Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 96

[96] Genius who lost his light (5)

“Master! How did it go? Was the experiment successful?”

“Yes, it worked! Our magic worked!”

But Alpheas couldn’t be happier. No matter how you look at it, Erina’s condition was strange.

“But why is my wife like this? honey! Come to your senses!”

Arcane looked at the instrument panel once again and was shocked. The balance of each item was normal, but the overall body rhythm was falling at the same time. It was as if life itself was dying out.

“Hey, why is this? Obviously, this was not the case in clinical trials.”

“honey! Erina! Open your eyes!”

Erina half-opened her eyes and smiled faintly.

“honey… … I’m OK.”

“Erina! What happened? what’s the matter? What’s not good?”

“A rejection reaction occurred from the terminal nerve. There must be something different about the human brain. But you did a really great job. A little more research… … Huh!”

Erina took a deep breath and convulsed.

“honey! Do not say! I’ll try my best! I’ll save you no matter what… … !”

Alpheas was already cursed with his own intellect, which he realized was irreversible. But he couldn’t help but say it. 

Erina shook her head slowly. What her husband knew, she knew herself.

“honey… … Please hold my hand.”

Alpheas gripped his wife’s hand tightly. He would have tried if there was even a 1 percent chance. But for now, it was all about keeping her side.

“Erina, it can’t be like this. How could this… … .”

Erina smiled sadly.

“Honey, I’m sorry.”

“What are you sorry about? what are you… … .”

“Because I am stupid.”

Alpheas’ heart was torn to pieces. Trying to change his wife. Why did I forget her words that she is beautiful just by existing?

“no… … why are you sorry What are you sorry about! it’s me! I was stupid! The fool was me!”

“I’m glad I met you.”

Erina was finally able to understand her husband. A wonderful world where rationality reigns. he was living here. I was happy to be able to be with him even for a short moment, to be able to leave with his memories.

“honey! Open your eyes! please… … I was wrong, honey!”

As Erina’s eyes closed, Alfeas hugged her face and sobbed.

“Aaaaaaa! honey! honey!”

Arcane lowered her head with a sad expression. How is the human brain different from that of animals? Had human experiments been conducted from the start, there would have been no tragedy. 

But it was a meaningless assumption. There is only one condition that Erina put forward to experimenting on herself. She never said that she should never experiment on others. 

That’s why I paid more attention. The data obtained so far would be valuable for mankind. 

‘I’m sorry. I won’t let your sacrifice be in vain.’

A pop and dull sound rang out. When he turned his head, Alfeas was banging his head against the wall.


Every time their foreheads collided, there was a cracking sound. It was to the point where I didn’t know if the walls were breaking or if my head was breaking.

“what? The light of the Mirhi family? light? light!”

thud! thud! thud!

Alpheas’ body bounced off like a rubber ball. But he didn’t stop. The horror of being left alone with his wife turned his stomach.

“Arrogant Alfeas!”

Alpheas rushed into the wall again.


Clump grabbed Alfeas. If I left it like this, I would die without moving.

“Alfeas! Wake! What are you doing!”

“Let go! damn it! Aaaaaaa!”

It was difficult to stop Alpheas even with Klumph’s physical strength. It was as if he was burning his soul and rushing towards his death. But in the end, his pupils dried up as if the shock was intense, and his consciousness went away.

“Erina… … . Erina… … .”

Clump also shed tears when he called his wife’s name even in a faint state.

* * *

Erina’s funeral was held. It was a gathering of only members of the family, and Alfeas was prevented from attending by his relatives. He never married and has no heirs. In the end, the two of them had to say goodbye while they were dating.

Alpheas was sitting in front of the funeral parlor. Then, as the sun went down, he got up from his seat and walked away like a man out of his mind. 

The place they arrived at was Arcane’s dungeon. Many of the equipment that had been experimented on for two years remained intact.

“Erina… … .”

Alpheas took an oil canister and scattered it all over the laboratory. Every time the oil splashed, tears flowed from his eyes. The moment of her laughing and talking with her was as vivid as if it had happened yesterday.

When the oil drum exposed the floor, Alpheas sat down with his back against the wall. It is knowledge that should not exist in the world. How could a human being do such a cruel experiment?

“Are you here, Alfeas?”

Arcane entered the laboratory. He knew that Alfeas wasn’t even invited to his funeral. After all, for him, this was the grave of his wife.

“I’m sorry about Erina’s work. Take care of your mind and body for the time being. Then come back… … .”

Arcane realized something and turned his head. She smelled too much oil to believe it was leaking from the mechanism.

“Alpheas… … can you?”

Alpheas stood up with dark eyes. One shot of fire magic would blow up the entire laboratory.

“no! What are you doing!”

“Master, it was something I shouldn’t have done from the beginning.”

“I understand that your wife’s death has weakened you! But no! The experiment almost succeeded! Did you forget Erina’s will? Erasing this place is disregarding even Erina’s sacrifice!”

“You don’t need anything. Now without a wife… … I have nothing left.”

“Even so, no! This isn’t just you and Erina. My lifelong knowledge is also accumulated! These are documents that cannot be destroyed without my permission.”

Alpheas cast fire magic. Arcane absorbed it with dark magic, but it couldn’t be helped as the temperature rose above the ignition point.

Flames covered the room.

Thousands of papers, precise magical devices, and difficult-to-handle alchemy substances were also denatured.

Alfeas, who had been looking at the flames indifferently, left the dungeon.

But Arcane couldn’t leave. he has to turn off the lights No, even if you lose everything, you must protect the experimental data.

“No no!”

Going back and forth through the fire, Arcane was preoccupied with collecting documents. Eventually, the box containing the vaporized material caught fire and exploded.

The whole laboratory was blown away, and the shock was transmitted to the extent that the entire underground dungeon was shaken.

A terrifyingly air-sucking fire galloped through the tunnel.

“Aaaaaa! Alpheas! I will not forgive you, Alfeas!”

Arcane gritted his teeth. Right before he completed the masterpiece of his life, he felt more injustice and resentment than dying that the data had been lost.

“certainly… … make sure you survive and will take revenge Wait, Alfeas!”

Arcane hated Alpheas even as he burned. The arrogant Alpheas was arrogant to the end. 

Having survived with a single spirit of revenge, he conserved his strength and mobilized all his personal connections to search the continent. However, no one knew about Alpheas’s whereabouts.

Seven years later, Alpheas reappeared in the world.

It was the main house of the Ogent family in the city of Creas.

“Alfeas! Hey man! What have you been up to?”

Clump stared blankly at Alfeas, who had become a completely different person. Her neat face was gone and she was growing a beard like a madman. Dressed in rags, her skin was charred.

Clump took Alfeas to the bathroom and washed him himself. Numerous wounds were carved on her body. Because it was a test, it was possible to distinguish. Wounds from wild beasts, wounds from torture, and obvious self-inflicted wounds.

“Did you go around looking for a place to die?”

Alpheas did not answer as he covered his face with his wet hair. Then, after a while, he opened his mouth.

“I had no intention of dying. I didn’t even want to live there. I just wandered around.”

“okay… … .”

“I heard you. He said he was an accredited prosecutor. Congratulations.”

“What is the celebration between us. Among my peers, I’m the latest, man.”

Clump accepted it shyly. He wasn’t particularly proud of the achievements his friend had made while experiencing hell in the backcountry.

“sorry. I have nowhere else to go but here. Let’s take care of ourselves.”

Klump stared at Alpheas’ withered back sadly.

How did it get to this point?

He, who was called the supernova of the wizarding society, has now been kicked out of his family and has fallen into a vagabond without any nobles he knows.

After taking a bath, Klump prepared a meal for the ladies-in-waiting. However, even her stomach shrank, so Alfeas couldn’t pass much of her food.

Clump knew. Just because I have nowhere to go, I’m not the type to come to you.

After taking Alpheas into the study, he offered a drink. Alpheas didn’t even look at the drink. Just like the look he had seven years ago, his intelligent eyes flashed past him.

“say it. It must have appeared in the world because the wandering was over. You won’t have to recover either. If I can help, I will help.”

Alpheas spoke straight.

“Lend me 100 million gold.”

“1 million… … gold?”

It was a huge sum of money.

Of course, Clump obtained the right to succeed the governor by passing the official exam. However, even if he became the head of household, there was a limit to the amount he could contribute.

“I’m not asking you to borrow it all at once. I’ll withdraw over 4 years. Hire a treasurer. If you set the monthly limit to 7 million, you will be able to operate without any damage. I will also pay interest. However, compounding is not possible. Instead, I’ll set it at an annual rate of 20 percent. The principal repayment will be possible after one year.”

The method of repayment was decided by the lender, but Klump didn’t care. If it was the Alfeas he knew, he would have thought of the optimal trading conditions even before he came here.

In the end, he was talking about earning 80 million gold excluding the principal after 4 years, but I was more curious about how he would do that.

“What are you thinking? Have you developed any new magic?”

Alpheas shook his head.

“I have no passion anymore.”

“Then what are you going to do with the 100 million gold?”

“I will build a school.”

“what? school?”

Clump opened his eyes wide. Alpheas, who thought he was the best between heaven and earth, would teach others.

“What are you thinking… … .”

Seeing the tears flowing down Alpheas’ cheeks, Clump was speechless.

“never… … People like me shouldn’t come out. I will teach students while atonement until the moment I die. I will live by gnawing away at my pain so that my talent will not be trampled on by a momentary mistake.”

Alpheas covered his face with both hands and sobbed. Still, he couldn’t stop the tears from flowing.

Clump’s eyes also turned red.

Bastard Erina. Perhaps Alpheas will never forget her. She may have to live with suffering for the rest of her life.

But that’s why the decision was easy.

If the pain that Alpheas had to endure could be sublimated into someone else’s growth, if it really could happen, I wondered if this friend who dreamed of happiness rather than success would have a day to smile in the distant future.

“Don’t lend me. 100 million gold.”

Alpheas founded a school named after him in the city of Creas. During the construction period, he worked as a wizard to pay off the interest and studied at night to obtain a teacher’s license.

and 4 years later.

Mirhi Alfeas, principal of Alfeas Magic School, paid 180 million gold to the Ogent family.

* * *

When the effect of Abyss Nova completely disappeared, Alpheas slowly opened his eyes. All his memories returned, but he was speechless for a long time. His 40 years, reiterated back to back, were so long and heavy.


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