MEMORIZE Chapter 439

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00439 The mountain range where the dragon sleeps. ————————————————– ———————-=

It was then.

“───. ───. ───.”

“───. ───. ───.”

Murmuring sounds began to flow among the dead people standing in the vacant lot. Although most of the words were unintelligible, for some reason I had a strong feeling that they were chanting spells.


The idea soon became reality.

With a loud vibration sound, two three-dimensional magic formations spread out in a circle encompassing the clearing. They rose into the air in an instant, each emitting red and blue light, and soon began to emit a terrifying energy like a volcano about to explode.

I came to my senses right away. I quickly looked at the vacant lot and saw the dead people still standing still in their places. However, the moment the red eyes sparkling in the fog widened, I shouted without delay.


“Angelus, protect us!”

Was he preparing in advance? Amazingly, Ansol responded to my call right away.

And, it was that moment.


For a moment, the sound of tearing wind flowed through. At the same time, a hemispherical membrane rose from under our feet and enveloped us in a circular embrace.


Boom, boom!

Soon, in the blink of an eye, the sound of the wind hit a whitish film and died down, leaving behind ripples and slowly disappearing. It was literally a narrow difference.

“Ansol! Nice timing!”

Yujeong shouted in an excited voice. But I shook my head to mean not yet. Although it was certainly a quick response, it was still too early to raise a toast.

Summoning a magic circle has no significance in this one-time occurrence. Usually, the main purpose is to increase the power of magic and further reduce the time required to chant a spell.

I looked up at the sky again. Then, as if my thoughts were correct, I could see numerous magics filling my field of vision. Each one of the spells contained a power that could not be ignored, fiercely attacking the protective shield like a gushing waterfall. Ansol was also chewing her lip and glaring at the flying magic with an expression that said she could not lose.

After a while, the clash between the bunch of magic and the Angelus shield began.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

Those who try to break through and those who try to block.

The Angelus shield created by Ansol was definitely amazing. Every time they collided with each other, a slight ripple occurred in the shield, but the magic was ultimately unable to penetrate the ripple and was being neutralized wherever it touched. With fire and ice falling fiercely, Ansol was able to completely block all the attacks single-handedly.

“Okay… !”

However, it was something he couldn’t handle forever, so Ansol frowned slightly and made a groaning sound. Her hand holding her staff was trembling slightly, and the light of her shield was gradually weakening.

Of course, we were not the ones to sit still.

The first to come to his senses was ‘Gem Wizard’ Hanbyul.

“Targeting, Angelus Holy Spell. Gem used: azurite white.”

Soon, a small jewel emerged from Hanbyeol’s hand, scattering bright light and blending into the protective shield.

“Gem amplification!”

And the shout that immediately followed was Hanbyeol’s unique ability, ‘Gem Amplification’.

Sarrr! Sarrr!

The effects of amplification were immediately apparent. The moment the jewel turned into powder and melted like a stream on the outside of the protective layer, the protective layer, which had been slowly losing its shine, began to regain its original color. Not only that, but it gradually expanded its scope and began to exert more power than it originally had.

Likewise, Hanbyeol, who was holding a white light in her hand, shouted in a cold, yet slightly urgent voice.

“Sol! Leave the maintenance of the shield to me… !”

“Uh, sister. “Then please.”

As if he had just passed the flow of magical power, Ansol took a step back and said, “Whoa.” He exhaled. The face that says I’m finally going to live… .


This wasn’t it. Instead, he took a deep breath with all his might, enough to make his cheeks puff up again, then grabbed his staff with both hands and aimed it at the clearing. And then I close my eyes tightly and let out all the breath I’ve been holding in one go. I screamed.

“Please punish me!”


Ta-da! Ta-da!

With those words, three or four fierce bolts of lightning struck the clearing. The lightning had a white light like a protective shield. It was the activation of Ansol’s secret class ‘Priest of Radiance”s unique ability, ‘Demonstration’.


At the same time, the ripples that had been rippled ceaselessly on the screen at the end of the blue sphere that had just hit began to gradually subside. After waiting there for a while, I was able to confirm that the magic was no longer flying. Perhaps Ansol’s power ‘Never’s Punishment’ struck the deceased who summoned the magic circle by luck.

“phew… .”

It must have been difficult to maintain this state, so Hanbyeol canceled Angelus’ shield after confirming that the magic circle in the air had disappeared.

The battle entered a lull for a while, starting with the ‘Celestial Punishment’.

“Sigh… . Sigh… .”

Ansol lowered his head and was breathing heavily. Anyone looking at her would have misunderstood her as a priest running around frantically during the war. But it was just a miscontrol of my breathing earlier, so I turned my gaze and stared at the empty space ahead. However, despite strengthening his eyesight, the remaining fog and the aftereffects of ‘Never’s Punishment’ combined to make him even more invisible.

“after. “It was hard.”

After a while, Ansol, who had caught his breath, wiped his forehead and raised his head.

“Brother. how is it?”

Then, he quietly came next to me, straightened his neck and back, and the water was fleeting.


For a brief moment, there was silence.

A terrible scream, presumed to be that of the deceased, rang out from the vacant lot. When I glanced to the side, I could see Ansol staring at the vacant lot with a blank face. I shrugged my shoulders.

“They say he’s still alive?”

“Uh, how… . I’m sure I got it right… .”

He stutters as if he is in great shock. However, Ansol’s ‘Celestial Punishment’ was definitely effective. The chorus of dead people heard now was a roar that seemed to be lower than the number initially seen in the vacant lot.

Wow! Wow!

Hearing the cries again, Heo Jun-young tapped Ansol on the shoulder and stood next to me.

“There are probably some who missed the mark… . Kim Soohyun. “You can’t see it in detail, but the sound is closer than before.”

“I heard it too. Everyone ready for battle!”

Heo Jun-young said what I wanted to say, so I immediately turned around and stared at my clan members.


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Was it because he was scared of the magic attack earlier, or because it was his first battle in the mountains where the infamous dragon sleeps? Everyone was aiming their weapons in a calm manner, but their faces were clearly tense, whether they knew it or not.

“Hi-Hi! Is the blood of the dead cold? Will it be hot? Is it black? Is it red? Hehehe!”

… Except one person.

I clicked my tongue for a moment when I saw Yujeong losing her mind, but now I was used to it.

After quickly replacing the martial sword I was holding with the Sun and Moon God Sword, I immediately gave detailed instructions.

“We will change from square to layered. Nam Da-eun, Cha So-rim, and Heo Jun-young are moving forward with me. Priests and wizards should be at the very back, and archers should move back and provide support fire. Woo Jung-min will be the keeper, and Yoo-jeong will do the support battles.”

The three people whose names were called earlier stepped forward. Then, I calculated the incoming direction and held the sun and moon sword at an angle. The Sun and Moon God Sword, bathed in moonlight, was emitting an eerie bluish reflected light.


Shut up, shut up!

The sound was getting closer faster than expected. As expected, there were quite a few people who had missed the ‘celestial punishment’, and occasionally excessive shuffling sounds could be heard.

Sseuuk, seuuu, seuuuu, seuuuuu!

thud! bang! thud! bang!

‘I think the remaining distance is about 2 meters… .’

“It’s right in front. “I don’t think it’s just one guy.”

Cha So-rim said. And immediately, a large sword covered in rust appeared, cutting through the thick fog.

Soon, weapons, dark legs, and glowing red eyes appeared one after another. The skin was cracked, showing the red flesh intermittently, and half of the face was exposed with rotted flesh and half the skull. It was certainly difficult to regard him as a human being.

“Are they charging at the same time…?” . then.”

Heo Jun-young muttered quietly and stepped forward. He hesitates as if he were measuring the distance with a sword that was long enough to pierce the sky.

However, Heo Jun-young did not waver at all. He just nodded his head, took two or three steps forward, and lowered his arm as if to strike, causing his sword to crash into the ground.


The sound of the earth splitting echoed loudly throughout the surrounding area. At the same time, as Cha So-rim said, dead people who looked to be five or six years old came out of the fog all at once.

Finally, they were about to jump when they saw us.



In an instant, dozens of magic swords surged out of the split earth. They were going in, aiming precisely at the dead people who had just jumped up. It was one of Heo Jun-young’s abilities, but I don’t remember the detailed name. In any case, the rush of the dead was offset by amazing timing.

Creep, creak!

Ouch! Wow!

Dozens of sword wounds appeared on the bodies of the dead in no time. Dark red blood pours out of the hole that has formed. Instead of coming in, they rolled around on the floor and screamed. However, it was a pitiful scream filled with different pain than before.


At that time, Cha So-rim stretched out the spear he was holding. Then, I thought I heard a short burst of energy, and a long afterimage of silver energy left a long afterimage in the air before my eyes. Cha So-rim rushed straight towards the confused dead people.

Cha So-rim, armed with the Arcus Valkyrie set, was both beautiful and brave. It was so powerful that my long hair was blowing in the wind.


The sound of flesh being torn open reached here.

Cha So-rim immediately thrust his spear into the dead man who was at the forefront and pushed him forward. The deceased reflexively raised the rusty great sword, but Cha So-rim kept her distance as much as possible and instead shook the spear. However, he did not stop running, and soon the deceased lost his arms and was helplessly pushed back. If Heo Jun-young killed Dang-dong and scattered his team, Cha So-rim completely collapsed his team.

In the end, with the deceased losing his rusty greatsword from his hand, Cha So-rim swung his spear horizontally while still picking on the deceased.



Because of this, the deceased fell off the tip of the spear, flew through the air, and rolled around on the floor. And the dead people, who were barely able to get up, were hit by the spear’s path and fell down again, screaming.


But at that time, new dead people appeared from the fog right in front of the space where Heo Jun-young and Cha So-rim stirred. There were not all six who died. It seemed like the people who died a little while ago were just the vanguard, and they were the ones who came after them.

The moment when the dead people who came to support spread out to the left and right, surrounding Cha So-rim.

Seeing! See!

Knock, knock!

Two arrows flew like ghosts and hit each of the dead people closest to Cha So-rim. One shot struck the chest directly with a flash of light, and the other shot cleanly pierced the deceased’s face.


In the very short time the archers gave him, Heo Jun-young ran forward, shouting sharply. Shaolin Cha tried to take up his defensive stance and immediately bowed his back. The remaining dead men were a beat late, but they were holding back their weapons as hard as they could, as if they thought it was too late to surround them.

Soon, Heo Jun-young stepped onto the ground with such force that a thud was heard. Then he tilted his upper body greatly and stretched out his right arm towards the newly appeared dead people.

The sword reflecting the moonlight drew a semicircle, sprinkling brilliant reflected light. There was a little distance left, but Heo Jun-young’s sword was very long. Plus, when I combined the length of my arms and tilted my upper body, there was more than enough space to reach. Soon, the long sword grazed Cha So-rim’s back, ruthlessly tearing the dead people apart. Without a doubt, dark red blood poured out.

It was then.

Sseuuk, seuuu, seuuuu, seuuuuu!

thud! bang! thud! bang!

The sound of the dead people approaching is heard again.

This time, the sound came from left and right, not from the front.

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