Leveling with the Gods Chapter 470

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“… … .”

Zeus remained silent for a moment in response to Yuwon’s question.

The person who tried to scold me for not fighting properly ended up being completely dumb. Zeus is speechless. He was seeing a scene that was difficult to imagine.

“Have you hit the nail on the head?”

“I’m fine.”

“The answer is late?”

My eyebrows twitch.

I can’t believe I can hide my expression like that. It certainly seemed like nothing had happened.


Odin’s story flashed through Yuwon’s mind.

“They said there was a deal. “With an unknown robin.”


The fight with Shub Nigguras that took place a year ago.

I remembered the foolish chaos moving in that fight.

“Did you do business with that guy too?”

“You’re a ghost.”

A quiet exclamation.

It was positive, not negative. Unlike Mimir, Yuwon was quite surprised this time, thinking that what he had said was actually true.

Still, there is one thing that is fortunate.

“What on earth did you deal with?”

Unlike Mimir, who is trapped by the curse of knowledge and is asleep without knowing when he will wake up, he can ask questions of Zeus.

“It wasn’t a big deal. “Instead of helping me kill the goat, I was planting a seed inside its body.”


Zeus raised his head and looked up at the clouds in the sky.

As if recalling something from a year ago, he continued the story, omitting many details.

“It was a small vial. “I took the deal and drank what was in it.”

“Why that?”

“I thought I could win. Whatever it contains.”

It was the result of pride and arrogance.

I didn’t have any regrets. Even if this was the case, this result was not unexpected.

No matter what fight it was, there was no fight that could be won unconditionally. Moreover, Zeus had already been defeated by Yuwon once.

“There isn’t much time.”

Zeus rolled up his sleeves and held out his hands.

Blurry hands.

Somehow, it seemed like he was already exhausted from just fighting this, but there was a reason.


Just for a moment to show your hand.

Zeus soon lowered his sleeves again to hide his hands. As if showing weakness ends here.

“I don’t know what you’re waiting for, but you do your job. I will fight my way. step.”

Zeus’s eyes lit up.

Behind him, the revived Outers were flocking in to the song the snow was singing.

“Do it right. “It’s enough to be disappointed once.”

After saying that, he turns around.

Soon, as if it was a waste of time, he did not spare any magical energy and surrounded his body with electricity. Even though it seemed dangerous to just stand still, he started fighting again.


When Zeus and the group of Outers collided, their bodies burned black and flew into the sky.

It’s definitely strong though.

‘It was burning.’

Zeus now seemed more in danger than ever.

‘What deal did foolish Chaos have with that guy?’

It was around this time that I began to think deeply.


The black darkness covering the ground swept away the resurrected Outers.

Although it was not as flashy as Zeus’ lightning, the Outers who were swept away by the darkness all lost their minds and fell to the ground.

Magical power of the dark attribute was rare.

Among them, there is probably only one person in this tower who can handle this level of dark attribute power.

“I was wondering what was going on downstairs.”


A tall man appeared in the gathering darkness, flapping his long clothes.

“As expected, it was like this.”


This was the card Yuwon was waiting for.

Since the 11th floor is the floor ruled by Olympus, I expected him to move, but I never thought he would arrive so quickly.

“Are you following Zeus?”

“It did. But it looks like he ended up following you. “That guy must have followed you.”

“Does it matter who you follow? “It’s important that Hades is here right now.”




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Hades looked puzzled by the unexpectedly strong welcome.

Yuwon’s gaze turned to the eyes above.

Eyes wide open and looking down.

The star of the night that brings destruction.

The person who dealt with that eye was not Yuwon or Zeus.

“You too must join in this fight.”

“That was my intention from the beginning.”

“Please take care of those eyes.”

Yuwon pointed to the eye in the sky.

“Zeus can’t catch that thing alone.”

“If Zeus can’t catch it, I won’t be of much help, right?”

“It will work.”

Yuwon held out his hand forward.

Is this a handshake to mean good wishes? Or is it a gesture to exchange points?

“What are you doing? “Don’t catch it.”

I wondered what he was doing, but I couldn’t just ignore the hand he was giving me.

Hades held Yuwon’s hand as he reached forward. And that moment.

[‘King of the Dead’ determines the owner.]

[‘King of the Dead’ determines suitability.]

The scenery before Hades’ eyes changed.

“… … !”

Deep in the sea.

Bodies were floating in it, and all kinds of souls were visible.

Sea of ​​the Dead.

The gazes of the beings swimming within it all turned towards Hades.

[‘The sea of ​​the dead’ worships you.]

[‘Title – King of the Dead’ has been acquired.]

* * *

Hades lost focus.

Yuwon licked his lips with regret at Hades’ reaction.

‘It’s a shame, but… … ‘It’s better this way.’

King of the Dead was originally a title for Hades.

He obtained Quinae, made using the Black God Stone, and obtained the title of King of the Dead that Susanoo held, increasing his ranking.

Even during his prime, Hades was able to enter the top 30 rankings, surpassing many high rankers who had achieved godhood.

Originally, King of the Dead was a title for Hades. This was a case where the title owner was chosen by oneself, rather than being obtained as a reward in Susanoo’s dungeon like Yuwon.

Among other things.

‘That guy belongs to Hades.’

The guy he’s dealing with now is not that guy. ‘The Star of the Night Bringing Destruction’ is a pretty big name, but he had to look a little further.


The tip of the knife in my hand trembled.

As if he couldn’t take it anymore.

‘then… … .’

Yuwon’s head turned upward.

I felt like I had to hurry now, even if only to soothe Karl from crying.

Quad deuk-.

[The power of a giant resides in your legs.]

The power of a giant residing in two legs.

Jump up to the clouds with all your might.


The night star that brings destruction.

An eye with the real name of Gross looks at Yuwon.

Those eyes that ask where you dare to climb.

Was he trying to block Yuwon’s path? The image of a small person appeared in the red eyes.

And its forward.


Zeus appears and grabs the red seal’s neck.

“If you want to live, stay crushed there.”

At a glance, Zeus’ gaze suddenly turned to Yuwon, who was heading higher.

All it took was a brief moment of space.

Now all that’s left is.

“of course.”


“Even if you don’t do anything, they will kill you.”


Golden electricity surrounds the red eyes. Yuwon did not stop despite the loud thunder and light coming from below.

So above the clouds.

Let’s reach what appears to be a purple ‘sky’.

Two hit!

Above the world that broke through the clouds, Yuwon met the person who had been waiting for him.

“You’re here.”

The foolish Chaos, who was observing the situation while looking down at the clouds, looked at Yuwon.

How many times have we met this time?

It was difficult to count them all. But in the first of them, Yuwon was holding out his sword in front of foolish chaos.

“Did you know you would come?”


The clouds were solid.

Enough to step on it and stand on it.

Thanks to this, there was no need to use magic power to step on empty space.

Yuwon approached the foolish chaos.

“I knew. “Either now or later.”

“Then you should have run away.”

“Even if you run away, it will eventually follow you. “But I think I’m misunderstanding something.”


“I didn’t do this. “I was just watching.”

“Does not matter. “Still, these guys will protect you.”



Tentacles and fog wrapped around foolish chaos. A feast of names unfolds above it.

The habit of protecting the leader of the group is the same everywhere. This was something I knew from fighting them a long time ago.

“Are you trying to use me as a provocation?”

The foolish confusion in the voice was mixed with laughter.

“Do whatever you want. “I have nothing to lose anyway.”

Without getting up from where he was sitting, he hid behind other outerwear.

Yuwon looked at such foolish chaos with puzzled eyes.

Even though the main body hasn’t passed over yet, it still received the name of Shub Nigguras.

I thought he would still put up a fight at this level.

‘Are you saying you won’t let it go that easily? or not-.’

Does this mean there is no reason to fight here?

I guess it didn’t matter.

If there is no reason to fight, just make sure you have no choice but to fight.


Yuwon’s eyes turned to the tip of the knife in his hand.

[‘? (Incomplete)’ confronts the existence of another world.]

[‘?(Incomplete)’ awaits your choice.]

When I put my heart into it, the sword responded.


Yuwon knew what this sword was made of.

The otherworldly sword was made by melting down Hephaestus’ hammer and using his fist as a hammer.

And this was the sword made by the current Hephaestus by melting down such an otherworldly sword.

The sword was created for only one purpose.

It was to cut down the otherworldly beings in front of him.


A flame of death and decay. The power of the name I knew as Seonghwa was revealed.

Flames spread around Yuwon. The power of the name danced around the sword, shouting for people to use it quickly.

It was an unfamiliar feeling.

It’s definitely a different feeling than when I’ve dealt with Seonghwa so far.

There was one reason for this unfamiliar sensation.

‘Is it because of the name?’

Holy fire.

A flame named the Flame of Death and Decay.

The name was originally two and one. The flame of the dancer dancing with the flame meant the flame of death and decay.

And now that the two names have come together, the flame has finally ignited perfectly.


Yuwon wrapped flames around the tip of his sword like that.

‘Let me swing it.’

A circle was drawn with the tip of the knife.


Together with the outerwear, it cuts down the purple clouds in the sky on the 11th floor.

Hwareuk, Hwaaaa!


Hundreds, thousands.

A single sword strike that splits into tens of thousands of branches.

The outer bodies were cut to pieces and the flames burned their bodies to black ashes. The flames created a storm, and the swordsmanship did not stop.

It was as if he was possessed by something.

Yuwon swung his sword again.

[‘A dancer dancing with flames’ rules over ‘the flames of death and decay.’]


Another knife.


And another knife.

The sword wrapped in flames did not stop.

At one point, Yuwon, who was dancing like a dancer, ended up at the tip of his sword.


He turned to the foolish chaos who was sitting as if he had nothing to do with this fight.


He removed the robe that covered his face.


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