Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 829

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apostasy (2)


The realm that Augent ultimately reached.

It deserves to be called apostasy in that it wields a concept outside the world.

Rather than cutting with a sword, the concept of cutting is forcibly injected into the world.

‘But it’s just as dangerous.’

It’s neither beautiful nor cool.

It’s only great because humans did it, and as a result, Ogent ended his life as a creature.

‘The body can’t stand it.’

As Ryan’s ideas replaced August’s ideas, Smille’s hallucinations were no longer heard.

‘Do I have that kind of will?’

A terrible obsession made Ogent immortal, but Lian only inherited his genes.

‘There’s no reason to live like that.’

Ryan is not Ogent.

‘Honestly, I don’t even understand.’

The biggest reason he was able to come this far is because he resembles Smille’s personality.

You didn’t swing your sword to be the best?

‘I will become the best prosecutor.’

If that spirit of victory is not greater than Ogent’s obsession, the body will be completely annihilated with this single blow.

‘I’m grateful for what you handed down… … does it matter

“I don’t stop.”

For an instant, the feeling of Ogent smiling passed through Rian’s mind.

Faust came.

“It is the fate of living things to want to see the end.”

Even when I was just a nameless bat.

“I saw two of the strongest creatures clash. In fact, it’s just a primordial feeling with no memory whatsoever.”

Faust’s body, emitting intense life force, began to dissolve into black smoke from beneath his feet.

“Where do we come from? What is this world we live in? There are many ways to find the only answer, but the simplest one is… …

Huge billows of smoke billowed up like a mountain burning, and completely covered the sky with darkness.

“To become strong enough to destroy the world.”

This was the reason why Ankera banned apostasy.

The smoke that filled the sky twisted sharply and began to rush towards Lian.

Just looking at the size of the half-body and half-soul, it was so powerful that it was incomparable to Lord.


The moment Xenia shouted at the sight of all the darkness in the world.

‘Beat it!’

Lian took a step and lowered the sword.

The speed of movement in the realm of divine transcendence and idea was enough to burn the body.

The skin burned first, and the muscles evaporated, making the skeleton red-hot.

Movements that transcend the limits of what humans can do will melt even metal.


<Idea> is not destroyed.

The sound of Lian’s spirits suddenly disappeared, and huge smoke parted from side to side.


When the black smoke split in two in a state of half-body and half-soul, a clear night sky opened up.

Xenia’s eyes were stained with astonishment.

“This, this… …

The sky split open and another world appeared with an eerie glow.

‘Where is that place?’

However, the brilliance disappeared before he could even look back at the question, and a realistic shock hit the world.


A shock wave that cut the world in two with a power comparable to magic was advancing endlessly.

Around the time I heard the sound of the building collapsing, Xenia knocked on the glass ball.

“Rian! Ryan!”

At the same time, the great straight sword fell from Lian’s hands, which were standing with only bones left.


Because it was a sword that stood on its own even without both arms, it was as if Lian’s life had fallen.

After a while, the charred skeleton was blown away by the wind and spread as ashes.


Faust, who had returned to his human body after being split in two, fell to the ground.

‘ saw.’

there was light

It was an intense light that could not confirm anything, but it definitely existed.

‘It’s a pity.’

He wanted to stay in the world a little longer and see the end, but now he had only a few minutes left.

“Rian! Ryan!”

Hearing Xenia’s cry, Faust slowly raised his head on the left side of his body.

‘Did it disappear?’


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If the light he saw was true, it would be impossible to exist in this world.

‘When I see this happening… … I didn’t feel well.

‘It’s futile. Is there nothing left after all?’

I heard the sound of the wind somewhere.

‘I am Lian.’

His voice resounded throughout the universe, but no one could hear it.

‘Yes, I am Lian.’

This is because it has spread so perfectly that it is impossible to define a sound.

However, that feeble wave was forcing itself to do something without a break.

‘know. I’m Ryan.’ But what does that mean?

I was so satisfied with my current situation that I didn’t want to think about anything more complicated than that.

‘The best sword… …

Even remembering these things bothered me.

‘I am Lian.’

All he could do was repeat himself endlessly.

Just as Arius had used apoptosis before, Lian was just in a state of conception.

So there is no will.

It just needs to permeate and exist in this world, repeating itself forever.


Therefore, it was miraculous that the current Lian questioned a specific subject.


A concept forcibly meshed with him.

‘I am Lian with <idea>.’ idea?

As the information began to have a personality, a memory that was bothersome came to mind.

‘Yes, I fired the best sword with this.’

for what reason?

‘To become the best swordsman.’

It was such a wonderful feeling that I thought, ‘Should I go back now?’, but it was far from reality.

It was as weak as lying in bed and thinking, ‘Should I stop dying now?’

‘ why?’

A question that is the most unnecessary of the 5, 5, and 5, but leaves nothing behind when it disappears.

‘Why should I go back?’

Ryan’s concept changes direction at that point, looking at the opposite side of reality.

And he realized that a ray of light that he didn’t know was coming from somewhere was connected to him.

It may be far away, but I thought that maybe it could be right in front of me.

signals coming from outside the world.

Therefore, the concept of Ryan, which I am thinking of now, will be nothing more than the function of that signal.

What’s out there?

Ryan tried to go where the light came in, but he couldn’t get the feeling of advancing.

‘I am Ryan. I am rian I’m Ryan… …

The more I didn’t give up, the stronger the feedback got, and finally it got to the point where I couldn’t think of anything else.

‘Rian! Ryan! Ryan! Ryan! Ryan! Lee An!’

He was afraid that he would lose even himself, who was thinking, but he went on endlessly.

August Lian.

In the end, one concept, endlessly flickering in his thoughts, made up all of him.

As everything became clearer, his perspective turned to the other side against his will.

The shadow of a man holding a sword spread out and shimmered at the end of the dark world.

‘Do I look like that?’

There is no way to confirm, but the first will to do something finally occurred.

‘Yes, I am Ogent Lian.’

Shadows are not destroyed.

“It’s Sirone’s sword.”

The world he was in turned pale as if it were about to explode when a wave of human nature, defined by sound, occurred.

“Rian… … . If you die like this… …

Xenia sat helplessly on the glass ball and shed tears.

Although she killed Faust, the true horse, the feelings of the hunters who lost their precious comrades were no different from her.

“Yes, Xenia.”

Then Katein pointed forward.

The air in the place where Lian disappeared became transparent and formed the shape of a human body.

As if filling something into an empty frame, dots of colorful colors began to appear.

It was a human body.

Bones formed, nerves and muscles covered them, and finally, even the skin regenerated rapidly, revealing Lian’s face.

“Uh, how?”

Rather than the thought of being happy, the shock of not being able to believe caught the minds of the hunters.


Lian gritted her teeth and fell to her knees as the terrible pain surged from the realm of reality.

‘I really hate this feeling.’

Was this how Sirone felt when he returned from the limits of Immortal Function?


Hearing Xenia’s voice, Lian slowly stood up while holding on to the great straight sword.

The figure that was approaching with strides was quite confident, but the problem was that she was naked.

“Oh, no??????

The moment Xenia hurriedly turned her head, a flash of light passed in front of her eyes.

When half of the glass sphere, which had been able to withstand any impact, was cut off smoothly, she looked away again.

What caught my eye was Lian, who was already unconscious.

“Rian! Wake! Ryan!”

Xenia ran and shook it, but it was impossible to even knock it down, as if it was fixed to something.

“Free us!”

Unlock the Fuzix Machine’s lock.

Now, the hunters checked Lian’s condition.

“Oh, how could this… …

Even in a state of unconsciousness, the law that was invoked was a weight that could be lifted and moved by one ton.

Katein, who had barely put Lian down, checked his condition.

“What happened?”

“Fortunately, it is hidden. But my pulse is weak. It would be better to move to the hideout quickly.”

“Even if we move quickly… …

The current Hunters were the only ones who could handle Lian’s weight.

“There! It’s over there!”

Hundreds of security guards came running from afar.

After checking the face of the security chief Benoff, Xenia sighed and sat down.

‘But this kind of power… …

Every time I checked the landscape that Lian’s sword had destroyed, I didn’t think it was human.

‘The world’s strongest swordsman.’

I don’t know what will happen in the future, but when Lian opens her eyes again, everything will be different.

Niflheim. Deep in the world of the dead, where everything is frozen, Ymir’s eyelids snap open.

That alone caused the huge ice sheet to vibrate.

‘Is it about time?’

Through Suoi, a symbiotic creature, he knew that Ankera had disappeared.

Still, it didn’t move because there was no reason to do so.


As promised 10,000 years ago, his lineage opened the world of apostasy again.


When the lips move, the suoi are solid.

moving rapidly through molecules

Cracks began to appear on the surface of the never-breaking ice sea.

“Let’s decide the winner!”

After Ogent passed away, Ymir was also imprisoned here for breaking the rule of apostasy.

“I’m so terrified of what the outside world is like, that I have to protect this world!”

As Ymir clenched his fists and stood up, the ice around him evaporated into steam.

“Whatever it is, just destroy it!” As the enormous presence distorted gravity, the ice sea began to stir in a jumbled mess.

“I am the strongest!”

Otherwise, there is no reason to exist.

“I am… …


Hundreds of tons of ice blocks floated into the air and shook in confusion.

“It’s already done!”

As the shock wave spread and pushed the ice wall as it was in the form of energy, a roar shook the whole heaven.

Ymir, king of giants. body resurrection.

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