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00418 9. The small daily life of a mercenary (2/2). ————————————————– ———————-=


A brilliant light erupted from Ansol’s whole body. The pure white beam that reached the ceiling drew a round oval, and a noble woman flapping her white wings appeared in the center. She quietly closed her eyes and looked like an angel.

“and… .”

Soon, as the room was filled with light, Cha So-rim, who was lying on the bed, let out a faint exclamation. As Brilliance Priest’s unique ability ‘Miracle’ is actually effective, the visual effects are also very flashy and beautiful.

Eventually, the angel slowly opened his eyes and looked down at Ansol as if telling him to make a wish.

Ansol opened his mouth, pointing to Cha So-rim.

“Angel, angel. Please heal the wounds this person suffered from the lich.”

The angel nodded his head kindly, as if there was nothing difficult. She tilted her head as she looked at the angel.

Finally, just as the angel’s hand was about to reach Cha So-rim, Ansol opened his mouth once more.

“ah! Wouldn’t it be better if you restored your entire body condition? “If you’re going to treat me, please give me more service.”

If the angel’s hand paused for a moment, were the eyes delusional? I laughed out loud as I looked at the angel who nodded his head hesitantly. Discussing service with angels? I thought this guy was pretty cool too.

But I was looking down on Ansol.

“Uh-huh. wait a minute. Angel, angel. Now that I think about it, we’re not going to see each other for a while, right? So, please treat Soohyun’s brother too. You seem very tired these days, so I feel very sorry for you. Will you do it? yes?”

At that moment, an angel glares at me. No, why are you staring at me? There is nothing wrong with me, man. No, this angel.

“Oh, no. Because then other people might be upset… . Hey, just restore the power to Mercenary House. You know that? What you did in the war. I think that’s enough. lol.”

Ansol nodded to himself and smiled brightly.

I was impressed. oh my god. “You know what? “What you did in the war.” Among the divine spells, the one that can be called the highest level is miracle, and Ansol’s act of calling it as if it were someone’s dog’s name was truly amazing.

The angel clenched his fists. And as he looked down at Ansol with a puzzled look, he could see that it was not an optical illusion this time.

Ansol also must have felt the angel’s gaze and quickly wiped his smile. And then her sullenness sank her shoulders and she pouted.

“Just do whatever you want… .”

The angel sighed deeply. No, it seemed exactly like that. Then he opened his tightly clenched hands and lifted them high into the sky. Every single one of them looked sacred, but why did I suddenly feel like I didn’t want to do it?


『All stamina will be restored!』

『All magical power will be restored!』

『All status abnormalities will be recovered!』

Eventually, a blinding light appeared for a moment and then disappeared, and a message I had seen once came to mind. At the same time, my whole body began to fill with vitality. After using ‘Area Declared’, there were times when I felt uncomfortable, but it felt like the discomfort had disappeared as if the snow had melted.

As if it wasn’t just me, I could hear Anhyun and Yujeong, who were standing next to me, making a fuss. miraculous angel. One way or another, it seems like he did what Ansol asked him to do.

I stared at the bed, seriously considering the fact that Ansol might have a talent for Sangjae. Before we knew it, the light that had permeated everyone’s bodies was slowly fading away.

“done… . Are you afraid?”

“yes. It’s done. Would you like to try moving?”

Cha So-rim had a half-confident look on her face. However, as Ansol said, she carefully moved her arms and her eyes instantly turned round.

“Uh, huh?!”

Cha So-rim, who moved her arms several times, quickly straightened her body. And she slowly began to unwind her body, as if she was checking everything one by one. The unnaturalness seen before in her movements is no longer visible.

“Master! “Has the wound really healed?”

“Yes, yes.”

“really? Really?”

“That’s right.”

Are you finally sure that you have been cured? Cha So-rim pushed away the rushing vampire and stared at me with trembling eyes. But I quietly shook my head and nodded toward Ansol. Cha So-rim looked down at her with her surprised eyes and soon got down from her bed and squeezed Ansol’s hand.

“Did you say user Ansol?”


Ansol smiled. Come to think of it, I heard that after the war, he sometimes went out to volunteer at the temple. Although she is usually a bit quirky, the fact that she helped someone seems to bring her great joy.

“body… . Completely recovered. No, in fact, it feels even better. Thank you so much.”

“What. “I’m glad you recovered.”


As Ansol humbly trembled with a proud look on his face, the vampire immediately knelt down in front of her. Then spreading her arms wide, she opened her mouth in an exaggerated voice.

“Ah, Ansol! Your name is Ansol! Is this a miracle? Are you the saint of Hall Plain?”

“yes… ? Eh, a. A saint. He’s just an ordinary priest. lol.”

In a word, it was over.

Ansol held the vampire’s hand with a kind face. And then, with an infinitely kind face, he quietly stood him up.

“Now, wake up. “If you keep doing this, I’ll be in so much trouble.”

“B-but… ! but… !”

“I am not a saint. Miracles build a bridge of chance for those who work hard. Today’s miracle is the day your efforts were rewarded. So please be proud of yourself.”

“Stand, saintess!”

‘What the hell.’

The two of us play drums, janggu, and sing. The vampire went crazy. And Cha So-rim barely managed to smile with an awkward expression on her face.

When I turned my head because I couldn’t see it anymore, I saw Anhyun and Yujeong Lee holding on to each other as well. Oh, that looks nice.

“Ugh… . He… . Are you my brother? “What happened in the meantime?”

“Aren’t you crazy? Lately, I’ve been volunteering at a temple, but I’m easily mistaken. “Wow, I’m getting goosebumps.”

“hey. Yujeong Lee. Still, he’s my younger brother. “Be careful what you say.”

“He’s my little brother… . huh?”

Yu-jeong narrowed her eyebrows, perhaps feeling a strange feeling now, and stared at An-hyeon. Ahn Hyun held Yu-jeong tighter with her innocent face.

“Hey, hey! Anhyeon?”

“Oh, just stay still. “It’s already making me cringe.”

Yujeong’s face suddenly distorted at Anhyeon’s indifferent words. Three seconds passed like that.


“You crazy pervert!”



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Yoo-jeong let out a thick curse and struck the abdomen, and gave a strong kick to Ahn Hyeon, who fell down. Yujeong purred like an angry cat for a while, then she took a deep breath and looked back at me.

“Anyway, I can’t let my guard down. yes?!”

“Who, who took your body…” .”


“shut up! brother! “He did something perverted to me!”

Then he approached me with great strides, snuggled up to me and hugged me. Perhaps because her body was quite ripe, the woman’s unique scent penetrated his nose.

I asked in bewilderment.

“… “Then what are you doing?”

“Yes. purification. Because it is to purify the body that was polluted by Ahn Hyeon… . don’t mind… . Ugh, this is good… .”

“no. “Ahn Hyun is not a cockroach.”

“No, brother. “Ahn Hyun is a cockroach.”

Yujeong declared. I quietly shook my head and then calmly looked around.

Yoo-jeong is nasal and Ahn Hyeon is moaning. The vampire is still busy praising, and Ansol… . I don’t want to even talk.

Among them, only Cha So-rim was seen, holding her face with both hands. His face was red, probably because he was trying to get used to Ansol and the vampires, but eventually gave up.

Then, at some point, we made eye contact.

‘Why do I feel a sense of homogeneity? ?’

A familiar feeling that comes for no reason. Cha So-rim faced me with an understanding look.

Eventually, Cha So-rim and I sighed at the same time.


Several days have passed since Cha So-rim joined the Mercantile Clan. Before she knew it, she had fully recovered and asked to take the test she had promised before.

Honestly, I think the test is meaningless for Cha So-rim. Because I know her skills well. However, since clan members without a third eye could not think the same way as me, I accepted Cha So-rim’s request and made a place for her in the garden.

The garden where the clan members were gathered was filled with silence and tense tension. At the center stood Ahn Hyeon and Cha So-rim. The two were staring at each other, each holding a spear.

The method of testing is ‘sparring’. In fact, it was a bit absurd to say that Cha So-rim’s opponent was Ahn Hyeon. I was also originally planning to take on Nam Da-eun.

However, when the test was announced, Ahn Hyeon strongly requested that Cha So-rim’s opponent be himself. She has been practicing hard for a long time and it seems like she has a strong desire to win because she is practicing the same spear technique. I couldn’t bear to refuse that earnest request, so I eventually agreed.

In fact, for Cha So-rim, the fact that Ahn Hyeon appeared as an opponent may be even more of a burden. If the opponent had been Nam Da-eun, the clan members would have been convinced by just a little bit of propaganda. Because she has the reputation of being the queen of swords.

However, Ahn Hyeon was a lower car user than Cha So-rim. In other words, there is pressure to win so overwhelmingly that no one can complain.

But I didn’t think about the contingencies. Although Ahn Hyeon is a rare class and has a higher level than his peers of the same year, he is still just a kid in his first year. It was almost impossible to beat the sincere Cha So-rim.

‘It’ll start soon.’

The test started and two minutes passed as we stared at each other. The first thing that caught my eye was Ahn Hyeon’s black spear. The tip of Anhyeon’s spear, gently swimming through the air, was disrupting her opponent’s vision, looking for a point from which to attack for a moment.

In contrast, Cha So-rim’s posture was very natural. I must say he looks very comfortable. The tip of the spear was hanging down at an angle, and the front was also empty. It was as if he was provoking someone to attack, saying that he would give them an opportunity to attack. However, the slightly raised eyes are constantly watching Ahn Hyeon’s whole body.

Soon, Anhyun’s left hand moved. His right hand was still swinging the spear, but his left hand gently placed his hand on the opposite side of the spear. At the same time, it was expected that the posture would bend little by little, and that it would hit in an instant.

Eventually, it occurred to me that Ahn Hyeon’s feet had gained strength.



Cha So-rim lightly swung the spear. It was practically a meaningless swing, but Ahn Hyeon was startled and arched her back.


Stupid evasive move. My posture, which I had maintained sharply at best, became a mess. The tension that arose in front of Gosu was excessive.

However, it was that moment.

Anhyeon’s bent back does not return, but rather tilts even further. Then, with a sharp thrust of the waist, he lunged forward as if throwing his whole body.

The advantage of a Qigong Changsul lies in his flexible martial arts skills. Aim for the opponent’s blind spots and eliminate your own blind spots. They can accurately launch and dodge spears from any strange posture.

That was exactly what An Hyeon was aiming for. It is true that his posture was disturbed, but he took advantage of that moment. In other words, they went in with the thought, ‘You probably think you can’t attack in this state.’


A black spear stretches forward, cutting through the air. The speed is fast, as if you haven’t been neglecting practice, and the trajectory of the thrust is also quite neat.

The distance suddenly shortened, and it was at that moment that Ahn Hyun’s spear was about to pierce the spot where Cha So-rim was.

But at that moment, her foot moved one step to the left.

‘It’s a winner.’

I had a hunch. Although the intention to catch the enemy off guard was good, Ahn Hyeon chose to kill with a single strike rather than engage in combat. In other words, there is no room for it twice.

Cha So-rim was looking at Ahn Hyeon’s whole body from the beginning. In other words, they were not only watching the spear and the upper body, but also the lower body. He must have noticed that compared to Ahn Hyeon’s waist, his lower body exerted more strength than necessary.

It’s easy to stop something as long as you know it’s coming. In fact, from the moment Cha So-rim swung the spear, the outcome was divided.

Cha So-rim, who soon dodged a step to the side, let Ahn Hyun’s spear pass by. At the same time, he raised the spear he was holding and struck Anhyeon in the abdomen.



Eventually, as soon as Ahn Hyun fell to the floor, the game was completely decided. Cha So-rim defeated Ahn Hyeon with just three moves. It was a test that no one could complain about.

Clap clap clap.

After a while, Cha So-rim bowed her head politely in the applause that followed, and Ahn Hyeon bowed down helplessly. I also clapped lightly. Congratulations to the winners and consolation to the losers.

Cha So-rim still had an expressionless expression, but she never seemed arrogant.

“It was a good match.”

“Yes, yes. Okay, thank you.”

“Are you feeling okay?”

“I think it’s okay. ha ha ha.”

Cha So-rim nodded once. Then he brushed his hair, which was blowing in the wind, behind his ear, and held out his hand to Ahn Hyeon, who was sitting blankly.

“ah… .”

Anhyeon let out a weak exclamation. He then looked alternately at Cha So-rim’s face and the outstretched hand, and then carefully held them together.


“Now, just a moment!”

Eventually, Cha So-rim, who helped Ahn Hyeon up, came to me and stood. When people looked at me and asked how it was, I opened my mouth in satisfaction.

“Congratulations on passing the test. “The clean dodge and neat movements stood out.”

“I’m glad it didn’t disappoint.”

“From now on, we will treat you as official clan members. Well, once again, congratulations on coming to Mercantile.”

“thank you. I will do my best.”

Cha So-rim lowered her eyes slightly, then nodded and lowered her head. For some reason, he seemed to be avoiding my gaze.

I tilted my head for a moment and then stared at Anhyeon, who was still in the center. Was the shock of defeat great? Ahn Hyun was standing still in his seat, looking down at his hands.

‘You’re not going to be frustrated, are you?’

I looked at Anhyun for a while and then calmly got up.

“Let’s go. “Once we finish eating, we will go through the formal procedures of becoming a clan member.”

“If it’s a procedure… ?”

I smiled lightly and answered Cha So-rim’s question.

“Internally, there may be equipment inspection or accommodation allocation, and externally, there may be identity changes.”

Cha So-rim nodded her head once again. She was still looking at the ground.


“I hate this room too.”


Mercantile House Annex. An untimely scream rang out from the third floor, which clan members usually use as their lodgings.

“So show me the other room. “Alchemist.”

“hey! Do it in moderation, do it in moderation! “What room is this already?”

Vivien screamed. The cause was the vampire ‘Sasha Felix’.

Kim Soo-hyun registered Cha So-rim as a Mercenary Clan member, and also registered a vampire who was a slave. So, after completing the procedures at the registry office, Kim Soo-hyun gave Vivien a special order.

It means guiding them to Mercenary House and taking care of various things, including accommodations. There was a deep meaning in it that now that we were eating together, we should forget our past memories and become friends.

But as expected, a problem arose. This is because a vampire who was good at eating well and sightseeing suddenly became picky when choosing a place to stay.

Vivien, who had planned to give Nam Da-eun some guidance and run to her, had no choice but to change her mind after seeing the vampire’s process of choosing a room.

The way a vampire chooses a room was unusual, but the process itself was simple. He sniffs and immediately evaluates the room.

But the reason is funny. For example, “It’s cold,” “It smells strange,” “I can’t feel a soul,” etc.


Whatever the circumstances, Vivien couldn’t help but be shocked at the sight of a decision being made based on a simple smell.

“Yes, you. I’m not saying this because I tore off some limbs and tortured them. huh? “It’s really childish.”

Vivien’s eyes lit up and she wiggled her fingers as if she was going to scratch her face at any moment. But the vampire was resolute. He snorted loudly and gave me a pitiful look.

“joy. As expected, it’s a low-class spider. “Is it that difficult just to show you to your room?”

“no. So what number is this? “Are you doing this on purpose to screw me over?”

“f*ck? Vampires don’t lie. “It would be better not to say anything.”

The vampire shrugged and opened the door to another room on his own and sniffed. After sniffing for a while, he shook his head with the same expression on his face.

“Not much here either. “It’s so barren.”

“under… . Do whatever you feel like. I don’t do it. no. can not!”

In the end, Vivian couldn’t bear it anymore and declared giving up.

“hmm. “I don’t know the way.”

Either that or not. Clicking his tongue again, the vampire walked slowly and stood in front of another door.

“That’s real.”

Although she said she wouldn’t, Vivien’s eyes were following the vampire. And the woman who was watching her quietly shouted urgently at that moment.

“Hey, wait! “That’s the owner’s room!”

But the vampire had already opened the door. The exposed room had a neatly made bed and white priestly robes hanging on it. Also, the room had a cute feel with pretty shelves hanging on the wall and tea cups stacked on the planks.

“Sniff. Sniff sniff.”

Vivian let out a curse as she saw the vampire sneaking in her face to smell the scent.

“hey! “I said I had an owner!”

“Sniff sniff. Sniff. Sniff… ?”

“I can not hear you? “That room is Ansol’s room!”

Vivien screamed, probably annoyed by the behavior of ignoring her. Then she came up to me, ready to kick her ass.

“You… now?” !”

And, it was that moment.


“Aaaah! “Aaaah!”

Sasha Felix suddenly starts vomiting. Vivien quickly backed away and let out a thick curse.

“Oh, crazy! “Are you really crazy?”

“Wow! Eweeeek!”

However, the sight of him repeatedly retching does not seem like a lie. Vivien looked at him with wide eyes and then approached him cautiously.

“hey. hey?”

“Wow… . Ugh… !”

“Why are you acting like this all of a sudden?”

“Huh… , heo… . Shit! “Whose room is this?”


“I told you it was Ansol’s room.” Vivien was about to answer when she heard the loud sound of the door closing.

And the vampire continued wiping his mouth and staring at the room with disdain.

“shit! I wasn’t smelling it… !”

“Why, why are you doing that?”

“The smell of spit! The smell of a woman’s love juice! What kind of guy gives off such a perverted smell! “This is truly the worst room I have ever seen!”

The vampire, who seemed to have a strong grudge against him, let out a heated sigh and then quickly turned around and walked down the hallway.

“saliva? “Love juice?”

Vivien tilted her head. She saw the vampire walking away and immediately started chasing him.

“Where are you going again?”

“done. “I will watch it alone.”

“From there, it’s the owner’s room!”

Maybe I wanted to get as far away from the room as possible a moment ago. The vampire walked to the end of the hallway and soon stopped in front of a door. Then he looked back at Vivien, holding the doorknob.

“Is there an owner here too?”

“uh? Well, there… .”

“Is there an owner?”

“now… . “I don’t have any.”

“After a while. Then it won’t matter.”

The vampire immediately opened the door. Then he took a deep breath for a moment and then stuck his head into the room.

There were traces of someone using this room as well. The bed was slightly dusty, and a faded robe was hanging on the wall. Thick books were neatly arranged on the desk, and on one side were simple tools used for alchemy.

“for a moment!”

Vivien came in late and paused at the door frame. Soon, her eyes, looking inside her, became faintly wet, even if only for a moment.

“Sniff, sniff.”

Vivien quickly grabbed his arm and dragged him away, seeing the vampire snoring.

“now. W, isn’t it great here too? “I’ll show you another room, so let’s go to the 4th floor.”

“No, just a moment.”

It was then.

Sasha Felix let go of Vivien’s arm and quickly walked inside. Vivian’s eyes widened. A vampire who had only smelled things from outside until now had stepped inside for the first time.

“Hmm, hmm.”

A vampire looks around the room while making a nasal noise as if he likes something. Vivien watched quietly and quietly opened her mouth.

“What is it like here?”


The vampire answered immediately. At the same time, Vivian’s eyebrows frowned greatly.


“It’s amazing, pitiful, and pathetic. Traces of deep agony and struggle are engraved here and there. “It’s so cumbersome and stuffy that it makes my heart feel heavy.”

“under. So you don’t like it here either?”


At that time, the vampire stopped looking around. Then he glanced back and showed a satisfied smile.


“… what?”

“That’s strange. Only this room has warmth. Mmmmm. I like it very much. Did you say Vivien La Classidus? If there is no owner, I will take this room. “Is it okay?”

And Vivian blinked as she looked at the vampire who nodded.

“… really?”


“Do you really like this room? why?”

“hmm… . There is no particular reason for this room. Should I just say it’s a feeling?”

The vampire only drooled and did not answer clearly.

There was a bit of silence like that. Sasha Felix looked around her room carefully for a while and then suddenly opened her mouth.

“There is a saying like this. “Spring comes only after the bitter cold passes, both in seasons and in life.”

“What does that mean?”

When Vivian asked curiously, the vampire answered quietly.

“They say spring will come only after winter.”

Then, I gently closed my eyes, spread my arms, and took a deep breath.

“It’s amazing, but sincere… . It’s tight, but I feel persistence… . Pathetic, but passionate… . okay. This room is like… .”

Eventually, the vampire paused for a moment.

Then, he smiled softly and continued speaking.

“Isn’t it like the warm spring that has just passed winter?”

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