Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 95

[95] Genius who lost his light (4)

Arcane knew that someone broke into his dungeon last night. But he didn’t care. It was because there were many people who entered the Archmage’s dungeon aiming for riches. By now, he would have been turned into a corpse from a monster or trap.

Arcane erased his thoughts for a while and focused on his research again. Recently, he has been digging into the effect of dark magic on memory. His hands, which were frantically writing down the thesis, suddenly stopped. Then he took off his glasses and looked towards the door. Engine devices were disengaging at high speed. He wasn’t an ordinary guy.

“Did you catch a fish after a long time?”

Dungeon raiders were a good pastime for Arcanes, who would not go out of their way for years once locked away. Besides, it seemed that a decent human being had bitten the bait today.

When the iron door opened with a thud, Arcane looked at his watch. Exactly 32 hours 28 minutes 5 seconds. It was the time to dismantle the engine unit from the entrance to this place and reach it.

“The Archmage… … Are you Viltor Arcane?”

He was a bloody man. He was handsome and his eyes were shining with firearms.

“You don’t look like someone who is greedy for money. Who are you?”

“My name is Mirhi Alfeas. There was no way to meet him, so I came to see him in person.”


Arcane’s eyebrows went up. It doesn’t make sense to turn a blind eye to the outside situation just because you’re stuck in a dungeon. He had already come across Alpheas’ photon theory through a secret route.

“For a light wizard to visit a dark wizard. What a peculiar thing. sit down at once I will cure you.”

Arcane activated the life support system. As soon as Alpheas entered the hemispherical device filled with green liquid, he fell into a deep sleep.

3 hours after that.

“Puha! Haha!”

Alpheas raised his upper body above the water. He would almost suffocate if he tried. But how could I fall asleep? As he turned his head with his doubts, Arcane was sitting at his desk writing his thesis. It was an academic appearance that could not be seen as a great wizard who disturbed the continent.

“Thank you for the treatment. That’s a nice device. I’m curious about the principle.”

“There is nothing to talk about. That doesn’t change the fact that you’re an uninvited guest. Tell me why you came to me.”

A person driven by curiosity and interest would not need to waste time.

Alpheas went straight to the point.

“I want to learn dark magic. Please accept me as your disciple.”


The hottest issue right now is that Alpheas begs his pupil. Even the Arcanes of the world could not help but be interested in it.

“Is there any particular reason?”

“I have a wife. However, intellectual abilities decline. Rumor has it that you are doing research on storing memories in dark magic, and I want to give my memories to her wife.”

Arcane’s eyes flashed. We knew each other’s majors anyway, so there was no need for long words.

“I did quite a bit of research on memory manipulation. But what you’re asking for is on a different level. There is also a personality problem, and above all, it is a work that requires the entire life of one person to be moved.”

“I think it is possible. If we combine the absorption of dark magic and the information transfer ability of photons, wouldn’t it be possible to implement virtual intelligence?”

“Hmm, build a nervous system with photon magic and endow it with memories?”

It was definitely a novel idea. Until now, photon magic had limited effectiveness enough to be called time magic, but Arcane expected that it would stand out in the information field in the future as long as the photon theory was revealed.

“Before examining the theory, I have one question. Did your wife approve of the experiment?”

“I don’t know yet. But I will definitely respond.”

“I wonder if there is a story.”

Alpheas confessed how he came to this place. Upon hearing the story, Arcane understood his feelings. Besides, the suggestion was certainly genius. Over the course of a day, the two reviewed the possibilities. When they came to an agreement on the theoretical basis, they agreed that the arcanes were not vain delusions.

“Good. If you are really prepared to risk your life, I will accept you as a disciple. But it won’t be easy to convince the family.”

Although he would become a disciple of the Archmage, Alpheas was also a son of a prestigious family. He thought that the possibility of leaving the future of a job in the dragon’s magic department and entering the gloomy laboratory was slim.

However, Alpheas did not have other routes in mind. If Erina is unhappy, she is also unhappy. He only wanted Erina to be happy.

“thank you. I will bring my family back soon.”

After returning home, Alfeas consulted with Erina. Since it was a matter of life, Klumph was also seated. The part Alpheas emphasized was that Erina’s intellectual future could be cured. And Klump objected as soon as his words were finished.

“Alpheas, what are you talking about? Why would you go find someone like that? Is he a criminal?”

“It doesn’t matter to a wizard. What really matters is that he has the best understanding of dark magic on the continent. He also knows a lot about human memory and brain structure. He won’t be at a loss.”

“No, I have to lose. you’re obsessed with something Planting memories in the human brain? There’s no way that’s possible!”

“Clump, why do you think so… … .”

“okay! I’m stupid! I’m not as smart as you, I’m not even a genius! But even this country knows one thing. You are kicking away the fortune that has rolled in now. If you hang out with someone like that, your entry into the dragon mine will be cancelled. What about the family name? Your family will really abandon you!”

There was no way Alpheas was unaware of that fact. But it was a decision he had made after much thought.

“doesn’t care. Because those things can’t decide my life. It’s the Yongroego family, and I don’t need all of them. If only Erina can be happy, I can be much happier than now.”

Erina was troubled. However, with Alpheas’ last words, the decision had already been made. If her husband was happy, she could be happy with Erina as well.

“Honey, I will.”

“Jesu! This is something to think about.”

“I will. Because she trusts her husband. Alpheas will make me happy.”

“Then, of course! Who am I? He’s a wizard who received the Gold Circle. And my master is the Archmage. If we join hands, we can easily fix your weaknesses.”

Clump came every day to persuade Alpheas, but he couldn’t break the couple’s stubbornness. In the end, Alfeas arranged all his assets and entered Arcane’s dungeon with Erina.

“Nice to meet you. It is called Viltor Arcane.”

“hello. Her husband owes it.”

Erina greeted politely. She was henceforth her husband’s teacher, so her actions could not be taken lightly.

But Arcane comforted her as if she didn’t care.

“Don’t worry too much. Even so, I have been immersed in this field for decades. It’s a big decision. Success can cure many mentally ill people. Your husband will also gain a reputation that is incomparable to that of Yongleo.”

To become a disciple of the Archmage. Besides, if the reward for her success was to get back everything her husband had given up, she thought Erina might as well.

For the next two years, Alfeas resided in the dungeon and conducted research on transferring memories to his wife. Arcane was an expert in experimentation enough to run a personal dungeon. Under his reasonable care, Erina was able to spend her time in the dungeon without any inconvenience.

“Hey, Mr. Jesu. How are you?”

Once a week, Klump came to bring food. Even if the two of them were busy experimenting, wouldn’t it be possible to make Erina eat the bitter food?

“are you okay. The experiment will be over soon. Then her husband will be able to go out into the world again.”

Klump let out a hearty laugh. It must have been difficult for him to do this and that for two years, but he endured it very well. So he was also bitter at the same time. What if you lose some intelligence? Her heart of sacrificing for her husband was never vulgar.

Upon hearing that Clump had arrived, Alfeas went to the room. As Erina said, he seems to be pushing spur after spur, but his face was emaciated every time he came.

“I’m here? Thank you every time.”

“How about an experiment? Any progress?”

“Almost done. Clinical trials have been successful. Next month, Erina will also be free from the disgusting gaze.”

“next month? Is it that fast?”

“What are you talking about? It’s almost two years. He said he stayed up all night studying with Master. Anyway, you should come that day too. At that time, bring a lot of alcohol, not food.”

A month was a long time for everyone. 

Eventually, however, time passed and the long-awaited moment of execution arrived.

Erina lay down on the bed and waited. Since Arcane and Alfeas were busy checking the machinery, Clump talked to her so she wouldn’t be nervous.

“Jesu, how are you feeling? After today, Jesu-san will have the memories of Alfeas. He even remembers peeing on the duvet when he was little. Think carefully about whether or not you have flirted with other women. ha ha ha!”

Erina burst into laughter at Clump’s joke. You can’t be nervous, but the atmosphere was good. It was the kind of day when everything seemed to be going well, and the test equipment was judged to be fine.

“Then let’s begin, Erina.”

Alpheas lay down next to Erina and stroked her hair. Because you are the person you love the most in the world, you can give them memories. Neither her shameful memories nor her shameful memories mattered to her if it was her.

“Honey, thank you.”

“What are you talking about. I’m grateful. It has held up really well. let’s live happily and have children.”

Alpheas was worried that his smile was awkward. To be honest, he was on the verge of losing his mind with the tension. Arcane came over and attached a mechanical device to both of their heads. It was an experiment in which reports from all fields such as magic engineering, magic biology, alchemy, photon mechanics, and human biology were gathered.

“I will begin. Relax. It will be over soon.”

As Arcane prepared to activate the device, Klump walked to the corner and rubbed his hands nervously. The engine unit lowered with a clank. Dozens of detailed organs turned with mechanical sounds, and crystals shone and disturbed the scenery.

Alpheas accepted the dark magic penetrating into his head without resistance. 

The key principle was simple. Absorb Alpheas’ memories through dark magic. Then, transmit it through the photon output and overwrite Erina’s memory.


Erina’s eyes widened. Sparks flew in her eyes as the massive amount of information came in. From the first memory of Alpheas’ life to the memory of the conversation a while ago, all the times that formed him were being transmitted at the speed of light.

Erina smiled faintly. She felt truly united with Alfeas. 

The excitement and worries of meeting for the first time, the anticipation of marriage, and the happiness of newlyweds. The heart that loved him without any prejudice has been passed down in its entirety.

‘Honey, thank you. And I love you.’

Erina closed her eyes. No regrets. Since she was born into the world, she has been loved beyond measure.

Meeting Alpheas… … It was fortunate.

The experiment ended when the light faded. Arcane checked the instrument panel. 100 percent information transfer rate. All memories were transferred perfectly.

“honey! honey!”

Alpheas turned to Erina. He had a pale complexion and was breaking out in a cold sweat.


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