MEMORIZE Chapter 417

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“… “Then, I would like to hear the opinions of the clan members regarding this incident.”

After speaking quietly, I stared ahead. There was a sense of silence in the conference room on the 4th floor, which was opened for the first time after entering the Mercantile House.

I think I explained the situation sufficiently. The point is also simple. He just wanted to give Cha So-rim a chance to cover up his crime. But did the invasion of vampires cause prejudice? The facial expressions of the visible clan members are all very subtle.

It was then.


“Nonsense. brother! “I am absolutely against it!”

The sound of lightly hitting the table was heard, followed by Yujeong’s angry tone echoing through the conference room. Seeing that she raised Ami (蛾眉) as high as she could, it seemed like it would be difficult for her to accept Cha So-rim as a clan member.

“lets think. brother is… .”


And just as he was about to open his mouth again, Ha-yeon interrupted Yu-jeong. And when he sent a sharp gaze, Yujeong was momentarily startled. It seems that he has finally realized his mistake as he immediately clears his throat awkwardly.

“S-sorry… . Still, Clan Lord. “I hope you think again about recruiting Cha So-rim and the vampires.”

“Think again… . hmm. “Then, can we find out why user Lee Yoo-jeong is against it?”

“Well, that’s… .”

Contrary to his initial momentum, Yujeong was unable to answer right away. On the contrary, it is clear that there is no clear reason, as he is stuttering. Before the meeting, “Did you see the little pig walking by? I heard people shouting, “I don’t like the boldness of the theme of being a thief!” It seemed like the prejudice was firmly rooted in the fact that the elixir was almost stolen.

“that… . Vampires are monsters… . When I accept a monster, I feel anxious… . I’m worried about how people around me will view me… . Yeah, that’s right. The Clan Lord said the same thing. There are a lot of users watching these days, so be careful what you do… .”

Yu-jeong seemed to feel that it was difficult even to think about it herself, so she carefully trailed off her words.

In fact, it cannot be said that Yujeong’s argument is completely wrong. However, if you think about it carefully, it is nothing more than rain.

We need to start persuading now. So, after gathering my thoughts for a moment, I quietly opened my mouth.

“As user Lee Yu-jeong said, vampires are nothing more than monsters. But that’s it. Although it is certainly rare, there are instances in the Hole Plane where monsters or inhabitants may act as your companions. So, I don’t think there’s anything to worry about about what people around you think.”

When he stared at her to ask what he thought, Yujeong pursed her lips. I understood, but I didn’t look convinced.

‘It looks like you really don’t like it to any degree.’

I sighed briefly and turned my attention to the other clan members. If we had tried to gauge success or failure simply by saying we didn’t like it, we wouldn’t have held the meeting.

All of the clan members currently in the conference room were gathered except for Go Yeon-ju, who was dispatched as an instructor. So, I also wanted to hear the thoughts of other clan members.

“Anyway, here are my thoughts… .”

“But sister. That’s something we don’t know yet. and… .”

On one side, Hayeon and Hanna were exchanging opinions with each other silently. The old man had her eyes closed, looking like she was thinking deeply about something, and Ansol had been thinking about whether she wanted to say something by moving her lips.

In contrast, the clan members who had recently arrived were relatively quiet. He seemed to be thinking about this and that, but it still felt like he was being watched.

How much time has passed?

As each person was organizing their thoughts, Hayeon and Hanna’s faces finally fell. Judging from the fact that they are nodding their heads to each other, it seems like they have finally come to a consensus. So, as I set my gaze in that direction, Hayeon soon turns her head to face me.

When our eyes met, small pink lips separated from the sky-blue hair.

“Clan Lord. Wouldn’t it be a little uneasy to accept user Cha Sha-rim and a vampire?”

I wasn’t as outspokenly opposed to it as anyone else. However, in the end, it is just a euphemism for the opposite, but the meaning is the same.

I asked right back.

“What are you anxious about?”

“It’s a joke, but there’s a saying about pornographic videos. “There are people who have never seen it, but there are no people who have seen it only once.”

At that moment, weak laughter erupted from left and right. It wasn’t something I should say in a situation like this, but I felt like the tension that had filled the conference room was relieved a little.

I also burst out laughing and looked at Hayeon. When she actually spoke, she still had a calm face. There is no way I would say something unnecessary because of Hayeon’s personality.

I knocked on the table for a moment and then calmly opened my mouth.

“User Jeong Ha-yeon… . “They are concerned about the possibility of recidivism.”

“The warehouse has already been breached once. Also, since vampires are highly loyal to their masters, I think they could do the same thing at any time.”


“It’s not just this. User Cha So-rim is currently… .”

Listening to Hayeon’s words, I smiled softly.

It was then. Hayeon, who had been speaking confidently as if she sensed something from my smile, suddenly closed her mouth with a look of regret on her face.

Hayeon’s words were simple, but they hit the point. That was anxiety. Since there is a precedent, there is a possibility of a repeat crime. Moreover, if accepted into Mercantile House, such possibility will increase even more. If you think about it, her words were actually correct.

However, there were a few things Hayeon overlooked.

“User Jeong Ha-yeon. Apparently the vampires broke into the warehouse and breached the security. And I stole the elixir.”

“… yes.”

“That’s not to say it was a good job. But I would like to take a different perspective on this.”

Eventually, I began to calmly persuade him.

The point is that the vampire only stole the elixir. In fact, except for one bottle of elixir, all the items in the warehouse were left as is. There is only one reason. It was to treat the owner, Cha So-rim.

Then the answer is simple. If the mercantile side treats Cha So-rim, the vampire will no longer have any reason to rob the warehouse. As long as her wounds are ‘set’, they can be sufficiently treated with fire or miracles.

“B-But even if it’s not an elixir… .”

“Vampires are residents. “If you are truly uncertain, you can ask user Cha So-rim to renew the contract in that regard.”

Hayeon opened her mouth once more, but I hit it back right away. She blinked her eyes a few times, tilted her head and smiled sheepishly. From the looks of it, she seemed to understand it to some extent. She honestly probably has nothing more to say.

As a result, all clan members would have heard the explanation just moments ago. As I looked up, I saw several people nodding their heads, probably thinking that what I was saying made sense. Then, someone on one side slowly raised their hand. It was the old man.

“Clan Lord. “If you don’t mind, I’d like to say something to this old man.”

“I allow it.”

As I nodded my head, the old man calmly stood up.

“haha… . I can guess how other people feel. You may be surprised and angry that your precious item was almost stolen. I completely understand that feeling. But this old man still agrees with the Clan Lord’s opinion.”

The old man’s voice was calm and gentle, like a grandfather telling old stories to his grandchildren. It’s a voice that has a certain age to it. I became more focused.

“User Shaolim Cha did not instruct you to steal the elixir. It was just the vampire’s dogma. She probably doesn’t feel any unfairness. But she still came to visit us like this, and she apologized deeply and is asking for your forgiveness.”

That’s exactly what I said. I rested my chin on one hand and shouted to myself to fight.

“I think it would be okay to consider that and give it a chance… . In fact, hugging might be a better way. At least better than the killer planthopper.”

The old man calmly concluded his words and then slowly sat down. The last words the old man left were quite meaningful. He might be better off hugging a killer leafhopper. The old man also seems to have felt that the situation surrounding user Cha So-rim was ambiguous.


For the first time, there was a vote in favor. I could see that the old man’s opinion came at a really good time. The atmosphere that had been building up little by little by persuading Yoo-jeong and Hayeon’s opposition was definitely strengthened by the old man’s approval.


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“Are there any clan members who have a different opinion?”

So I opened my mouth right away with the intention of driving this momentum, and I was able to confirm that there were no other opinions. Of course, there were still one or two people who seemed to like me, but in the end they kept quiet.

Thinking that this was enough, I opened my mouth to Anhyeon.

“User Ahn Hyeon. “Go and bring the two people to the conference room.”

“yes? Ah, I understand.”

Ahn Hyeon, who had been sitting quietly all this while, suddenly raised his head. This guy didn’t listen to the meeting and was preoccupied with other things.

Soon, I moistened my lips as I watched Ahn Hyeon quickly leave the conference room.


After some time, Cha So-rim and the vampire entered the conference room. After Ahn Hyun led the two of her to the center and sat down on her road seat, I quietly stared at her. While waiting for her to be disposed of, Cha So-rim seemed extremely nervous, as if she was quite anxious.

Finally, I quietly opened my mouth.

“User Cha So-rim.”


“I want to see your skills.”

“yes yes?”

Cha So-rim answered in a very embarrassed tone.

“After a meeting with the clan members, we came to the conclusion that we should give user Cha So-rim and the vampires a chance. However, there is one condition attached to this.”

“The conditions… .”

“This is the skill of user Cha So-rim.”

The saying that one should look at one’s skills came from Hanbyeol’s opinion. They said that a decision had been made to accept it, but testing was needed to see to what level.

‘Why are you doing that?’

Cha So-rim had a blank face for a while. As she did so, she glanced around and it seemed as if she didn’t know what to do.

Eventually, Cha So-rim closed her eyes tightly. Then she opened her mouth in a trembling voice.

“B-but… . It’s still my first time… . I have no experience… . Even more so in this situation… . how… .”

‘Are you not confident?’

For a moment, I thought it was unexpected, but soon I was able to understand Cha So-rim’s feelings. She is in an uncomfortable situation with her body right now. She must have wondered if she would be able to show off her full power if she was like this.

Anyway, I told him not to worry because it wasn’t that cruel.

“You don’t have to worry. Considering the user Cha So-rim’s physical condition, we will not do it right away, but will first treat her body and then test it.”

It was then.

The moment the story about ‘body’ came up, Cha So-rim opened her eyes and raised her head.

“Are you saying you’re going to heal my body?”


“then… . no way!”

“It’s not an elixir.”

I shook my head.

“Even if it’s not an elixir, the Mercenary has a way to cure the user’s Cha Shaolin. “There are two things.”

“Is that really true!”

I heard the vampire shouting, but I ignored it and continued talking.

“If these two methods don’t work, I will use the elixir to treat the user Cha Shaolim’s body. How is it?”


In addition to me, all Mercenary Clan members were seated in the conference room. To that extent, what you just said is not just something you said, but actually has valid credibility.

Cha So-rim stared at me from a distance. He seems to be very confused because his eyes are constantly blinking.

When I saw that, I felt my heart tingle, albeit slightly. In fact, she said it because she was confident that she could heal with fire or miracles, but saying that she used elixir was kind of condescending.

Cha So-rim tilted her head and answered.

“Well, if that’s what you prefer… . Ah, anyway, thank you.”

“Thank you. I heard that your spear skills are excellent. “I look forward to it.”

Finally, I shook my head as I saw Cha So-rim nodding her head.

And, it was that moment.


For a moment, Cha So-rim’s movements stopped. When I looked up, it seemed as if I had stopped alone in flowing time.

“Spear skills… ? iced coffee!”

Did 10 seconds pass like that? Cha So-rim’s face, which had been awkward the whole time, finally gained a clear expression. Soon his face turned red and he seemed very embarrassed as he avoided my gaze. Should I say that she looked like a girl shouting “I don’t know, I don’t know”?

“User Cha So-rim. Do you have any problem?”

“Oh, no!”

Cha So-rim answered loudly and soon took a deep breath. Then she spoke quickly, as if she wanted to confirm something.

“Uh, uh. So, if I pass the test, will I be able to stay here from now on?”

“Maybe so?”

“after. okay… . I see… . Mercenary… .”

After a while, Cha So-rim let out a long sigh. Then, she was able to see that her face gradually stabilized and returned to its normal calm appearance. At first, I was anxious because he seemed surprisingly embarrassed, but when I saw that, I felt quite reassured.

Eventually, Cha So-rim opened her mouth with brightly shining eyes.

“If that’s what you meant… . All right. The body is useless anyway. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to come back to life. I will do my best.”

I responded with the same comment as always.

“Welcome to Mercantile.”

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