MEMORIZE Chapter 438

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00438 The mountain range where the dragon sleeps. ————————————————– ———————-=



Asmodeus threw the cup with all his might and made a loud noise as it hit the dark wall. Because of this, the torch hanging on the wall fell and created a small fire on the floor.

Grumble, rumble!

The flames spread quickly and brightened up the dark room. The demons standing around hurriedly fell down and tried to extinguish the flames, but when Asmodeus screamed, he immediately hit his head and begged for forgiveness.

Asmodeus chewed his lips while looking at the trembling demon. In fact, the demon in front of him was not guilty at all. How could it be the fault of those demons that the current situation has become like this? It’s all a fault that stems from Asmodeus’ greed in carrying out the work unreasonably.

“Rain, you damn Lilith! Dare, dare! Kel!”

Although he threw it and screamed, Asmodeus’ anger still showed no signs of cooling down. In fact, the more I think about it, the angrier I become, and now I’m violently pulling his hair out.

In fact, Asmodeus, the ‘demon of lust’, had his own reason for being so angry. It was because of Lilith, the ‘Queen of the Night’ and the ‘Great Prostitute’.

The Demon World follows the strict law of supremacy over the strong. The absolute rule is that only the strong are the masters and the weak cannot survive.

From this perspective, although they were the same seven great demons, Asmodeus and Lilith had distinct differences. Just looking at the current status of the ‘14 Demon Lords’ held by the 7 Great Demons, this is the case.

While Asmodeus had two monarch-level demons under his command just a year ago (though he lost one in an unfortunate accident not long ago), Lilith has never had a single monarch-level demon. .

In that case, Lilith’s attitude towards Asmodeus these days is showing a huge difference compared to before. Not only did he have a similar attitude towards his subordinates, but he also often publicly criticized them whenever there was a meeting.

Every time that happened, Asmodeus stayed still. Because he had nothing to say. The mistake he made was too big for him to get angry, and anyway, what Lilith said was also true.

Of course, that did not mean that the ‘Devil of Lust’ was truly reflecting. I had no choice but to endure it when everyone was gathered, but when I was alone like this, I was gritting my teeth and burning out my anger towards Lilith.

“f*cking bitch, damn bitch… ! A bitch who has nothing to do… ! The only thing she knows how to do is spread her crotch… ! “Kelkellkell!”

Asmodeus seemed to be unable to control his anger that was rising again, and he turned his head and grabbed the cup that was around him. And he was just about to throw it with all his might at the still-living flames.

Slurp, slurp!

The fire, which was gradually dying out, suddenly flared up loudly. It came up spinning like a tornado and was blown in all directions by a strong wind. Soon, the first silent darkness filled the room, with tiny sparks dotting the air.

And another devil too.

“You’re having fun. Asmodeus.”

Asmodeus looked into the space where the flames had disappeared at the sound of a voice breaking the silence of the room, and his eyes widened when he spotted the devil leaning against the wall. Because the devil… .


It was Satan, the ‘king of all devils’ and the ‘antagonist’.

“Uh, when did you come…?” . And why is it here… .”

Asmodeus’ eyes began to shake uneasily.

Although he has the title ‘King of all demons’, Satan rarely interferes with other demons. He often didn’t care whether they were fighting or going to war, as long as they didn’t touch him. In a way, it was okay to just ignore him.

But things are very different when you get to the fortress. No, it has changed. Little by little, I started to become interested in what other demons were doing.

Although it has not yet reached the point of interference, the seven major devils are starting to get nervous one by one.

The fact that Satan, who had always been contemplating, began to move meant that he had some kind of ‘purpose’. And other demons couldn’t help but be nervous because they knew that once Satan had moved, he would use any and all methods to achieve his ‘goal’ and would not hesitate to use even the same demon as a scapegoat.

After remaining silent for a long time, Satan lightly sat down on the back of the demon who was still lying face down.

“iced coffee. “There are some pretty interesting rumors going around these days.”

“Jae, interesting rumor?”

“Yes, Asmodeus… . Are you planning to sow seeds in the northern continent again soon?”

“Ke, Kell! Kek, kek, kek, kek!”

The moment Satan spoke, Asmodeus coughed violently. He then raised his head to vehemently deny it, but he stopped talking for a moment as he saw Satan quietly raising both his hands.

“Wait, wait. It looks like he wanted to hide it from me, so I’ll tell you in advance. I don’t care what you’re planning. “Aren’t we independent objects anyway?”

“Uhm… . Well, that’s right. Then why tell that story here… .”

Satan did not answer right away. He just stared at Asmodeus with bored eyes and then showed his white teeth.

“just… . But since we’re all eating together right now, I guess I can give you a little help?”

“You, weren’t you originally interested in anyone? Whether it’s interference or help… . Well, why suddenly… .”

“oh… . That’s right, Asmodeus. But… . “Things aren’t that good these days, are they?”

“… “Kell.”

Asmodeus kept his mouth shut as Satan’s words hit the nail on the head. Satan looked at the ‘devil of lust’ with pitiful eyes and took out a cigar from his arms.

Eventually, Asmodeus quietly opened his mouth as he watched Satan lighting the tobacco.

“Satan helping others. If anyone hears it, they’ll think it’s nonsense. “Kell, kelkel!”

“after… . I said it was helpful, but you can think of it anyway. You can think of it as an opportunity or just advice. Because the choice is yours alone.”

“opportunity… ? advice… ?”

“The key is choice… . Let me say it right away. I am going to give you some information. I don’t know what it would be like from your perspective, but from my perspective, I would consider it an investment. Anyway, what you say will change depending on whether you accept it or not.”

“It’s Satan’s investment. Umm… .”

“Of course, if you don’t accept it, I will have no choice but to find someone else. For example, Lilith… .”

When Satan revealed that it was an investment, my heart moved a little. However, these words were decisive. Asmodeus, who had been quiet until then, suddenly opened his eyes and stared straight at Satan. Of course, I didn’t have any doubts inside.

“Ke, kelkel. Satan says all kinds of sad things. “It would be possible to at least listen to the story, right?”

“then. However, if you leak this information elsewhere or reject it and do as you please… . “You’ll have to figure it out then.”

“Don’t worry, it won’t happen. Kel!”

“good. then… .”

Satan paused for a moment and patted the buttocks of the demon he was using as a chair. The prostrate demon possessed power reaching the highest level, but it did not even dare to raise its head. On the contrary, it seemed as if he was extremely impressed that he was being treated like this, and he began to crawl around, being careful not to knock Satan off.

After a while, Asmodeus and Satan faced each other at a much closer distance than before.

“Before we get right into the story, let me tell you an interesting story about the Northern Continent where you are trying again.”

“interesting story?”

“Should I say it’s a myth? “Sometimes, if you look for something like this, you can change your thinking.”


Asmodeus tilted his head as if he had no idea what he was talking about. Satan laughed softly once or twice and then spat out the tobacco that was in his mouth. Then he tilted his body slightly and interlaced his ten fingers together.

“The name of the myth is the Great War… . It is a story about a battle between the dragons and humans who ruled the Hole Plain a long time ago.”

And Satan’s voice that followed was not as creepy as before. Although it was still low and quiet, it was an infinitely soft and sweet voice.

Asmodeus swallowed his saliva without realizing it.



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The sun, which was barely visible through the thick trees, was now slowly tilting to the west, preparing to escape sight. The red color of the sunset calmly spreading nearby gradually became darker, which made me think that maybe it was because of the mountains that evening came quickly.

The sun going down is not a problem. However, if there was one thing that bothered me, it was the words Ansol said right before entering that kept ringing in my head.

‘Brother. It’s tonight. I’ll probably have until tonight to find it.’

Ansol said he had to find it by tonight. In other words, after tonight, Hangyeol’s life, which he had maintained with all his might until now, could end.

It wasn’t that I wasn’t anxious, but I tried to remain as calm as possible.

The mountain range where the dragon sleeps is very wide and vast. If you were to tear all over the place just because you were in a hurry, it wouldn’t be the worst thing you could do. For now, I could only hope that I would safely get to Hangyeol’s place before today was over.

‘If it doesn’t work out… . I guess I’ll have to use a miracle.’

After taking a deep breath, I stared at the back of Hangyeol, who was walking unsteadily. Even though the mountain was quite rugged and covered in fog, Hangyeol was walking silently to the place where his soul was.

Before we knew it, we had passed the entrance and entered the interior of the mountain range.

Lush bushes and beautiful trees dotting the rough land. If you look at this alone, the scenery is no different from any other mountainous area, but it is not a beautiful scenery.

Maybe it’s because it hasn’t been touched by humans for a long time, or maybe it’s because of the fog that still hangs everywhere. and… .

– Black… . Sobbing… . I’m going to kill you… . I’m going to kill you… !

– It’s unfair… . It’s unfair… !

Occasionally, faint noises drifted in, creating a gloomy and gloomy atmosphere in the mountains. The more I heard those screams, the more I felt strangely unpleasant, but I didn’t show it outwardly. Because I’m sure it’s not just me.

“Hey, hey. Jewel… . You know, I think this fog is strange.”

“Bobo… . I beg your pardon?”

“Did you just hear a strange noise? I heard that when I went into a particularly foggy area. And for some reason, I feel like I’m feeling worse. “What do you think, Jewel?”

“… I don’t know. I just felt like my senses were becoming dull… . “I’ll think about it, so please don’t call me a gem next time.”

Suddenly, the sound of Vivien and Hanbyeol talking quietly came from behind me. I almost laughed a little at the reference to Hanbyul as a jewel, but Vivien’s words were not to be taken lightly. Since she once lived as a spider monster in a similar mountain, she cannot ignore Vivien’s senses.

“Clan Lord. Actually, I also heard something strange when I was passing through the fog. Crying, sounds of injustice… .”

As I was about to raise my guard even further, Seon Yu-un, who was walking next to me as if he had heard the story, quietly spoke to me.

I responded by saying it was nothing.

“I heard it too. “I think it’s probably some kind of field effect.”

“It’s a field effect. I’ve been counting the number of times I’ve heard the sound since I first started, and it’s becoming more frequent. “I’m curious about the identity of the sound.”

“well. Wouldn’t it be similar to when we explored a frozen forest? It is said that a great war took place in these mountains a long time ago, and it could be the vengeful spirits of the residents who died during that time.”

“It’s a vengeful spirit… . There is no reason for a vengeful spirit to appear, is there? According to what you told Ansol earlier, the humans won… . “I don’t know if it’s the dragon’s vengeful spirit.”

I shrugged my shoulders to indicate that I didn’t know. It’s not that it’s annoying, I really don’t know. All I know is that the record ended with a dragon placing a curse.

‘Maybe it’s related to the dragon’s curse… . There might be a story I don’t know about.’

Seon Yu-un nodded and did not continue speaking. After warning Vivien and Hanbyeol not to make too much noise as it might attract unnecessary attention, I started walking behind Hangyeol again.

After walking for a few more hours, the sun had completely set to the west. The glowing red sunset soon faded, and the dark twilight came to take its place.

Accordingly, the mountain became deeper and deeper. The fog that had been flowing on the ground had now risen and spread to the entire mountain. Hangyeol, who was ahead, was barely visible, so some clan members who were following at a distance had no choice but to shorten the gap.

While moving quietly, a place with heavy fog suddenly caught my eye ahead. It looks much blurrier than the places I’ve been through so far, and no matter how much I increase my eyesight, I can’t see it clearly. However, looking at the landscape surrounded by bushes and trees, it could only be assumed that it was an empty lot.

It was then.

Siiiiiii… .

A weak ray of wind passed by my face coolly. As I started to walk, I immediately raised my hand and signaled to stop. However, Hangyeol did not stop walking, just walked into the vacant lot and suddenly disappeared.

“Baek Han-gyeol… .”

“wait a minute.”

I grabbed Seon Yu-un’s arm as he was about to leave and shook my head.

“I’m not sure. “I feel something strange inside.”

Seon Yu-un immediately closed his eyes as if to heighten his senses. However, she soon opened her eyes and shook her head excitedly, apparently not detecting any presence.

Siiiiiii… .

Then, this time, it was not the wind but the fog from the clearing that flowed out and enveloped us.

And, it was that moment.

– Envy, unfairness, envy, unfairness… .

– How hard we fought… . How, how can this be!

At the same time as the fog, there are faintly heard sounds again. Judging by the sounds of people breathing urgently, it seemed like I wasn’t the only one who heard it. I suddenly came to my senses and stared ahead. Before I knew it, the fog in the clearing had become much lighter than before.

– So, just stay there… .

– I’m going to kill you… . I’m going to kill you… . I’m going to kill them all!

And in the dark clearing, dozens of eyes shining bright red were watching us.

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