Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 965

Simultaneous Incident (1)

Rufist said.

“Let’s think about it first.”

The confrontation was short-lived, but the army of Heaven remained clear in Lufist’s mind.

“The subjects became independent in Heaven, and the eternal beings were mobilized for the ministry of Ra Enemy, but scattered due to the collapse of the Council of Ten.”

The placenta would have died.

“In the end, all that came before us was power. Angels and Maras, fairies and giants.” Even so, it was true that it was difficult to deal with with human power.

Sein said.

“Heaven is not the only thing that matters. The elite of the demons still remain around the world. And sooner or later, the Pandemonium will be fully opened.”

Sirone said as the atmosphere became serious.

“We have three main goals. First, join the humanitarian relief efforts currently being carried out in the Ivory Tower. Second, subdue the demons and prepare for the demon world. Third, subdue the armies of heaven and essentially stop me.”

Nade asked.

“me : yes? Didn’t you already block it?”

“We talked a lot. Maybe about the whole universe. But one thing is clear… …

Sirone turned to Amy.

“I mean I love Amy.”

Only that fact must have been the reason he backed down from all levels of confrontation.


As everyone who knew Amy turned around, Tess asked with a bewildered look.

“What are you talking about? Why is it me all of a sudden?” Amy’s face flushed hot.

“That, that… …

Although he had never been stabbed, it was also true that he missed an opportunity to explain himself.

“So, when I first opened the fire world… …

Conscious of Sirone’s gaze, Amy told the whole story as if walking on thin ice.


After hearing the explanation, I understood why Nane backed down on her own when confronting Sirone.

“Still, it’s great.”

said Tess.

“It was a battle for the whole world, right? Still choosing Amy.”

Amy objected.

“Because it’s not like that! It was a philosophical problem, so I… …

“are you okay.”

Sirone laughed and said.

“Everyone has a heart. And as long as there is a heart, nothing is absolute. Amy’s mind can also change at any time.”

“That’s true, but I don’t mean to!”

“Yes, I believe. What I want to say is, it’s all the work of the mind. If I had chosen the world over Amy… …

Recalling the confrontation, Sirone confessed honestly.

“Maybe it was me who was broken into fragments.”

It was a situation that no one could guarantee, and Miro looked at the sky with a serious face.

“I’ll be watching from somewhere. To determine if one’s heart is precious enough to be exchanged for the whole world.”

“yes. It won’t take long. The nane I bumped into has almost reached it. Maybe even right now, I can come back as a Buddha.”

If only one mind is clear.

“That’s why simultaneous events are needed. If we don’t unite the hearts of mankind as soon as possible, then we won’t really be able to defeat Nane.”

Garcia said.

“Do you really think it is possible?” “All human beings are different, and the criteria for defining one are also different. To be honest, even I am not sure if I can belong to that integrated mental system.”

Of course, he had a strong sense of duty to mankind, but his generosity was not wide enough to accept all humans.

“I know it’s hard work. But if it wasn’t possible, I wouldn’t be so troubled.”

Dante asked.

“Then is there a way?”

“No, I can’t guarantee anything. The reason we are here is because all the factors of good and evil worked. Even evil affects the world on one axis. If demons had not spread, could the World Alliance have been created in human history?”


Garcia decided it made sense.

“It means that times are changing rapidly.”

“yes. The wheel of good and evil is speeding toward the end of the world. You can predict the law, but you cannot analyze the workings of the heart in it. We just do what we can and accept the consequences.”

Armin asked.

“What can we do? No matter what choice you make, if you can’t get results.”

There is one thing I realized after missing Havitz.

Life is such a complex ensemble of factors that nothing goes the way you think.

“I only ask for one thing.” Sirone showed the way.

“Do what your heart tells you to do. What you really want to do, just do it.”

Above the atmosphere surrounded by endless darkness, Nane sat cross-legged and looked down at the planet.

‘I couldn’t beat Sirone.’

Because philanthropy was stronger.

‘But do you know, Messiah of the age? The reason why Buddha’s gong did not exceed Ai…

Maybe it’s because the evil in the world hasn’t been fully born.

‘Of course it is the power of good.’

The labyrinth keeps evil at bay.

‘But until when? If the world becomes more turbid than it is now, even the Buddha will erase his mind.’

Nane’s eyes were filled with sadness as she watched the planet.

‘Personal love that permeates into the world, you will be watching from here. indeed… …

whether we deserve to exist.

Allied officers followed Sirone’s words.

‘What I really want to do.’

You can go see your family, or if you are afraid of dying, you can give up the war.

Sirone said that looking into one’s own mind is the beginning of the Ultima System.

And everyone’s will, which was formed like that, would permeate philanthropy and turn love for good and evil.

“Then, let’s go.” Surprisingly, many of those who gathered under one banner left the battlefield.

Miro said bitterly.

“Human beings are certainly diverse.”

“Ultima is a high-level spirit that recognizes all personalities. That’s right, integration comes next. A person who does not know his own mind cannot understand the minds of others.”

After answering that, Sirone asked.

“Will Mr. Miro stay?”

“Of course you should stay. After all, this is the center of the battlefield. So where are the people left here… …

Of course, Ryan, Nade, Amy, and Tess remained where Sirone was, and among the 12 apostles, the Super Dragon Aitra and the Thunder Dragon Blitz kept their positions.

Armin and Quan left, and Sein assisted Miro.

‘Dante, Lilia, and Eden decided to pursue the remnants of the demons, while Garcia and the allied forces are repairing Basuka’s walls.’

And the best part is.

“Sirone, you are everywhere.”

“yes. It depends on how far the observer’s area is set, but I think the area around Basuka will be covered as a spirit zone without quantum transmission.”

“Hmm, that’s right. Moving through space would be easy. The Ultima system is definitely effective.”

“Hehe, then can’t I just give you one sirone?”

When everyone turned to Tess with puzzled expressions, she continued with a bewildered expression.

“Why, why? That’s funny! Imagine.” The longer the silence, the more anxious it became.

“No, not that kind of imagination! Are you really kidding me? Really!”

It was a joke that could have been made because he was an honest Tess, but being too honest was a problem.

Sirone liked Tess like that.

“Ha ha, yes. I will trust you.”

I finally felt that I had returned to my friends.

“Iruki soon… …

Sirone’s face suddenly hardened.

“What’s wrong, Sirone?”

“… … No, no.”

Sirone regained his smile, but unlike a moment ago, his eyes were calm.

Miro guessed.

‘It’s not the case here’

Perhaps, in a very distant place, a sad situation befell Sirone.


Numerous angels gnashed their teeth against the invincible inertia.

Sirone’s heart in Hand of God was ‘Please fly away.’

Judging from that psychology, the strongest of the Heaven’s army must have been the most powerfully affected by the power of the Hand of God.

‘It’s formidable power.’

Ikael, who passed through the central continent and entered the northern continent before he knew it, looked at the fast-flowing sky.

Sirone, Hexa, Hand of God. Guffin. Ankera’s demise. The position of archangel.

“Chief Angel.”

The three Archangels and Maras, freed from the power of Hexa, gathered around Ikael.

“okay. Report.”

“The army seems Ashur is reconvening. However, Ymir and the giants seem to act independently.”

Uriel asked.

“Should I stop it?”

“No, leave it alone. I will take care of it myself.”

Satiel stepped out.

“Archangel, there is something I want to ask you. Why didn’t you come forward?”

When Ymir first arrived at Baska and opened the door to attack, Ikael did not give an order to attack.

“Have you recovered your memory?”

As Ikael fell silent, Satiel’s question became a little more deadly.

“I still have some feelings. If the job of the archangel… …

As Ikael stopped abruptly with a gong sound, the distant archangels hurriedly returned.


At the cold voice, Satiel’s asteroid shook.

“Yes, Mr. Ikael!”

“Whatever I decide, it is President Cheon’s reason. Are you above me?”

“no. sorry.”

Since the archangel was cold enough to freeze, there won’t be anything to raise this agenda for the time being.

But unfortunately.


A smoke of light gathered in front of the angels’ eyes, and Sirone appeared.

“you… …

Satiel’s judicial halo nostalgia spun horribly.

unknown anger.

And the astral body of Ikael, who is still unmoving.

‘what? What on earth do I not know?’


Ikael moved slowly.

“Are you here alone?”

“yes. We probably have something to talk about.”

Ikael’s gaze moved as if looking at the rear.

” I am??????

With everyone’s ears open, a cold voice was heard.

“I don’t think I have anything to say to you.”

A sad expression appeared on Sirone’s face.

‘Ikael… …

Many things happened.

Ataraxia was taught in the first heaven, and in the second battle, she even stopped him.

Why is it so cold… … .

‘really… … You’ve got all your memories back.’

Because you are a mother.

There are no more emotions that used to carefully clash hearts with vague expectations.

All that remains is the terrible tragedy clearly imprinted on the celestial bodies, and the gazes of the angels who still doubt themselves.

‘It might be motherhood… …

Despite knowing it, Sirone wanted to speak confidently.

“Ikael, I am not weak anymore. So there is no need to be afraid of anything.”

Ikael’s gaze was clear, but he felt something snap and snap.

It is probably the limit that can be endured.

“I don’t know what you are talking about. As the archangel… …

“It’s not your fault.”

Eventually, Ikael’s starlight, which had become unbearable, shook with tremendous intensity.

“I died… …

Sirone conveyed it to her with all his heart.

“It’s not your mother’s fault.”

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