Life of a Magic Academy Mage Chapter 357

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Episode 357

“It’s done.”


Alcicle was surprised.

While talking with Yumidihus, Lee Han finished organizing.

“already!? All of that?!”

“What on earth have you done?”

Eumidihus looked at Alsicle with disapproval.

I can’t believe a first-year student would just pile up and neglect something that could be organized so quickly.

“Ah, no… I was trying to sort it out too… but… there was such complexity that it was impossible to sort out…”

“Stop talking nonsense and follow me. “Let’s prepare together.”

Eumidyhus and Alcicle sat down on chairs and began to look through the organized materials.

Data was important, but showing the experiment to the examiner was also important.

Among these, I had to show the most likely and good experiments directly to the examiner.

“This twenty-third experiment looks good.”

23rd experiment. Why did I start using cold elemental magic? Would it have been better to just do the fire element? To create extreme cold, magic was cast on all surrounding heat sources. Don’t forget to order three boxes of sardines. Observation phenomenon: Confirmation of slowing down when nearby objects fall.

‘You did a lot of doodling.’

“If we confirmed that the object is falling slower, it would be a significant achievement.”

“But that requires the horn of a frost deer.”

“…Then what about this forty-fourth experiment? “The fact that the brick lost its shape and changed shape at will must be a very meaningful result.”

“But that requires a glacier mountain.”

“…Who told you to waste materials like that!”

Eumidihus was enraged and made a club out of water and struck Alcicle on the back.

Alcicle whined and made an excuse.

“Who knew that inspectors would come to visit… And even if there were, there is no guarantee that those experiments would be successful. “There were more times when I failed.”

“I have to show results soon, but you only say good things. “He was very good.”

Eumidyhus sighed.

Even so, Eumidihus was not entirely responsible for Alcicle’s troubles.

“If you don’t have it, you have no choice but to do what you don’t have. This Seolhwangdan was probably added to control the surrounding moisture and increase stability when maintaining coolness. “I will take charge of it.”

“Thank you, thank you.”

“The perennial snow… was intended to amplify the cold elemental properties, right?”


“I can’t help it. Wardanaz. “Can I borrow some of your magic power?”


“yes. it’s okay.”


Alcicle was taken aback by the conversation between Lee Han and Eumidhus.


“No, Eumidhus…”

“Please be quiet. Alcicle. There is no time.”

“No, that’s…”

The perennial snow placed in the magic circle was a powerful reagent that amplified the power of the cold element dozens of times.

It may not be impossible to replace it with magical power, but even with a rough calculation, it was definitely not an amount that a young first-year student could handle.

‘Are you harassing me?’

“I guess the ice mountain was used to fix the amplified cold energy… Boladi Bagrek.”


When Eumidhus called Voladi Bagrek, Alcicle was relieved.

Unlike Lee Han, I didn’t feel sorry for that guy.

“I will control the amplification, so can you use Wardanaz’s magic to fix it?”

Professor Boladi nodded.

Of course, Alcicle’s eyes widened.

“Yumidihus!! “This isn’t real…”

“Please be quiet. “I don’t have time.”

Eumidhus, who was tired of explaining the extent of Lee Han’s magical power, gave an order to Professor Boladi.

* * *

“oh my god! “I think I know why His Royal Highness has so many followers!”


Guynando was having a great time with the inspector.

“I heard that Lightning Spirit cards are overrated. Avoiding fights and reducing the wizard’s stamina. “You’re cowardly!”

“you’re right. “I always thought that too.”

The two wizard card enthusiasts had a warm conversation while evaluating each other’s cards.

“By the way, what deck does your Royal Highness use?”

“I’m black… keuhuk!?”

Guynando screamed.

Friends stepped on both feet.

“Why are you doing that?”

“Gainando mainly uses honorable knight cards.”

“Oh oh. also.”


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Gainando wanted to say, ‘Why do I do something so boring?’, but his feet hurt so much that he couldn’t shout.

“Inspector. “The experiment is ready.”

“ah. It’s already time…! sorry. “I enjoyed the conversation so much…”

“it’s okay.”


The inspector felt something was strange.

Lee Han did not come out from inside the tower and was standing still.

‘Let’s focus.’

Lee Han shivered as he felt the huge flow of magical power.

Any wizard would be in awe of the movement of magical energy flowing in this inner laboratory.

Alcicle, who resisted harshly at first, began to cooperate with a desperate look when the magic circle was ready and the magic power began to move.

“are you okay? It’s okay, right? Are you really okay? It’s not okay, but you’re saying it’s okay because you were threatened? really?”


Lee Han couldn’t answer because he was concentrating.

On the contrary, Alcicle spoke to me and made me crazy.

Professor Boladi, who felt that the flow of magic around Ihan was becoming unstable, kicked Alcicle’s leg. Alcicle screamed.

“I told you to concentrate. Alcicle!”

“yes yes…”

Alsicle turned his gaze to Eumidihus’ shout.

Now, Yumidhus was on Ihan’s left, and Voladi Bagrek was on Ihan’s right, absorbing magical energy and delivering it to the magic circle.

When it was said that the perennial snow or the glacial mountain would be replaced with the magic power of a first-year student, I thought that Eumidifus had gone crazy while he was not looking, but surprisingly, the magic circle was working properly.

‘Are you okay? Are you really okay? It’s still okay though. Does this make sense? ‘Could it be that he vomits blood and collapses?’

“Alsicle Pengerin?”

“iced coffee. let’s begin.”

Alcicle, who was thinking about all sorts of things, waved his cane at the inspector’s words.

A neatly organized research log was delivered to the examiner. The inspector was impressed when he saw it.

“That’s amazing! Among wizards, there are few who organize things like this.”

“Of course… it’s something that must be done responsibly.”

As Eumidihus and Voladi stared, Alcicle blushed.

“The observed phenomena… Oooh! great. “The progress is significant.”

Alcicle did not go so far as to say that such phenomena would occur only once in dozens of similar experiments.

“If this is the case, investors will definitely be satisfied. What phenomenon are you going to show?”

“I think it would be better to see it with your own eyes.”

Alcicle avoided giving a specific answer.

Since we were just improvising and removing all the necessary materials, we couldn’t know exactly what would happen.

“All right! “Let me show you.”

“Magic power, circulate and amplify as prescribed. Circulate and amplify. Circulating…”

Alcicle began to recite a spell in a deep and powerful voice.

Battle wizards considered quick, concise spells a virtue, but in reality, most wizards didn’t care much about such things.

The purpose of the wizards was to complete magic, not battle.

No matter how long the spell was, accuracy was more important.

“Cold, swell. In return, you get a perennial snow. “The amplification of that power.”

‘Was there a perennial snow?’

The inspector tilted his head.

I don’t think I saw it in the magic circle?

“Cold, stay. In return…”


In the center of the lab’s magic circle, the dense magical energy was compressed and began to distort the space.

It was reminiscent of a skeleton principal distributing magical energy to pressure students as they entered school.

But today the purpose was different.

The magic power was converted to cold and the temperature inside began to drop to near extreme.

Tootuk, tootuk-


A sword-shaped icicle formed within a magic circle.

The icicle was endowed with pure magical power without any loss.

The inspector nodded excitedly as he saw vivid magic flowing through the icicle’s sword body.

Even though the enchantment was cast, it was accepted without any loss of magic power.

It was the substance that all enchantment wizards dream of.

“You wanted to show me this!”

“This is ridiculous!!”


“Oh, it’s nothing.”

Alcicle screamed in surprise next to the inspector and came to his senses late.

The results were better than any other experiment done so far.



“Look over there! “The snowflakes are not falling!”

“Are you kidding me?!”


“My, I got sick after exploring magic alone for a long time.”

“Uh… like that.”

From the phenomenon of no magical power consumption to the phenomenon of time stopping.

Originally, I had to hit the reagents one by one in order to observe them even briefly.

But two phenomena occur at the same time, and that lasts for just a few seconds.

I was happy and moved, but confused at the same time.

‘how!? how?!!?’

Clap clap clap clap-

The inspector clapped. Alcicle was now starting to feel scared.

“no way…”

“Look at the water droplets in there! The properties of the water droplets are changing!”


“Alsicle Pengerin is a magical genius! “I can’t believe you embody three phenomena for this long!!”

“I… I am nothing.”

“Be humble!”

“I said it was nothing so I…”

* * *

The inspector was very excited and recorded the results. To sustain three phenomena at the same time, and for as long as 7 seconds.

Investors would be impressed and decide to make additional investments, saying, ‘As expected, geniuses are different.’ The Frost Element Wizards’ Society would say, ‘A genius has done something,’ and decide to give a moving tour.

However, the genius who had accomplished this great feat was lying inside, groaning.

“Are you okay? “I overexerted myself because of the experiment…”

“Maybe it’s a mental illness.”


“It’s nothing. Anyway, I’m glad you were satisfied.”

“yes! My eyes really opened today. I already knew that Alcicle Pengerin was a great wizard, but I never thought he was this great! If someone asks me who is the best among the young wizards in the Empire, I will definitely answer Alcicle Pengerin!”

Alcicle’s sad coughing sounds continued to come from inside. Eumidhus decided to send the inspector out quickly for the sake of his disciple.

“okay. Thank you. “I hope we can meet again next time.”

“yes! Goodbye!”

Eumidhus and Lee Han approached the lying penguin wizard.

Alcicle turned around with a gloomy face.

“I’ve never seen something this simple…”

“It wasn’t simple. Alcicle. Isn’t it because of so many trials and errors that we were able to do it today? Think positively. “I could have wandered around more.”

Despite Eumidihus’ comfort, Alcicle burst into tears.

“That’s it! I was also probably dissatisfied with the cold element because I researched it. “If that Wardanaz had studied it, he would have shown the truth much sooner.”

“The cold element is not even a person, what kind of nonsense is that?”

“I will send a letter to the cold elemental wizards as soon as it happens… I have wasted my life and Wardanaz will take over my research.”


Lee Han, who was just listening silently, stopped.

No what?

“What kind of nonsense is that… no, are you saying something absurd, Pengelin?”

Lee Han stayed quiet because he thought he would come to his senses on his own if left alone, but if things continued like this, it would be a different story.

“My research needs to be done by a genius like you…”

“no. Pengelin! What nonsense is that! This magic circle and all the magic preparations here were all done by Pengelin, right? If I had to use an analogy, we were just sprinkling salt on the soup!”

“Is that metaphor correct…?”

“Honestly, who can’t infuse this level of magic! “It’s also possible with magic stones!”

“It’s impossible.”



Lee Han was moved to tears by the sight of Eumidhus and Boladi standing next to him and consoling him, debating whether they were magically right or wrong.

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