Life of a Magic Academy Mage Chapter 362

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Episode 362

When Yoner arrived at the workshop after receiving the call, Ihan was still frowning and glaring at the flask.

“Not yet.”

“Lee Han. “Let’s do it after lunch.”

“no. “There are still impurities left.”

“It’s okay to have that much left over, so just give it to me.”

“It has to boil to the point where it is ready to be completed. It is not just completed.”

“The person who ordered the work said it was okay, but…!”

Yoner was shocked, but Ihan did not back down and glared at the flask.

Not knowing what to do, Yoner decided to sit next to him and watch what Ihan was doing.

Lee Han stubbornly concentrated on shaking the flask, turning it around, and even slightly exposing it to fire.

Seeing this, Yoner remembered that her older sister, Joanen, had evaluated Ihan’s work the other day.

He scolded me for doing a really neat job, and seemed excited that he was several times better than his previous assistants.

Ioanen said that alchemists these days are so impatient and impatient that even with the same extraction, the results are often disappointing.

If the fire is too strong, the undissolved precipitate turns the liquid cloudy, and if the fire is too weak, the properties change during the process. It is rare to meet an alchemist who handles the work in such a perfect manner.

When Yoner remembers that, his heart relaxes a little and he regrets his attitude toward Lee Han…

…I didn’t give up, I just stood up and forcibly dragged Lee Han out.

Yoner had no intention of playing to the tricks of crazy perfectionists like her older sister and Lee Han.

“Just work on it. “Let’s eat and do it.”

“no! Yoner! only once! Just one more time…!”

“This is the Makin family workshop. “It’s not the Wardanaz family’s workshop.”

Yoner took out the workshop key that was stuck next to the furnace, put it in his pocket, and then pushed Ihan’s back.

* * *

“By the way, Wodanaz. “I have a question.”

Not only Yoanen, but also the alchemists working elsewhere in the workshop had many questions about Lee Han.

Joanen smiled in satisfaction at the sight of his subordinates asking curious questions.

His workmanship was unusual, as if he were someone’s subordinate.

“ah. “I also have a question.”

“Ask anything.”

“I’m currently preparing the raw materials needed for Dobruk’s Emerald Dream potion, but I got stuck in the process of melting the inky silver into solution. “I guess the impurities haven’t completely disappeared…”

“ah. That could well be the case. The Emerald Dream potion is quite tricky. Even though the silver is dissolved, the color of the solution is a cloudy mud color, right? There is a limit to the wizard’s magic power, so the flame must be changed. “There is jade clay in the workshop. Try changing the properties of fire by sprinkling it on.”

“thank you. ah. “But it’s silver, not mud-colored.”

The alchemist was taken aback by Lee Han’s words.

“yes? “So it’s melted well?”

“There were a few grains left…”

“That’s okay.”

“no. “If you compromise for no reason and a problem arises with the potion, it will be difficult to fix it.”



The workshop alchemists stared at Ioanen.

Although he didn’t say it out loud, it was a subtle rebuke in his eyes that said, ‘Hasn’t Master Makin ruined a young wizard?’

Of course, Ioanen was not shaken by those looks.

If he was someone who would be shaken by those looks, he wouldn’t have been able to run this workshop with madness and tenacity in the first place.

‘I definitely taught him not to be too obsessed with perfection and to do things in moderation, but that’s because Wardanaz has a personality that is too perfectionistic.’

Joanen opened his mouth, thinking that if Joner had heard, he would have grabbed the back of his neck.

“But what I’m curious about is, professors on the street…”

“really. Makin. Can I ask about the magic you used to make the test solution earlier? “It was similar to the solution rotation magic, but it seemed like a different magic.”

“The magic I used earlier is not a solution rotation magic, but a magic that reverses the solution up and down…”

Ioanen, who was explaining, came to his senses and realized that the topic had gone too far.

Before he could return, Lee Han grabbed another alchemist and asked him a question.

“But…gulp. “This is it.”

“No, how are you eating all your food while saying that? yes. “What are you curious about?”

After Lee Han asked three more questions, all the dishes on the table were emptied and lunch time was over.

The alchemists stood up and stretched.

“It’s already been so long…”

“Let’s not go for a walk today and start right away.”

“Let’s go. Makin. “I need to finish the work I couldn’t finish in the morning.”

Ioanen walked after him with a slightly pouting look on his face.

* * *

When work got behind him, Ioanen put aside questions and focused on work as usual.

Joanen was frightened by the sight of Joanen persistently making him do the work again, like a crazy person.

As was the case in Einrogard, isn’t Joner’s friend someone who can live without the law?

Yoner flinched, fearing that his friend would immediately grab him by the collar and summon water beads.

However, as if Lee Han was used to it, he immediately resolved all the issues without the slightest complaint.

“thank you for your effort.”

“thank you.”

“really. “Now I have to slowly prepare to go back to school. Are there any potions you want to learn?”

The recipe for the potion was not easy to obtain.


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Of course, recipes for basic and easy potions, which were widespread throughout the empire, could be found at any bookstore in the city.

Basic potions and recipes such as <Lesser Stamina Recovery Potion>.

However, now, like <Dobruk’s Emerald Dream Potion>, the recipe for a potion that required the alchemist’s individual effort and research could not be obtained without the alchemist’s permission, even if it cost gold.

In the case of alchemists’ guilds and workshops, they were even more thorough.

The recipe for making this potion was considered a secret more important than life, so if you messed with it or copied it, an assassin would come right away.

As such, it was clearly a favor for Yoanen to teach Lee Han how to make various potions in the Makin family workshop.

It didn’t feel like a favor, but…

Joanen suggested that I name a potion that I would need as a student returning to Einrogard for the second semester.

There will be many things to do when you enter school, so it will be quite helpful if you know useful potions in advance.

Lee Han asked back carefully.

“Are you okay?”

The gift was so large that it came with nothing in return, so much so that I was rather cautious.

‘I’m sure they don’t want to give me compensation in exchange for the recipe.’

“I am Joner’s friend, so I can give him a gift like this. And he did a good job.”

Ioanen’s words were sincere.

Compared to other assistants, Lee Han was more qualified to receive this gift.

“Yoner. “What kind of potion do you think would be good?”

“Well, I don’t know… Yoanen is very strict about things like this, even to me.”

No matter how much he cared for his younger brother, he did not tell him all the secrets of the workshop.

Ball is ball, life is death.

“There is no need for an invisibility potion. “There are even magic artifacts.”

“How about a potion of thought acceleration?”

“That’s not bad either. I’ll write it down first. A potion that can prevent tracking or disrupt would not be a bad idea.”

“I don’t think a magic improvement potion would be bad.”

“I should also write down a smoke potion to throw at those chasing me.”

“…Lee Han. “Aren’t we just talking about potions for limited situations?”

“is it?”

Lee Han was puzzled.

They seem like potions that can be used in general…

“Can’t you recommend it to me?”

“Are you leaving it to me?”

Ioanen smiled as if it were absurd, but was deep in thought as if he didn’t hate his younger brother’s foolish behavior.

“Water of magical power strengthening…”

“it’s okay.”

“are you okay.”

“…Yeah, yeah. Otherwise, I think this would be better.”

Ioanen took a quill and began writing down the list of ingredients and recipe in one stroke.

In an instant, the neat handwriting filled the white paper.

“ruler. receive.”

“What kind of potion is this?”

“You will find out when you make it yourself. “It’s a potion that uses ingredients that are relatively easy to obtain, so it shouldn’t be difficult.”

“thank you. Mr. Makin.”

Lee Han received the paper and was lost in thought.

‘what? It looks like a strengthening type… but it’s probably not magic strengthening…’

“But can you tell me about the rumor that the professors fought in the street? “The work is over, so take your time…”

“ah. “Is that what you were curious about?”

It seemed like Ioanen was trying to ask something earlier, but it was this.

Lee Han prepared to tell the story of the crazy professors.

“Makin! I think you should come right away!! Pot number 7 is completely boiling over!! If we continue like this, we will end up throwing away all the ingredients!”

“…See you all next time. go!”

Yoanen quickly greeted the alchemist and walked into the workshop.

For some reason, Lee Han felt like his back was full of anger.

“Are you by any chance angry?”

“huh. But you don’t need to worry about this. “It’s all a matter of self-importance.”

* * *


Nilia let out a painful groan that seemed to have been drawn from deep within her body.

Gai Nando asked as if he was worried.

“are you okay? “Why are you doing that?”

“Why did I come in first place? I’m sorry. I didn’t hear it because I was thinking about other things. what?”

However, Gainando had already turned around and glared at his friend with a look of disdain.

‘You’re fooling me just to show off!’

“Was everyone studying?”

After returning from work at Puyao’s magic wand workshop, Lee Han was puzzled when he saw his friends rolling around in the spacious living room.

Guyando picked up the textbook, covered the magazine, and said.


“Why do you always turn to page 1?”


“Okay… have a snack. “More than that, why is Nilia like that?”

“It’s bothering me because I got first place. joy. “There’s everything.”

Gainando took a bite of the cream puff and grumbled.

“ah. “Has the conversation at the mansion progressed?”

Lee Han said as if he understood.

At that time, Nilia’s opinion was so excellent that it would not have been surprising if it actually progressed rather than ending in first place.

“It seemed like that too…”

“What makes you think that’s possible?”

“what’s the matter?”

Yoner, who came in late, tilted his head and asked.

“Are you actually trying the answer that Nilia gave?”

“ah. that? huh. “I thought I would give it a try.”


“Isn’t it amazing?”

“That’s amazing.”

Ihan, Yoner, and Ratford looked at Nilia with eyes full of respect.

Of course, Nilia was so nervous that she couldn’t sleep.

“What if I fail! “What should I do?”

“The Makin family is rich, so it doesn’t matter…?”

“that’s right. I don’t mind that level of failure. are you okay.”

“If Yoner is in trouble!”

“It won’t be a problem. “If it fails, it’s the fault of those who chose it.”

Ihan nodded as if he agreed with Yoner’s words.

“If we succeed, shouldn’t the Makin family give us something to express our gratitude?”

“I know. “I have to say it again.”

“…Stop before I shoot you both.”

Nilia’s stomach tingled at the sight of her friends assuming success even though they hadn’t even started yet.

Of course, the Makin family wasn’t rude enough to ask Nilia to take responsibility and proceed.

The Makin family’s practitioners took Nilia’s opinion to the limit and did it themselves.

There was really no need to worry, but unfortunately the anxiety did not go away.

‘If I fail, it’s because of the opinions I expressed… If I fail, because of the opinions I expressed…’

When Nilia became very anxious, Ihan asked Yoner.

“Really, the Makin family would have taken care of it… right?”

“huh. ah. “There was talk about inviting Professor Einrogard as well.”

“oh. Neilia. Did you hear? Professor Einrogard too…”

“uh? “Then, do I not have to take any lectures in the second semester?”

“That could be possible.”

Ihan, who was listening to the conversation between Gaynando and Yoner, paused.

‘for a moment. Even if you prepare now, work will start mid-semester, so can you go on your own? ‘Does the headmaster give permission?’

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