Life of a Magic Academy Mage Chapter 353

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Episode 353

“Why are you doing that?”

Alcicle looked at Eumidyhus with distant eyes.

“Alsicle pengerin. “What kind of reagents are these here?”


In response to his teacher’s extremely absurd question, Alcicle trailed off as if he was sorry.

“Are you unable to recognize what kind of reagent this is…?”


Eumidihus was contemplating whether to beat up the disciple who felt sorry for him, but held back.

“…I didn’t ask because I didn’t recognize you. “It’s the horn of the frosty deer, Mt. Glacier, perennial snow, and Seolhwangdan.”

“Then why did you ask?”

“I’m asking if you can use this since your pocketbook isn’t that good. “You’ll have to do your research too.”

The biggest problem when learning cold elemental magic was the nature of the cold element itself.

Life is basically an entity that emits heat and rejects cold.

No matter how cold and harsh the surrounding environment was, it was not easy for a living wizard to accept the cold into his body.

So, cold elemental wizards used reagents to transform the properties of cold.

It has the coldness of cold air, but does not harm the wizard’s body.

Of course, it was not an easy task and expensive reagents were involved.

The more expensive and rare the reagent, the better the performance, so it was not a bad choice for Rcicle to bring out such expensive reagents.

…Because it looks like all of Alcicle’s assets.


It seems that Alcicle only then realized his situation too late.

Eumidhus sighed, feeling pathetic at the hesitation and observation.

“Even now…”

“It’s probably because Pengelin doesn’t really need these reagents.”



Eumidhus and Alcicle looked at Ihan at the same time.

However, Lee Han continued speaking without changing his expression.

“An excellent wizard doesn’t choose his wand, right?”

“That’s true, but what Alcicle is trying to do is…”

“Yes? Mr. Pengelin?”

“Water, of course.”

Alcicle nodded to Lee Han’s question.

“To me, reagents like that are just… decorations. “Should I say that it’s enough to just go out and pick up a snowflake without needing anything like that?”

“I thought you would, too. ruler. Please proceed.”


Eumidihus thought that he should not leave Lee Han alone with Alcicle from now on.

At first, I was worried that Alcicle would bother Lee Han, but now I think I wouldn’t be surprised if Lee Han would just eat Alcicle if they were left alone.

* * *


Even though it was clearly inside the sealed magic tower, a snowstorm began to rage, colder than the snowy mountains outside.

What was surprising was that this cold snowstorm had no effect on Lee Han’s body.

Cold but not cold eyes.

It was a strange phenomenon that only magic could create.

“Originally, it is difficult to use the cold element unless it is a specific environment.”

Alcicle waddled over and pointed at the ceiling.

A huge magic core placed on the ceiling of the tower was spreading cold air.

The cold element was difficult to maintain naturally among the elements, so it was inconvenient to use it unless it was in a specific natural environment or with such a magical device.

For wizards who have reached the highest level, such inconveniences are not a problem, but the problem is for new wizards who are learning.

Alcicle rummaged around in a corner and pulled out a cane. That expression was full of pride.

“ruler. Look at this. see?”


“okay. “It’s Frostagon’s egg.”

The huge insect egg stuck to the tip of the wand emitted a strange blue glow and glowed strangely.

A wand with this cold attribute was a great help to new wizards.

“This wand is so precious that three people were seriously injured and seven others were injured at the frost wizard auction in the North where this wand was sold.”


Lee Han, who was listening, thought to himself.

Why are there injuries at the auction meeting?

“I will lend you this wand. Wardanaz. “Better than me… worse than me… ugh… so if he’s a talented person like you, he’ll be a good fit.”

Alcicle could not bear to say that his talent was higher or lower than him, so he ended up expressing it differently.

“Thank you…”

“Wardanaz. “You must have a stone given to you by the king of the frost giants.”


Lee Han cursed himself for not sending Professor Boladi outside.

‘shit. I was complacent. I shouldn’t have let my guard down.’

Professor Boladi had a knack for breaking the ice not only in his own lectures but also in other people’s lectures.


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Alcicle, who had not yet grasped the situation, blinked and asked.

“A stone given by the king of the frost giants?”

“Well… um…”

No matter how gifted Lee Han was, he couldn’t come up with the right words in the current situation.

The kind Professor Boladi answered for me.

“The stone I received from my fight with the king of the frost giants is on my staff. “Better than Frostagon’s egg.”


Lee Han could see tears welling up in Alcicle’s eyes.

Alcicle turned his head for a moment, sniffled, and then came back. His expression was solemn, but his eyes were red.

“Then… I guess you don’t need a wand.”


“…Can’t you go out for a while? Boladi Bagrek?”

Alcicle spoke to Professor Boladi in a very grumpy voice.

But Professor Boladi answered seriously.

“If there is a mistake in education, it must be pointed out.”


Alcicle could not refute Professor Boladi’s words.

Unlike Voladi Bagrek, who had a lot of experience teaching students as a professor at Einrogard, Alcicle had no teaching experience.

Of course, Lee Han was dumbfounded.

‘I knew you had no conscience, but you are truly amazing!’

How can you lie so calmly and say that there is no one to testify against Einrogard?

“…Bring in the cold first.”


With Lee Han’s spell, cold energy began to gather at the tip of the staff.

The air around him became colder, and goosebumps appeared on Lee Han’s skin.

“The foundation is in place. Let’s start with shape transformation. Conical shape.”

“Cold, to the cone!”

“Arrow shape.”

“Cold, with arrows!”

“…in the form of a shield.”

“Frost, use your shield!”


When Alcicle suddenly became silent, Lee Han thought he had made a mistake.

“…Is this your first time learning frost magic?”

“yes? no. “I learned it from Professor Boladi.”


Alcicle shouted with a bright face.

“Then you shouldn’t have said so! “You were surprised!”

It was Alsicle, who was shocked because he thought Lee Han had learned it all at once.

When I heard that it wasn’t, my heart suddenly felt warm.

Professor Boladi, who was watching from the side, opened his mouth.

“I don’t do that kind of transformation into various forms…”

“ruler. What is the next lesson?”


Alcicle waved his staff.

Then, a piece of ice floating in the air flew away quickly, making an ear-piercing sound.


“Perhaps this is why Eumidifus made me learn cold elemental magic. “Water is not an element suitable for launch.”

“But isn’t it okay if you use it for operational purposes?”

Lee Han asked curiously.

‘Launch’ and ‘operation’ seemed similar, but their principles were different.

What Alcicle just showed was that after calculating an accurate orbit, a powerful force was used to launch a piece of ice.

In contrast, the water beads or iron beads that Lee Han often used were a method in which the magician directly targeted the target and controlled it individually.

It was possible to control it carefully, but it took a tremendous amount of effort to become skilled enough to use it.

“Why do you go to such lengths? All you have to do is learn other elements and learn firing magic.”

“…To respond quickly in an emergency situation?”

Professor Boladi nodded at his student’s words.

However, Alcicle did not understand Lee Han’s words.

“You don’t often find yourself in that kind of situation, do you? I think you just need to act to avoid getting into that situation in the first place. If you try to prepare for everything like that, you have to prepare for everything. Above all, it would take too much time to achieve any usable power through operation.”


Lee Han looked at Professor Boladi without realizing it. Professor Boladi looked puzzled, as if asking why.

“If you want to use it in battle, it’s better to learn the attributes suited to the battle. Let’s take a short break and practice firing.”

“ah. “I’m fine.”

“no. “Even if it looks okay now, there will definitely be a loss of magical power.”

Alcicle uncorked the magic recovery potion and took a sip. He also threw the potion at Lee Han.

“Drink and restore your magic. The cold element consumes more magic power than expected. If you think of it like any other element, you could get seriously hurt. Hehehe. “You didn’t know this, right?”

Alcicle seemed very excited to be able to teach Lee Han.


“thank you. “I’ll drink it well.”

Before Professor Boladi could further lower the temperature in the room with useless words, Lee Han stopped talking and drank the potion.

Of course, it had no effect.

* * *

Firing was a concept used in many elemental magics.

In order to shoot something like a fire arrow, a frost arrow, or a rock arrow, you had to learn this shooting attribute.

Of course, learning this was not simple.

Basically, you had to have a sense of distance and direction, and you also had to learn how much magic power you had to put in to get the right amount of power…


“Is that correct?”

The piece of ice Lee Han fired accurately penetrated the target.

Although the launch properties were not easy, it was bound to be relatively easy as someone who had performed much more difficult operations than this.

Alcicle gaped.

I’ve already practiced shape transformation, but it’s definitely not the firing attribute…

“Pyeong, it’s normal. “It’s about average.”

“Is that so?”

Lee Han was puzzled.

It didn’t seem like I made any mistakes, but it was normal.

“What needs to be fixed?”

“…I said that the water element and the cold element are quite closely related, right? “One of them is this.”

Alcicle could not take back what he had said, so he pushed ahead.


When I waved my wand, the ice cube stuck in the wall evaporated and strongly absorbed the surrounding heat.

Then, the cold air surrounding the ice sculpture spread explosively.

“You have to combine the evaporation property and use explosive ice arrows to get a high rating.”

As Alcicle spoke, he glanced at Boladi Bagrek.

Even if he said it himself, it was too much bullshit.

The ice arrow shooting spell was already a 3-circle spell, but they added the evaporation attribute to it.

Considering the difficulty of the evaporation attribute, I am one of the best 4-circle magic…


When Lee Han cast the spell, the flying ice fragment hit the wall and evaporated, causing damage.

Lee Han was very happy when he succeeded at once.

I learned the evaporation property with the water element, but I never thought it could be applied so easily to the cold element.


“Ah… ah… I’m still not good enough, right?”

“Is that so?”

Lee Han started to feel a little suspicious about something.

I think this is above average…

‘Aren’t the standards for cold elemental wizards too high?’

“professor. Originally, cold elemental magic wasn’t this strict… Oh, no.”


Lee Han, who was trying to ask Professor Boladi, quickly gave up.

Even if I asked him, he was of no significance.

“All right. “What can I fix this time?”

“You should be able to condense each process and cast it all at once!”

Alcicle shouted with a bright face.

I came up with some pretty plausible conditions.

In order to clearly prove proficiency, one had to be able to cast the magic process at once rather than casting it one by one.

“Obviously that will take some time.”

“yes? yes?! yes??!”

Alcicle was very happy and nodded repeatedly.

‘Is this something to be happy about?’

Professor Boladi opened his mouth next to me.

“I will help you.”

“haha. it’s okay.”

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