Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 828

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apostasy (1)

At the beginning of the incident where the black sphere was approaching, Ogent was dizzy.

It was not as fast as light, but it was the limit of the law that matter with mass could produce.

It felt that way.

‘It’s cut.’

Time passed slowly, and afterimages of black spheres overlapped as clearly as the real thing, revealing the trajectory.

At the exact point where the mind and body met, O’Zent’s two arms, holding nothing, fell down.


According to the feelings of Ogent, who reached the pinnacle of swordsmanship, this is a concept that does not exist in this world.

As the whole of the law was distorted, the landscape that stayed behind Ogent’s back split left and right.

‘That’s it?… ”

In the time lag phenomenon in which Halo rotates at high speed, Kariel saw it clearly.

As the three-dimensional landscape was compressed into two dimensions, the end of the world opened before my eyes.

As if the world he had experienced so far was just a picture drawn on a single curtain.

‘The universe… …

was open

A concept infiltrating from outer space crashed into the black sphere, carving a sword into reality.

‘It’s over.’

Heaven will be destroyed.

Seventh Thousand Araboth.

Ankera, a huge chunk of meat that was throbbing at the tip of the spire, opened its big eyes.


For Ankera, who dreams of this world, even a fleeting moment is just a concept that can be as long as an eternity.

In the state of innocence, he looked closely at the strongest law in the world and the point of apostasy that broke the law.

‘A single creature tears the universe apart.’

If you ask how that is possible, Anke Ra has no choice but to answer.

‘Isn’t that a truly human doubt?’ What we should truly question is not ‘how is this possible’, but ‘what kind of world this is possible’.

‘I am the whole.’

highly question

‘Can there be something beyond me?’

Ankera’s pupils moved quickly whenever the bends of his thoughts crossed the mountain.

Since time was almost at a standstill, the pupil’s flicker was equal to the speed of light… … .

‘It’s nowhere.’

Ankera, who calculated the Akashic Records a near-infinite number of times, finally came to a conclusion.

‘It must be concluded that there is none.’

The conclusion he drew is not logically correct in that it is the realm of faith, not conviction.

Hence the obvious error.

However, a contradiction arises in that the Akashic Records are literally the entirety of this world and cannot go wrong.

‘Apostasy is impossible.’

to make it that way.

‘I opened my eyes, and everything is mine.’

By manipulating the Akashic Records, Anke Ra ends up leaving a part of the Great World War to the far reaches of the universe.

‘As far as possible!’

Even in the unit of thought, which divided one second into infinity, the space that could be flown was only a sphere with a diameter of about 40 meters.


Following Ogent’s scream, a vertical shockwave collided head-on with the material shell.

With a roar, all the trees in the dense forest were uprooted and blown away, turning into a wasteland.

“Haha! Haha!”

Ogent, whose arms had disappeared, bent his knees and glared forward with fearful eyes.

Kariel was sitting on the ground with her left shoulder severed.

“you… …

Even Kariel couldn’t analyze the power beyond the concept of an archangel.


Ogent’s missing arms began to regenerate bones and muscles at a rapid pace.

‘Cell regeneration? no, this is… …

Body restoration is possible even with the power of a giant, but the phenomenon that happens to Ogent is on a different level.

‘Information is being restored.’

A signal from outer space was perfectly reconstructing his information.

‘To destroy that human, I have to use the same method.’

However, for the archangel who relied on the law of Anchera, abdication was never acceptable.

Kariel looked around, thinking that she should buy some time for now.

‘Where am I?’

It was a place I had never been to before, and the forest stretched endlessly outside the radius that Ogent had destroyed.

“Give me Smille.”

Ogent stepped towards the glass orb filled with black liquid.

As space fell, Ilhwa’s drinking stopped, but it was enough time for a person to suffocate.

Kariel stood up awkwardly and blocked the way.

‘I prevented Heaven from being destroyed, but if I can’t stop this guy, it’s the same in the end.’


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Wielding an idea doesn’t mean the end of the universe right away, but it wasn’t theoretically impossible either.

“Are you going to stop me?”

Augent slowly raised his hand.

“Then die.”

Just as another apostasy was about to be enforced, space was twisted like a whirlpool at the midpoint between Kariel and Ogent.

“what… … ?”

Ankera sent something here again, but the space was torn before the phenomenon was over.

A large body that emitted white smoke like steam flew at Ogent.


As soon as the fist exploded, Ogent’s body disappeared from the spot.

bang! bang! bang! bang!

Kariel, who had been watching blankly as it flew endlessly through the forest, turned her head.


“Hehe, it’s been a while since we had a fun fight.”

Ankera, who recognizes abortion as an error, chose Ymir, the king of creatures, not an archangel.

After frowning for a moment at the shock of transcending space, he turned to Kariel.

“You got it right.”

Since it was an angel who was clearly a superior being according to the law, Kariel showed a displeasure.

“Don’t be arrogant. Ra sent you… …


I thought I could hear a huge shout from afar, but before I knew it, Ogent’s main

The prey struck Ymir in the face.


Ymir’s eyes shook with shock, but his body did not budge from the spot.

Instead, the ground he was standing on crumbled like a cookie, and another shockwave exploded.

The glass sphere in which Smille was locked flew away, and Ogent’s gaze turned to it.

“Smil… …

“Is this all?”

Ymir’s fist bent in a gale and struck Ogent again.

‘It’s nothing?’

Unlike Ankera’s order to punish a human being at the risk of a giant’s pride, it was surprisingly simple.


But at that time, a strangeness settled in Ymir’s eyes.

‘Did you throw it away?’

The fist that had been pushed out as far as the creature could reach was blocked by Ogent’s chin.


And Ymir saw.

A gigantic law wave flying from the far side, from the end of the universe.

‘ah… …

The moment I received Ogent’s second attack, all the common sense I had until now was shattered.

‘This is the guy.’

Even gravity was already winning, but my mind was so confused that I didn’t even know where I was flying.

‘The reason I exist.’

Paradoxically, self-destruction is the dream of the apex of a creature with 10 billion Gaians united.

‘This guy can break me.’


As soon as Ymir put his feet on the ground, the ground pushed away and two mountains were created.

Ymir has also reached the state of apostasy.

Then, Ogent flew in and struck the center of the giant sharply.

“Ha ha ha ha!”

The forest was devastated as a slugfest was held in which there was no need to distinguish between heaven and earth.

While all the animals cried out in fear, there was a bat watching the battle right in front of them.

The other bats instinctively figured out Sadal and left the cave, but the only bat was still hanging upside down on the ceiling, watching the world carefully.

Naturally, bats lacking reason did not have the ability to think.

However, just the scenery received with the eyes was enough to shake the inner side of the animal.

‘What is that?’

If it’s a natural disaster, I’ve experienced it a few times in my life.

But other than that, watching the thunderbolt that seemed to tear the world itself gave me an endless thrill.

‘ there is.’

can do.

Creatures recognize their limits from birth, but at this moment, the broken bat will change into something completely different.

“Move! I mean Vicky!”

Ogent, who had to find the glass ball where Smille was trapped, became more and more impatient as time passed.

‘How could this be?’

The stage of idea that he attained at the end of falling to the bottom where living things could fall was of no use to the giant.

Whenever fists crossed each other, Ogent’s body was broken.

However, a more serious situation than that was that even the ideas that formed him were being destroyed.

“If this is the end… … Ymir raised the corners of her mouth and raised her fist.

‘Eventually something like that.’

It was enough to destroy Ogent, destroy Heaven, and destroy the entire world.

“Smille… …

A voice leaked from under the broken jaw.

“Smille eh eh!”

The moment Ogent struck Ymir in the face, an incomparable power was transmitted.


As the molars broke off, they fell obliquely toward the ground, and a shock wave exploded at the same time as the collision.


A blow powerful enough to create a gigantic creator caused Ymir to fall.

The shock came momentarily, and it was the first time in the history of Ymir that he lost control of his body.

‘It’s really strange.’

It seems like the end, but it’s not the end.

‘What is the mind.’

It’s considered insignificant because you already have it, but do you actually have the means to create something bigger than that?

Ymir, who fell with a thud, had to wait immobile until his body recovered.

‘If I endure, I win.’

I realized something from a blow earlier, but Ogent did not come to Ymir.

“Smille! Smille!”

Kariel interrupted in front of the glass sphere.

“stop. This woman… …

Before he could finish his words, the regime flew in and threw Kariel hundreds of meters away.

“please! please!”

The glass sphere shattered and the black liquid that melted the black elixir gushed out.

Smille was no longer alive.

Bloody tears flowed from Ogent’s eyes as he checked the half-melted state.


I believed that something like a miracle would happen, but this world is just cold.

After recovering, Ymir walked with the ground shaking.

‘Is that the woman?’

idea of ​​a human being.

“Let’s keep fighting.”

There was politeness in Ymir’s words, but Ogent didn’t pretend to listen.

He was stunned, looking down at the ground with soulless eyes and muttering.


The body, hardened like a fossil of anger, was soaked in the black elixir and began to melt.

“Are you precious enough to do that?”

“Did you say you wanted to fight me?”

Ogent, whose lower body had melted, slowly turned his head.

“Protect Smille.”

Knowing what was going on, Ymir asked with a sad look.

“What is your name?”


As her upper body melted, black elixir flowed into Smille as if it had life.

“I disappear… …

Augent looked up at the sky.

“My will will lead through Smille.”

Tears flowed from his face, which was left with only his neck.

‘I see, Smille.’

The sky I looked at at the end of my life was dazzling.

‘Life is so beautiful.’

Ogent’s body completely disappeared and the black liquid began to restore Smille’s body.

‘I am Ogent.’

Only consciousness whispered quietly.

‘I didn’t save the world or accomplish a great cause, I was just a prosecutor… …

His genes have jumped through countless generations.

‘It was definitely delivered.’

I finally reached a man.

‘Ogent… … Ryan.’

Lian An, who had drawn <Idea> obliquely, raised his head and glared at Faust.


The match would have been decided in a single blow.

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