MEMORIZE Chapter 432

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00432 A heavy heart. ————————————————– ———————-=


“This is ridiculous!”

A woman hit the desk harshly and jumped up. She looked like she was about twenty years old and looked quite lively. Her jaw line looks a little sharp, but her bulging eyes and high nose give her a strong and energetic look.

However, the woman’s face was currently frowning. As if she didn’t like her that much, her eyes were shaking so gently that she looked like she was about to shed a bunch of tears.

“calm down.”

And there was another woman who comforted that woman. Hayeon was the woman who gave the impression of being both mature and smart. Hayeon lifted her blue eyes and placed her woman, who was about to cry, on her hand.

“User Sujeong Kim. I know you must be feeling very anxious right now. but… .”

Hayeon handed over a piece of white cloth, but the woman named Kim Soo-jeong shook her head vigorously. She asked in a barely restrained voice, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand, which had a faint trace of her scar on it.

“I heard that one of the mercenaries you dispatched with us has returned. How did this happen?”

Hayeon withdrew her outstretched hand with a short sigh.

“… Literally. “Of the user Sujeong Kim’s caravan and the two mercenaries we dispatched, only one has returned.”

“That means… . In the end, everyone except that one person… .”

“It is too early to make such hasty judgments. “Nothing has been confirmed yet.”

“Then please check it quickly! no. “I want you to at least meet the returning mercenary, so why on earth can’t you?”

Sujeong screamed. However, Hayeon did not blink and answered calmly.

“I told you. I never expected it would turn out like this. Of course, we plan to send an investigation team to check and rescue, but that is not possible right now. And the mercenary who returned… . As I said before, my current condition is very bad and I am concentrating on treatment.”

“under… .”

Hayeon explains step by step in a clear voice. But Sujeong didn’t seem to understand at all, and closed her eyes with her dumbfounded face.

Even though Hayeon said, “Oh really? The situation Sujeong was in now was too desperate to accept, “Then there’s nothing we can do.”

Sujeong bit her lip with a nervous expression. As her breathing gradually became more rapid, she opened her eyes wide as if she suddenly remembered something. And she spoke in a solemn voice.

“is it so. If that were the case, we wouldn’t be able to communicate with each other. “Without needing to talk too much, please let me meet the Mercenary Lord.”

“… yes?”

“I have heard of Mercenary Lord’s reputation as a mercenary. If the rumors I’ve heard so far are true, there must be something different about him. So, I will meet you in person and tell you the situation. why. “Can’t this work too?”

“I’d like to, but that’s not possible right now. Because the Clan Lord is not present right now.”

As if he didn’t expect that to happen, a dark feeling of despair flashed across Sujeong’s wide-eyed face.

Hayeon was in a position where she had nothing more to say. I did my best to explain, but I couldn’t listen to any of it. Hayeon was also uncomfortable with this situation, but with the current situation, she was in a position where she could not move hastily.

After a while, Sujeong weakly opened her mouth with sad eyes.

“Okay, I see. As a Blue Moon Mage, you must remain calm in a situation where the lives of your clan members may be at stake. “I really envy that calmness.”

Haya also knew that it wasn’t a compliment. Just as I was about to open my mouth in anger, my eyes caught the sight of Sujeong’s depressed appearance. Hayeon quenched her appetite. As Ha-yeon had once experienced the loss of her own younger brother, she could understand how Soo-jung must be feeling at the moment.

Sujeong’s words continued.

“But I can’t do that. My caravan mates… . “In modern times, they may have been strangers, but in Hall Plain, they were like family.”

“I understand.”

“If you understand…” !”

“User Sujeong Kim. “So do we.”

Even if we talk further here, it’s just going round the squirrel wheel. Hayeon, who thought so, cut Sujeong off with a sharp cut. And after looking straight at the crystal, he spoke in a voice that was noticeably lower than before.

“Qigong lancer Ahn Hyeon. Baek Han-gyeol, God’s Shield. Regardless of what kind of users they are, those two are like my own younger brothers. The clan lord is also a very caring person. “I don’t want to just stay like this.”

“Then why do you keep telling me to wait? “They are like your own younger brothers, so why is the Clan Lord absent at this important time?”

“… The clan lord is very busy right now. As soon as he came back recently, he left again. If your destination is Death Valley… . “Do you understand?”

“If it’s Death Valley… . ah.”

Sujeong was lost in thought for a moment, and then let out a faint exclamation.

After the Northern Continent announced a new policy against vagabonds, countless killing groups were created among various clans and users. Among them, the most famous assassination group would definitely be the Mercenary Clan. The Mercenary Killing Group, which was said to make even the vagrant leaders tremble, was the clan that achieved the most results with its enormous power and ruthless cruelty.

And Death Valley is an extremely dangerous area where vagabonds are known to frequently haunt these days. So, if Mercenary Lord went there, there was only one answer in the end. He must have gone there to kill the tramp.

When Sujeong realized that fact, she felt glum. Because he was momentarily speechless. From a macro perspective, if the Mercenary Lord’s work is a major affair, his own work is only a minor affair. Since it wasn’t something that would work if he tried to force himself, Sujeong lowered his head with a dejected look on his face. It was then.

“But I’m not saying I’m going to sit back and let it go like this.”

Hayeon’s words awakened Sujeong. Sujeong slowly lifted her face and stared blankly at Ha-yeon.

“I promise. I will mobilize all of the Mercenary’s capabilities and seek any method possible. So, I hope you can give us some time to learn more and prepare.”

“… Huyu.”

Did you feel the sincerity in Hayeon’s words? Sujeong looked at Hayeon for a while and then slowly stood up. Then she heaved a deep sigh and turned her body as if stumbling.

Finally, just before going out the door, Sujeong opened her mouth in a low voice.

“I know this situation is not the Mercenary Clan’s fault. However, the request contract also includes a clause responsible for the safe return of my colleagues… . “I want you to know.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

“… sorry. But right now, the only hill I can live in is the Mercantile Clan.”

widely. Tap tap… .

With those last words, Sujeong closed the door and left.

Eventually, when the sound of footsteps echoing in the hallway became faint, Hayeon quietly opened her mouth.

“… “How did things end up like this?”

It was a self-mocking voice.

Soon, Hayeon’s shoulders slumped and she cupped her face with both hands. She went on a rant but still doesn’t see a way out.

In her heart, Hayeon wanted to dispatch a rescue team to the requested location right away. However, if you do that, you will no longer be able to turn around the already worst situation. As of now, the only way is for Hangyeol to open his mouth, but he has been sleeping like the dead since he came back.

I felt a pang of self-reproach and the complexity of the situation as if my head was going to explode. Suddenly, between the gaps between Hayeon’s hands covering her eyes, a communication crystal ball was seen emitting cold light. Soon, the moment someone’s face overlapped with the crystal ball, a light of conflict appeared in Hayeon’s eyes.

“Su-hyun… . “What on earth should I do?”

But no answer came back. Hayeon also didn’t expect an answer because she was just talking to herself.

Just quietly, a long time passed.

Eventually, Hayeon lowered her hand that was covering her face. She then looked at her communication crystal ball with determined eyes, and she slowly stretched out her arms.


The surrounding scenery passes by quickly. As I sweep my eyes, the entire world passing by seems distorted. It was as if the pieces of a puzzle that did not fit were forced together, and the visible forest scenery was severely distorted.

I know why it looks like this. The cause is the barrier. The forest was covered with all kinds of barriers, including path, illusion, delusion, and obstruction barriers. And I was moving to my destination, breaking through those barriers one by one.


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To Death Valley, where the vagrants’ stronghold is most likely located.

‘Anyway, I applied the barrier once… . ‘Is it his doing?’

The closer we get to the Valley of Death, the more severe the barrier becomes, but that doesn’t worry me. Because we have the best barrier destroyer. I smiled and stared ahead.

Grrrr… . Grrrr… .

Patchoot, Patchoot! I dig it!

Every time a mysterious cry was heard and a blue light flashed, a large crack appeared in the twisted world, like a broken eggshell. Once a crack appears, it does not stop. The area where the cracks occurred was widened in all directions, causing them to completely shatter. The layered barrier is broken all at once.

The main character who so coolly destroyed the barrier was a unicorn. At the very front of the killing team, a unicorn with a body the size of a foal was running bravely. The tall horns on its head emit a soft light, and the moment it touches the barrier, it tears it apart without hesitation.

Thinking that I had done a good job of bringing her in, I shortened the distance between me and Yumi (this is the name of the unicorn created by Ansol. I named her Yumi using the Chinese character for unicorn, mi, which means beautiful.) We will soon arrive at the Valley of Death, so we must prepare to attack at once.

Soon, blue discharge occurred once again, and the sound of water flowing beyond the gaping barrier began to be heard. Thinking that we would arrive soon, I pulled out my sword and shouted loudly.

“Seon Yuun!”


At that moment, a figure leapt up from the side. It was Seon Yu-un. He climbed a large tree with three movements of his feet and landed nimbly on a thick branch.

“Shoot, aim line aligned (Fine Shot). “Keuuuuuu!”

The ability to shoot arrows one after another and the ability to specify targets. Soon I heard the sound of the string being pulled with force, so I gathered all the magic I had. The moment the rain of arrows poured into that valley, I planned to send waves in succession. It was then.

“Clan Lord! “Something is strange!”

“Everyone stop.”

When I heard Seon Yu-un’s report, I immediately ordered a halt.


Then the nine members of the killing team, including me, who were following Yumi, stopped running at the same time. Then, when Seonyooun looked up at the tree she had climbed, she saw the archer tilting his head while still aiming at her bow.

“What’s strange?”

“We confirmed the tents set up in and around the valley. “I just don’t see any vagabonds.”

“How popular are you?”

“One Two Three Four Five… . “The five of us are gathered in one place and there is nothing else.”

Seon Yu-un, who must have sensed magical power in the valley, answered without hesitation. I nodded my understanding and she immediately activated her third eye. It’s not that I don’t believe what he says, but this was a real battle. Moreover, as he was a vagabond and a master of guerrilla warfare, we do not know what kind of trick he pulled.

‘… ‘That’s strange.’

However, the information shown by the third eye is no different from Seonyuun’s report. At first, many thoughts came to mind, but first I gave a signal to Seon Yu-un to come down.

Grrrr… ?

“You come back too.”

After speaking to Yumi, who just turned her head and stared at me, I quickly gave instructions.

“We have identified places in the valley that appear to be the strongholds of vagabonds. I also felt the presence of five people in the large tent in the center. From now on, we will slowly attempt to enter the valley.”

There was no answer. The only thing that could be heard was the sound of the killing squad members running as fast as they could quietly stepping on the ground. After confirming that a square was formed, I began to walk slowly.

As soon as I entered inside, I could clearly hear the sound of water flowing. And the moment I went a little further, I felt my eyes narrowing. Inside, a circular fence could be seen along a rather wide open space, with numerous corpses stuck into the sharp ends of the fence.

The body that caught my eye the most was that of a man. There was no way to see where the lower body had gone, and only the upper body above the waist was deeply embedded in the fence. I took a closer look at the corpse with its organs spilling out.

‘That… . It’s the emblem of the Moonlight Clan.’

Judging by the Moonlight Clan emblem on the right chest, it seemed like the user was active in killing other clans. It looks like he was caught attacking a vagabond, and his eyes and face were greatly distorted as he was so angry at the sight.

I advanced a little further and quietly opened my mouth.

“Sasha Felix. “The place where people gather is the central tent.”

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hmm. For now, we plan to maintain the initial chain structure. However, like this episode, the current events will be explained one by one.

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So, if you wait a little while, all the questions readers may have will be answered. For example, in the next episode, there will be an explanation about Sujeong’s caravan and the destination where An Hyeon and Baek Han-gyeol went. Why can’t a rescue team be dispatched, what kind of place is it, etc. 🙂

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1. Name: Ha-yeon Jeong (5 years)

2. Class: Secret, Magician Of the Blue Moon, Master

3. Nation: Free mercenary

4. Organization (Clan): Mercenary (Clan Rank: AA – Double A)

5. Jinmyeong • Nationality: Blue Moon Drops • Republic of Korea

6. Sex: Female (29)

7. Height • Weight: 166.5cm • 54.7kg

8. Tendency: Lawful • Good

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(After changes) [Strength 36] [Durability 40] [Dexterity 42] [Stamina 35] [Magic Power 93 (+1)] [Luck 81]

* Blue Moon Mage is a secret class with no unique abilities.

* The power of the Blue Moon Mage is 『Strengthened Memorize』.

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1. Name: Seon Yu-un (3rd year)

2. Class: Normal, Archer, Master

3. Nation: Free mercenary

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5. True name • Nationality: Pasa (破邪) – The person who received the first wings, Baekbalbaekjung (百發百中) • Republic of Korea

6. Sex: Male (29)

7. Height • Weight: 180.9cm • 78.6kg

8. Tendency: Neutral • Belief (True • Belief)

[Strength 85] [Durability 78] [Dexterity 95 (+1)] [Stamina 86] [Magic Power 89] [Luck 73]

< Achievements (2) >

< Unique Ability (1/1) >

1. Arrow of Destruction (Rank: A Plus Plus)

< Special Ability (1/1) >

1. Aim line alignment (Rank: B Plus)

< Potential (3/3) >

1. Continuous shooting (Rank: B Zero)

2. Tracking (Rank: A Plus)

3. Clairvoyance (Rank: A Zero)

(Before change) [Strength 67] [Durability 63] [Dexterity 84] [Stamina 71] [Magic Power 74] [Luck 61]

(After changes) [Strength 85] [Durability 78] [Dexterity 95 (+1)] [Stamina 86] [Magic Power 89] [Luck 73]

* Seon Yuun is a user who will reach level 10 in the future, and still has some potential left.


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