MEMORIZE Chapter 433

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00433 A heavy heart. ————————————————– ———————-=

At that moment, a ray of light-colored wind flowed through the air in front of my eyes. What looked like a haze quickly mixed into the air and flowed into the camp. It was fog, one of Sasha Felix’s abilities.

The fog swept across the camp at a rapid pace, and soon stopped at the central tent I mentioned.

After a while, Sasha Felix suddenly appeared at the top of the tent.

“I can’t find anything strange, except for the signs of presence below. Clan Lord.”

“… “Entering.”

I immediately gave the order to enter. There was still doubt in a corner of my mind, but at first glance, I thought differently. Maybe the vagabonds just ran away.

‘The headquarters isn’t just this place… . Still, it’s a place where a hundred people could have lived.’

I slowly walked inside, assessing the size of the entire camp in my mind. Since I couldn’t find anything strange after three checks, I thought I would first check the central tent, where I could feel the presence of people. Before I knew it, faint moans were coming out of the tent.

“Shall we walk?”

When we arrived at the central tent, Sasha Felix held the cloth tightly and asked. Then, the assassination team members also aimed the weapons they had previously taken out at the same time. I nodded my head once while listening to the spell chanting softly.

“Kick it up.”


The sound of the harsh wind flows and the tent is lifted in an instant. At the same time, the thick scent of blood that burst out all at once filled her nose.

“Turn it off… . Turn it off… .”

“Huh… . Hmm… .”

‘In captivity.’

Inside the tent, there were four people tied to the pillars supporting the ceiling. They were completely naked, their entire bodies were tightly bound, and they were making faint moans. I quickly checked with my third eye and found that, as expected, they were Moonlight Clan members.

At that moment, I felt my heart relax. This is because expectations have become reality.

Woo Jeong-min took a closer look at the captive and then turned to me.

“Clan Lord. These are… .”

“He is a prisoner. “It looks like the tramps ran away.”

“yes? “You ran away?”

“We didn’t take him or kill him, but only slightly injured him. While we rescue and treat this prisoner, this will give us just a little more time to escape. “It’s a common tactic.”

Woo Jung-min stared at me with a puzzled expression. However, I was equally shocked. When I saw that there were only 9 people, I thought they would attack me, but I didn’t expect them to choose to run away.

I scanned for traces of where he had run away, thinking I should just pursue him, but when I saw footprints scattered in all directions, I thought it would be better to give up.

After soothing my bitter mouth, I put back the sword I had drawn. And he spoke to the only priest among the assassination team.

“Let’s release it for now. And since the prisoners seem to be very injured, user Park Dasom, please memorize the healing spell.”

“Yes, Clan Lord. “I’ll memorize it right now.”

Park Da-som, who answered meekly, soon approached the prisoners in a calm manner.

After checking on the team members who were freeing the prisoners and Dasom Park who was reciting the healing spell, I headed to a large rock near the valley. Since I had planned to destroy the vagabonds, I thought I would rest my body first.

“Su-hyun. When I looked for traces of where I had run away, I found footprints scattered in all directions. “Could it be a trap to create a reverse siege?”

Eventually, as I sat down on the rock and took out the tobacco, a languid voice flowed in. As soon as I raised my head, I saw Go Yeon-ju with his arms crossed and looking around keenly.

I quietly shook my head and took out a piece of tobacco that I had kept in my pocket.

“We have already turned the magic detection to its maximum limit around the valley. “But I can’t sense any signs of tramps.”

“Me too. But it may go far and come back, or it may be in hiding. “I’ll take Woo Jeong-min and Seon Yu-un and take a look around.”

That made sense. I granted Go Yeon-joo’s request with the words to be careful, and she soon disappeared like the wind into the forest, taking her two men with her.

“after… .”

Finally, as I quietly burned the tobacco, I thought about why the tramps had run away.

First of all, the biggest thing was the encounter with the scouting party in the beginning. Of course, the scouts were all killed, but it is highly likely that they were able to transmit communication to the home base while the battle was going on. And when the tramp realized that we were in a mercantile killing group, he would have chosen to run away.

‘I guess… . It seems the effects of that battle still remain.’

In fact, this is not the first time vagabonds have run away. To be exact, can it be considered the third?

In the past, with 9 members of the assassination team, I crushed 87 vagabonds, including one leader. Since the rumor spread throughout the northern continent, the vagrant has been trying to avoid conflict with our clan as much as possible.

‘It’ll be troublesome if I keep doing this… .’

I stared at the assassination team members walking around the camp, flicking away burned tobacco.

The Mercenary’s killing group is a group of people selected from among the clan members. But that doesn’t mean they are elite mercenaries. When selecting members of the extermination team, I set three conditions, and only those who met those conditions were selected.

The first is, of course, skill.

As these guys will do whatever it takes to win, the battle with the tramps is a series of tensions. As such, users without skills were no different from a burden, so they were excluded from selection in the first place.

Second, there should be no hesitation.

This condition can be seen as quite comprehensive. At a small level, it means that there must be no hesitation when killing, and at a large level, it guarantees performance against the vagabond (no matter what you do to the vagrant who is captured alive). In any case, it is safe to say that you should have no hesitation about doing anything, as long as the other person is a tramp.

And thirdly, there will be a deep resentment towards the tramp.

Unlike the previous necessary conditions, this condition is a sufficient condition. This was a condition that was judged to be more in line with the meaning of the gathering for users who had a deeper resentment toward vagabonds.

“oh. Mr. Jeongmin?”

“uh… . “Hye-su.”

It was then. While I was lost in thought for a while, I heard the voices of a man and a woman in front. When I woke up from my thoughts and raised my head, I could see Won Hye-soo and Woo Jung-min faltering as they looked at each other. It seems like they were trying to come to me and we met at the same time.

“Tell me first.”

“… “Excuse me.”

The two looked at each other for a moment. But soon Woo Jung-min took a step back, and Won Hye-soo bowed her head and stepped in front of me.

“Clan Lord. The identification of the prisoners has been completed. Three men and one woman. “I think they are users who were active as part of the Moonlight Killing Group, the representative clan of the eastern city of Eden.”

“How is your condition?”

“There is no danger to everyone’s lives, but the magic circuit is destroyed. And the woman… . “It looks like he is suffering from severe mental trauma.”

“… okay. “For now, since there is no danger to his life, we will take him to the city.”

Won Hye-soo’s face was expressionless the whole time she was speaking. But at the end, I didn’t miss her clenching her fists.

Soon, Won Hye-soo extended her clenched hand towards me. She reflexively stretched out her hand, and an icy communication crystal ball fell onto her palm.

“And then I got a call from this branch. User Jeong Ha-yeon says she has something to urgently report to the clan lord.”

“All right.”

After saying those words, Won Hye-su turned in the direction where the prisoners were. As I watched her slowly walking away, I stared at Woo Jeong-min. He was looking at Won Hye-su with quiet eyes.

After touching the crystal ball for a moment, Woo Jung-min immediately looked away and sighed deeply.


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“… Do you regret it?”

“Yes, yes?”

“What I meant was whether she regrets working as a member of the extermination team.”

“ah… . That’s not it. I respect Hye-su’s choice. Even if there are some problems… .”

Woo Jung-min laughed bitterly for a moment and continued speaking quietly.

“After working as a member of the assassination team, suffering alone has decreased a lot. “I hope that if she continues to seek revenge like this, Hye-su’s troubled feelings will one day be relieved.”

Does your tense heart relax? I immediately shook my head.

“well. User Jeongmin Woo. You’d better think carefully. As we saw earlier when she met with the scout group, she delighted in dismembering the vagabonds she had killed piece by piece. “If things continue like this, instead of relieving my knotted heart, it may take a turn for the worse.”

“… “I’ll take a look.”

“If you only want user Woo Jung-min, this will be the last time to exclude her from the group.”

Woo Jung-min quietly nodded his head. Although he said he was fine, there was a tell-tale dark shadow on his face.

A year ago, Won Hye-soo was able to come to her senses dramatically. She doesn’t know what triggered her, but at some point she suddenly came to her senses.

From Woo Jung-min’s point of view, it was something he should have been happy about, but he couldn’t. Won Hye-su, who had all her memories back, suffered for almost several months. The child who was so pretty didn’t care and didn’t stop crying every day.

The reason Won Hye-soo came to her senses was when she found out that Woo Jung-min was working as a member of the assassination team. She Won Hye-soo came to me with her eyes burning with revenge and asked me to let her join the killing team as well.

At first, I refused because I lacked skills.

However, the woman’s desire for revenge was not to be underestimated. After that, Hyesu Won started her training with a fire in her eyes, and she rapidly increased her user information in a short period of time.

So, Won Hye-su asked Woo Jeong-min to participate once again, and she became a member of the assassination team.

‘what… . ‘It doesn’t matter to me.’

In fact, Won Hye-soo’s actions as a member of the assassination team were not particularly flawed, so I decided not to interfere any further and leave it as a matter between the two.

Woo Jeong-min licked his lips with a bitter expression, then opened his mouth with an expression on his face that reminded him of something.

“ah. Clan Lord. This is a message from the Shadow Queen. As the Clan Lord said, there is no sign of the vagabond. Still, she said she would check out other areas just in case and she would be back in 5 minutes.”

“All right.”

“and… . that… . “Shouldn’t you be receiving communications?”

“haha. “I was going to get it now.”

Because reporting comes first. I laughed lightly and picked up the communication crystal ball that Won Hye-soo gave me. Hayeon’s face was reflected in the cool crystal.

“Hayeon? “I heard she had something urgent to report.”

(Soo-hyeon… we’re in big trouble.)

When I heard that something big had happened, I felt strange for a moment. But I immediately composed myself. These words came from Hayeon’s mouth and not from anyone else. As I know her personality, it will definitely not be a light matter.

I opened my mouth right away.

“Tell me.”


Hayeon continued. And the moment I heard her explain the situation, I couldn’t help but be surprised.

“now… . what did you say? Hyun and Hangyeol went into the mountain range where the dragon sleeps? And, Hyeon-i is missing?”

(Receiving a request from a caravan….)

“Does that even make sense now? Didn’t I say that I had no intention of exploring the mountains where dragons sleep? So I told them not to pay attention and not to receive any related requests… !”

(…I’m sorry. I couldn’t stop you stronger.)

As soon as I saw Hayeon closing her eyes tightly, I was at a loss for words. Woo Jeong-min must have noticed that the situation was going strangely, and he immediately started running. It seemed like he was probably going to call for Go Yeon-ju and Seon Yu-un.

I chewed my lip for a while and quickly gathered my thoughts.

First of all, it’s not important to scream why you went. The urgent priority was to understand the detailed situation as quickly as possible and rescue the two people.

I forced down my voice that kept getting louder.

“What about Hangyeol?”

(He came back… but his condition was very strange.)

“Do you ever spend half of your day sleeping and feel dazed during your waking hours?”

(…Huh? Yes, that’s right.)

“Doesn’t your body feel cold, and does the sound of your heartbeat get weaker as time passes?”

(Uh, how….)

‘Damn it.’

I cursed internally. Then he got up and looked around. The members of the assassination team, who had suddenly become quiet, were all staring at me with surprised eyes.

“User Jeong Ha-yeon. I’ll ask you about this later. Surely they haven’t already sent a rescue team with other clan members?”

(Yes, everyone is on standby except for the clan members who are currently on a business trip.)

“It’s a blessing in disguise. Then I will return to this branch right away. And bring in all the people who are on business trips. In particular, Vivien and Ansol must be called.”

(I will have everything ready before you come.)

After Hayeon’s last reply, I immediately disconnected. And when she raised her head, Nam Da-eun came up to her with a cautious look and grabbed her arm.

“brother… . What happen?”

“… Anhyun and Hangyeol’s lives are in danger.”


“Explanation later. I think we should return right away. “We will return as quickly as possible, so everyone be prepared.”

Nam Da-eun also seemed very surprised, but quickly started running towards the killing team members.

As I quickly prepared to leave, I thought about the mountain range where the dragon sleeps.

Mountains where dragons sleep.

A mountain range that became a graveyard for countless clans and countless users who attempted to conquer it during the first round.

‘That place… .’

In the end, stabilization was successful, but the attack actually failed.

—————————= Review of the work ——————– ——-=

The Vagrant Killing Team: Kim Soo-hyun, Woo Jung-min, Seon Yu-woon, Kim Dong-seok, Sasha Felix, Ko Yeon-ju, Nam Da-eun, Won Hye-soo, Park Da-som, Vivien (currently on business trip).

Kim Dong-seok and Park Da-som are new. Both of them had a relationship with Kim Soo-hyun in Mule. Kim Dong-seok is a one-armed user, and Park Da-som has a story about Kim Soo-hyun saving her from being bullied by a tramp (although Kim Soo-hyun left her behind).

< User Information (Player Status) >

1. Name: Go Yeon-ju (8 years)

2. Class: Shadow Queen (Secret, Queen Of Silhouette, Master)

3. Nation: Free mercenary

4. Organization (Clan): Mercenary (Clan Rank: AA – Double A)

5. Jinmyeong • Nationality: The one who leaves a jet-black silhouette at night • Republic of Korea

6. Sex: Female (29)

7. Height • Weight: 169.4cm • 56.7kg

8. Tendency: Moderation • Chaos (True • Chaos)

[Strength 90(+1)] [Durability 90] [Dexterity 97] [Stamina 90(+3)] [Magic Power 93] [Luck 82]

< Achievements (7) >

* Go Yeon-ju’s achievements were originally 5. After that, 2 more were added, bringing the total to 7.

< Unique Ability (1/1) >

1. Lure Eyed (Rank: S Plus)

< Special Ability (1/1) >

1. Abyss Crowd (Rank: S Plus)

< Potential (3/3) >

1. Shadow Dagger Technique (Rank: EX)

2. Presence blocking (Rank: S Zero)

3. Black shade (Rank: S Plus)

(Before change) [Strength 89] [Durability 90] [Dexterity 97] [Stamina 87] [Magic Power 93] [Luck 82]

(After changes) [Strength 90 (+1)] [Durability 90] [Dexterity 97] [Stamina 90 (+3)] [Magic Power 93] [Luck 82]

『Power: Shadow of Darkness』


< User Information (Player Status) >

1. Name: Nam Da-eun (7 years)

2. Class: Secret, Queen Of Sword, Master

3. Nation: Free mercenary

4. Organization (Clan): Mercenary (Clan Rank: AA – Double A)

5. True Name • Nationality: Queen of Swords • Republic of Korea

6. Sex: Female (27)

7. Height • Weight: 168.5cm • 48.5kg

8. Tendency: Cool • Pure Love

[Strength 93] [Durability 80 (+2)] [Dexterity 95] [Stamina 91] [Magic Power 94] [Luck 93]

< Achievements (2) >

< Unique Ability (1/1) >

1. The queen never lets go of the sword. (Rank: EX)

< Special Ability (1/1) >

1. Direct cutting (Rank: A Plus Plus Plus)

< Potential (3/3) >

1. Queen’s Pride (Rank: S Zero)

2. Shin Geomhap (Rank: A Plus Plus)

3. Sword’s Protection (Rank: A Minus)

(Before change) [Strength 93] [Durability 78] [Dexterity 95] [Stamina 91] [Magic Power 94] [Luck 93]

(After changes) [Strength 93] [Durability 80(+2)] [Dexterity 95] [Stamina 91] [Magic Power 94] [Luck 93]

『Power: Queen’s Dignity』


1. Name: Vivien La Clacidus

2. Class: Chimera Alchemist (Rare: Chimera Alchemist Master)

3. Nation: Free mercenary

4. Organization (Clan): Mercenary (Clan Rank: AA – Double A)

5. True Name • Nationality: Owner of the ancient magic city of Magia • Hall Plain

6. Sex: Female (27 • 128[?])

7. Height • Weight: 165.5cm • 48.8kg

8. Tendency: Moderate • Neutral • A Masochist

[Strength 51] [Durability 52] [Dexterity 58] [Stamina 47] [Magic Power 94] [Luck 74]

< Achievements (3) >

< Special Ability (1/1) >

1. 66 Ruler of the Demon Beast Legion (Rank: S Plus)

< Potential (4/4) >

1. Alchemy Magic (Rank: S Plus)

2. Authentic Magic (Rank: A Zero)

3. Building a magic camp (Rank: A Plus Plus Plus)

4. Potion Crafting (Rank: A Minus)

(Before change) [Strength 48] [Durability 50] [Dexterity 56] [Stamina 45] [Magic Power 92] [Luck 74]

(After changes) [Strength 51] [Durability 52] [Dexterity 58] [Stamina 47] [Magic Power 94] [Luck 74]

After reviewing it, it turned out to be too long. We will upload Sasha Felix, Won Hye-soo, Kim Dong-seok, and Park Da-som tomorrow.


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