Life of a Magic Academy Mage Chapter 361

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Episode 361

“Such a shameless bastard. “Are you saying you can’t pay now that we’re out of crisis?”

Lee Han looked at Rafad El in disbelief.

“Oh my god, such a person with no conscience… are you a knight?”

Guynando also looked at Rafadel in disbelief. Rafadel exploded and shouted.

“Who said you wouldn’t pay back! Pay it forward! “I’ll pay you back!”

“It’s even weirder that you deny it so strongly.”

“shut up!”

Rapadel shot at Gainando and turned around.

“As expected, those White Tiger Tower guys have a temper…”

“If they mess up, they beat up even their seniors.”

Lee Han paused as he heard the whispers of his seniors from the black magic school.

I remembered that when I went to the back of the mountain range with Eumidhus to learn water elemental magic, I ambushed the third-year seniors and stole their belongings.

“…White Tiger Tower students aren’t that bad.”

“Are you protecting me because we are friends? “That’s nice.”

“But Wardanaz, how can you, a student at the Blue Dragon Tower, become friends with the White Tiger Tower?”

Lee Han answered with a fake smile.

“We all came here to learn magic, so there’s no reason to fight with each other just because we’re in different towers.”

“…is he a student at Einrogard?”

“Isn’t it strange? “Have the rules changed since this year?”

Lee Han gave a textbook correct answer, but it did not work for his seniors.

Unfortunately, the seniors were already completely distorted due to their life as Einroguard.

‘Regretful. ‘You’re all crooked.’

Lee Han truly felt sorry for his crooked seniors, unlike himself, who was very normal.

* * *

After Professor Mortum’s long speech (which started with a life story that would make a warlock shed tears and ended with the tragedy of Mtburi Fortress, where the tears of countless warlocks were buried), the students of the warlock school began to tell their own stories.

“I’m trying to summon Hroekal this time, but it’s difficult. “It’s probably an undead that lives in the water.”

“Aquatic undead are more difficult. The poison is strong, so it is difficult to defend against. “What are you using as bait?”

“I’m throwing rotten meat at him, but this guy just takes it and never wants to sign a contract with me. ah. Should I find another undead world?”

“Senior Delet. Are you going to go to the 5th grade?”

“I’m thinking about it. “I think Einroguard would be a good place to continue my research now.”

Delet answered and turned his attention to Lee Han.

I’ve been curious about this for a while, but I haven’t had the chance.

“By the way, junior. “What is it about professors fighting on the streets…”

“Senior Delet! I have concerns. “Do I have to stay at Einrogard next school year?”

“…Shall we consult separately later?”

“Originally, my goal was to take over the gravekeepers around the village. But I think I can take over at my current level, and my parents want me to come and settle down… I can do research there, too… Ah. It’s difficult. really.”

Delet swallowed his regrets and comforted his junior who was worried about his career.

“Think again about the magic research you are about to do…”

“senior. I received a somewhat suspicious offer this time. I was looking for a warlock who was good at curse magic, but he didn’t tell me where to place the curse. Would it be a good idea to take this offer?”

“no. I don’t accept offers that aren’t specific. Especially warlocks…”

“senior. I’m in dire need of silver to buy a new staff, but the adventurers in Langyen are looking for a warlock. “Is it okay if I participate here?”


Lee Han listened intently to the conversation between his seniors.

Beside him, Gainando was playing magic cards with Ymirg, and his face was pale after being beat up like crazy.

“Isn’t this a trick!? “You cheated?!”

“Well, if I had cheated, you would have lost worse than this…”

“Lee Han! Lee Han! Please look at the referee! “Isn’t this a trick?”

“no. “You lost because you didn’t do well.”

“You didn’t even see it!”

Lee Han let Gai Nando’s words fall out of his ear and played with his quill.

Professor Mortum asked curiously as he saw Lee Han writing things down diligently.

“Cough. Wardanaz County. “It’s not like you get any requests during vacation, so why are there so few of them?”

“You will receive it?”


Professor Mortum looked at Lee Han like, ‘What a strange guy.’

“I think I know why the principal likes you… lol. “They look alike.”

“No, that’s too much to say…!”

Lee Han shouted in rage without even realizing it.

It was an insult that even Lee Han, who was good at controlling his emotions, could not bear.


“…It’s too much!”

“is it? Collock. I thought you might feel bad… Well, even taking that into account, Gonadaltes is a great wizard.”

Professor Mortum seemed to already be well aware of the skeleton headmaster’s eccentric personality.

‘Well, if you’re with someone, there’s no way you wouldn’t know.’

It was a personality that you could not help but know if you had eyes, or even if you did not have eyes.

“Cough. “If you like working during vacation… this overlap will happen soon, so why not join us?”



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The seniors from the black magic school were more surprised than Lee Han.

“professor! “I’m in first grade!”

“If you’re a first year student who survived the fight against the king of the frost giants… Collock. “I don’t mind participating.”

“The king of the frost giants?”

“Why is a first year dealing with that… How can he be dealing with that… Einrogard is crazy…? No, I was originally crazy, but…”

Delet was embarrassed by the sight of his juniors muttering, so he lowered his head and covered it with his wings.

I vowed to myself that when I go back to school, I will bury Coholti and Cumandas upside down in the graveyard!

“Does superposition refer to the phenomenon of systems overlapping?”

“that’s right. Hey. “You are truly amazing.”

One of the seniors was impressed and began to explain.

Originally, quite complex magic was needed for wizards to visit other worlds.

The magic circles installed by Professor Millais, who teaches summoning magic, may look simple, but they are magic circles filled with advanced wisdom.

Even after that visit, the restrictions were significant. It was only natural that he was forced to visit a world that did not belong to him in the first place.

However, there was a moment when such means or restrictions disappeared.

When the other dimension overlaps and mixes with this dimension.

Lee Han also had something to point out.

‘Is it changing like it was during the time of the Frost Giant King?’

At that time, the upper hallway of Einrogard was a school, but it was something other than a school.

Because the frost giants’ dimensions overlapped, the knife-like cold spread to the surrounding area.

This phenomenon could also occur in the undead world.

“I recently found a place where the undead world will soon overlap. “There was a lot of magical power.”

“If it’s stuck, shouldn’t it be released?”

Lee Han asked, recalling his previous experience while carrying out a gravedigger request.

The more magical power there is, the more likely it is for abnormal phenomena to occur.

“In principle, if it has accumulated to that level, it would be a shame to just release it. “That too is an opportunity.”


Lee Han looked at his seniors suspiciously.

The seniors realized the meaning of the gaze and quickly explained.

“This is all done with permission from the empire!”

“ah. “If that’s the case…”

Professor Mortum chuckled and continued the explanation.

“For warlocks, the opportunity for the undead world to overlap like this is a very good opportunity.”

“Is this an opportunity to contract a powerful summon?”


The gathered warlocks showed an unexpected reaction to Lee Han’s words.

“ha ha ha. “For powerful summons, you don’t just go in and sign a contract, you need to do some research in advance.”

If you were a low-level summoner, you could just go in and scan the surroundings, but it was difficult for a powerful undead with a name to use such a vicious method.

First, we had to collect data on the undead and closely investigate how they could be contacted and how a contract could be made.

‘Isn’t Perkuntra such a powerful being?’

“Other things are more important than the contract.”



Professor Mortum quenched his thirst with juice and spoke.

“Soil, bones embedded in the soil, mushrooms growing on those bones, bugs that eat those mushrooms, trees on which those bugs grow… Everything in the undead world is a good material and reagent. Collock. Normally, it is not easy to collect because there are many restrictions, but when it overlaps, it is a different story.”

“Of course, you don’t have to dig up everything. “You need eyes to see.”

“If you’re really lucky, you’ll be able to play for a year with just one.”


Lee Han’s eyes lit up at the suddenly interesting topic.

“Is it that much?”

“huh. Many of the items used are reagents used only by warlocks, but there are also reagents used by other wizards or materials coveted by nobles. The price of something like that goes up drastically. Deerette senior here is a legend. In the second year, he looked for Bulhacho (不夏草)…”

Lee Han looked at Delet with a respect several times stronger than usual.

Of course, Delet was dumbfounded rather than happy.

‘Is this why you’re looking at me like that?’

“…Anyway, even though this looks good, it is quite dangerous as it involves entering the overlapping undead world. It will be difficult unless you are a warlock who knows how to deal with undead. First year is usually a bit like that, but…”

“As the professor said, if you give me the opportunity, I will do my best.”

The seniors nodded at Lee Han’s words.

Above all, Professor Mortum had guaranteed it, so there was no reason to stop it.

“Are you sure you’re going to be okay…?”

“But what happened to the King of the Frost Giants? “Isn’t that the one that hit the blizzard last time?”

“I thought Senior Coholty resolved the issue after eating his fill of curses.”

Lee Han, who was listening, suddenly became curious and asked.

“But seniors. “Have you ever heard of a basilisk, a Daoin clan wizard, a ghoul… anything like that?”

“uh? “I came here three days ago.”

“I don’t go around town much.”

“I was just reading a book at the dorm, what happened?”

Lee Han was moved.

There are few people who are as simple and make people feel comfortable as the warlocks!

* * *

“…I really don’t say things like this normally. “I hope you don’t misunderstand.”

Ioanen spoke carefully.

“Isn’t there too much going on right now?”

“yes? Is that so?”

Lee Han, who was carefully melting and extracting milky white metal with a green flame next to him, asked back in surprise.

“I thought the last few weeks had been free since the professors weren’t coming, but…”

“…Yeah, that’s right. “Let’s continue with the extraction.”

When people meet people who are crazier than themselves, they tend to become relatively normal.

Originally, when his assistant spoke, Yoanen said, ‘Let’s focus on work,’ but…

‘Honestly, I’m curious…!’

Just from what I heard directly from Lee Han, there were plans to not only study magic, but also work at Puyao’s wand workshop and visit the undead world, and if you combine what I heard through rumors, there was everything from a fight with a professor in the middle of the day to a subjugation of the king of ghouls.

Ioanen normally did not think about anything else when working, but this case sparked a curiosity that he had never had before.

“Should we just go this far? “I also invited the alchemists from the workshop and had a meal with them…”

“ah. There are impurities in the ingredients. “I guess we’ll have to do it again.”

“…Maybe this will be okay?”

The sound was so surprising that Yoner would have fainted if he had seen it, but Lee Han shook his head.


“You can’t do it after eating…”

“It’s not possible. Otherwise, there will be waste in extraction.”

Joanen glared for a moment at his past self, who had taught him everything thoroughly.

Then he walked back and called a servant.

“excuse me?”

“yes. Mr. Joanen.”

“Call Joner.”

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