Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 902

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‘ I see.’

Sirone met Argo when he fell into Apocalypse due to Valhalla Action’s debt.

Also, this was proof that the eternal life program had not been activated in reality.

Of course, in order for Sirone to reach that memory, he had to accept a lot more Omegas.

‘The cowardice is not infinite.’

Because I had already realized Gaia’s reasoning, I could understand it without experiencing it.

‘Even if time is split endlessly, it’s because time in the higher dimension eventually flows.’

Suddenly, I remembered the horrible situation of entering World No. 19000 of the labyrinth Andre.

All human beings lost their reason and lived wriggling like worms in a narrow passage.

Perhaps that is the end of humanity that the eternal life program will bring.

‘The eternal life program cannot last forever.’ That’s why Guffin broke the bondage of reincarnation and sought to leap to his higher dimension.

‘But Anke Ra doesn’t recognize the outside world.’

In the end, the era in which Sirone lived proved that it would hinder Gaia’s escape.

‘This is the beginning of the war.’

In other words, it was the beginning of a tragedy.


Yohrham sighed.

“Should it be us?”

There was no answer, but an answer was not a particularly necessary means of communication for Gaia.

“If not us, who?”

Guffin gets up and sits in the audience

looked at

“Let’s go, to the end of the world.”

The moment he finished speaking, all the Gaians present raised their hands.


Yohrham shouted loudly as a huge roar shook the walls.

“The Gaians will stretch out to infinity!”

Sirone knows how much Gaia will have to pay for this decision.

‘But they are already prepared.’

Why not be afraid.

‘Because they are one.’

Age, gender, and inclination are different, but their reasoning was carried out with perfect standards.

It was a qualitatively different unification from the dragons, who could read each other’s information.

‘The pinnacle of intellect.’

How would it feel if all the people of the world only supported me, and that country, as an individual, would become a whole again?

‘It’s cool.’

Know what is right, and do it.

Tears flowed from Sirone’s eyes as she had to take on so many things to save the world.

‘I want to be there too.’

I wanted to burrow into the crowd of Gaians.

‘It’s too hard. It’s too lonely.’

One day, the day will come when the people of the world where Sirone lives will be united as one.

After countless conflicts and repeated objections against objections, the day will come when the answer will be found.

‘I have to fight.’

Sirone wiped away tears and groped for Omega.

Numerous personalities were celebrating Gaia’s new start in their own way.

“Beyond infinity.”

Amid Omega’s signal, Guffin’s voice penetrated Sirone’s mind.

Left alone in Antarctica, where the creatures had disappeared, Uriel pondered Miro’s words.

‘My destruction has no emotions?’

Since when did he, the strongest archangel in the universe, become swayed by human words?

Even so, the reason I couldn’t leave the seat was because what she said was true.

‘Archangel Ikael.’

She was the only cause for the archangels of birth and destruction, Kariel and Uriel.

‘I don’t care who you love.’

The only wonderful thing was that an archangel could love someone.

“What is love?”

Cariel, obsessed with it and thinking countless times, ended up destroying herself.

‘Did he realize it anyway?’

Will Uriel’s only partner, on the verge of extinction, find the answer he so longed for?


Adrias Miro.

Every time I thought of her, an indescribable unpleasant feeling disturbed the asterism.

“Next time I will kill you.”

By murder, not destruction.

Having opened the halo of justice, he accumulated a concept of destruction that was on a completely different level than before.

“Is this all right, human?” The moment the white flash hit, Uriel’s body penetrated Antarctica.


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Its power is such that it can be counted among five fingers throughout planetary history.



Taeseong rolled his eyes and collapsed before even the sound of his desperate words could leak out.

“Hey Taeseong!”

The four great castles gathered in the Temple of Earth hurriedly ran to her.


It’s the incarnation of the planet anyway, but now I felt uneasy that even that incarnation could disappear.


Antarctica was disappearing from the planet seen at the feet of the Temple of Earth.

Amanta said.

“This is just the beginning. If people like that rampage here, it’s only a matter of time until we’re destroyed.”

“Fred… …

At Taesung’s voice, Fried, who was supporting her, hurriedly lowered his head.

“Are you awake?”

“There is no time. At this rate, the planet will stop working. Please take me to the Mid-Continent.”

“Middle Continent?”

Minerva raised an eyebrow.

“There is no need for Taeseong to go to the battlefield. The stars in the ivory tower are enough.”

“no. There is someone I really need to meet.”

Fried asked.

“You mean Sirone?”


Taeseong shook his head and said with his eyes tightened.

“Ogent Lian. You must meet him.”

Like a meteorite breaking through the atmosphere, a red-hot body flew across the sky.

“The bastards… …

Son Yu-jeong, second in the order of the Ten Commandments.

“Are you bullying my friend?”

It’s normal for a normal creature to already burn, but her temperature was rising endlessly.


Finding the diabolical Satan was easy.

Even from the top of the sky, the sight of a well-known 200 million Hell’s army uniting and advancing was visible.

“It’s an intruder!”

Demons wary of the sky flew at her with tridents on fire.

“Hmph, are they monsters?”

Living for more than 10,000 years, I have met the demons of the other world to the point of getting tired of them.


As her red club spun rapidly, it began to stretch to great lengths.

“An invincible windmill.”

As the club, four kilometers in diameter, spun, the sky turned a deep red.

The length that can be extended exactly matches the range allowed by the user’s scale.

“Get out of the way!”

Theoretically, it was close to infinite, and Yeoui-bong, which had no loss of tension, swept away the demons.


Havitz and the others who entered the cliff of the abyss looked back at the other side of the sky at the same time.


A huge red sphere, clearly visible from the ground, was approaching sweeping away the demons.

Vulcan’s eyes became serious.

‘Size doesn’t matter.’

No, maybe size matters?

Roughly estimated, it was the physical strength of swinging a four-kilometer club fast enough to cause afterimages.

“I am coming.”

When Yu-jeong crashed to the ground with her feet stepping on the demon, she slipped like on an ice sheet.


The brigade commander, whose face had been chapped, dies in agony, and Yu-jeong turns to face the enemies.

As if a heated rock had fallen, the temperature around it rose to a scorching level.


The demons watched as hot steam spewed out of Yu-jeong’s mouth.

“Satan, come out.” Vulcan thought.

First, it is clear that he came alone, seeing as he could not read the crowd flag.

Second, it is dangerous nonetheless.

” hurry??????

Yujeong took a deep breath and roared, clenching her fists and baring her teeth.

“I mean come out!”

There was a beastly quality symbolizing violence in his voice that seemed to rip through the air.

As Vulcan frowned and thought about what to do with the oil well, a horse stepped forward.

“Am I Satan?”

said Havits, stroking his mustache.

“it’s you?”

Yoo-do also silenced his voice at this moment.

The animal sense of smell smelled the chaos going back to the primeval times.

“Well, okay.”

As soon as they turned Yeoui-bong with their fingers, Yu-jeong’s body disappeared before their eyes.

‘Once you beat it up… … The moment she approached Havitz and swung her stick aiming at her side.


Following a blurry afterimage, a girl whose eyelids had been cut off was caught in Yu-jeong’s field of vision.

Natasha, who pushed the woman’s stick with the back of her hand, lowered her stance and dug into her arms.

‘I blocked it.’

Yujeong was terrifying.

In a situation where most demons couldn’t even recognize her movements, only she was making direct eye contact.

‘That’s right, right?’ As the oil well pierced the pole, wrinkles in the air were clearly visible in the slow flow of time.

Natasha, who twisted her upper body to avoid the attack, screamed at Yu-jeong’s abdomen.

‘What makes it so hard?’

The strength that could not be seen as belonging to a creature was rather shattering.

‘Hong, only with a fist like this… …

The moment Yu-jeong, who had pushed power into her abdomen, tried to counterattack again by retrieving the bar.


With her fist still on Yu-jeong’s stomach, Natasha kicked the ground and bent her arm.

As if hitting a nail with a hammer, he hit the elbow with his pelvis, and Yoo-jung’s body was pushed away.


Natasha, who had disturbed the enemy’s balance, flew at the speed of Mach and unleashed a series of attacks.

M | 99

Havitz’s army listened to invisible sounds and imagined the battle.


Natasha’s big fist hit Yu-jeong’s chin squarely.

Kwak Kwah Kwah Kwah Kwah! They were caught only after Yujeong, who had been dragging the ground for a long time, stared ahead.

‘Is it at a level that Natasha can try?’

As Vulcan judged without showing emotion yet, Natasha raised the backs of her hands.

“You are really strong.”

Blood flowed profusely down the back of his hand, and broken bones protruded.

Vulcan’s expression crumpled.

‘The type that is hard to break.’

If you can’t destroy it with Natasha’s fist, you should consider it almost immune to physical attacks.

Yoo Jeong-do corrected his posture and put the Yeoui-bong on his shoulder.

“Heh, you’re pretty fast too.”

It’s not impossible to find a way, but Balkan didn’t want to waste energy ahead of the giant attack.

“What do you want?”

Yujeong, who was caressing her slightly swollen cheek, said while wiping the blood from her lips.

“Free my friend. Mortar Singer. You guys dragged them into hell, didn’t they?”


Vulcan, uninterested in the underworld, turned to Havitz.

“I don’t know.”

There was no way that Havitz was unaware of Mortasinger, whom Satan had personally taken to Hell.

It was just a means to ridicule Yahweh, so it was just annoying to even recall it.


Yujeong twisted her nose like a monkey and bared her teeth.

“Then let me know.”

As the terrifying murder spread, Balkan, who predicted the next moment, hurriedly held out his hand.

“wait. Harvey……

But before that, the purple incarnation of Satan surged from Havitz’s body.


When all causal ties to Havitz were cut off, no one recognized him.

Yu-jeong also did not feel a sense of incongruity.

“What are you going to do? quickly bring my friend Before I destroy everyone in here.”

Havits got off the horse, drew a longsword, and went behind Yu-jeong’s back.

“You are an interesting person.”

A cold blade touched the nape of her neck.

“No, aren’t you human?” He moved the sword slowly from side to side, but as if the blade was dull, his skin was not cut.


Havitz’s eyes curved like a seagull.

“You are connected.”

Attack Edea directly.

“Swipe swipe.”

And finally, red blood began to flow from Yu-jeong’s slender neck.

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