Life of a Magic Academy Mage Chapter 358

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Episode 358

“A magic stone is only a substitute. If you want to embody the purest magic that a wizard can create with a magic stone…”

“Does that matter now?”

Lee Han pointed to the prone penguin wizard and spoke to Eumidyhus.

I wasn’t very curious about how difficult it would be to implement high-quality pure magical power into magic stones.

It was much more important whether the crazy wizard would pass on the research project to him or not.

“Pengerin. Come to your senses. Even though it is difficult to do with magic stones, it is a part that can be replaced by other methods. What part is irreplaceable? “This is the brain of the wizard who designed this experiment and created the magic.”


Lee Han clearly saw Alcicle flinch.

Lee Han, who had hope, grabbed Alcicle’s back and started shaking it back and forth.

“Pengerin! If Pengerin gives up here, what will happen to the countless cold elemental wizards who learned the cold element after seeing Pengerin? Are you going to disappoint them all!”

“Oh, it hurts! “It hurts!”

Normally, this would have been a situation where he would have been happy, but Alcicle screamed.

Lee Han’s strength was so good.

“ah. sorry. Anyway, disappointing these wizards…”

“Okay, I understand. calm down. Calm down. “I’ll think again.”

When it seemed like Lee Han was going to grab the skin again, Alcicle hurriedly stopped him and said.

Eumidhus thought to himself at that sight.

‘I guess I could have just attacked.’

* * *

Eventually, Alcicle calmed down and regained his composure.

In fact, what Lee Han said was accurate.

When a magic experiment is successful, the credit goes to the wizard who designed the experiment, not to the people who helped.

Alcicle, who was able to embody extreme coldness to this extent, was clearly a great wizard.

…The problem was that the reason why the experiments that had failed so far suddenly succeeded was because of Lee Han’s magic.

Unless Alcicle was an idiot, he naturally analyzed the cause.

Why did an ignorant improvisation succeed when various top-quality rare reagents such as Frost Roe Horn, Cold Jade Crystal, Glacier Mountain, Perennial Snow, and Snow Yellow Deer failed?

“The answer lies in the quality of magical power. No matter how much you try to maintain magical power with various reagents and magic circles, the purity and quality are lower than if you infuse the magician’s magic directly.”


Lee Han, who was listening in front of Alcicle, suddenly looked puzzled and asked.

“But why are you telling me this?”

I didn’t understand why Lee Han, a first-year student, had to listen to this when Yumidhus and Boladi could listen to it.

“Where did the magic that made you successful just come from?”

“It came from me.”

“Then what should I do to get that magic power?”

“Should I go out and post notices at other cold elemental wizard gatherings?”

“…no. “That doesn’t mean everything can be done.”

If all wizards’ magic power was as pure and of excellent quality as Lee Han’s magic power, Alcicle would not have had to go through this trouble.

“It’s hard to find that kind of magic power.”

“Well. It’s unfortunate…”

“Help me!”

When Alcicle grabbed Lee Han’s hand and tried to stretch it, Lee Han easily dodged it.

As he had suffered a lot from the professors, he was on high alert while Alcicle opened his mouth.

“sorry. “That is unreasonable.”


“I have a life too, but working here 24 hours a day during vacation is a bit…”

“…I didn’t think of that?!”

Alcicle was astonished by Lee Han’s terrifying idea.

You already have to invest magical power, but if you overwork yourself like that, no matter how great a wizard you are, you’ll quickly collapse.

Even the opponent was a first year student.

“We don’t do that many experiments in the first place. “Maybe two or three times a year.”

“ah. “Is that all it takes?”

“…Is there enough?”

At that level, I was able to help because I was indebted to him.

When permission was given, Alcicle’s face brightened. Al Sickle said, shaking his head repeatedly.

“thank you! In return, I will teach you my arcane cold elemental magic. So much so that one day you can take over my research project!”

‘I’m not very happy.’

Even though it was still difficult, Lee Han cursed inwardly at the sight of Alsicle who kept trying to ignore the research he was doing.

He was an evil wizard himself.

“Yeah well… thank you.”

“Good. “Let’s start right away.”

“There’s no time, so teach it quickly. “I was planning on going back to the city for the weekend.”

At the urging of Voladi Bagrek and Eumidyhus, Alsicle grumbled.

“Unlike basic magic, my arcane magic can be taught and learned quickly…”

Alcicle, who was speaking, looked at Lee Han and changed his tone.

“…It’s not that bad, but you might be able to do it.”

“It’s not possible.”

Lee Han firmly denied it, but the three wizards did not even listen.


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* * *

<Fengerin’s Cold Elemental Clone> was a 4-circle spell.

Unlike other clone magics, it looks so similar to the owner that it is indistinguishable from the outside, shares the clone’s vision, and even allows melee attacks using the cold element when necessary.

Considering the effectiveness of magic, it was strange that it was in the 4th circle.

Of course, the difficulty level of the cold elemental clone magic was among the highest among 4th circle magic.

Lee Han’s senses became strange after successfully performing 4-circle magic a few times. Originally, it was never a level of difficulty that a first-year student could attempt.

“Although you are good at learning low-circle cold elemental spells, I don’t think you will master this spell quickly.”

“Fortunately, the.”

Contrary to what he said earlier, Lee Han felt relieved when Alsicle remained calm.

“ah. Of course, I’m not ignoring your skills! “If you are you, you should be able to reach the previous level of self-immolation.”

“…? “Isn’t that difficult enough?”

Lee Han was afraid that even Alcicle might be influenced by Professor Boladi and Eumidhus.

The lowest level in the clone type of magic was an clone with no visible shape and no movement.

Lee Han was able to implement something similar using illusion magic.

If you cast <Farhaite’s Lesser Illusion> and <Ogonin’s Night Dance>, it will appear as if there are multiple Ihans when viewed from the outside.

To take this to a higher level, you need to adjust the shape of the alter ego and incorporate movements to make it more believable…

The one that succeeded in both of these was the <Fengerin’s Cold Elemental Clone> spell.

In other words, the stage just before this means that at least one of the forms or movements has been completed.

That alone was at least 3 circles.

“I used a lot of magic from other schools to avoid casting this magic with high circles. So it’s more difficult…”

‘Are you ignoring what I just said?’

“…You said you were learning transformation and enchantment, right? “You are very lucky.”


“One thing that is unfortunate is that black magic is quite helpful when practicing this clone magic. Unlike other summons, undead summons have no complaints even when cold elemental magic is applied to them. So it’s good for practice.”

One of the best ways to practice handling the movements of multiple clones was to practice with undead summons.

Undead summons had few complaints and did not strongly object to being given a weapon with a cold element or having a cold element wrapped around their body.

It was good practice to cast cold elemental magic on these undead summons and delicately move them as you wanted.

“I also learn black magic.”


“I thought you said you were learning black magic?”

Eumidyhus also said as if it was strange.

Obviously, when Lee Han talked about the magic he learned, he also talked about black magic.

“Is that so? what? “Why do you think I didn’t hear you?”

“…Well, are you saying that summoning undead black magic and practicing it would be of great help?”

Feeling like he was feeling sorry for the warlocks, Lee Han quickly changed the topic.

Alcicle nodded.

“The more you cast as much magic as possible and try to move it yourself, the better. “Can you summon the undead?”

“yes. Can summon skeleton warriors.”

“It’s good. Skeleton Warrior. The more there are, the better. “Is it possible to have up to three?”


“oh! Is it possible to do more? “How many?”

“They can’t move yet, but up to 15…”


Alcicle was embarrassed in many ways.

It was surprising that the summoned beast could not move once summoned, and it was also surprising that up to 15 skeleton warriors could be summoned.

Even a decent summoning wizard would have their soul broken, their magic power depleted, or their brain burned out…

“I’m learning some old-fashioned black magic.”

When Lee Han explained that he was learning old-fashioned black magic from evil warlocks, Alcicle was very interested.

“That makes it more difficult to deal with…”

“I wish I could practice more! “You are so lucky!”


Lee Han seemed to know why Alcicle was a disciple of Eumidhus.

‘I’m crazy for having high expectations.’

* * *

Surprisingly (Eumidihus, Professor Voladi, and Alcicle were all surprised), Lee Han was unable to complete the spell <Fengerin’s Cold Elemental Clone> for the remaining time.

Of course, Lee Han was not surprised.

In fact, only the three wizards were surprised.

“Did I teach you wrong…?”

For the first time in his life, Alcicle began to develop a healthy sense of skepticism about his own abilities. Eumidhus was impressed when he saw that.

‘I didn’t expect it to get this far!’

“I’m sorry I taught you wrong.”

“it’s okay.”

“I just need to know.”


Lee Han glared at Professor Boladi once and spoke again.

“I will not forget what you taught me. “I will practice when I return.”

“I hope it can be completed quickly. I will also prepare the next magic. It will be a little more difficult, but it will be okay.”


Lee Han thought about practicing cold elemental magic later.

“really. “Can I invite you this fall?”

“Autumn is the Einrogard semester. “Alsicle.”

“Uh… how long does the semester last?”

Alcicle counted Eumidihus’ answer by counting his fingers.

If you stay in school until the end of this year…

“You can’t come out, right?!”

“So you thought that first-year students can leave school as they please?”

Lee Han flinched when Eumidhus said it was pathetic.

‘How did you know?’

“Can’t I visit?”

“For outsiders to visit, they would have to get permission from Prince Gonadaltes. “It won’t be easy.”

“Ah… there’s no way an archmage like Gonadaltes would bother you in that regard, right? “He will generously allow it.”



Lee Han and Eumidhus were puzzled at the same time.


“Well… try hard. “Maybe I should just ask nicely.”

“yes. “I’m waiting for your visit.”

Alsicle smiled brightly at Lee Han’s words.

“okay! “I’ll visit in the fall!”


As he entered the carriage and left the magic tower, Lee Han looked back. The image of Al Sickle waving his hand remained in my mind for no reason.

“…You won’t be taken to the punishment room after meeting the principal, right?”

“It’ll probably be okay. …maybe.”

* * *

Direth went to the Wardanaz family’s mansion with his friends.

“Seniors. “I heard a strange rumor… It was said that the professors of the Wardanaz family fought in the street to drag the first-year student away during vacation. Is that true?”

“Does that make sense?”

“You should say something that makes sense.”

Delet’s juniors learning black magic beat their friend.

“But why do members of the Wardanaz family want to learn black magic?”

“Are you ashamed of black magic?”


“…Actually, me too…”

“Everyone be quiet.”

Delet made the juniors quiet.

Unlike other schools with many students, Einrogard’s black magic school was small enough that seniors and juniors all knew each other’s faces and names.

That wasn’t a bad thing.

He was already a warlock who had a hard time making a living. If we didn’t stick together, things would get even more difficult.

So, at Dirette, whenever the juniors had time, they would gather together, introduce each other, and have a conversation.

“I’m worried that the junior member of the Wardanaz family might take black magic lightly. From what I heard, he is a genius, so he is learning a lot of other magic, so he may be using black magic as a way to add to his reputation.”

“I would have said he wasn’t that kind of person.”

The junior who was grumbling at Delet’s warning kept his mouth shut.

But the dissatisfaction did not go away.

‘joy. How do you know if you are ignoring black magic…’


The warlocks who arrived at the Wardanaz family mansion were surprised.

Skeleton warriors were standing in the front yard of the mansion, holding cold bone swords.

“…look. “What did I say?”

“Well, I’m really serious about black magic.”

“This is my first time seeing someone summoning undead in a mansion that size.”

“Isn’t that crazy? “What are you going to do with the cleaning?”

The juniors were quick to acknowledge that the newcomer to the Wardanaz family was serious.

However, I wasn’t sure if the new student was sane.

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