Leveling with the Gods Chapter 469

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* * *

Zeus lifted his head and looked up.

Eyes floating in the sky.

I’ve seen quite a few outerwear, but this one felt a little different somehow.

‘Let me try it.’

Zeus stretched out his hand.

Kwarung-! A huge thunderbolt was created in his hand.

King of Olympus.

The result of that divinity was contained in a single spear.

Next moment.


When Zeus threw down the spear, the world turned golden again.

A spear flew towards a half-open eye.

Unfortunately, the light emitted from the tip of the spear soon disappeared.

“You don’t even blink.”

Expected result.

When the snow first appeared, I didn’t think it would be this easy to handle.

That was the feeling.

That guy will be the biggest obstacle in this fight.

“Why not bring Hades instead?”

Zeus answered the voice in the back of his head without even turning his head.

“Do you know anything about that guy?”

“About half.”

“If you know, you know, right?”

Zeus then looked back at Yuwon, as if wondering what kind of answer he was giving.

There were already corpses of Outers on the ground. Among them, Yuwon walked, stepping on the blood stains on the floor.

“I guess that’s not important now.”

“Well, but why eldest brother?”

“Because lightning won’t work on that guy.”

I’m scared to say those words.

[‘The star of the night that brings destruction’ sings.]


Starry lyrics that cannot be heard by human ears rang out.


Wiggle, clatter-.

The bodies of the dead Outers who fell to the ground begin to move. What was a small wriggler at first soon regained life as if it had died and been resurrected.

Most of the corpses of Outer were the work of Zeus.

Zeus’s eyebrows twitched as he looked at the Outers being revived by the lyrics of the song.

“You survived?”

“As the lyrics say, it kills the living and raises the dead. “The heavens and the earth turn upside down, the end begins, and misfortune and sadness cover the world.”

“That’s a pretty detailed explanation. “You said you only knew half of it.”

“I know. “I think I know a lot.”

What kind of strange words is this?

Yuwon looked up at Zeus’s expression of not understanding and said.

“It’s a kind of firework.”


“okay. “Fireworks that signal the start of a fight.”

“Please explain in detail.”

“It means this board is bigger than I thought. Because of them.”

Yuwon’s gaze turned to the dead and resurrected Outers.

Their resurrection will not end in one go. As a result, this was a fight that would only end when that eye was killed.

But why?



Zeus actually nodded and muttered at those words.

“That’s good.”

“… … ?”

It’s good because the fight is big.

It was something that only Son Goku would say.

‘It’s not like my personality has changed.’

Is it because he went to numerous battlefields with people like Son Goku and Asura?

I could see the expressions on the faces of the guys who were excited about the fight. Their expressions showed excitement and anticipation before the fight.

But there was nothing like that in Zeus’ eyes.

If I had to put it that way, it was like earnestness or relief.

Emotions that did not fit well with the person Yuwon knew were visible in his eyes.

“What do you plan on doing?”

A question from Zeus, who once again created a thunderbolt in his hand and grabbed it.



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It was such an obvious question.


As if responding to Zeus’ thunderbolt.

The purple flames around Yuwon writhe and spread around.

[‘A dancer dancing with flames’ rules over ‘the flames of death and decay.’]


A world that follows the gesture and turns into a sea of ​​fire again.

The outerwear that was swallowed up by the flames shriveled and shrieked as they were consumed by the flames.

It unleashes enough power to instantly turn an area the size of a city into a sea of ​​fire.

Looking at the flame, Zeus narrowed his eyes.

‘This is from before-.’

This was clearly the flame that had burned the city just moments ago.

The power of the outer comes from outside the tower.

But now, that power has now manifested itself in Yuwon’s hands.

“Let me give you this answer instead.”

“But it won’t be a hindrance.”


[‘The Goat of the Black Forest with a Thousand Mountain Goats’ calls the goats.]

Among the burning flames.

“Do you still think I’ll be in the way?”



A familiar crying sound was heard. At that moment, Zeus felt the fur on his entire body stand up and goosebumps appeared.

This crying sound.

A year has passed, but I remember it clearly. Numerous mountain goats and the face of Shub Niguras appeared in Zeus’ mind.

Kwaung, kwaarung-!

Lightning raining down from the sky.

I knew it.

At least the goats that have appeared now are not Shub Nigguras’ cubs.



Seeing the howling goats that appeared around Yuwon, I couldn’t help but think of bad memories.

‘I was just wondering what you’ve been doing for a year.’



An amusement park wearing purple flames and leading hundreds of mountain goats.

Zeus couldn’t help but laugh as he looked at him.

‘Didn’t I just waste time?’

thank god.

That’s what I thought.

Zeus turned his body so that Yuwon could not see him and smiled slightly, and the thunderbolt in his hand headed towards the sky.


A rain of thunderbolts breaking from the sky and falling down.

A congratulatory gun was thrown announcing the start of the battlefield.

* * *

Kwarung-! Kurrrrr-.


Far away.

You can clearly see fireworks and lightning exploding so far away that you can’t even see them with your eyes.

The rankers gathered at the management office on the 11th floor were confused as they watched the fight.

“Ooh, what should we do?”

“… … Well, what do you do? “Stay still.”

“But this is our responsibility?”

“It’s our responsibility, it’s our responsibility, and what are we going to do about getting involved in that fight?”

“is it?”

It was a battle of high rankers, that is, high rankers with single digit rankings.

There was nothing the rankers living in this lower class could do to intervene in such a fight.

All they can do now is rescue the residents and players, and request support from other high rankers.

“What about support? “Where are you?”

“No matter how many times I ask for assistance, who can come so quickly?”

“It looks like you’re here.”

A deep voice came from behind me.

The Olympus ranker turned his head to see something and was surprised to see his face.

“Ha, ha, Hades?”


The surprise of the ranker who discovered Hades first caught the attention of the rankingrs in the management bureau.

Tall man with black hair, dark face.

Hades, the high ranker of Olympus who rules Hell, was there.

“Greetings to the throne of death!”

Chuck, Chuck-.

The rankers stopped and knelt down towards him. No matter how busy he is, Hades is a high ranker who plays a part in Olympus.

It was impossible to forget to be polite to him.

“It’s time to say hello. “Now is not the time to receive something like that.”


“What about evacuation of residents?”

“We will handle it as soon as possible.”

“I’ve handled it, but I’ll handle it?”

Hades’ eyebrows twitched.

It was a very small change in expression, but the ranker standing in front of him realized that his life was on the line.

The very short silence of Hades felt like an eternity. Hades opened his mouth towards the ranker who was nervous and lowered his head.

“Expand the scope of evacuation further. “I don’t know how big the battlefield will grow.”

There was dignity in the low-pitched voice. Ranker, who received the order, felt as if his head would be cut off if he made a mistake, and responded by tightening his body.

“yes! All right!”

“Hurry up.”

“I’ll keep that in mind. Well, what should the throne of death do here…? … .”

It was a cautious question.

When the purple sky appeared on the 11th floor and a major battle broke out, the management bureau naturally contacted the high rankers of Olympus.

Of course, the news would have also reached Hades, who was temporarily acting as the acting guild leader in Olympus.

But it was definitely strange for him to be here at this point, when not even a few hours had passed.

Even if he was one of the top high-rankers in this tower, it was impossible for him to arrive so quickly.

Of course, it was the same for Zeus.

“I followed my younger brother who suddenly became immature.”

Why Hades is here.

He continued speaking while looking at the light from Zeus’ thunderbolt.

“The situation is like this.”

“yes. “I seem to remember something from a year ago, when I was asked for support.”


Black smoke dispersed from the spot.

Just a moment ago, there was definitely Hades in front of here.

‘… … ‘Have you come to warn me?’

The 11th floor is the realm of Olympus.

If the battle that took place here resulted in greater damage to civilian residents, it would be a stain on the face of Olympus.

It was an order given directly by Hades.

Die this way or die that way.

Now I had no choice but to move anyway.

“Everyone go out to the field and run. “Do not let any of the residents die.”

* * *

Quad deuk-!

The goat’s teeth bit into the tentacle. The mountain goat let out a small cry as it chewed the bitten tentacle.


Jeokjeok, Jeokjeok-.

One by one, the outer bodies fell into the mouths of the goats.

And the pieces of the name contained in those outerwear came to Yuwon one by one through the mountain goat.

[‘… … A piece of the name ‘?’ was obtained.]

[‘?’s name fragment has been obtained.]

[‘… … ?’of… … .]

[Magic power increases slightly.]

A message that rings continuously without stopping.

It was also the name of Shub Niguras. Even if one name was split into hundreds or thousands of parts, the size of each name was different.

The sea is still the sea no matter how divided it is. The status of a nameless mountain goat surpassed that of most names.


Yuwon, riding a mountain goat, looked around the battlefield with his arms crossed.


An outer body covered in hundreds of millions of scales, resembling a giant dinosaur, approached behind the mountain goat Yuwon was riding.


This time it’s quite a big one.

Yuwon admired the guy and his eyes lit up. He was getting bored with all the small talk.


At that time, a wave of golden lightning struck and pushed the dinosaur away.

A dinosaur whose entire body becomes charred in an instant.

Still, the guy stumbled for a moment as if it was worth it, but then he fell sideways.

“Why are you disturbing me?”

Yuwon turned his head and looked at Zeus. It was difficult to get my name back properly after being reduced to a lump of charcoal like that.

Everyone was equally dissatisfied.

Unlike Zeus, who was busy moving around, Yuwon just climbed on the goat’s back and waved his hands.

“What are you doing here?”

The question is, why don’t you fight properly?

Yuwon answered Zeus’ question while looking at his almost fully opened eyes.

“I’m waiting.”




“A card to deal with that guy.”

It was another unexpected answer.

Two people fighting together but fighting separately.

And Zeus wasn’t the only thing I was curious about for a short period of time.

“But you’re not tired just from fighting that.”

Zeus’ breathing seems somewhat rough.

“What happened to you all this time?”


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