Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 816

dark clan (4)

Genocide’s hideout was a small cabin in the woods beyond the city walls.

It was a cozy place where firewood was burning in the fireplace, but when I went down to the basement, a fortress came out packed with sophisticated machinery.

There was a passage leading to the weapons storage, and on the other side was the machine room.

“Come on. Did things go well?” A woman with grease on her face opened the door to the machine room and came out.

Her red hair was cut short like a man’s, and a dirty towel was wrapped around her neck.

“Oh my, who is this person?”

Xenia didn’t believe anything she wasn’t sure about.

“I do not know yet. I met you on the way Where is Mr. Grain?”

“To the medical room. It sounds like you’ve developed a new drug.”

At the end of the hallway, there are medical facilities in a space larger than a cabin.

The white-bearded doctor who was looking through the microscope turned his chair.

“Here we come, our stormtroopers.”

Doctor Grain.

A doctor belonging to Genocide and a clinical trial expert, he was a man who knew everything about vampires.

“I see a new face. no way… … Aren’t you a vampire?”

It was a common joke, but this time the reaction of the party was not so friendly.

“I brought him for that. This man is called Macha’s knight. Self-proclaimed, of course.”

“Hoo? If so, I’m even more suspicious. Slashing 10,000 demons is not the realm of living things.”

“Stop talking nonsense and check it out. Can a human whose heart has stopped be revived?”

Grain turned to Lian as if seeking an explanation.

“What are you talking about?”

“in fact… …

On the way to the hideout, he heard about a person called Grain, so Lian also expressed his curiosity.

“Hmm, if you hear the hallucination of Smille, it means that the wound will regenerate. Even in death.”

“yes. I think I forgot how to die.”

Grain nodded.

“It’s a strange thing. But it is not a special phenomenon. Because immortality is also the original characteristic of living things.”

“You mean you won’t die?”

“What is death? Just because a stone breaks doesn’t mean it’s dead. Living things also came from inorganic matter. If you go back to the beginning of life, to the primeval, there is no concept of death.”

Ryan listened intently.

“But why didn’t it evolve into an eternal creature? It’s because of the virus. Small things in the middle between animate and inanimate things infect certain information.”

Grain punched the palm of his hand.

“You know what I mean? If we don’t try to change the information, we’ll go extinct because of the virus. There is a limit to defense with mutation alone. So living things borrowed a unique way of combining information. The combination of male and female creates new information and then discards the old information.”

“That is death.”

“As long as the virus exists, old information must be discarded, and new information must be produced endlessly. This is why animals hate incest. Combining it with outdated information does not help fight the virus.”

Grain pointed at Lian.

“Smiele’s hallucinations, your grandfather said he heard them too. But you don’t know who Smille is.”


“Maybe he knows. Even if it’s not in your memory, it could be imprinted in your genes.”


“The more you enter the world of microparticles, the more you realize that there are no analogs in this world. Life is nothing more than an aggregate of information in the smallest unit. I think your present nature could be a very old genetic code that responds to certain stimuli.”

Xenia asked.

“If that information is triggered, you don’t die?”

“It is possible. As I said earlier, death is not the original function of life.”

Ryan asked.

“Is it possible to get the information written in that gene into your head?”

I wanted to know.

Who was the owner of <Idea>, and why did Ymir know Ogent?

“I don’t think it’s impossible.” Grain rose from his seat.

“Because the auditory hallucinations you hear are also memories at the genetic level infiltrating your head. But it takes a complicated process to go into more detail.”

“What if it’s a complicated process?”

“Genetic information is not human text. But the brain is a perfect interpreter. If a specific stimulus evokes a memory, try changing the direction and intensity of that stimulus.”

Grain was an expert.

“Probably not an area that creatures can handle. No matter how regenerated, the pain is real. So, how far have you experienced it?”

“well. I have experienced the extent to which my heart stops.” Saying that, I looked back at her, Xenia, and she shrugged her shoulders as if she believed it now.

“Have you ever been decapitated?”

“They have never been completely separated.” Grain pursed his lips.

“If I were to test you, I would cut off your neck first. Because I want to know the limit of recovery.”

“I have had my brain broken, but Grain shook his head.

“It is completely different. The body is a combination of core functions that cannot be said to be more important. It’s not important because it’s already been weeded out. It’s a risky endeavor if you don’t have experience. You wouldn’t want that either.”

It’s true that I wanted to know about Smille’s hallucinations, but I couldn’t die in vain.

“yet… … I think there is still work to be done.”

“Yes, as a last resort. Let’s stay here and try this and that.”

Ryan asked.

“Then what is a vampire? Did they also activate immortality at the gene level?”

“no. Quite the contrary.” Grain turned to Lian.

“Strictly speaking, they are not creatures. It’s a virus. Dominating humans by injecting specific information into them, or regenerating their bodies by absorbing their information. Everything follows the mechanism of the virus. Neither animate nor inanimate, a demigod and half-soul being.”

“You mean the virus evolved?”

“no. It was a creature at first.” Grain’s accident went back in time.

“A long time ago… … There was a bat that realized incarnation and got a human body.”

It was an old anecdote.

“Like any human being, he was obsessed with eternal life, and eventually got it. But he wasn’t satisfied with that. No matter how infinite the lifespan, the extinction of the object cannot be prevented. That’s why I can’t cut your throat.”

Creatures can be destroyed by some powerful force.

“He wanted to exist until the end of the world. Then I found the most efficient way to go back to the source of life.”

“It’s a virus.”

“okay. half-married. He could have become a virus that never dies at the cost of giving up half of his substance.”

Grain’s eyes contained the intent to kill.

“That is the beginning of vampires. He is currently third in the Order of the Ten Lords, the last of Faust the Jinma.”

“… … You know about Heaven.”

“I don’t know the details. All I know is the information I got while tracing the lineage of Vampyre. Faust, who gained true eternal life, naturally lost his ability to reproduce. Instead, they inject special prions from their fangs to make them obedient.”

“Are you talking about pure blood?”

“When Jinma stayed in our world, 3 people were injected. They are the Lords who rule the vampire society.”

Grain drew a genealogy in the air with his finger.

“Lord created dozens of Almas, and Almas created thousands of Vesicas. The further down the genealogy, the further away from Jinma. But one day, someone from the Besica class mutated.”

“Which mutation is it?”

“It’s got fertility.” “That Besica, who fell in love with her human woman, slept with her and bore her child. Surprisingly, even that child had vampire traits. We call them half horses. But purebloods are called this.”

Grain raised his index finger.


Xenia’s face darkened.

“A lot of hybrids have spread in the world. Werewolves come out of various crossbreeds that are beyond words. Of course, breeding between half-horses was much more common.” Grain glanced at Xenia.

“In the process, a mutant with abilities impossible even for pure-blooded vampires was born.”

“which… … ?”

“As viruses have their own wavelength, vampires also have a special wavelength. It gave me the ability to accurately detect that wavelength and track its location.”

The biggest reason why vampires could not be wiped out was that they were difficult to distinguish from humans.

“It’s a great ability.”

“that’s right. That’s how Vampire Hunter was born. Its characteristic is that it has been silver-haired since birth. That’s why we call them Silverbones.”

Only then did Rian look back at Xenia.

“Huh, what?”

Grain said.

“that’s right. Xenia is a Silverborn. Her skin gets burned by ultraviolet rays and her ability to detoxify silver is extremely low, but her body is regenerated through her blood and she has physical abilities comparable to those of a vampire.” Just then, a woman from the engine room, Engineer Passett, entered the medical room.

“But instead of blood, they eat human food and have the ability to reproduce. There is no incarnation of a bat.”

One of the abilities of vampires, mimicking a bat, was the incarnation of Faust, a real horse, passed down from generation to generation.

“Facet, are you done?”

“What’s the point of counting live ammunition? Anyway, with this case, some money came in, so I increased the percentage of silver in the alloy. The paralysis effect will increase by 10% compared to before.”

Fowler clashed their fists.

“Hahaha! I want to see a quick shoot! I’m dying to see the expression on the face of a battered vampire!”

Passett reached out to Lian.

“nice to meet you. I don’t know what happened, but the misunderstanding seems to have been resolved. I’m an engineer facet. I am working on remodeling firepower.”


drug expert Catein said.

“There are three main ways to deal with vampires. Firearms, drugs, and metals. Everyone exploits their weaknesses.”

Passett went on to explain.

“Use silver for firepower. Because it slows down the vampire’s recovery. The drug group uses a drug called Anticell manufactured by Mr. Grain. And the metal tool, Xenia, pulled out a black metallic sharp sword.

“Silence. It is made of an alloy with Obscura B added to it.”

“Obscura… …

It was a material that went into the video recorder, and due to its scarcity, it was an item handled by the state.

“Even a vampire cannot penetrate Obscura B.”

Passett said.

“It’s incredibly expensive. It’s a mineral that can only be found in ultra-low-temperature dark rooms, and it can’t be made with alchemy. That’s why I couldn’t even dare to use it as a firearm and used it for a metal weapon. A good swordsman is much more efficient than a firearm.”

Xenia smiled, which is not often seen.

“What is the effect of Anticell?”

“Basically, it clots blood and destroys cells. Vampires are defenseless against cell-level attacks.”

Grain raised the syringe.

“Still, I need to prepare a lot to deal with them. When hit with the power pack I developed, it has pain-relieving effects and increases muscle strength. Strengthening the nervous system also increases agility.”

There were also side effects.

“Is everyone fighting against that?”

“No, Xenia is an exception. There is something much more efficient than a power pack for a half horse.”

Xenia pulled out a slender mechanism.

“Blood Q (menthol).”

It was a tool for steaming blood and inhaling steam.

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