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Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 834

Great convocation of the ivory tower (3)

“By the way, a large gathering?”

Sirone asked, leading Mini and Ariana into the living room.

“yes. This is an order given directly by Taeseong. All villagers who have received the title of a star will gather with the satellite.”

“is it so… …

Sirone’s face as she poured tea was calm.

“Did you know?”

I didn’t even know how much time had passed since I was immersed in meditation, so I never received a message.

“no. But I can guess.” Currently, Havitz is atrocious, but I already intuitively felt it the moment the <Law Killing> project failed.

‘I can’t kill him.’

The fact that you cannot get the desired result no matter what situation you put into it is because it is outside the law.

It was a reasonable decision for Tae-seong to summon all the members now that the army of hell is staining the world.

“You’ve been through a lot.”

Seeing Sirone’s face more haggard than she had seen before, Mini said worriedly.

“No department in the Ivory Tower fights like Mr. Sirone. I need a break.”

Among the five departments of the Ivory Tower, the Unified Space Management Department had the widest range of missions.

“The best break is to solve the problem at hand. I don’t want to run away.”

Ariana’s eyes widened.

‘As I’ve heard, he’s a single-minded person.’

In the first place, the realm of Yahweh itself is not a stress that humans can bear.

Even Maze, the strongest seeker of mankind, the radius of the law could not escape the border of the line.

‘How is that possible?’

Thinking about that, she looked away, but Sirone looked at her and smiled.

“It’s really fine.”

A smile bloomed on Ariana’s face.


I wanted to lay it down on the ground and put a lot of pressure on it.

‘What I like is… …

Like a fantasy pair, Mini, who even has the same taste in men, activated her scale magic.

Her body became so huge that it almost touched the ceiling, as if the object had been magnified.

“I guess I can’t. I have no choice but to take special measures to recover from the fatigue of Oh Dae-seong.”

Sirone blankly raised his head and asked.

“A special measure?”

She untied the front of her suit coat and spoke to Sirone, exposing her breastbone.

“Come on in. If you are buried in a woman’s breast, you won’t think about anything.”

It certainly looked good enough for Sirone to enter.

“No, I… …

I know he has a penchant for dirty talk, but this was the first time he’d been so reckless.

“It certainly makes sense.”

Ariana, who got up from her seat, approached, untangling her apron just like Mini.

“Trust us. Is this scientific? If you bury yourself in a woman’s breast, all your afflictions will disappear.”

Thinking that it wasn’t a joke, Shirone got scared.

“Why are you all like this?”

“Mini, grab it.”

A huge hand approached, completely blocking my view.

“for a moment! wait for a sec!”

Instinctively, I stepped on the table and jumped up, but the other hand flew in and grabbed Sirone.

Ariana shouted.

“Caught. Put! Put!”

“That, stop!”

Just as Mini was dragging Sirone to the front, the door opened and a mongin louver entered.

“Oh Dae-sung.”

Mini and Ariana stopped moving, and Sirone blushed like someone who had been caught doing something embarrassing.

“Ah, Mr. Louver… …

After looking around the situation in the house for a while, Lou Ver smiled.

“Did I interrupt a good time?”

“Oh no! help me!”

Mini, who put Sirone on the floor, dispelled the scale magic and said.

“Hmmmm, so this… …

Louver turned his head to Mini.

His smile remained the same, but the emotion in his eyes turned thick and dark like a poisonous snake.

“I must have told Oh Dae-seong to be polite?”

The posture of the two women was closely disciplined.

“sorry! You seem to have been worrying too much lately, so… … Heart uh…”


The life-threatening that had bound the two of them was gone.

“It is true.”

Louver approached Sirone and continued.

“But Oh Dae-seong’s agony is not at that level, so you guys made a mistake this time.”

Minnie shook her head sullenly.


Unlike usual, being strong in discipline meant that Louver also knew the weight of a large convocation.


In fact, Louver was in a very tense state.

‘If it’s a 2 star, it’s worth knowing. I’m kidding.’

He was the only one in the Unified Space Management Department who had experienced a large and small house, so he did not like the frivolous atmosphere.

‘What happened?’

Louver, who looked at Sirone for a while, blinked and then turned his head and said.

“Mong-ah, come out.”

From behind Louver, a boy with an egg-white face and wide eyes popped out.

He was about the height of a five-year-old child, and the eyes that took up half of his face were terrifying at first glance.

“hello. I am Mong-ah, the designer of dreams.”

Louver introduced him to Sirone.

“This is my satellite Mong. Just like me, I am a dreamer. I am in charge of various chores under me.”

Minnie’s eyes widened.

‘Mr. Louver’s satellite?’

Despite working together in the Unified Space Administration, I hadn’t heard of Louver’s satellite.

‘Even in the ivory tower, there is a lack of information about Mongols. Even so, participating is still… …

Ariana felt it too.

‘This meeting is no joke.’

Those who have received the title of stars, especially Oh Dae-seong, never back down.

The actions that can be done to fulfill one’s convictions are close to infinite, so the more allies, the better.

“A dream designer?”

When Sirone looked down at Mong-a with interest, a playful smile appeared on the boy’s face.

The moment I raised my pupils all the way up and met Sirone’s eyes, the scenery began to distort.


As time passed slowly, Mong-aman opened his mouth wide and let out a scream.


For a moment, the child’s face melted into black liquid and attacked Sirone.

‘ Avoid… …

As if in a dream, the moment I thought about it, my movements slowed down and a black liquid covered the sirone.

‘It’s simple, the Five Great Saints.’

Only dreamers can directly penetrate the REM area, the boundary between consciousness and unconsciousness.

Also, unlike other spirit-type wizards, it has the terrifying strength of never being able to evade.

‘In my dream, I’m on top.’

nightmare, devil.

One of the dreamer’s abilities, it absorbs the dreamer’s uneasy feelings and grows in size.


The beast inside opened its eyes, and all the resentment Sirone had been harboring began to burn.

‘What is this?’

growing without end.

In an instant, even the dreamer lost control due to a huge rage that no human dream had encountered.

‘Yahweh? What philanthropy is this?’ Tears were on the verge of flowing in front of a resentment that could not be relieved even if the entire universe was destroyed.

‘It’s dangerous. This is how this person dies.’

Louver told me not to look after the circumstances.

‘Oh, I don’t know!’

When the nightmare filter was removed, Sirone’s suppressed emotions expanded at the speed of light.

“Ahhh… …

Mong-ah was terrified when she realized how much she had grown.

Even though there is no limit to dreams, the distance from the end to the end of achieving oneself could not be measured.

‘Am I living with something like this?’ I suddenly had a question.

‘How can I hold on?’

Under normal circumstances, Sirone would have already died and the world of dreams would have to be closed.

‘Where are you?’

It is trapped in Mong-a’s arms, but it is so large that it is impossible to even locate it.

After concentrating for a long time, Mong-ah finally felt the figure of Sirone buried in darkness.

Despite having a terrible nightmare, Sirone just calmly closed her eyes.

‘Is this the spirit of Yahweh?’ It’s not that there is no anger.

‘I’m just handling it.’

Mong-a designed countless nightmares, but it was the first time that something as eerie and frightening as this one.

Sirone’s eyes slowly opened.


In a moment that could not be called time, a thin flash pierced the darkness of the devil.

Even then, Mong-a did not feel it.


A stimulus that comes from far away.

“uh? uh huh?”

The moment the dreamer realizes, the size of the flash expands at the speed of light and burns the entire world as well as the devil.


After the momentary dream ended, Mong-a screamed and flew as if in shock, crashing into the wall.

“Aww! Aww!”

While Minnie and Ariana looked puzzled, Louver’s expression was serious.

‘The dreamer who designs nightmares is terrified.’

What was it that scared you so much?

The correct answer seemed to be told by the two pupils of Sirone, who were calmly looking straight ahead.

“sorry. I won’t do that again.” Seeing Mong-ah’s attitude of not being able to meet Sirone’s eyes, Louver nodded his head.

‘I think I know.’

Mongah had seen in Sirone’s heart that he should never appear in this world.

‘A dangerous double-edged sword.’

In the end, the moment the fraternity was broken for any reason, this world would come to an end.

“You have earned the wrath of Yahweh, Mong.”

Mong-ah pouted her lips as if she was sad at Louver’s attitude of talking like it was someone else’s business.

Feeling a sense of responsibility, Louver frankly confided in Sirone.

“sorry. Ahead of the grand convocation, I felt very old.”

“It is a terrible nightmare.”

Contrary to the words, the eyes were calm.

‘At this level, this great convocation is worth trying.’

It was also this year that Minnie and Ariana, who arrived here first, relaxed a bit.

“Let me explain. This is the second ivory tower convocation since the birth of mankind. Perhaps we will discuss the current situation, but with that… …

Louver sighed and said.

“The atmosphere of the meeting is likely to flow in a way to punish Sirone-sama.”

Minnie asked.

“A punishment? Who will punish the Five Stars’?”

“Of course, it’s not Taeseong. However, it is a place where all five major departments gather. Since the situation has worsened due to the failure of <Slaughter>, they will surely ask questions about it.”

“I am determined.”

Louver nodded at Sirone’s words.

“If you are the current Odaeseongnim, you will be able to prepare for their attack. And take this.” Louver took out the <Law Kill>.

“This item has been registered by Sirone-sama. Please take it because it is a position that should not be prepared for in vain.”

It was also good to make contact with Minerva, who was expected to be the only ally in this great muster.

“By the way, one person hasn’t come yet?” I heard that the number of stars belonging to the Unified Space Management Department is four.


The door opened violently and a dark-skinned woman entered.

Minnie put her hand on her hip and said.

“Why are you so late?”

“yes! It’s late! I am so sorry!” She was a girl from the mountain village, wearing a shabby ball gown tied with her belt.

Sirone, who was looking at the chubby thighs like the hind legs of a frog, asked Louver.

“This person… … ?”

“yes. This is Kira, a 1-star resident of the Unified Space Management Department. An undead wizard.”

Kira straightened her back.

“Hello! It’s Kira! And this one…

After a while, a huge skeleton more than 2 meters long strode in and grabbed Kira’s shoulder.

“It’s my satellite Etron! I picked it up in the mountains!”

Instead of a greeting, the skeleton snapped its jaws.

“Sirone-sama and I, Mini and Kira. In this way, four people belong to the Unified Space Management Department. The total number of stars is 12.”

“The number of stars?”

“The total number of stars is different for each department. It’s a measure of prestige, but never mind. There are departments that do not have 4 stars, so it is not an absolute figure.”

‘I guess our department isn’t high.’

Louver spoke to the stars.

“This is the place where all 27 members of the Ivory Tower, including Taeseong, gather. Never relax.”


The stars and satellites shouted with courage.

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