For a moment, a blindingly large electric discharge occurred before my eyes, and the noise from the tombstone also grew louder, filling the surroundings.

At the same time, the great hero’s body shook violently and was engulfed in bright light. But it wasn’t over yet. Then, without a break, another change began. The silver hair, which had been flowing with a soft light, gradually began to turn a deep jet black with a light red tint.

Eventually, my hair became completely jet black.

Pajik, pajik!

The spark that had been flying fiercely died down a little. Then, her pretty eyelids began to flutter.

After waiting for a while, both eyes suddenly opened and black eyes shining with a profound light were revealed. And the moment those eyes turned to me, I could foresee the success of Magna Carta.

Since I have succeeded in settling my soul, which I thought was the most difficult task, I have now at least crossed the eight-legged ridge.

Facing deep eyes, I quietly opened my mouth.

“Shall we?”

There was no answer. But the woman, or rather Magna Carta, gave her answer by blinking her eyes once.

I smiled slightly. And without any hesitation, he pushed the remaining sphere into his body.


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Then he immediately turned around and started walking towards where the clan members were. Since the two souls are about to collide and create a huge magical storm, it would be better to keep them as far away as possible rather than staying close.

In the meantime, I didn’t know how to avoid it, but the clan members were all retreating from the magic camp as much as possible. And, all the visible faces are the same. Their mouths were open in a daze, and as I approached, they all gave me questioning looks.

“Hey, Kim Soo-hyun. What is happening now… ?”

As expected, Vivien, the queen of curiosity, was the first to speak, but I calmly shook my head. It is impossible to explain every single phenomenon that is happening, and since we have already come to terms with Magna Carta, we cannot speak carelessly.

“madam! let me know! “I’m dying of curiosity!”

Still, the whining sound came out, so I pointed ahead.


And at that moment, coincidentally, a loud noise that made my eardrums tingle again rang through the hall.

I frowned without realizing it, but when I looked back, I was able to see the scene of liberation that had just reached its end.

The body of a great hero floating in the air, spinning round and round. Streams of black and white light competing in numerous parabolas around the body.

The two souls seemed to be fighting fiercely at first, but as time went by, they began to lean towards one side. The white light gradually faded away, leaving only an afterimage, and the black light gradually expanded its area.

Then, the body of the great hero was completely consumed by the dark light. Even though the Great Hero was the original owner, Magna Carta, who had taken over the body beforehand, was victorious.

In a word, it was over.


The moment I thought that, a dazzling flicker of light filled my vision.

I quietly closed my eyes as a tremendous amount of light erupted, enough to fill the hall.

It suddenly occurred to me that during this expedition, I had to close my eyes a lot. So, when this incident was over and she returned to the Mercantile House, she promised herself that she would ask Go Yeon-joo to drink some herbal tea that would improve his eyes.

How much time has passed since then?

It doesn’t seem like much time has passed. When I opened my eyes, feeling a tingling sensation in my eyes, I could see a black lump slowly falling to the floor through my blurred vision.

Soon my vision fully recovered and I opened my eyes wide.

The ball of light that had already fallen to the floor was unraveling the light, starting from the very top, as if untying a tied thread.

Soon after, all the light flowed down.

Although it had faded a little, a woman was finally revealed through the center, which was still emitting bright light.

Jet black hair flowing down from the white armor. And jet black eyes watching me.

Finally, Magna Carta succeeded in being resurrected by borrowing the body of a great hero.

Magna Carta quietly closed his eyes. As if trying to savor the joy of being liberated after thousands of years, he gently tilts his head back and smiles softly. For a moment, I heard the clan members saying something, but I didn’t say anything and just stared at Magna Carta.

Eventually, the light and noise gradually subsided.

Magna Carta calmly opened his eyes and began to shorten the distance between me step by step. She was walking with difficulty, stumbling back and forth, but considering that she had been frozen for a long time, her walking was more natural than expected. It seemed like the green flames that had enveloped my body earlier played a role in returning my body to normal.

Magna Carta stopped walking, leaving a distance of about 2 meters from me. The sounds of swallowing were heard from somewhere.

“Kim Soohyun. “Can you please explain now what the situation is?”

Is it because the phenomenon that occurred earlier or the energy flowing from the woman in front of me was unusual?

Heo Jun-young, who was always calm, sounded nervous this time.

There is nothing that cannot be done. I nodded my head once and then nodded toward Magna Carta. Then Magna Carta took my signal and smiled softly.

It was then.

Slurp, chang!


For a moment, a clear black sound rang out and the new form of Magna Carta rushed towards me. In his hand was a weapon that appeared to be a holy sword.

Perhaps because his body was still in imperfect condition, it was not a very powerful attack. But if I stay like this, it goes without saying that my throat will be pierced.

But despite this, I didn’t take any action. Magna Carta’s offensive was not mixed with murder. Also, white light was leaking from my chest at some point, and there was actually no need to move.


Two seconds later, the sound of gentle digging into flesh was heard. It was a sound not from my body, but from Magna Carta’s body.

When I glanced down, I saw a black sword stopped, leaving only a gap for a piece of paper to go through. The tip of the sword is trembling as if it is trying to pierce my neck somehow. However, it seemed as if something was blocking it and it was unable to move forward any further.

I calmly stroked my chest. This confirmed that the contract token containing the Magna Carta pledge had been properly activated.

When I looked up again, I saw Magna Carta standing tall right in front of me. And around Magna Carta’s body, four or five weapons were casting a cold light.

Heo Jun-young’s unique long sword was touching his neck at an angle, and Nam Da-eun’s Seol-ah and Cha So-rim’s Arcus spear were aimed at both legs. I felt a cool sensation on my neck as well, and it felt as if Seon Yu-un had placed an arrow over his shoulder.

That wasn’t all. When she turned to the side, Yujeong was poking deep into Magna Carta’s side, her red eyes flashing.


Magna Carta soon starts coughing violently.

After confirming that the light leaking from my chest was gradually fading, I quietly opened my mouth.

“why. “There was no need to check like this.”

“Cough! See, see… . Phew… . It was to give you more confidence. by the way… . Do you have good subordinates? I didn’t know it would really sting. Cough, Cough!”

As the calm conversation continued, the clan members looked back at me with questioning eyes. As soon as he removed the weapons he was aiming at one by one, Magna Carta rubbed his side and took a few steps back.

After a while, Magna Carta took a breath and opened his mouth in a sweet voice.

“This proves that what I said is true. Now, would you please give your colleagues some time to clear up any misunderstandings?”

“However much.”

At this point, quick-thinking clan members would have figured out what the situation was. But despite this, he still gave a harsh look.

Perhaps now realizing that his method of proving the truth was wrong, Magna Carta shrugged his shoulders and put away his sword.

“My name is Helena Lou Ajens.”

Then he slowly lowered both his hands and smiled softly as he spoke.

“She was the last star of Alcatraz and was called a great hero.”


Alcatraz’s Last Star, great hero Helena Lou Ajens.

The reason his true identity was not revealed was because there was a special request from Magna Carta. He said that from now on he would like to pretend to be a great hero as long as he lives, but he gave permission because it was no big deal. In order to adapt to clan life in the future, at least the Great Hero would be better than Magna Carta (so I also decided to call myself the Great Hero from now on).

To help out a bit though, I’ve returned Resurrection of the Grand Hero to my choice. It was dramatized as I gently coaxed and resurrected a great hero who was aware of his sins and was trying to repent.

After saying that, the clan members looked at Helena Lu Ajens with slightly softened gaze. There were still clan members who were dissatisfied, but not to the extent of being vehemently opposed to the clan lord’s decision.

To be honest, neither Vivien nor Sasha had a good relationship with us from the beginning. Moreover, since a pledge was made as a token of a contract, what is there to worry about?

When I explained that the attack on me earlier was just a simple contract confirmation process, the clan members generally nodded in agreement.

And as expected, the clan members were also users of the Hall Plain. Finally, the moment the story ended with the tombstone of wishes, everyone began to look at each other in turn with expectant eyes.

“Then now it’s your turn to keep your promise.”

“of course. “Did you touch the sixth and seventh beads earlier?”

“at all.”

“Then that’s enough. It won’t take long to activate, so please give at least a brief explanation to your colleagues in the meantime.”

After speaking, Helena, who seemed to have regained much of her physical condition, turned around and started walking away. Then her clan members immediately surrounded me and gave me sparkling gazes. It’s an unspoken pressure to tell me quickly… .

“excuse me… . brother.”

at that time. When I heard a cautious voice and turned my gaze, I saw Hanbyul tilting her head.


“It’s a promise… . What do you mean?”

For a moment, I thought, oh no. I continued the story by saying that I had resurrected it on my own, but the promise gave off the nuance that it was a mutual deal.

I tried not to worry and opened my mouth in a calm voice.

“Oh, I convinced you. Honestly, I lied a little bit about the souls’ reactions. At first, I felt so guilty… . Anyway, I told him that I could meet him later with the Sword of Oath, and that it wouldn’t be a good idea to apologize in person. So it looks like it caught my interest. So, in return for your help, I asked you to activate the Monument of Wishes.”

Even though I said it myself, I felt it was a lie full of holes. She thought about just telling him, since time would tell anyway, but she thought it would be better to just move on for now. Anyway, there is something I promised with Magna Carta, or rather with Helena.

However, Hanbyul still seemed not convinced and frowned slightly at Ami.

“… is it so? But I feel strange for some reason. “His actions and attitude don’t make him look like he’s feeling guilty at all.”

“Hanbyeol Kim. Stop it. “I don’t think that’s important right now.”

At that time, Heo Jun-young stepped forward and stopped Han-byeol from speaking. I laughed bitterly. It seems like his acting skills have declined a lot these days. It seemed like Heo Jun-young noticed it first.

Hanbyeol looked at Heo Junyoung with cold eyes, but immediately closed her mouth.

I sighed briefly, thinking that I would have to be more careful with my mouth from now on. And Magna Carta… . shit.

Helena. roo. Ayens. I briefly explained about the Monument of Wishes as I had heard from him. Only one opportunity is given per user. And if an individual’s greed comes first, the wish may not be activated.

“This is a bit ambiguous… .”

“It’s personal greed. There’s no way you could know that.”

Then, all the clan members who heard the explanation expressed their disapproval.

Actually, that was the same for me too, so I had nothing more to say. This is because most of the wishes themselves are caused by individual greed. But if you limit that greed, will there really be a wish you can make?

It was then.

Growling, gurgling!

Just as everyone was thinking deeply about their wishes, the sound of something moving hit their ears.

I quickly turned to the center, and before I knew it, I could see a monument that had moved to the center of the magic circle. And around that monument, the remaining six monuments formed a six-pointed star.

The moment Helena moves her arm, a green light begins to spread out from the center of the monument, accompanied by a melodious sound of magical power.


The green light that soon colored the front of the monument showed a serene, rippling landscape, similar to ripples in water. It was as if I was looking at a portal into a summoning room.

And I could sense it.

The Monument of Wishes has been activated.

—————————= Review of the work ——————– ——-=

oh my. We have finally arrived at the monument of longing. I have truly crossed the ridge of my arms. ha ha ha.

Honestly, I wouldn’t know if the number of people was small. I think it would be too much to write down the wishes of each and every one of them, so I plan to highlight just one or three or four people. The remaining clan members will simply write down the results of their wishes.

So, shall we write answers to the questions expected here?

1. Are you a woman again?!

Sol ) But the spirit is male.

2. Anyway, the body is female. Is he also a target? Aren’t there too many women around Kim Soo-hyun?

Sol ) Ah. No need to worry. This dragon was brought here just to play with, and is not an object of attack at all. His lifespan is already set.

3. What is it? Then why were you saved?

Sol ) It is useful in many places. You can raise the level of mercantile wizards ahead of the Iron Mountains, and you can also solve various problems related to the magic city of Magia. Of course, it will also help increase power.

4. So what is the bed scene’s plan for the dragon?

Sol ) There will never, never be. Although sexual content may appear jokingly, the likelihood of actually using it is 0%. If I were to imagine writing something like that, I would probably feel extreme rejection as my mental body is male.

5. Wait a minute. Wasn’t there a dragon in the tarot cards?

Sol ) Yes. That’s right. However, that dragon is not this dragon. Hehehe. 😀


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