Life of a Magic Academy Mage Chapter 360

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Episode 360

“Actually, Professor, don’t you want to join the black magic gathering?”

Not all professors in the world were like Professor Boladi.

Among professors, there were more cases than expected that wanted to get along with students (without being noticed).

This was especially true if it was an unpopular school like black magic.

It will be difficult to become friends with other professors at Einrogard, so the loneliness will be even worse.


However, Delet reacted in surprise to Lee Han’s words.

“That’s not right. “He’s not the type of person to do that.”

“Is that so?”

“I’ve offered it to you a few times, but you’ve said no.”


Lee Han sighed and fell into thought.

Direth was an excellent warlock and a great senior, but he was not a cunning student like Lee Han.

Especially when you become a professor, you often say A with your mouth, but say B with your whole body.

Only by being able to understand the language of these professors could one become a cunning student.

“How did you reject it?”

“Yes? “What would I do by participating? They said it would be a disruption to students gathering together.”


Lee Han nodded as if he understood.

It was a typical fake statement.

“Did you by any chance add after that to call me if I needed any help with magic research?”


Delet opened his eyes wide.

“Foresight magic?!”

“It’s not a foresight spell, it’s just a prediction. senior. “If it is okay with you, I would like to invite you to visit Professor Mortum’s workshop now.”

“It doesn’t matter to me, but… are you okay? “The professor might get angry at me for needlessly bringing back work that he repeatedly rejected.”

“Do not worry.”

“shall we go together?”


Lee Han stopped Delet.

If a student like Direth, who had worked under Professor Mortum for a long time, was next to him, he might have been embarrassed and stubborn.

“I alone am enough. “Then I will come back.”

“Yeah, yeah. Be careful and come back. …wait for a sec! hey! Junior! “What on earth was it about professors fighting on the street!?”

Delet, who remembered it too late, shouted, but Lee Han had already disappeared to the other side of the street.

* * *

As they were magicians who had reached the level of professors at Einroguard, they had a mansion or workshop in Grandeur City.

And Professor Mortum’s workshop was located in the central noble district.

…next to the cemetery in the area.

‘Is it really okay?’

Of course, it was a much more prestigious space than the nameless cemetery on the outskirts of the city.

As it was a graveyard for a noble family, there were well-carved marble tombstones and beautifully tied flowers laid out neatly here and there…

…Nevertheless, the Gravekeeper’s Tower, used as a workshop, gave off a somewhat gloomy feeling.

At this point, it seemed like the problem wasn’t the graveyard, but black magic.

“Is Professor Mortum there?”

“Cough. I should have said it clearly. It will be completed by next week. If you urge me one more time, I will mix up your organs… Are you a Wardanaz soldier?”

Professor Mortum, who opened the door with a harsh word, was surprised to find an unexpected student.


“Do you have any other commitments?”

“Cough. “I wasn’t surprised because of that… I thought you would have been broken into several pieces by now because there were so many professors who came to catch you.”


For a moment, Lee Han almost threw a curse spell at the professor.

If I knew, I should have stopped it!

‘Let’s stay calm. Professor Mortum is still better.’

From this point of view, it was better to have a professor like Professor Mortum who just wanted you to do your own thing and invite you occasionally, rather than a professor who came and tried to drag you away.

Both were like immature children, but the latter was more…

“To whom did you just speak?”

“ah. Collock. “I took on a request, but they kept pestering me.”

One of the family’s nobles had died, and it seemed that the noble had come to Professor Mortum in hopes of finding his hidden inheritance.

I entrusted it to a few precognitive wizards, but it failed due to a lack of clues.

I had to use black magic to retrieve at least a fragment of the dead person’s memory.

“Such a request is possible!”

Lee Han realized once again that the job opportunities for wizards were truly wide.

Maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to later control the skeletons and sweep up the transport guild’s jobs or try performing on the streets.

“It’s not a good request. Collock. However, it is better for warlocks to accept requests like this.”

“Is it because of your connections with noble families?”

“no. Collock. “Expensive requests like this don’t come often.”



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“So… what’s going on? It would be unreasonable to ask him to prevent other professors from following him. “I’m not the number to stop.”

‘I know that.’

“Is that possible? And it’s just an honor for professors to come visit me. “I can’t even ask you for it, so you come directly to a student who is lacking.”

“Cough. You really have a nice personality for a warlock. If it were me, I would have removed all the poison. “On student vacation…”

Lee Han was about to nod for a moment, but gritted his teeth and held back.

“I came today because I wanted the professor to participate in the meeting.”

“…What meeting?”

Professor Mortum answered a beat late. That was enough for him. Lee Han was confident that the other person knew that today was the meeting day for the students of the Black Magic School.

“It is a gathering where seniors who learn black magic gather to pass on their knowledge to juniors.”

“ah. ah…! Collock. “You mean that?”


“I’m done.”

Professor Mortum said, waving his hand.

“Cough. “If you’re researching magic and you don’t know something, you can come and ask, but… well… you don’t really ask.”

A look of disappointment flashed in Professor Mortum’s eyes for a moment and then disappeared.

Lee Han said firmly.


“…Why, why are you suddenly screaming?”

“Seniors always want to ask questions to their professors. But I knew that the professor was always overworked and overworked, so I had no choice but to hesitate.”


“No matter how much the professor says it’s okay, seniors won’t be able to ask questions if you don’t directly participate in the meeting.”

“What kind of coward…”

“sorry. But please understand.”

Although he spoke bluntly, Professor Mortum’s face was slightly relaxed.

“Both Guynando and Rafadel, as well as myself, have always been curious about the golden years of experience you have accumulated as a warlock. “During the semester, I was busy with lectures so I couldn’t attend, but I went to a meeting during vacation hoping I would be able to attend, but we were all disappointed because the professor wasn’t there.”

“So… is that so?”

“yes. When we were disappointed, our seniors asked us why we were like that. So, to be honest, our seniors also said, ‘We would like to invite you too, but we are sorry, so we cannot do that.’”


Professor Mortum sighed.

I knew the disciples were scared, but I never thought they would be this scared.

There was no need to be that scared.

“That’s why I mustered up the courage to come. “I thought you might be a little more lenient since I’m a freshman.”

“Cough. Of course it should be. “What wizard would get angry at a first-year student’s mistake?”

Lee Han immediately thought of the skeleton principal, but stayed still.

“…good night. Collock. If you say it that way, it can’t be helped. “We can’t let the small number of new students disappear.”

“you’re right. “If the professor were to participate in the meeting, would the freshmen go to another school?”

Professor Mortum took his staff and stood up.

Then he patted Lee Han on the back and walked away.

“Cough. Wardanaz County. “I have a very good student.”

“no. professor. “It’s just a shame.”

Lee Han swallowed the smile of a successful hunter.

‘I wish it were this easy for other professors too.’

How convenient would it be if everyone felt as good as Professor Mortum?

Why are there professors who only say, ‘I’m in a good mood so I’ll teach you more magic’ when they feel good…

* * *

“Three, oh my. “This is the first time I’ve seen Professor Mortum in such a good mood.”

“Isn’t he poisoned?”

“no. It’s a curse. “The curse of laughter and the curse of euphoria, what else do you have to mix to make you like it so much?”

Some seniors were astonished to see Professor Mortum, who was usually frowning, coughing, and dissatisfied, looking satisfied.

Of course, it was the same with Delet.

“W-what the hell…”

“senior. “The professor just wanted to participate in the meeting.”


Delet looked at Lee Han with eyes full of trepidation.

A first-year junior who had just joined me suddenly felt like a dependable colleague.

It made me think that this junior would be able to have my back when dealing with a crazy professor.

‘Am I crazy? To what kind of first grader…’

“Cough. The bandits stubbornly held on inside the fortress. So I turned the captured bandits into undead and charged them. In the meantime, turn the captured bandits into undead and charge them. And… then they surrendered.”

“What a cautionary tale!”

“I want to try it too!”

Without Lee Han needing to catch wind, the students of the Black Magic School showed great interest in Professor Mortum’s general speech.

Thanks to this, Professor Mortum was very satisfied and finished speaking and took a break.

“So… you want to be the prince?”


Meanwhile, the seniors’ attention turned to the other juniors except Lee Han.

“Wouldn’t it be a disgrace if the royal family were interested in black magic?”

“uh? is it so?”


Lee Han quietly intervened.

“I’ll tell you about the last time Basilisk came out and used black magic in front of the nobles.”

“That’s because you stopped midway…”

Lee Han pinched the back of Guy Nando’s hand. Gaynando understood right away.

“When the Basilisk came out, I protected the nobles with black magic!”



The seniors were surprised by Gaynando’s words.

I never thought he would use black magic in front of nobles without much calculation.

“There are no nobles in magic. If you are confident in yourself, what does the public’s opinion matter so much?”

“Novice? world?”

Lee Han pinched Gai Nan Do again. Gainando understood again.


“This first year of juniors is truly amazing.”

The seniors were surprised and whispered.

However, the gaze had changed very favorably.

If I wasn’t serious about black magic, I couldn’t show it like that.

“so. White Tiger Top junior… Why are you listening? The White Tiger Tower is also a fairly rare tower in black magic.”

“You’re probably listening to learn how to destroy black magic, right?”


Rafael felt cold sweat running down his back.

“Well, that, that…”

“Rapad El is misunderstood because he comes from a family of knights, but in fact, there is no one who is as serious about black magic as Rapad El.”


“yes. “Every time we explored the undead world, we took the lead.”

“Isn’t that just… a pervert?”

The seniors looked at Rafadel in surprise in a slightly different way.

What is good about the undead world?

“I guess I just took the initiative because I like undead.”

‘That’s a pervert, isn’t it?’

Rafadel’s face turned red and he stood still, unable to do anything.

The seniors no longer asked whether they understood it in a different way.

“Okay. “Everyone is unique, but they are sincere about black magic.”

“I’m glad that juniors like you came in. …Of course, one person’s tastes are a bit strange, but I’ll respect that.”

“Isn’t Ymirg asking?”

“He’s a black turtle top.”

“that’s right.”


Gainando gaped in bewilderment.

What are these shameless seniors…?

After the seniors’ barrage of questions was over, Lee Han lightly tapped Rapadel on the shoulder.

Rafael stared at Lee Han for a moment and then opened his mouth.

“…Let me say thank you.”

Whatever it was, it was true that Wodanaz protected Rafadel.

If it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t have been able to get out of the situation safely.

“okay. “Thank you, please pay me back in silver.”

“…No, you crazy person!”

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