MEMORIZE Chapter 461

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00461 Select. Great hero? Or Magna Carta? ————————————————– ———————-=

After activating the Monument of Desire.

“The operation is now complete… . huh? “Why are you making such faces?”

Helena approached with light steps and reported the completion of operation. But she soon tilted her head as if she saw our faces. That’s because, instead of being happy, everyone was crying.

“It’s because it’s ambiguous, because it’s ambiguous. In fact, even if it is a wish, it cannot be without personal greed.”

“aha. I see what you mean. But there is no need to be completely greedy in your wishes, right? “It is limited only when greed is the top priority, and if you keep it in the second best place, it won’t be a problem.”

Helena’s advice was very obvious, but I laughed it off. Is that as easy as it sounds?

Human emotions are so delicate that there are many cases where it is difficult for even one to make an accurate standard. If you’re going to do that in the first place, should you control your emotions and let your greed go to the next level? It was absurd.

Helena must have realized the meaning of my laughter, lifted her shoulder once and continued speaking.

“Then it’s not like there’s no way.”

The moment I said those words, everyone’s eyes, including mine, were focused on one place.

Helena smiled seductively and slightly stuck out her tongue to lick her lips. She then gently smiled with her eyes, making her look like a lustful seductress. Of course, her hair and eye color changed, but compared to the great hero she first saw, she felt quite distant.

“You can’t completely overturn the basic principles, but you can slightly increase the odds. no. Depending on the person, it can increase dramatically.”

“Oh my. “What method?”

“Human emotions are a very strange thing. Able to change in any situation… . In other words, it is an inner world that cannot be measured carelessly.”

“That sounds like a rumor.”

I understood what it meant, but it was of little help in the current situation.

Helena flicked her index finger left and right, then tapped her pretty lips and spoke.

“In short, you just have to use your mouth well. “No matter how godly he is, his judgment is ultimately subjective.”

So, are you saying that we should speak out against God now? And against Ganesha, the god of language and wisdom?

Still feeling like there was no chance, I sighed deeply.

The clan members also still had puzzled faces. Since they are just looking at each other, it seems that it is difficult for them to come forward willingly.

It was worth it. There is a huge reward in front of you called the Monument of Desire, but if you mess up even a little, you will be out of luck. In this situation, who would want to step forward first?

After taking a sip, I quietly opened my mouth.

“Then let’s start with me. “What should I do?”

“brother. Are you confident?”

Yujeong asked quickly, but I shook my head excitedly. No matter how much I think about it, I can’t think of any other way to do this, so the only way left is to confront it directly. Also, since I can’t keep fighting like this, I think it would be better for me to stop first.

“I understand what everyone is worried about right now. It’s the same for me too. But in this situation, what can you do? It’s good if it works, but if it doesn’t work, that’s okay. These rewards will all be your choice. “We won’t ask or question what kind of wish you made, so let’s not put too much pressure on ourselves and think positively.”

This was the best for now. These words seemed to have had an effect, as I could see the faces of the clan members brightening slightly.

“The method is simple. The portal has already been activated, and the area around the central monument is already a space in another dimension. “If you kneel in front of that monument and listen, you will hear the voice of God.”

Soon I heard Helena’s voice, and I moved toward the central monument, thinking it was simpler than I expected.

As soon as I entered the center of the magic circle, I noticed a subtle change in the surrounding flow. The presence of my clan members that I felt just a moment ago was gone, and I felt like I was the only one there.

In front of me was a monument of hope with green waves rippling. I touched the tombstone for a moment, then slowly knelt down as I was told. And that was the moment when my knees were about to touch the ground.



At that moment, a clear light emanated from the tombstone and enveloped my entire body. Then, my body started to move against my will. The almost bent knees straighten up on their own, and then the weight is placed on the hips and the person sits on the floor. In addition, they even curled both legs so that he could sit comfortably.

It was then. When I was feeling confused, Misung’s voice rang vaguely like a dream in my ears.

– Primordial fire. Please sit comfortably. This humble Ganesha offers his salutations to the Mother of All Fires. Even though He exists in an imperfect state in a human body, I am honored to see Him in this way.

I was blank for three seconds, then immediately lowered my gaze to my chest. It was Hwajeong again.

– Hmm. It’s Ganesha. Please tell me it’s nice to meet you.

At that time, I heard Hwajeong’s voice, and I quickly spoke.

Do you know each other?

– Hmm~. Because my field is different. We don’t know each other that incredibly well. Still, I remember hearing my subordinates talk a few times about how resourceful they were.

The one below. Ah, then that’s good. Hwajeong, you… .

– no. No matter how distant he is, Ganesha is still a god. He is also a high-class god. And you said the child is not under my jurisdiction, right? I admit it’s definitely a good opportunity, but there’s no good reason for me to get involved.

hey. That’s right… .

– Really? Right? pooh. okay. Well, you probably don’t know. Because we are human. But the request you were just about to make was very rude to both me and Ganesha. Do you understand?

Hwajeong must have guessed what I was going to say, so she cut me off and continued.

Anyway, seeing Hwajeong come out so firmly, I thought it was pointless to pester her any further.

I looked up at the tombstone with a taste of regret. The tombstone still had a mysterious green glow flowing through it.

After a while, Ganesha’s voice rang in my ears.

-What kind of conversation did you have? What does the Primordial Fire say about me?

“Uhm. He said he was very happy to meet you. And since the human he is currently residing with is someone he cares about very specially, he hopes that his wishes will be granted without any restrictions.”

After lightly applying saliva to my lips, I calmly opened my mouth.

And the storm that followed was very strong.

– hey! You really want to die!

– Ho Ho! I’m glad you said it was nice to meet you. But please don’t lie. I am Ganesha, the god of language and wisdom. I know he didn’t say that. Ho ho ho!

shit. So that means you knew from the beginning.

Twisting my body back and forth as the flames raged inside me, I grumbled strongly inwardly. Of course, it was entirely my fault, so I didn’t show it outwardly.

– Phew. How long has it been since I laughed so cheerfully? I didn’t know why Tyche was interested in him, but looking at him like this, he’s definitely an interesting person. How dare he joke with the Primordial Fire. This is unthinkable in our world.

“Bounce… . “Who are you talking about?”

– Twike. Lady Luck. I’ve been interested in you since you entered this world, didn’t you know?

“I do not know.”

Now that I think about it, I think I saw similar words in the ability level increase message when I started the second game.


Since one way or another was no longer my business, I decided to focus on my wish again.

“Anyway, it’s good. “So, before you make a wish, do you mind if I ask you a few questions?”

– no? It’s not okay. It looks like they are trying to take their time, give the outside world time to think, and get as much information as possible by asking questions about restrictions. So I won’t allow it.


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“… “Why not?”

– Then, of course I won’t feel good, right? Isn’t this space a place to make wishes, not a space to measure myself here and there?

For a moment I had to feel dizzy. She is truly a difficult goddess. No, is this really what all conversations with God are like?

Perhaps he felt sorry for me, and after a while, Ganesha’s voice flowed in.

– Still, since he is there, I will give you some answers to your questions. Countless people have visited this monument of hope. As such, the wishes I heard were also diverse. Please kill someone, please save someone. Or make me the strongest, or let me go home. Or to be loved by someone, etc. For your information, this type of wish has never been fulfilled, except for love. Is this a sufficient answer?

I decided to raise both hands and both feet. He spoke as if he knew everything I was going to say, but it almost took my breath away. How dare you speak well against Ganesha like this. It was truly ridiculous.

If it continues like this, nothing will improve much in the end.

To be honest, starting with myself and the people around me. There were so many wishes I wanted to make.

But I felt like if I said those things, I would 100% fail.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t miss out on such a great opportunity, so you should raise your chances of success as much as possible and make the most helpful wish.

Being able to make up my mind right away, I calmly got up.

And I remembered what Helena said.

‘Human emotions are a very strange thing. Able to change in any situation… .’

“I will quit. “I just quietly say my wishes.”

– It’s a wise choice. Then please tell us your wishes.

“Before that, please wait a moment. “I will calm down a bit.”

– Hmm.

I heard a nasal voice telling me to try something, and I calmly closed my eyes.

And then I started doing mind training.

User information, Shin Sang-yong, Yoo Hyeon-ah, Hyung, Han So-young… .

Many thoughts passed through my head, but I wiped them all away. And as I recalled the most miserable memories from the first session one by one, I began to fill myself with thoughts about devils and demons.

When Dayeon was killed by those guys.

When my brother was killed by those guys.

When Han So-young was killed by those guys.

As I recalled various memories, I felt something boiling inside me. It was thick and like a fierce flame, it was a clear sign of life and hatred.

When I finally opened my eyes again, the first thought I had was

I want to kill demons and demons. It was.

– like! Incredible. It’s been a long time since humans were able to control their emotions. Especially with such deep murder and hatred… . It is not something artificially created, but a true feeling that comes from experience. Isn’t it amazing?

Ganesha’s voice sounded like a compliment at first glance, but the tone itself did not change. The tone of voice was that he still knew that I would fail.

– The application of restrictions applies only to wishes. Can this hatred and living of yours surpass your greed? . I’m curious too. Now, tell us your wishes.

Ganesha is right. This hatred and killing is only aimed at demons and demons.

Of course, it cannot be said that it is completely unrelated to the previous wishes. However, I was not sure how the restrictions would be applied the moment other impurities were added to these emotions caused by pure hatred and killing.

“I am… . “In this world.”

So, in the end, there was only one way. You must block the possibility of other impurities mixing in and maintain this feeling as much as possible.

After spitting out the energy welling up inside me, I took a deep breath. The longer you think, the more the emotions created by mind training may fade.

So, without delay, I expressed my wish.

“I want to erase devils and demons.”



When I came to my senses with a small group of lights, I realized that I was already outside. I blinked once or twice and then calmly stared inside.


The tombstone seemed to turn yellow for a moment, but soon returned to green and began to gently sway like the first time. I tilted my head.

Eventually, when we returned to the place where the clan members were, Helena with a strange smile opened her mouth.

“congratulations. “It wasn’t a complete success, but you didn’t fail.”

“… How did know?”

“Because the tombstone gave off a yellow glow. The tombstone emits blue light when the wish is activated, and red light when the wish is not activated. However, if this is not the case, it emits a yellow light. “At least it’s better than red.”

“is it.”

As Helena said, the activation of my wish could be seen as a case of neither this nor the other.

But still, personally, I was satisfied.

Although it cannot be said that the wish was activated, the desired information was obtained. In short, it was said that whether or not my wish came true was in my hands. In other words, it can be said that it is half a success.

I roughly shook my head and stretched. However, before I had time to organize my thoughts, several clan members rushed in.

“Brother! Brother! How did it go? What wish did you make? yes?”

Not only Ansol but also the clan members seemed curious, but it was a question I could never answer. Also, I made it a point not to ask anyone about my wishes, so I said as I lightly removed the ansole.

“it is a secret. “We decided not to ask each other, right?”

“Ugh… . still… .”

“Whatever that is. “If I had to give you advice, I think it would be best to be as sincere as possible in your wishes.”

“Are you serious?”

After answering yes, I clapped a couple of times and opened my mouth.

“now. Now let’s go in one by one. “I can’t stay here forever.”

“… “I’ll go in next time.”

Fortunately, I could hear someone calmly responding. It was Cha So-rim.

Cha So-rim put down the Arcus spear and headed toward the central monument with brisk steps.

I stared with interest as Cha So-rim slowly knelt in front of the tombstone. What kind of wish do you wish for? Will it succeed?

Since Cha So-rim entered, about 3 minutes have passed.


Eventually, when Cha So-rim’s body slipped out of the magic camp, my eyes widened. This is because the monument of desire burst into blue light. In other words, he succeeded in activating his wish.



When Cha So-rim returned, the clan members all cheered. However, no trace of joy could be found on Cha So-rim’s face. Rather, her face was filled with shame, and she glanced at me and then turned her head away.

I was curious about what he wished for, but I had already decided not to ask. I gave up my thoughts and encouraged other clan members to participate.

After that, it was all smooth sailing. Cha So-rim’s success must have been a signal, as clan members began to rush to apply.

Seven people, starting with Da-eun and including Seon Yu-un, came forward to do it almost at the same time, so I assigned each person a turn. And the clan members began to enter one by one according to the designated order.

However, luck was only for me and Cha So-rim.

The subsequent performance was so disastrous that it could be said to be total destruction.

The time taken for each individual could not exceed 5 minutes at most. The only ones who made it to 5 minutes were Woo Jeong-min and Shin Jae-ryong.

However, in less than 20 minutes, the tombstone flashed red light a total of six times.

Da-eun, Woo Jung-min, Hanna, Shin Jae-ryong, Yoo Jeong, and Han-gyeol.

Of the seven people who previously applied, six failed in succession.

“after… .”

“phew… .”

While listening to the sullen sighs of the failed clan members, I stared at Seon Yu-un inside the tombstone. Seon Yu-un, who had just passed two minutes, was slowly waking up.

Then, suddenly, he took out a bow and arrow and started making a demonstration. What kind of wish is that? I looked toward the center with a sudden curiosity and a hint of anticipation.

But what was expected did not happen. Seon Yu-un flicked her bow once, and she was immediately pushed out, her tombstone emitting a red light.

Seon Yu-un, who was soon trudging along, scratched his head and let out a deep sigh. When he gave her a look of consolation, Seon Yu-un regained his appetite and hung his bow on his shoulder.

“After a while. “That goddess named Ganesha was really picky.”

“haha. So you shot an arrow? To God?”

Of course it was a joke. Seonyuun looked at her helpless face and shook her head.

“Oh, that’s not it. “I’ll just show you how to shoot a bow and ask you to point out any problems.”

“… yes?”

“I don’t think general wishes will work. When a problem was pointed out, I tried to use it as an excuse to somehow increase user information. And then I flicked the bow… .”

“It bounced?”

When asked again, Seon Yu-un smiled awkwardly and continued.

“He said he had a good look, so he told me to leave.”


Da-eun, perhaps able to hear because she was nearby, burst out laughing briefly.

“Yu, Mr. Yuun! Ahahaha! What kind of wish is this? “It’s a really great trick~.”

“… “What kind of wish did you have for your Majesty the Sword that you are smiling so much?”

“oh. Is this a lady’s secret? I will never say anything. Right, Clan Lord?”

“Okay… . Anyway, isn’t it the same as failing anyway?”

While listening to Da-eun and Seon Yu-un’s light argument, I stared at the other clan members. There are now four people left. They were An Sol, Vivian, Heo Jun-young, and Kim Han-byeol.

Among them, I was paying particular attention to Ansol and Vivien.

Ansol and Vivien were showing a more passionate attitude than ever. Every time the clan members returned, the enthusiasm with which they caught each of them and asked them about this and that was truly something to see. Well, it’s good anyway, but it would be nice if I worked hard like that on a regular basis.

The two, who managed to catch Seon Yu-un and ask her several questions, approached me, swallowing their saliva. Judging by the nervous look on his face, it seems he has gathered enough information.

“Kim Soohyun. “I’ll go in now.”

“Brother. “I’ll go in too.”

Ansol and Vivien opened their mouths at the same time. And at the same time, they took turns looking at each other.

That’s when our eyes met each other.

“I come first!”

It was Vivien who took the player. Perhaps because they felt a sense of rivalry while gathering information, they quickly turned around without even having a chance to decide on their turn.

“Oh, sister! “Where can you find something like this!”

Ansol, who was startled, screamed pitifully, but Vivien had already run more than halfway.

But Ansol did not sit still.

Ansol, out of breath for a moment, quickly ran after Vivien. Then, as she was running, she took out her staff and aimed it at Vivian’s back, who was moving further and further away.

“Angelus! By your divine power, bind the steps of that wicked man!”

Hold spell for Angelus.

The white light shot from the cane hit Vivien’s back directly without showing any mercy. It was a very clean clean hit.

Vivian, suddenly hit by a hold spell, came to a standstill. No, it wasn’t enough for him to stop, he couldn’t overcome the force of inertia and started rolling around on the floor. He felt as if he was looking at a hoop.


Vivien lets out a strange scream, and Ansol passes by her.

No, why on earth are they using it like that? Doesn’t the success rate increase if you go in first?

“hey! Ansol! You are like this! Hey, hey!”

Vivian, who had finally managed to get herself together, screamed, but Ansol had already fallen into the central space. Vivien gritted her teeth and started spewing out all kinds of curses.

For a moment, my head started to hurt, but I looked at the tombstone, reminding myself to endure it. Before I knew it, Ansol was on her knees reverently. Since this has come to an end, I was planning to see the results first.

“hmm… .”

The first 30 seconds or so seemed to go pretty well. This is because a pleasant smile appeared on Ansol’s face.

Then, as an additional 30 seconds passed, Ansol slowly stood up.

It’s faster than you think. I feel like I’m about to express my wish, and I’m about to start drooling. Ansol nodded her head once, her eyes sparkling.

It was then.


A faint explosion of sound echoes through the hall.


At the same time, Ansol, swinging his arms in all directions, flew through the air in a smooth parabola. Then it immediately fell to the floor and rolled with a loud noise.


Ansol, who stopped exactly next to Vivien, hurriedly raised his head and gazed ahead. When I followed my gaze and looked towards the center, I could see the tombstone constantly flashing red light.

I wondered if something was wrong, so I immediately shouted.

“Helena! “What kind of phenomenon is this?”

“Well, I don’t know. I do not know. First of all, it seems like a failure, but this is my first time experiencing this kind of reaction… .”

Helena answered in a stuttering tone, as if she didn’t know much.

However, Ansol, who was presumed to be the culprit, had his shoulders slumped and had no intention of getting up.

“Oh, how can this be! “Did I really tell the truth?”

“joy! It looks great! So, you have to use your mind wisely.”

“Well, what? “Then what about you, do you think she’ll be okay?”

“Ebebebe? I can’t hear you~. “I can’t hear you~.”

Was he quite upset about what happened to Ansol? Vivien covered both of his ears and raised Ansol, showing the essence of her squeak. And when he went inside gently, Ansol bit his lip and hit the floor hard.

Eventually, Vivien erased her light expression and looked at the tombstone with a solemn face. As I watched him solemnly kneel down, I quietly held my face. Suddenly, I felt someone patting my back.

It was then.

It was around this time when I calmly composed myself, deciding to wait and see once the work was over.



I heard loud noises and screams again, so I urgently looked up. what? Not even 30 seconds have passed yet?

After checking Vivien who was soon thrown down next to Ansol, I turned my attention to the center. And the moment I found the monument of desire, I was able to see it. A monument of hope that blinks red light like crazy.

It looked like he was angry, so I couldn’t hold it in and ended up screaming.

“What on earth have you done?!”

And, it was that moment.

– This bitch!

A trembling voice spread, echoing throughout the surroundings. Although the tone and tone of voice were different, this was clearly the voice of Ganesha.

Ansol and Vivien stood up with sore faces, as if they had been dumbfounded.

Then Ganesha’s angry voice, quite different from when he spoke to me, rang through the hall again.

– I kept saying the same thing when I said let’s see! Did I look so funny?!

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