Life of a Magic Academy Mage Chapter 356

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Episode 356

‘You’re in big trouble.’

To a researcher whose work is not going well, there is nothing more terrifying than saying, ‘Let’s see how the research is going these days.’

In fact, Alcicle was shaking so much that a crackling sound was coming from his mouth.

“Alsicle pengerin. Come to your senses. Are you going to show your weakness in front of the inspector?”

“Al… I know. Sword, if you kidnap the inspector…”

“I told you to come to your senses.”

“Okay, I understand.”

“You may have been a little lost these days, but you are an excellent researcher. You can do it well. Just tell me exactly what you are trying to do.”


As an experienced old magician, Yumidihus was not shaken by the inspector’s visit. He calmly comforted Alsikl and headed out of the cave.

Gainando looked at the inspector and asked.

“Perhaps I saved the villain…”

“I’m not a villain!!”

The inspector was aggrieved.

Of course, I knew full well that wizards were reluctant to hire people like inspectors.

-Ugh, it’s the inspector!

-Do you think you can get away with this?! When this spell is complete, I will cast it on you first! You will never get drunk again!

-What does a guy like you know about magic? Great magic is originally created by wasting enough gold to fill a castle!

There’s no way the wizards invested for research would like the inspector.

However, people like inspectors were also essential to the empire.

If there is no such watchdog, who will protect investors?

“The wizards are just a little reluctant.”

“omg. “I’m a magician too.”

Gainando wondered if he had saved his enemy. The inspector was taken aback, but Gainando was already slowly taking a step back.

“stop. Cainan Island. “He’s just doing what he has to do.”

“Thank you, thank you.”

The inspector was moved by Lee Han’s words.

There was no one who could even say something like that.

However, Lee Han’s inner thoughts were different.

‘It’s a big deal.’

Come to think of it, didn’t Lee Han just use some of Rcicle’s highest quality and rare materials that research has already been blocked?

I didn’t know how the situation would turn out, but I couldn’t help but worry.

‘Even if it is impossible to purchase…’

Now that things were like this, I had no choice but to drag the inspector over to this side.

If we become friends, wouldn’t we look at this side in a slightly more advantageous way?

“really. His Royal Highness. “Thank you again for saving me.”

Before leaving, the inspector greeted me politely. Gainando looked at Lee Han with a proud face.


“What are you looking at? From now on, don’t worry your friends by disappearing without saying anything.”


Guyando grumbled as he followed behind Lee Han, and suddenly a thought occurred to him.

‘for a moment. Now that I think about it, there were a lot of things that made Lee Han worry by disappearing without a word!’

“This was the same for Lee Han!”

“Is that the same as that?”

“Stop talking nonsense.”


* * *

Returning to the Magic Tower, Alcicle cleared his throat and formally welcomed the inspector.

Of course, his eyes were slowly avoiding the inspector.

“Alsicle Pengerin. “I am here today as your representative, and this letter bears your seal.”

“I… I see.”

Alcicle glared at the letter as if he wanted to put it in his mouth and swallow it.

“yes. “If it doesn’t bother you, please tell me about the magic research currently in progress…”

“for a moment! Do you see the boy from the Wardanaz family over there?!”

Alcicle suddenly pointed at Lee Han.

Lee Han was puzzled.

‘Are you going crazy from the pressure?’

“yes? “I can see it, but…”

“I got a chance to teach that boy this time. But that boy is so amazing!”

“Is that so.”

The inspector from the capital had not yet heard the rumor from Grandeur City.

As such, the reaction was simply, ‘I guess they’re good because they’re from the Wardanaz family.’

“It’s not that bad. “I… your talent is better than mine.”

“Is that so!?”

The inspector was also a bit surprised by these words.

Who would have thought that Alcicle of the Pengerin family would say something like that.

In fact, Alcicle was so proud and angry that he had tears in his eyes.


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“Just… take a look…”

Lee Han understood what Alcicle was trying to do.

I was trying to change the subject somehow because I wanted to avoid the inspector.

‘My heart breaks.’

As a fellow wizard, and as someone who had torn down the Arcicle Magic Tower warehouse to learn cold elemental magic, Lee Han pledged to do his best to help.

“Cold, become a shield and float!”

Lee Han summoned a floating ice shield and even fog.

“Park Mu, spread! “Darkness, gather here!”

“Oh… oh oh oh!”

The inspector was not a wizard, but he had seen and confirmed numerous magics, so he knew full well that Lee Han’s ability to cast magic continuously was amazing.

What’s more, aren’t you still a young student?

“Bone… no. Not this. Shine!”

Lee Han fired the magic he had at a bloody speed.

The inspector continued to be impressed.

“Really amazing…”

“How much did you learn?!”

“Alsicle Pengerin?”

“Oh, sorry.”

Alcicle shouted without realizing it, but came to his senses after hearing the inspector’s words.

Lee Han did a good job of attracting attention, but he did it so well that he became distracted.

‘What on earth is Einroguard…?’

At this point, rather than being amazed at Lee Han’s talent, I was suspicious that Einrogard was teaching him too harshly.

Can I do this?

“Isn’t Einrogard’s education… no… amazing anyway?”

“yes. great.”

“I was teaching today…”

“Alsicle Pengerin. But I would like to see the research…”

“Well, that should be it. “Did you take a good look at the surrounding scenery on your way here?”

“I couldn’t afford to watch because I fell off a horse and broke my ankle.”

“I… I’m sorry. I should have had the spirit on standby. “I’m too busy with customers.”

“it’s okay. “His Royal Highness saved me.”

“Yeah, right? Do you know how great His Highness the Prince is? “I have many followers and even the great noble families of the empire support me!”


Ihan and Yoner’s faces turned bright red and they lowered their heads.

In fact, Gainando was standing blankly, not even knowing what he was talking about.

“uh? for a moment. “Is this my story?”

“…I guess not…?”

The inspector was surprised.

“Did you? “Actually, looking at the way you showed me, I didn’t think you would have any reputation.”

“Yes, yes! yes!”

“By the way, Alcicle Pengerin. “I want to see the research…”

Alcicle was on the verge of crying. Tears welled up at the corners of my eyes.

Lee Han, who couldn’t see anything, cleared his throat.

“Please wait a moment. “I’m sure you’re all sick from walking around during a blizzard, so I’ll bring you some warm drinks.”

“ah. “I’m fine.”

“Inspector. no. I know you’re strong, but you rolled around like that and you need to rest a little. Besides, other students…”

Lee Han winked.

Then Yoner, Ratford, and Nylia coughed violently.


“Ugh! Hehehe!”

“Hands… feeling at the tips of my fingers…”

‘I shouldn’t order Nilia from now on.’

The statue’s acting was so realistic that it actually stood out.

“Look. “The professor here is also pale because of the cold.”


Yumidihus was dumbfounded when he saw Lee Han saying such things to Boladi Bagrek.

I knew you weren’t afraid, but…

What was surprising was that Boladi Bagrek was also standing still and matching the rhythm.

“Okay, I understand. “It would be better to get some rest.”

“yes. “The drinks will be served shortly.”

* * *

Lee Han, who had gained time, asked Eumidhus.

“But what kind of research are you doing, Pengelin?”

“Alcicle Pengerin is challenging the extreme cold.”

Eumidihus tapped the floor with his staff. Then, pieces of ice on the floor of the Magic Tower rose into the air.

“Did you know that surprisingly, even cold elemental wizards often don’t know much about the true characteristics of the cold element?”

“Is that so?”

“That’s right. Basically, when all magic is pushed to its limit, it shows a different side. “We haven’t reached the extreme cold yet, but when we get to the edge, we can see unusual phenomena.”

By wizards’ standards, the biting snowstorm that was currently raging outside was considered ordinary cold.

When a snowstorm of that magnitude descends into a cold temperature that feels like a warm spring breeze, unusual phenomena can now be seen.

Magical power can move freely without any consumption or loss, or materials can lose viscosity and change into unusual forms…

“Or time stops… You’re not that surprised, are you?”

“ah. “I was listening in amazement.”

Actually, Lee Han wasn’t that surprised by those things.

If you always go to the extreme, a world beyond human imagination will unfold.

Even more so when it comes to magic.

“Of course, trying to do something like this is impossible for a wizard alone, so I am trying various methods…”

When Eumidhus said that, Lee Han felt very sorry for stealing Alcicle’s reagent.

That reagent will probably get into it in one way or another.

“But if you continued to study, wouldn’t it be difficult for the inspector to say anything? “There will be records…”

“I don’t think I would have written down the research log in such detail because it was annoying due to my personality.”


Lee Han asked Professor Boladi.

“professor. Do you have any advice for Pengelin?”


Professor Boladi was lost in thought and slowly opened his mouth.

“When running away, it is better not to leave any trace.”


Lee Han was about to ask what kind of experience he had to give such advice.

“Not like that.”

“That seems like the best option in the current situation.”

Professor Boladi gestured forward.

Lee Han looked away and was astonished.

Alcicle was looking around and packing his things.

“What are you doing?!”

“Uh, huh? this? Nothing. “I just suddenly wanted to collect some…”

“No matter what, you can’t run away!”

“Oh, running away. What are you talking about. “I’m not trying to run away.”

However, Alcicle’s eyes were frantically rolling back and forth from side to side.

Lee Han persuaded Alcicle.

“The inspector doesn’t know much about magic anyway. It would be better to prove that Pengelin studied diligently and did not waste anything else.”

“I bought a lot of sardines, but…”

Lee Han pretended not to hear and ignored it.

“Have you written anything in your journal? “What about the data?”

“excuse me.”

“…Wasn’t it a garbage dump?”

Alcicle looked slightly hurt at Lee Han’s words.

“Gainando will be dealing with the inspector, so let’s find him as quickly as possible.”

Lee Han quickly began sorting through the garbage dump, or rather, the warehouse where logs and materials were piled up.

Alcicle looked at him with an impressed face as he dusted the paper and quickly organized it by dividing it by the date written on it.

“Can’t you send Einroguard away and make him your disciple under me?”

In response to Alcicle’s question, Eumidhus smiled ambiguously.

If that were the case, the Einroguard professors might attack Alcicle’s magic tower.

“If you want to try it, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try it.”

“no. You want to be happy and have fun in Einrogard with your friends. “I didn’t need that.”

Alcicle decided to be considerate of Lee Han.

Of course, Alcicle learned magic on his own because he didn’t need any friends, but among the nobles, there were many who found happiness in cultivating friendships with friends.

Maybe Lee Han is like that too.

“Happy and joyful?”


“It is nothing.”

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