Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 966

Simultaneous Incident (2)

Ikael clenched his fists.

Rather than feeling combative, it seemed as if he was desperately holding on to something.

Eventually, an unbearable cry leaked out.


It will be like a miracle.

A dead child coming back to life and telling her it wasn’t the mother’s fault.


Satiel asked coldly.

“What happened? If it is true that the memory was recovered, an explanation for it… …

Uriel stopped talking.


Satiel glared at him with fearful eyes.

“What are you? Did you just tell me’?”

“Whatever memories are lost, they are in the past. Ikael-sama hasn’t chosen anything yet.”


Satiel snorted.

“Is it in the past? Ikael cheated on us. He knew everything and pretended not to know.”

“Hey you.”

Sirone said with anger.

“Quiet. I am talking right now.”

It was anger with a reason, but Satiel, who was in the position of being victimized, was absurd.

“Are humans trying to be equal to archangels? Would you like me to kill you right now?”

Ikael said.

“Satiel, Uriel is right. I will judge and I will decide.”


Satiel felt a great sense of contempt rising from the depths of his mind. Guffin and Ikael, Sirone and Ikael. The relation of the latter, the lost former

It is all about endlessly stimulating memories.

‘hate. I hate you so much.’

It seemed more crazy because it wasn’t clear, and finally, Satiel’s reason evaporated.

“shut up.”

Ikael’s eyes twitched.

Swearing at the archangel was one of the few incidents in the history of heaven.

Uriel looked back, but Satiel’s face was already distorted like a monster.

“why? What are you guys?”

It seemed out of context, but Sirone and Ikael understood it correctly.

“How the hell are you guys doing this to me because you’re so handsome?”

The innocence disappeared from the starlight body, and tears of blood instead of light flowed from the eyes.

Three-headed Mara Ionas said.

“Satiel, fix it. You should be reminded of the mechanism of the fallen angels.”

Can angels fall?

Perhaps, if possible, it was when the mind dwelled in the pure mental body.

heart that hurts.

And the heart that torments oneself only comes out when one is prepared.

“What are you ignoring me for?”

Satiel didn’t stop.

Every time Sirone and Ikael agreed, it felt as though their minds would be torn apart.

‘Yes, now I know what it is.’

It’s a vague feeling.

“I was always a bridesmaid! You guys ruined me! Because of you guys!”

This time, Sirone also kept her mouth shut. Because she knew how much she cared for her humans until Guffin and Ikael gave birth to their children.

‘Poor angel.’

But also know.

That she had put an unnamed baby to a terrible death.

‘He killed me.’

Satiel shouted.

“say! what did i do wrong you know! Did you even try to crush the archangel’s authority? or not… …

The words suddenly stopped.

” ah.”

From the fragmented memories, numerous images emerged as if being sucked into a magnet.

Ankera, confidential conversations, death of a child.


My fingertips trembled, and my mind became so hot that my whole body was on fire.

“It can’t be.”

I try to look away, but delusion is impossible in the mind of an angel who is a categorical being.

“This is the reason… … there must have been yes?”

Ikael didn’t answer, and the longer her silence went, the more Satiel went mad.

“no! It’s because you’re bad! Yeah, that’s how it feels. It’s all what you did!”

Ionas shouted.

“Fix it! When the mental body collapses… … !”

“Ah ah ah ah ah!”

Nervously clutching her head, Satiel’s planetary body lost its circular shape.


Blood-soaked eyes aimed at Sirone.

“I mean kill!”

As soon as the order was given, Ionas, who had disappeared, appeared in front of Sirone.

Extreme Decomposition – Atomic Movement.

“Don’t be resentful.”

The arm of Ionas, who had raised his right fist, disintegrated in atomic units and was fired at the fastest speed in the physical world.

Enemy Zero.

A military term meaning a zone of absolute safety.

It was also a state temporarily created by Sirone’s Hand of God inside Basuka.

“Win! We won!”

It is unknown where the information leaked out, but citizens came out to the streets and cheered.

The demons had been annihilated, and the giants, who were shocked by their size, had also disappeared.

“Long live Tormia! Long live Tormia!”

They were curious about the agape light exploding in the sky, but no one spoke first.

For now, all they could do was scream and run away from the unpleasant truth that the war wasn’t over yet.

“All citizens of Tormia, listen!” A carriage carrying a tall podium crossed the boulevard and stopped in the center of the plaza.

An old man, 17th in the royal family line, stood on the podium holding a loudspeaker.

The citizens did not know him, but they knelt down after seeing the royal clothes embroidered with the symbol of Tormia.

The plaza became quiet, and the stillness spread like a ripple and eventually engulfed every block.

“Dear citizens of Tormia, today the great king of a great country, Adolf XII, passed away.”

Citizens’ eyes were stained with shock.

“Oh, this can’t be…

The old man who sucked their gaze for a moment

opened this mouth

“Remember this only, people. In the face of the menace that invaded Basuka, our royal family did not back down an inch.”

In fact, it was because there was no information about the elemental bomb, and the old man secretly gnashed his teeth.

‘How dare you pass the royalty? Just try to catch whoever is behind it. I won’t let you go.’

He still couldn’t figure out what was going on, but his first priority was to restore the royal authority.

“Adolf XII fought the giants to the end and died bravely.


“Ah, Your Highness.”

One of the weeping citizens stood up.

“Then, isn’t it possible that the light that defeated the demons was the light that the king gave upon his passing away?”

One of the old man’s eyes was twisted.

‘What nonsense? annoying.’

But no matter how reasonable a person may be, he will find God where his life comes and goes.

“I think so too.” The atmosphere became somber.

“Even at the moment when he died fighting the giant, the king was only concerned about the people. And also, that is the royalty of Tormia.”


As the citizens cheered, the old man drove the momentum and shouted loudly.

“The lineage of a great king will never be cut off! I am officially proclaiming, welcome Adolf XIII, the eldest son of Adolf XII, as the new king! let’s fight! We are Tormia! I will never run away!”

“Long live His Majesty King Adolf XIII! Long live Tormia!”

The voices of the citizens shouting hurrah did not stop, and they rode the waves to Allog Street.

Rufist, who was wrestling with documents in the Magic Association’s president’s office, frowned.

“I’m going to die loudly.”

The noise died down when Flew closed the window.

“The royal family moves fast. Actually, it’s just luck. In any case, I think there will be no problem with the succession to the throne.”

“Of course there should be no problem. These guys only know how to eat and do that.”

Someone knocked hard on the door from outside.

“President of the Association! Lupist! are you now? Wait a minute and talk to me! It’s urgent!”

It was the voice of the 7th rank in the direct line of the royal family, and I could roughly guess the reason for visiting this place.

The voice got louder.

“Open the door! did you know The fact that Baschka is going to be a mess sooner or later! How dare you deceive the royal family?”

Flew, who had her hands behind her back, asked, pointing to the door.

“What should I do?”

“Take it away. I don’t have time to wrestle with politicians.”

It was urgent to quickly check the damage situation and reorganize the city’s troops.

Flew opened the door halfway and said.

“sorry. The president of the association is busy with public affairs right now, so I’ll see you later.”

“What is it? Yes, you are the chief secretary. do you know who i am I am the direct line of the royal family… … evil!”

The chief of security came over and twisted the royal arm.

“I will be rude for a moment. Please understand that this is a special case of a wartime situation.”

“it hurts! sick! Ahhh!”

As Fleur watched with a sigh, Sirone walked from the end of the hallway.

“Let go! Okay, so please let go! it hurts!”

Sirone dragged herself along the floor and turned her head to follow the royals passing by.

When I turned my head again, I was already in front of the president’s office.

“Sister, who is that person?”

Flew opened the door wide and smiled.

“A person of no importance. come in.”

As Sirone moved to the president’s office, Lufist stood up and asked.

“Quantum transfer?”

“Space travel. Being too close is uncomfortable. I’m used to Baska anyway.”

Landmarks also varied.

“You said you were looking for me?”

“okay. As you may have seen on the way, the royal family has started their activities. I’m going to try to steal all the credit for this war for a stable succession. Your achievements too.”

“are you okay. I don’t care.”

“Of course it is. However, it is unknown whether the current royal family will properly lead the wartime situation.”

It was quite provocative to come out of the association president’s mouth, so Sirone blinked.

Lufist revealed his true feelings.

“We want to push the pony.”


Sirone neither affirmed nor denied, but seemed to be thinking carefully.

“Is there any particular reason?”

“She’s one of the few who figured out the atomic bomb project on her own. She thought she would use this opportunity to stage a coup, but it seems she didn’t.”

Sirone laughed.

“Because he is a wizard.”

“yes. that’s what we need I mean the Ultima System Project. If Pony becomes the king of Tormia, it will be of great help to the unification of mankind.”

It was a truth that could not be disputed.

“Then, how is the current king? Are you lacking in qualifications when you look at it?”

“You deserve it.”

Rufist looked out the window.

“The former King Adolf XII was not a good man. But he was a pragmatic person. Even that lunatic Gaold was accepted as the president of the association.”

That explained everything.

“I had three sons. They all have different personalities, but they are far from practical anyway. That means it’s far from war. It’s foolish to expect character from human beings, but it’s a problem when behavior is revealed on the surface. There could be a commotion.”

Sirone also knew everything about the history before she was born.

‘I’ll have to see for myself though. His personality may have changed as he got older.’

Having made up her mind, Sirone nodded.

“Then I will go.”

“Remember. Concepts like Annie Park and Messiah do not work for them. To catch it early… …

Sirone tapped the inside pocket.

“Yes, I will use this.”

Because no royal family can ignore the Five Stars of the Ivory Tower Integrated Space Management Department.

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