Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 817

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the world they live in (1)

“It is simple to use. The iron core generates heat when the button is pressed. This heat evaporates the blood.”

When Xenia, who was holding the Blood Q, pressed the button with her thumb, a stem rose from the tip.

“Suck this up.”

As she put the tube in her mouth and inhaled, her silver hair stood up a few strands and her eyes tightened.

“You eat blood.”

No matter how much the form changes, the fact does not change


“okay. I am also half a vampire.”

Smoke mixed with the cool scent of menthol spewed from her mouth.

Grain said.

“Drinking blood is kind of disgusting, so it was designed to be inhaled in vapor form. It also has the advantage of being fast. Because it permeates right through the capillaries.”

“Where do you get the blood?”

“From humans. In an illegal way.”

The word illegal was not used.

“I won’t make the excuse that I couldn’t help it. However, while inhaling Blood Q, Xenia’s sensitivity is enhanced by more than 100 times. It’s enough to track all vampires within a radius of 2 kilometers.”

When Xenia inhaled the Blood Q again, her hair stood up even more and a few strands trembled.

“Seven vampires 700 meters to the northwest. Three at 900 meters to the south. It is also on the east side.”

Fowler gnashed his teeth.

“It’s a garden of bats.”

“Recently, the number is increasing even more. The number of Almas we checked is already 4. Do you know what this means?”

Lian replied.


“okay. The ruler of vampires, it means that one of the three Lords is here in Lodenin. In other words, the opportunity to end this damn war has arrived.”

In order to annihilate the vampires that increase their numbers through injection, the root must be cut.

Grain said.

“Fight with us. It’s a price to pay, but I’ll actively cooperate with you to find out your secret.”

“Do not worry. I have already sworn to take responsibility for the death I caused.

Are you?”

Macha’s knight is a person who is on the list of candidates for the great swordsman among the hooligans.

The faces of Genocide and his party brightened as they gained a strong ally, but Xenia was an exception.

“Talk to me.”

Grain said as Xenia went upstairs.

“Looks like you have something to say as the team leader. just remember this She is not Vampire.”

he added.

“And not even human.”

Xenia is a Silverborn.

“I know.”

Blood Q, which evaporates and inhales disgusting blood, must have been a tool to show her identity.

Leaving the group behind in the medical room, Lian followed Xenia up to the cabin.

The door was open, and she was looking up at the moon with her obscura-B sword drawn.

“What are you talking about?”

Xenia turned around.

“Why are you fighting demons? Is it hate plural? Or is there some other reason?”

It was suitable as a half-ma’s question.

“To protect the person I love.”

Xenia was lost in thought.

“Are you? Why are you fighting vampires? If you have to hate someone, isn’t that human?”

Humans are the most exclusive species.

“It is not wrong. Because my parents were both half horses. I’m not ignorant of human hostility… …

Xenia laughed.

“Do humans become objects of hatred?” “You know, even half-horses, humans are no match for us. They are just prey. It was a vampire, not a human, who killed my parents.”

The moonlight was cold.

“I just lived a normal life. Sucking human blood with mom and dad, sometimes looking at the moon… …

Xenia asked.

“Is it weird to say it’s normal?”

“no. The same goes for humans anyway.” Preying on numerous races, ordinary people

Crabs live.

“But they gave us a tragedy.”


“They call us hybrids. Guys don’t know love. I can’t do raw food itself. virus.”

Her sword, the Dark Blade, trembled.

“If humans are food for pure-bloods, hybrids are insects that cannot even be eaten. In the end, my parents were arrested… …

When Xenia tore off the collar on both sides, a lightning bolt-shaped wound was engraved on the pit of the stomach.

“I too have been subjected to all sorts of experiments. Even if you inhale blood cues, these wounds won’t go away. It’s not my skin tissue. You rubbed my stomach as you please. Do you know that feeling?”

Because it was Lian, it seemed like he knew.

“All members of Genocide have lost someone important to vampires. Fowler’s wife, Grain’s daughter… …

Xenia turned to Lian.


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“What have you lost? Are you fighting to protect your loved ones? If that’s the case, you’re looking at this floor funny. You are also a peculiar character. If I fall into their hands, I will suffer the same fate. You won’t be able to stand it.”

It wasn’t Rian that Xenia didn’t trust, it was all selfish humans.

“No matter how hard it is, if you can console yourself, you are not ready to fight. To me, any aphorism, any verse in the world is just disgusting.”

It was the world of vampire hunters.

“I wanted to become stronger.”

Ryan was the first to speak.

“There is someone I really want to protect. But he is much stronger than me.”

Is Sirone still fighting the world?

“I think about how to become stronger. But when that question comes to mind, I wonder what is stronger this time. There are many answers, but none of them really hit me.”

Xenia listened silently.

“So I decided to just walk. Every step I took seemed to bring me closer, so I just walked.”

That’s how I cut 10,000 demons.

“From the end of the land in the north, continue toward the house… … Then I arrived here. Am I stronger now? Can you protect someone important to you?”

It was a simple and ignorant method that was hard to believe for someone who was nominated for the Grand Swordsman.

“I don’t know yet. But even now I am walking straight. Maybe we’ll find out when we get home.”

“What if you still don’t know what strength is?”

“Walk again.” It was too easy to say what a dark feeling it was.

“Strength means, you are a swordsman too, but what kind of swordsmanship did you practice, how much did you improve your strength, even reading books or referring to quotes from famous swordsmen… …

It was the only fact I realized while crossing the desert.

“It won’t be that complicated. It’s because you don’t understand that it’s complicated. If I could walk the whole world, if I could break through everything in front of me… …

Lian pulled out a large straight sword.

“It means I can go anywhere.”

Zenia, who flew backwards as if buoyant, drooped the Dark Blade diagonally.

“At that point, there is only one place I need to go.”


“Return to the lord.”

As Lian’s body was denied, he rushed at Xenia with a motion that ignored inertia.


Xenia, who spun while dodging the attack, swung her sword at Lian’s back neck.


As if the front and back of the body were reversed, Ri An suddenly turned around and raised the sword upward.

A clear iron voice exploded, and the Dark Blade soared high into the sky.

Xenia looked at the direction of the black sword reflected in the moonlight and raised her head in a daze.

“Your situation, and mine, are actually not complicated. Once you break through, everything becomes simple.”

It gets complicated when you don’t have the courage to do it.

“I have no intention of stopping. So don’t stop either.”

Lian, who caught the falling Dark Blade, reversed the blade with a graceful motion and pushed out the handle.


“If I want to stop, then you just have to hit my neck with this sword yourself.”

Xenia, who had been staring at the extended handle for a long time, retrieved the Dark Blade as if snatching it.

“Hong, it’s quite good. But remember. I don’t believe in humans or vampires. I only trust the people I trust.”

Since I couldn’t heal her wounds every night, Lian felt lighthearted on the other side as well.

“let’s go. We have to wipe out the vampires.” Back at the cabin’s underground facility, Genocide and the others were having an early breakfast.

“Come on. Is the talk over?”

When Xenia threw the Dark Blade, it hit the wide magnet attached to the wall with a bang.

“We agreed on the point of fighting together.”

It was a word that was left open, but Lian looked different just by convincing Xenia.

“Come and sit down. Eating is important to fighting.”

The meeting proceeded with a menu of boiled meat and fresh vegetables.

“Even in the state of inhaling blood cues, the location of the rod is still unknown.”

Passett said.

“To know that, you must first capture the Almas class. By the way, I heard that the blood bank is closed?”

said Ryan.

“Maybe vampires have infiltrated the royal castle. Because Almas can withstand sunlight. There’s someone I know in the police force, so I’ll ask.”

I had to meet Benoff anyway.

“Are you okay? Is it morning already?”

“A day or so is fine.”

Xenia stretched out and yawned.

“It won’t be more than a day from now. You’d better adjust to jet lag quickly, too.”

For vampire hunters, morning was the time to sleep.

“I will.”

It was morning when the sun was pouring through the branches of the trees when I went out of the cabin.

‘Will Irene be safe?’

The memories of the previous night were dark like a dream.

“Lord, I’ve been looking for blood.” An Almas class Masquer has arrived at the vampire hideout in Lodenin’s underground dormitory.

When Tempest, who was in charge of the blood bank, disappeared, he had to wander all night to fill the quota.

Standing on a chair engraved with ugly bat sculptures, an old man who seemed to never grow old looked away.

It was the Vampire Lord, Benedict.


The reason why you feel the chill just by making eye contact is because he made you.

“It is too late. He was very angry.”

“sorry! Because the hunters are interfering… …

“I don’t want to hear excuses.”

As his voice resounded in the dome-shaped space made of bricks, all the Almas guarding the side knelt.

“For an immortal being to be swayed by a human or something. It could be said to be the disgrace of a vampire.”

Masquer had something to say.

“Haona, the opponent is the Silver Bone. And among the humans I met, there was even a knight of Macha.”

“A Knight of Macha?”

“You may not know Lord, but he is classified as Class One among humans.”

“Class one.”

Vampires rule the human night, but there were exceptionally strong individuals among humans.

Class One was the best among vampires, and it was a daunting level with one Almas.

“Please pack up your troops. I will take another Almas and wipe them out.”

Benedict shook his head.

“There are more important things to do now. To awaken the two remaining Lords from hibernation.”

It was the first time in 2,000 years that three Lords appeared in the world at the same time.

“For the time being, don’t pay attention to the Hunter and focus on collecting more blood.”

Masquer was about to lower his head when he heard a cold voice from behind.

“It’s a different story when it comes to Macha’s knights. Because my comrade, Bak-nyeo, is also a person who has defeated me.”

Benedict jumped up from his seat.

“I-how did you get to such a shabby place… …

Faust, the model of vampires and the 3rd in the Order of the Ten Commandments, appeared with a beautiful smile.

“Meet Jinma!”

While dozens of vampires knelt down, he looked up at the ceiling and murmured.

“He will be our last puzzle.”

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