Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 901


Gangnan’s expression was engulfed in shock.

“maze… … . you… …

The incarnation of Thousand Arms Guanshi Yin was looking down at the ground in a size that filled the sky.

“iced coffee. Ahhh.”

Tears flowed from Arius’ eyes.

‘It is undoubtedly perfect.’

The shock he received when he penetrated Miro’s mind was still vivid in his mind.

Wasn’t he willing to pluck out his eyes and become a dog because of his superlative, sublime and pure nature that transcended human beings?

“Quack-quick. Whoop whoop whoop!” surpassed even that.

“Worship, humans.”

Slowly, Arius knelt down and bowed flat to Miro.

“The person standing here right now is the extreme line of humanity.”

The moment Arius raises his head and shouts at the uncontrollable emotion.

“Adrias, who was very merciful… … !


Miro ran at full speed and kicked him in the jaw.

“Oh, a little noisy! I’m annoyed that the zero point isn’t right, but it’s noisy and buzzing!”

“Ki-ing! Knock!”

While Arius was holding his chin and crying, Kang Nan approached him with a serious expression.

“What happened?”

It was fortunate that Miro’s mind had been restored, but on the other hand, he felt bitter.

“As you can see.”

Not a single point of trauma could be found on Miro’s face as she smiled at Gangnan.

“it’s over.”

Gaold was no longer in Miro’s mind.

Mind is something that changes in an instant.

However, it was enough to guess what Miro had to endure for the current change.

‘Because I can’t.’

Gangnan couldn’t do it like a maze.

“I feel comfortable now. I will take care of the world from now on, so just watch.”

Many monks died, but no more scars remained in Miro’s heart.

“Then shall we continue?”

As Miro rolled up his sleeves and approached, Uriel, who had regained his sanity before he knew it, was there.

“continue? Do you think I started something’?”

The corner of Miro’s mouth went up.

‘It was definitely an embarrassing attack… …

It is true that he counterattacked at random just before he was hit by the Geon of Paradise, but I didn’t expect that there wouldn’t be this much damage.

“Ho Ho! You speak well. I was beaten by my infinite cheap sphere and lost my mind’?”

“It did.”

Uriel was calm.

“Aren’t humans like that too? If you suddenly yell from behind or see something like a nasty bug.” Miro did not give up and fought back.

“Then what are you kneeling for? Did I see it with my own two eyes? He stumbled and then sat down.”


Uriel stopped talking.

I didn’t have anything to refute, but I wondered why he was talking like this.

“Does not matter. If there’s something you want to do, do it. I will destroy you this time.”

“You are not normal either.”

Miro raised one corner of her mouth and said.

“I know you are ignorant because of Kariel’s symmetry, but isn’t it a bit like being ignorant of angels?”

“What do you mean?”

“Kariel… …

Miro, who recalled the archangel of birth, continued with an expression of disgust.

“That guy is really the height of timidity. Mama Boy, the back end is really bad. On the contrary, you are very bold. That’s why you can’t take out what’s inside.”

Miro placed her hand on her chest.

“I understand you. Destruction is one of the simplest and most powerful problem-solving abilities. Humans face many problems in their lives. For example, I have a rival. If so, Kariel will seek numerous strategies to surpass him. On the other hand, if you just get rid of it, it’s over.”

Miro waved her hand from left to right.

“If you kill, the army will come. Then we can get rid of the army. put in jail? get rid of the prison Get rid of your accusers, get rid of kings, get rid of nations… …

The simplest and most powerful.

“If you get rid of it like that, it’s over. There are no more problems to mess with your mind. That is why there is no emotion in your destruction.”

“You are making a big mistake. We are not human. I don’t think like you guys.”

Miro’s eyes changed fiercely.

“Then why did Kariel hate Ikael?” “So are you. If Kariel is obsessed with you, on the contrary, you are ignoring me.”



Uriel’s planetary body, which had been shaken by the attack of the Thousand Arms Guanshi Yin, vibrated once again.

‘It’s nice to be honest.’

Miro continued.

“Perhaps it was a shock. The fact that Ekael, the symbol of supreme wisdom, the mother of all archangels, loved one human being.”

McLean Guffin.

“Ankera erased the records, but from then on, you guys have already been eaten. Kariel is obsessed, and you run away.”

Miro twirled her fingers.

“Continuing question. Why did Ikael respond with a human? He’s going to go crazy because he keeps thinking about it, right?”

“… … do you know?”

“I don’t know. but I can give you a chance

there is.”

Miro opened her arms.

“How am I? I am officially single now.”

A light came on in Gangnan’s eyes.

‘It’s like a personality breaker.’

Even before coming to Zion, I thought I would give up the world because of Gaold’s worries.

Uriel turned the wheel of paradise.

“Die, Maze.”

“Flee again.”

At the same time that Uriel disappeared, the ice sheet exploded and exploded.


Thousand-Armed Guanyin’s huge palm swung down on the disk-shaped wheel of paradise.

“If you don’t dig into it, you won’t know. Destroying it is not the answer.”

“There is no need to look for answers.”

As Uriel’s asteroid expanded, information began to accumulate at a tremendous speed.

“Because removing the problem is enough.”

As the judicial halo Ragnarok was activated, a white thunderbolt struck Yuriel directly.

Miro gave an awkward laugh.

“uh? wait for a sec… …

At the same time as Uriel ran with the flash of light, a golden bird flew up from under the feet of the labyrinth.


Upon regaining consciousness, Zulu summoned Caydra as soon as the maze moved out of space and time.


Gangnan pulled the maze and Arius rode it, and the rogue bird flew silently.

“Whoa, how long have you been awake?” Miro sat down with a relieved expression on his face, and Kang Nan crawled and grabbed his collar.

“You crazy woman! Do you provoke your opponent? Do you really have any intention of winning the war?”

“Of course we have to win.”

Miro shook Gangnan’s hand and said.

“Archangel is strong. I just tried using the method that worked for Kariel. Do you think you’re halfway successful?”

“How do you know that?”

Miro grinned.

“He’s interested in me.” The truth I realized when I was taken to heaven


“Of course, it wouldn’t be more than interesting. But you know, sometimes a little crack turned the maze’s head to the side.

“Because it grows uncontrollably.”

Gangnan pursed his lips.

“So, have you forgotten about Gaold?”

“Gaold? Who is that?”

Kang Nan gritted his teeth at Miro’s playful reply.

“Can I tell you? You’re not polar, you’re just a scum of humanity and an insane seeker.”

Arius intervened.

“It’s not like that. In front of a huge spirit, the criminal’s feelings are mere secular… …

“You are shutting up. You said you did something well. Thanks to you, Zion’s power was destroyed.


As Arius shrank, Zulu asked.

“What are we going to do now?”

“Honestly, I don’t want to die yet. Because without me, it would be fatal to mankind. In fact, there are parts where I didn’t settle with Uriel because of that.”

Gangnan asked.

“You mean you couldn’t win?”

“Hmm, it’s quite subtle. If you fight ten times, will you win five times and lose five times? However, since there is no next chance in actual combat, I could have died. Of course, when the zero point is set, the story will change.”

Miro raised her hand for emphasis.

“Anyway, what determines the outcome is that a lot of things have to come to an end. Right now, we have a bigger problem than defeating a general.”

“What problem?”


Zulu turned her head.

“The armies of Heaven will be looking for you. We can’t win the war unless we fight with Sirone on our backs.”

Gangnan understood.

“Then what do we do next?

“You should know where Sirone is. And if you’re doing something… …

It was a mystery that Sirone did not come while the army of Heaven was attacking Zion.

“I have no choice but to buy time.” Zulu said.

“I will go to the Central Continent.”

With no one objecting, Miro put her chin on her chin and thought.

‘Really, where are you and what are you doing?’

Sirone endlessly accepted Omega.

All the things happening in all the time and all the space were piled up in my brain as a single signal.

‘Gaia. It’s a really great race.’ The original Gaians who lost their memories due to the Missing Link prospered endlessly.

Beyond the primitive age, beyond the civilization of the era where Sirone lived, to the most advanced scientific civilization.

However, the development of materials was only a small step compared to the development of the mind that they would reach in the future.

‘The senses are expanded.’

Time, space, the spiritual world, the field of unification, and the process of reaching the truth were amazing. And finally.

Omega 133 years.

At 13.3 percent of the signals that make up the world, the Gaians took a new step.

“Yorham, good morning.”

“It’s a special morning.”

Numerous Gaians were entering the huge structure they had created.

There is no class, no superiority or inferiority in life.

What was obtained at the end of the most disgusting antagonism and conflict was complete peace between life and life.

To them, humans were no longer hell.

“Today will be the most significant day in the history of Gaia, our human race!”

Yohrham shouted.

“I fought many times and learned a lot. We have realized everything in the world, and it is time to move on to a better world.”

There were people who weren’t even present, but there was no one who was offended by Yohrham’s words.

“It is an honor to speak here on behalf of the Gaians. This is our future!” Where Yohrham turned and pointed, there was a huge mechanical device the same size as the structure.

“Eternal life program! This is Argo!” Light came in from numerous panels, and the sphere on top of the device descended, ignoring gravity.

After briefly rotating, the sphere steers and stops, and the surface peels away, revealing a huge lens.

“hello. I am Argo, the manager of the reincarnation of Utopia, the Akashic Records. From now on, I function on a mission to safely manage your reincarnation.”

The applause of the Gaians resounded.

The Argo, built using Ankera’s biological model, would lead them to the world of immortality.

said Yoreham.

“This concludes our mission in this world. Connected, let’s continue. All we’ve come to realize…


At someone’s voice, all the Gaians in the structure turned their heads.


It could have been the first objection in a few hundred years, and it was shocking to them who had achieved an integrated mental system.

“now… … what… … Yohrham stared incomprehensibly at the Gaian sitting on a box in the corner reading a book.

‘Can we read the book?’

It was a strange thing for a race that had mastered all knowledge to observe the text.

“It is. The endless fear of the car circle. Aren’t you too bored to finish with this?”

The Gaian was agitated.

“How can you say that? No, this is impossible. Don’t you know too?”

said Yoreham.


Shirone’s consciousness, which had been searching for Omega up to that point, was intensely focused for an instant.

‘Is that a Guffin? summer solstice

only… …

Surely it wasn’t expunged?

“is it so. I know. But for that reason, this is definitely possible.”

Mackline Guffin closed the book and smiled.

“You all think the same, right? with me.” Omega 133 years.

Gaians have achieved an integrated mental system that transcends race, culture, gender, religion, and individuality.

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