Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 835

Great convocation of the ivory tower (4)

When I reached the top floor of the Ivory Tower, my mistress’s Araka was preparing to move.


Minerva of the Human Security Enforcement Department welcomed Shiro and your party.

“Mr. Minerva.”

Although she was detached from worldly affairs, it was unusual to see her wearing all the witch’s costumes and holding a jet.

Louver came with the stars.

“See you again.” Silently, she looked at the stars of the Unified Space Management Department one by one.

The others were barely familiar, but Kira was also unfamiliar with Minerva.

‘That kid is Kira.’

Body Collector Saint Kira.

As an undead wizard, she was a catastrophic figure who was once called the second Minerva.

“Hello! Nice to meet you! This is Kira!”

Although he had been active in the Ivory Tower for quite some time, he still had a military discipline.

The sight was rather terrifying.

“okay. Let’s get along well in the future.” It was just a greeting, but it was a speech with a clear purpose in the situation ahead of a large convocation.

Minnie rubbed her chin.

‘Well, since Minerva also participated in the <Law Slaughter> project, she probably can’t step out. Is it a destiny community?’

Sirone confirmed the faces of the Human Security Enforcement Department.

There was a sex brain floating in the air, and men with a vicious look behind it.

“Who are they?”

Minerva turned her head.

“Ah, let me introduce you. The stars of the Human Security Enforcement Department. This one… … Before the introduction could begin, a man approached with numerous knife cuts on his face.

It was Laska, a 3-star resident of the Ivory Tower, a metal wizard nicknamed the Butcher.

“Cheuk, sister. Is this guy the kiddo? You want to take off the bachelor ticket yourself?”

Minerva, who was glared at by Sirone, shrugged.

“Of course it’s a joke.”

Laska approached Sirone.

“Listen up, sweetie. I don’t care if it’s five stars or not. If you lay even one finger on my sister… …

The moment they exchanged glances with Sirone, Laska felt a terrifying feeling and hurriedly stopped walking.

‘What is this?’

never to live

In fact, there was no hostility to be found in the look of Si Lorne, who innocently blinked.

‘Are you afraid of me?’

He was able to endure to some extent even the death of Minerva, who exudes the energy of the god of death.

‘What the hell?’

The unknown made it even more frightening.


When Laska stepped back, forgetting the prestige of the stars, Louver nodded slightly.

‘He has a transcendental sense.’

It was certainly amazing that even Mong-ah could grasp the madness of lines he had seen in Sirone’s REM area with just his eyes.

‘Is it really a 3-star?’

The Human Security Enforcement Department is those who are involved in disasters or crimes in the human world.

Ironically, except for the Holy Brain, they were the villains who once made the world fearful.

Minerva hit Laska in the back of the head.

“ouch! Why are you hitting me, sister!”

“Why are you acting like this when you can’t even try? Because of you, only I am embarrassed.”

“No, I tried to see what she was like because she was interesting.”

Minerva sighed, but she also sensed the change in Sirone.

‘okay. You’re going crazy too, Sirone.’

It is also true that it is not a world that can be sane.

“Sorry. I’ll apologize instead. As you can see, the people in our department are one-and-a-half.”

“are you okay.”

Sirone spoke briefly.

They didn’t say what was okay, but whatever would have mattered anyway.

Minerva introduced the stars and satellites of the Human Security Enforcement Department one by one.

There were no 2-stars, but there was one more 3-stars besides Laska, and even 1-star residents were introduced.

“A total of 5 people. The number of stars is 16. It is the second largest number among the five departments. In addition to the Unified Space Management Department, there are 28. This will be worth fighting for.”

“What does it mean to fight?”

“As you know, the roles of the five departments are different. We have disasters and crimes, the balance is the stability of the world, the System Inspection Department is dedicated to large nations, and the Ministry of Law literally governs the law.”

Minerva raised her index finger.

“For example, if a powerful demon descended, the Human Security Enforcement Department and the Ministry of Law would be involved. If the place of descent is a country, the System Inspection Department is also included. The problem is that each person has a different perspective on solving it. What you need at that time is your department, the Integrated Space Management Department.”

It was no coincidence that it was Oh Dae-seong of the Unified Space Management Department who had assisted Tae-seong for generations.

“But now things have changed. to be honest… … Were you miserably defeated? I don’t know how other departments will turn out. At that time, the number of stars can be the standard for Taeseong to judge.”

“Hmm, judgment.”

“Like the last convocation, the scope of the agenda of this convocation is the entire world. I will make preparations for not only Habits, but also Shion’s situation and Nane.”

Sirone raised his head.

“Did you find me?”

“no. Even Taeseong’s ability, Gaia, can’t capture your location. Because Shura, the god of lies, is next to him.”

Shura, 7th in the Order of the Ten Commandments, would avoid the world’s attention if her Gestalt

It was easy.

Deep in the mountains of the Central Continent.

There was one man plowing the field in the heavenly nature where no human beings could be found.

It was unusual to see a man with a tattoo all over his face as well as a pickaxe.


Nane straightened her back at the sound she heard from afar.

“Eat some of this.”

Shura, dressed in worn out rags and with a towel wrapped around her head, was walking with a tray on her head.

“You are suffering a lot.”

It’s been quite some time since I hid in a deep mountain, leaving human society behind, but I and your level haven’t risen at all.

“If you are sorry for causing trouble, get enlightenment quickly. I’m not even outside right now.”

Nane gulped down the water and averted her eyes.

” outside?”

“They say that a man named Habitz has become atrocious. Hell’s armies are devastating the kingdom.”

“I see.”

Nane stared at the horizon and was lost in thought.

“When do you think you will become a Buddha?”

“If you want to be, even right now.” Shura’s face brightened.

“Are you finally aware of the secrets of the world? Then, please teach me! hurry!”

Shura was impatient, but Nane was just smiling that inexplicable smile.

“There is something to check before that.”

Nane took out a seed from her bosom.

“What is that?”

“I don’t know. I collected them one by one while walking. If you plant this, it will sprout.”

Nane, who planted the seeds, covered the soil.

“I don’t know what will sprout, but let’s start here. This is where it starts.”

Shura, who was savoring Nane’s words, asked.

“Are you planting seeds?”


Nane looked down at the ground with warm eyes.

“It is the heart.”

willingness to plant seeds.

‘I’m fine with this now. So let’s watch it, Sirone. what is this world… …

It was not yet time to do justice.

“It is spring.”

Shura’s line of sight followed Nane’s sky.

In the Temple of Earth, there were 27 stars, their satellites, and the Arakawa Archives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Sitting in the shape of a fan with Taeseong at the center, their eyes burned with speculation as if they were in enemy territory.

“This brings everyone together.”

The moment Taeseong’s mouth fell, all the stars lowered their heads in unison.

“Meet Tae-seong.”

Araka swallowed at the sight of those who were born in this world and formed their own families shouting in unison.

‘It’s really amazing.’

I couldn’t imagine what they could do when all of them moved with one will.

‘It’s a problem because it’s impossible.’

That’s why it will also be a large convocation that was implemented.

“As this is the only public seat in the ivory tower, I will be polite. First of all, before we listen to your views on the present, let’s take a brief look at the world situation.”

When Gaia’s ability was activated, the ground scenery as if seen from an altitude was revealed in front of the Earth Castle.

Araka shook her head.

“oh my god… …

From such a height that nothing, no matter how huge, could be seen, the line of movement of the army of hell was clearly visible.

“An army of approximately 50 million is advancing towards Kashan and towards the Central Continent. How about this?”

The stars were silent, their faces calm.

Amanta of the Balance Department opened her mouth.

“To punish the demons… …

“for a moment. I’m sorry, Amanta.” Taeseong stopped talking.

“Before talking about atrocities, there is something you should know first. Currently, there are three people who have reached the state of apostasy. Of course, we also have one person… …

No one looked away, but Sirone felt as if his body had been pierced.

“The first thing to look at is this person.”

As if rolling a planet by hand, the landscape quickly changed and the southern continent was reflected.

As they fell close-up, people Sirone knew well were fighting the army of hell.

‘Mr. Gaold.’

“Kill! You are only human!” The number of demons spread endlessly around the altar seemed to be in the hundreds of thousands.

“Jingle jingle, really!”

Gangnan, who rushed after Gaold, gnashed his teeth and flew into the sky.

The demons fell helplessly in front of her destructive fighting skills, but the number was so great.

“Kangnan, I will do it.” Dark waves swirled in Zulu’s eyes, and the lich soared high into the sky.

As lightning fell in a radius of several hundred meters, the cries of demons pierced the sky.


Beyond the corpses of demons exploding like firecrackers, the place they arrived at was an altar in the center of the psychic realm.

“Are you here?”

Pizarrochi, commander of the 11th Corps, was a powerful wizard with the nickname of the Ruler of Hellfire.

“There is no need to go all the way to the corps commander!” Those who guarded Pizarrochi were all brigade-level or higher, and were incomparable to the enemies they had defeated so far.


Gaold, who had eyes for Pizarrochi, gritted his teeth, and his hair began to turn white.

“die… … !”

The ground shook with a thump, and the division commander’s body was compressed like liquid.

thud! thud! thud!

As if an invisible iron core were falling, presses were applied from all sides, punching holes in the crowd of enemies.


As Gaold’s self-denial skill, Great Superheat Hell, unfolded, the surrounding landscape turned into a fiery hell.

“Hahaha! Anyway, this is our… …

Another division commander was crushed.

‘What are you going to do?’

Gangnan bit his lip as he watched Gaold’s nerves wriggle in pain.

‘I can’t hold out forever.’

Gaold didn’t care.

‘It’s a maze.’

It is not known how long the war will last, but to him it was only a fleeting moment as the flash passed.

‘I’ll finish it.’

Cuckoo coo coo coo!

When dozens and even hundreds of presses knocked in all directions, the view opened like a curtain.

“You pathetic bastards!”

In the end, Pizarrochi flew into the sky, holding hellfire in both hands.


At the same time, Gaold’s body flinched.

‘also… …

The rushing Zulu grabbed Gangnan and cast a teleportation in the opposite direction from Gaold.

“It should be avoided.”

Gauld was worried, but there was nothing he could do, so Kang Nan obediently surrendered himself.

“Huh!” Pizarrochi threw a huge fire.

“This is it!”

Gaold lifted his head, crying tears of blood.


Something huge that can’t be suppressed.

‘Damn it!’

At the end of the pale and tired consciousness, what came to mind was Miro’s smiling face.

‘It’s a maze.’

air press.

Pizarrochi’s body, the flames thrown by Pizarrochi, and the countless demons surrounding him all disappeared in an instant.

‘Turn it all off.’

As the power of the destruction pressed down on the ground, it sank hundreds of meters and the heat soared.



The moment the explosion blew away a radius of several kilometers, Taeseong of the Temple of Earth staggered to the side.

The 26 stars and satellites watched the scene and kept their mouths shut.

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