MEMORIZE Chapter 437

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00437 The mountain range where the dragon sleeps. ————————————————– ———————-=

I told Ko Yeonju everything I thought. After hearing her story, she was lost in her thoughts for a moment, then narrowed her eyes and opened her mouth.

“That makes sense. “I thought it was a little strange, too.”

“Do you think so too?”

Go Yeon-ju crossed his arms and gently narrowed his eyes.

“yes. When I was in the city, I just felt uneasy for no reason, but the fact that someone was following me was definitely inconceivable. And there are a few things to point out… .”

“Things to point out?”

And then Go Yeon-joo secretly bites her lip. When I asked again in a puzzled mood, she stared at me.

“Su-hyun. Nothing is certain yet. However, it was a contract between a caravan led by a user named Kim Soo-jeong and a mercenary. And users who we don’t know who have been following us. “There are only two pieces given right now.”

“You say you need more information.”

“is it so… . Hmm. Maybe it will be a little difficult this time. It would be nice if the other person was a fool, but the possibility of that happening is low. Also, as Su-hyeon said, we must work while avoiding contact with the outside world as much as possible.”

“High user performance. If you feel burdened, you don’t have to go back. “Then, focus on the rescue for now, and I will try to solve the problem myself later.”

Seeing Ko Yeon-ju’s secretly unconfident appearance, I told him what I thought was the next best option. But for a moment her eyes widened and she shook her head with an expression on her face that said nothing.

“Ho Ho. no. “I just whined once, what if you take it so seriously?”

“That’s because it’s not as easy as you think. If Go Yeon-ju’s thoughts and mine are correct, it means that the opponent attacked us from a shaded area, not a sunny area. If the truth is revealed, this will be tantamount to declaring war on Mercenary. “It might escalate into a battle between clans.”

“I know what you mean. But no matter what, it makes no sense for Soo-hyun to be directly involved in something like this. “The shadowy area of ​​Hall Plain is a much dirtier and uglier place than Su-hyeon imagined.”

“No, me too.”

“Su-hyun. Shh… .”

“I know how to play well in the dark, too,” I wanted to say, but I had no choice but to keep my mouth shut. Before I knew it, Go Yeon-ju had lifted her pretty thumb and put it to my lips. Soon, I glanced down at her, feeling the feel of her soft flesh gently brushing against her lips.

Go Yeon-ju smiled softly and spoke in a sweet voice.

“Do not worry. “I can do it all by myself, so Su-hyeon, please don’t worry and come back healthy.”

“… “Is that okay?”

“sure. “Soohyun and I haven’t just been hanging out for the past two years, right?”

“That’s right… . All right.”

I nodded my head calmly.

As Ko Yeon-ju said, we haven’t just been playing around. Because she and I are not that broad-minded to just let her forces try to slander and disparage Mercenaries in any way possible. Since I already have a few plans prepared in secret, it would be a good idea to use this opportunity to thoroughly work them out.

“this. It’s already been 3 minutes? Then I will go right away. side.”

Go Yeon-ju narrowed one eye and gently kissed me on the mouth. Then she licked her entire lips with her tongue and smiled brightly.

I scratched my head in embarrassment and then opened my mouth softly.

“Go Yeon-ju. “I repeat, you must never let the other person find out.”

“are you okay. I am a woman called the Shadow Queen. Ho Ho.”

“… take care.”

“Soohyun too. “I don’t want to become a widow when I’m not even 30.”

It was a greeting worthy of Go Yeonju. After saying goodbye to me and her, she took a few steps back and suddenly disappeared into her fog. Soon, I felt the presence of Go Yeon-ju slowly moving away, so I turned and headed to the place where my clan members were waiting.

“… hmm.”

As I was walking along, I suddenly burst out laughing for no reason.

‘indeed… . I’m looking forward to seeing where it will be.’

Through my conversation with Go Yeon-ju, I was almost certain that someone had done a trick. If so, where is it? Could it be that some big guy is waging a secret war on Mercenary?

I was quiet and lost in thought.

When I was in modern times, there was a game that I occasionally played for fun.

The name is ‘Legendary War’. It is a game where a total of 10 players are divided into two teams of 5 and fight a war with each hero they choose. The hero I usually choose is a support hero who specializes in raising and helping allies. The initial role of the supporter focuses on protecting and nurturing friendly heroes who are weak in the early game, but can exert great influence in the mid to late game.

In the beginning, as you stand in the line with your allies and grow, there are times when the enemy team’s roaming hero waits near the line. The purpose is to interact with the enemy team’s hero standing on the opposite line and hinder the growth of the friendly hero. And to prevent such cases, it was essential for the supporter to secure visibility near the line where the roaming hero might be hiding.

While playing ‘Legendary War’, there was one thing I didn’t understand. Occasionally, when the enemy team’s roaming hero is hiding in a place where I have secured the line of sight, my hero tells me to quickly go away because he knows that he is hiding through the entire chat.

I really didn’t understand this. The longer the enemy team’s roaming hero waits, the greater the benefit to the entire team. The enemy team’s experience points are wasted, movement paths are wasted, and the ally’s activity radius is greatly reduced. But why give up that benefit and reveal hidden facts? All you have to do is simply pretend not to know.


It was in a similar context that he demanded that Go Yeon-ju never be caught.

If you know, prepare. However, if you do not know, you will not prepare, or your preparedness will be relatively weak.

What I said to Go Yeon-ju earlier that I would come forward in person was not a lie. She may not know, but since she had been operating in the shadows throughout the first round, the Shadow War was the battle I was most confident in. In the second round, he didn’t have to show off his abilities much because he was working in a sunny area, but now that the situation is like this, the story changes.

Eventually, clan members began to appear through the hazy fog, and I calmed down. And I made up my mind.

For now, I will go into the mountains where the dragon sleeps as you wish.

However, the moment I return to the city after finishing my business, I will show my opponent what a real secret war is.


After parting ways with Go Yeonju, I moved to the front and led the clan members. Originally, it was right for the archers to lead from the front, but it was an inevitable choice as they had to force it. The surrounding geography is well-known, so you won’t have to stop to find your way around.

The fog, which was faint in the morning, became thicker as time passed. Now it was difficult to see 20 meters ahead with the naked eye.

I sharpened my eyes, looked closely at the surrounding terrain, and tried to trace the memory in my head to find the way I entered the first car. If possible, I would just go in, but the mountain range where the dragon sleeps was an area in which even I couldn’t be confident.

Then, I suddenly felt a strange sense of discomfort. Just a little while ago, I was walking on land with small ups and downs and a wide surface. At some point, I felt the texture of the rugged and rough ground.

I walked a few more steps and slowly raised my hand to signal to stop. The quiet footsteps suddenly stopped.

“Clan Lord. Is there a problem?”

In response to Shin Jae-ryong’s soft question, I looked around and said.

“It looks like the dragon has entered the mountain range where the dragon sleeps.”

“yes? But I couldn’t see any mountains… .”

“Take a look under your feet.”

“If it’s under your feet… . ah!”

A few people seemed to immediately sense the difference and let out a light exclamation. Instead of beautiful fields, the land was filled with thick bushes.

“We haven’t completely entered the mountain range. Probably the beginning… . No, it would be better to think of it as just before the beginning. Anyway, since we have completely left the Plain of Fog, it would be correct to consider it an unexplored area from now on.”

“Brother. Shall we use a miracle? Please find the location of my brother and Baek Han-gyeol… .”

It was Ansol’s voice. But I immediately shook my head. Miracles were certainly an attractive solution, but for now, it was an ability that should be saved as much as possible. This is because we do not know what condition Anhyun and Hangyeol are in.

“no. it’s okay. I have to save my miracles until I meet them. And as for ways to find the location, there is a separate method.”


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“yes? “Is there another way?”

In response to Ansol’s question, I quietly nodded my head. Then, he approached Shin Jae-ryong and stared at Han-gyeol, who was sleeping as if he were dead.

“User Shin Jae-ryong. From now on, I will take charge of Hangyeol.”

“yes? But the Clan Lord is at the forefront… .”

“it’s okay. “I plan to take it with me from the front.”

“… Are you taking me with you?”

Shin Jae-ryong asked back with a completely incomprehensible expression. However, when he held out his hand to hand it over, he tilted his head and handed it over to Hangyeol.

“Hangyeol. wake up. Hangyeol?”

After receiving Hangyeol, I whispered in a quiet voice. As I patted his back at the same time, I was able to see Hangyeol slowly opening his eyes. Hangyeol looked at me with blurry eyes and immediately began to stare at one side of the mountain range. I quietly let go.


“W-what is it?”

At that moment, the clan members gasped again. I had been shaking so hard, as if I was going to fall at any moment, let alone walk, but as soon as I entered the mountain range where the dragon sleeps, I stood up on my own. Also, although he was a bit stumbling, he was moving forward little by little. Towards either direction of the mountain range.

I roughly knew the reason.

When I first saw Hangyeol, I checked his condition with my third eye. And I was able to see that Hangyeol’s current state was just an empty shell or half of it. In short, could it be said that the body was without a soul? If my prediction is correct, Hangyeol would have been killed by a special field effect from the mountain range where the dragon sleeps.

Of course, I don’t know the details. However, one thing is certain: Hangyeol will not be completely dead yet. Probably, the moment Hangyeol was eaten by the mountain range and became completely dead, the barely connected connection between his body and soul was severed.

That means Hangyeol’s death.

“My heart is still beating… .”

I placed my hand on Hangyeol’s chest. Either way, Hangyeol was still steadily walking towards somewhere with his eyes unfocused. It was an instinctive movement of the body to regain itself after entering the mountain range where the dragon with a soul sleeps.

‘If we follow this path, we’ll be able to find Hangyeol.’

The best scenario here is to find Hangyeol and rescue Anhyeon at the same time. But my intuition was warning me that things wouldn’t be that easy. If Anhyeon is missing and not dead like Hangyeol… .

‘I’ll really have to go into the ruins then.’

With that thought in mind, I pointed at Hangyeol with a nod to the clan members who were still standing blankly.

“For now, let’s follow Hangyeol. “We are about to enter the mountain, so I hope everyone will be as alert as possible to their surroundings.”

The clan members immediately came to their senses and looked around carefully with nervous expressions. Although his face was still full of disbelief, his attitude was to accept the current situation and focus on rescue.

After a while, I quietly announced my departure.

“I will be in charge of Hangyeol’s protection, so everyone else should monitor their respective directions. “Then let’s leave.”

And, it was that moment.

“Brother. “It’s tonight.”

Just as I was about to follow Hangyeol, a quiet voice flowed into my ear.

I was momentarily puzzled and turned around to see Ansol staring at me. And she glanced at her once and continued her words with a bright look in her eyes.

“I’ll probably have until tonight to find it.”

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