Life of a Magic Academy Mage Chapter 354

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Episode 354

Of course, refusing didn’t work.

Professor Boladi, who understood his student’s refusal as a sign of extraordinary humility and unwillingness to inconvenience his teacher, drew his cane.

Lee Han also immediately pulled out his wand as if he had been waiting.


Alcicle, unable to understand the situation, looked at the two in confusion.

The two were staring tightly as if they were about to duel.

“What are you doing now? “What are you doing?”

Professor Boladi showed it through action instead of explanation.


From the water spheres floating in the air, water droplets turned into needles and began to shoot out.

Professor Boladi clearly demonstrated how the ‘launch’ properties differ.

Even without complicated orbital transformation, each water droplet made a bloody sound, breaking the wall and hitting the floor.

“What!? “What are you doing!?”

However, Lee Han was not easy. The moment Professor Boladi lifted his wand, he was immediately reciting a spell.

“…Conquer the land!”

Casting the possible strengthening magics, Lee Han ran through the magic tower. If he stopped even just a little bit, a droplet of water would pierce Lee Han.

Fortunately, I had already cast the <Spatial Awareness> spell. Lee Han widened the distance and aimed at the spheres summoned by Professor Boladi.

“Ice, turn into an arrow and shoot!”

Professor Boladi’s brutal pressure made Lee Han’s instincts even sharper.

The spell was quickly shouted, and cold energy formed at the tip of the staff, then changed into the shape of an arrow and shot out.

Alcicle’s eyes widened in surprise even as Professor Voladi was destroying the surroundings.

‘Another time?!?!’

I thought it would take time to condense those processes, but I can’t believe I did it all at once.

Alcicle, who did not know how Lee Han was trained harshly in the first semester, could not help but be surprised.


‘Are you late!’

The magic was successful, but the sphere summoned by Professor Boladi slowly moved its position and avoided the ice arrow.

Lee Han clicked his tongue after failing to shoot it down.

‘With this…’

Although I was successful in tying several processes together, it took a bit longer in terms of time.

After seeing Lee Han chanting a spell, Professor Boladi moved the sphere.

‘…faster. You have to cast it faster to shoot it down.’

To overcome this situation, I had to shoot the arrow faster than I had just cast and drop the sphere.

“…Stop it, you crazy people!”

Alcicle waved his staff and began scattering cold air wherever he could.

The magic core summoned above the ceiling controlled the surrounding magic power with great power.

The sphere summoned by Professor Boladi lost its power and dispersed, and the ice arrows fired by Lee Han also lost their power and disappeared.

“What on earth are you doing…”

“Why do you disturb me?”

“…What are you saying! Fighting with a disciple in someone else’s magic tower!”

“It’s not a fight.”

Alcicle was dumbfounded by Professor Boladi’s words.

What does it mean if you’re not fighting just now?

Is it even education?



For a moment, Alcicle looked at Ihan, wondering if Boladi Bagrek had finally lost his mind.

“The teachings are correct.”


‘Should I send a letter to His Majesty the Emperor?’

* * *

Alcicle sat on a chair with Eumidhus and watched Boladi and Ihan’s meeting… no, teaching.

“…No matter how much you think about it, isn’t that a bit much?”

“But it’s effective. At least that’s what Boladi Bagrek claims.”

‘I knew he was crazy, but I didn’t know he was that crazy.’

Since we both studied under Yumidihus, we thought we knew something about Boladi Bagrek.

Although he was not from a prestigious family like Alcicle, he was a battle mage and duelist with a high reputation in the empire, so I thought he would act within common sense…


Lee Han was hit by water droplets and rolled around. As they continued to move, they were eventually surrounded and struck.

However, Professor Boladi gave no time to rest and attacked the fallen Lee Han again.

Even though Lee Han fell, he didn’t show any signs of weakness and just bounced back to increase the distance.

‘…is that the teaching? ‘Can I really teach like that?’

“Take a break.”

When Professor Boladi declared a break and returned, Alcicle asked in a cautious voice without realizing it.

“Boladi bagrek. “Do we really have to teach it that way?”

“Is there anything you want to say?”

“I mean… I mean. “It seems like a very dangerous, violent and primitive method.”


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Alcicle tried to talk back as best as he could, but it didn’t work out very well. Eumidyhus, who was listening next to him, tsked and clicked his tongue.

However, because the person listening was Professor Boladi, he did not get angry at the rudeness.


“There’s no way that method would be effective…”

Alcicle was speechless.

Certainly, the accomplishments of the boy from the Wardanaz family were truly remarkable.

No matter how talented you are, it’s to the point where I doubt whether it’s possible with talent alone.

‘…really? ‘Really?’

Alcicle was afraid, wondering if Voladi Bagrek’s teachings were really effective.

“Compare with you.”

“There’s no need to say that, Boladi Bagrek!”

Alcicle glared in anger.

Isn’t that too harsh for a guest visiting another wizard’s magic tower?

“…do whatever you want. “You’re a professor, so you probably have ideas.”

‘I don’t know much about Alcicle because he is not from Einrogard.’

Eumidhus, who was next to him, clicked his tongue inwardly.

If I were from Einrogard, I would never have thought things like, ‘Because you’re a professor, your actions must have meaning, right?’


When the break was over, Professor Boladi summoned the sphere again and started shooting it like crazy at Lee Han.

What was surprising was that Lee Han’s spell casting speed was also getting faster.

Alcicle was shocked and felt shaken by Boladi Bagrek’s teaching methods, which he had never seen before.

‘…No, no, no. That’s because of talent…’


As he thought about it and recognized the talent that the boy from the Wardanaz family had, Alcicle’s eyes welled up with tears.

Is there really a talent in the world that is greater than mine?

Of course, from the perspective of Eumidyhus, who was next to him, Alcicle suddenly looked like he was in tears.

“Are you doing this because you’re worried about Wardanaz? do not worry. “Boladi Bagrek won’t make a mistake in that area.”

“Wow… I just think that there really is someone more talented than me, so I feel sad and cry…”


Eumidihus cast a look of contempt and turned his head.

Alcicle, who continued to cough, felt something strange.

Professor Boladi, who was attacking, was briefly drinking a magic recovery potion, but his student, Lee Han, was not actually drinking anything.


“Yumidihus. Why does only Voladi Bagrek drink magic potion?”

“Wodanaz has a lot of magical power, so there is no need to drink it.”

“But shouldn’t I give you a bottle?”

“No, you really don’t need to drink it.”

“No matter how many people there are, there is no way that a fierce battle like that would not be burdensome…”

Alsicle, who was speaking, paused.

Eumidihus was speaking with his eyes.

“Is that true?”


Alcicle walked quietly to the back.

And then a sad, sad cry came from behind.

-Why does the world give me such talent…


Lee Han, who broke the floating ice shield and rolled to the feet of Eumidifus, chuckled and made eye contact with the old wizard.

“oh. Yumidhus. “Where has Pengelin gone?”

“…I went to the bathroom for a moment.”

“okay. “Cold, become fog!”

Lee Han cast the 2nd circle spell <Lesser Cold Fog>.

As one of the elemental magics learned from Alcicle, the cold fog spread around slowed down and cooled the flying water droplets.

Yumidihus was impressed without even realizing it when he saw the cold elemental force, which already consumed a lot of mana, being fired with a fog-type magic that also consumed a lot of mana.

“shit. It doesn’t fit me very well. Yumidhus. “Let me borrow this!”

As Professor Boladi’s sphere kept avoiding the ice arrows, Lee Han kicked the wooden chair Alcicle was sitting on, breaking it, and then cast <Lesser Frost Impartment> on the fragments.

“Cold, dwell in!”

Lee Han used a telekinetic spell to throw away a piece of wood that dispersed cold air.

A piece of ice would shatter if a few water droplets penetrated it, but a piece of wood would hold up a little longer.

However, Professor Boladi did not panic and calmly concentrated his attack, destroying the piece of wood in the air.

“This doesn’t work either… Eumidhus. “I’ll borrow some of that too!”

Seeing Lee Han trying to break the table while Alcicle was away, Eumidhus momentarily wondered if he should stop him.

I was definitely getting some quick results, but…

* * *

As the sun set and the training ended, Alcicle brought back the frozen sardines that had been left in the corner.

“…I will do the cooking.”

“okay? “Is this delicious even if I just eat it?”

The habit of taking something to eat before going somewhere, developed thanks to Einrogard’s experience, saved Lee Han.

Lee Han prepared stir-fried mushrooms and vegetables for Professor Boladi and cream stew for Yumidihus.

Alcicle was amazed as he chewed the frozen sardines.

“Why do you cook?”

“It shows respect for the teacher. “You should learn something too.”

“If I had a servant, I would have served Eumidyhus…”


Eumidhus wondered where to start.

Alsicle, who had swallowed a whole sardine, asked Eumidyhus.

“So, how many of the magic tricks taught today have you mastered?”

Alcicle taught not only Ice Arrow but also many other magics.

The same goes for the Lesser Cold Fog (the moment Professor Voladi was teaching, he pushed away and started attacking), and the Lesser Cold Bestow (Similarly, Professor Voladi intervened as soon as this was over)…

It seemed like all the low-circle magic that could be taught through cold were taught.

Although it was not his area of ​​expertise, Alcicle was clearly a wizard who had achieved mastery in cold magic, in that he could teach a variety of things such as summoning, illusion, enchantment, and transformation.

“I learned everything.”


“ah. “Except for summons.”

The magic to summon a cold spirit was one of the easiest things I learned today.

After hearing this, Alcicle’s shoulders narrowed even further.

“Is it so easy that you didn’t even want to do it?”

“It’s not like that.”

“I think that’s right… Eup.”

“I’m going to eat sardines or something.”

Eumidihus, tired of explaining, threw the sardine into his snout.

“We still lack a lot in terms of speed.”

Professor Boladi opened his mouth.

Actually, it was natural.

Compared to the simplest 1st circle magic, the magic I learned today is 2nd and 3rd circle.

As there was more to the process, it was difficult to keep up with the casting speed.

But that was dissatisfying to Professor Boladi.

‘Is that so?’

“That’s enough, does this crazy person want to be called the Disciple Killer…?”

Alcicle was a noble family and maintained their dignity, but today there were so many shocking things that my inner feelings just came out.

Of course, Professor Boladi ignored whatever Alcicle said.

He thought that his teaching skills were lower than his.

“The food is ready. “What were you talking about?”

“You were saying that you had a really hard time.”

Eumidhus spoke kindly.

Whatever it was, there was no denying that the boy from the Wardanaz family did well against the two madmen today.

What wizard could master the basics of frost magic so perfectly under Alcicle and Voladi?

Bang bang bang!

“Wardanaz!! Wardanaaz!!!”


Someone knocked hard on the door of the magic tower and called Lee Han’s name.

Lee Han, who recognized that it was Nilia’s voice, woke up in surprise.

“Nilia? “How can you…what’s going on?”

“Oh… uh, the prince is shipwrecked!”


Alcicle also woke up in surprise.

“I can’t believe the prince is shipwrecked. This is not normal! I’ll come find it myself. “Tell other followers to stay inside the magic tower!”

“Are there any other followers?”

“I don’t have one…”

Nilia and her friends looked away with embarrassed expressions.

It seemed like the penguin wizard was misunderstanding something.

Even if you save Gainando, the famous people of the empire won’t thank you…

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