Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 795

[795] Beta Fish (5)

“Aryan Sirone.”

It was the name of the only person in the world who could use super unification power.

‘Is it really possible?’

It was the sum of all the laws presumed to have existed at the moment when the universe turned on, that is, in the Planck era.

‘I won’t be able to compete with them.’

I don’t mean to disparage the skills of Bodhidharma and Hyega, but super unification was a rat poison to seekers.

‘I couldn’t destroy even the most correct Buddha. But what about eating out?’

The 10th rank of the Order of the Ten Commandments, the level is incomparable to the upper ranks, but in her mind, it was a completely different universe.

“Your Yahweh is not in me.”

Landing on the ground, Mortasinger charged towards Sirone and cast her magic.

“Hidden Peace.”

As the etheric waves spread, a huge mecha cube fell on Sirone’s head.

‘I can’t avoid it.’

Such a law, or equivalent exchange.


Sirone looked incomprehensible as her right hand disappeared.

“what… … !”

At the same time, the world split like a puzzle, and the bodily sensations began to get tangled up.

‘The world didn’t split.’

Sirone’s body, academically, was split.

“It started.”

Bodhidharma, who looked at Hyega’s condition, looked at Sirone as if he had turned a cube puzzle around.

Eating Out Rules Hidden Peace.

Mortasinger, based on etheric waves, can split the target into 98 cubes.

By taking one piece from there, the puzzle is completed, and the space is shuffled like a cube.

‘It’s Estas!’

Sirone recalled the structure of Mecca she had seen in heaven and the Istas of magic school at the same time.

When I focused my senses with my eyes moving toward my ankle, the block started to move.

‘Nerves are alive.’

There is no clear schema like inspection.

However, the human body schema of which organs should be where was laid in the unconscious.

“Ho-ho-ho! It’s futile!”

By the time Sirone managed to move one eye back to its original position, her lower body was in a mess.

In a situation where one side shuffled the puzzle and the other put it together, Sirone’s thinking accelerated.

‘I got it!’

The blocks rushing at Mortasinger started to regain their original form as they caused waves.

‘What do you think… … .’

Sirone, who trained his brain function all his life, had the world’s best thinking ability.

“Give me my hand.”

The puzzle was solved, but Mortar Singer still had the hidden piece in his right hand.

‘How do I unlock it?’

Due to the nature of eating out, there will be conditions, but before that, Morta Singer replaced Hidden Piece.

In the space divided into 98 equal parts, including the radius surrounding Sirone, the upper two eyes disappeared.

“it’s over!”

Just as Mortar Singer confirmed her victory, a single photon cannon rushed towards her.

Sirone’s brain, which had become Hidden Peace, emitted a special brain wave right before it was immersed in darkness.

‘It can’t be avoided.’

The speed of the Photon Cannon itself put the Mortar Singer in a state of Movement Zero.

‘Because it’s the best speed.’

There was only a fraction of a second left before the collision, but he was immersed in darkness, convinced of the law that had already been established.


Hastily releasing the hidden peace, she warped space with etheric waves and let the photon cannon flow.


When Sirone’s vision returned, he saw the collapsed Mortasinger clutching his shoulder.

‘Even if it’s the same etheric wave, its realm is shallower than that of the vocal sound.’

It was a completely different matter how much an unbeliever could twist the law.

‘Rian would have avoided it.’

Lian’s belief breaks the entire world’s laws.


Sirone’s spirit zone expanded rapidly at the sound of a call from the stage.

‘Is it the limit?’

I kept watching during the battle, but the guards could no longer protect the stage and opened the way.

“Kyaaaagh! come! come!”

As the Eternals rushed in, Jaysteen stood in their way and the contestants made a fuss.

“What the hell are you doing! Take all the money and eat it! Aren’t you supposed to protect us!”

Even if they shouted, the already mutilated guards could not help them.

“Wake! We protect our bodies!”

Pony, who received Maya’s support, struggled to raise water power, but the power of Norse’s collective magic exceeded her.

“Why do we protect our bodies! It’s a body that someone made for good! I mean get up quickly!”

When the Eternals came up on stage, it was a big fight in an instant, and even J-Steen couldn’t use his strength.

‘Really strong, these guys… … .’

It was not a world beauty contest, but they were talented people who could cause national terrorism.


As the Kergos raised their bent swords and screamed, Rangi kicked off the ground and sprang out.


Rangi’s teeth clenched together.

‘I don’t even know how to schema… … .’

The moment Kergoin flew like a hawk and kicked, Kergoin’s upper body bent like rubber.

“… … hey?”

Rangi’s face went blank at the speed he couldn’t even see with his eyes even though he was moving close by.

“The tribes of the weak land.”

The moon sword flashed, and Rangi’s body was pushed back with terrifying momentum.

Where Kergoin looked, frowning, Sirone was hugging her.

“are you okay?”

“uh? no, that’s… … .”

I had seen Sirone a few days ago, but the cold energy in her eyes was the first time in my life.

“hey! Sirone!”

cried the pony.

“You must have told me to stop these guys! This is not at the level of a criminal!”

“You blocked it anyway.”

As Pony gritted her teeth, the barrier of water gushed out and poured down.

“You do it now.”

As close to 200 people took over the stage, Sirone jumped out.

As the flash of the shotgun movement spread like a net, the array of Eternals collapsed in an instant.

“wow… … .”

Everyone was stunned by the sight of the enemies who were unable to catch i people even when the guards rushed at them.

Flashes of light rained down, and the number of Eternals dropped from 200 to 100 and then to 50 again.

‘Pony, you lied.’

Rangi had his eyes on Sirone, who was moving through enemy lines as if electricity were moving.

‘You said you couldn’t deny it?’

When she was a wizard, Sirone radiated the most beautiful light in the world.

“Mortasinger, please go back.”

Bodhidharma came closer, supporting Hyega.

“I don’t know why it’s here, but it’s a Hexa that other executives couldn’t use their hands on. You can’t win.”

“joy! Who won?”

Anyway, the youngest member of the Ten Commandments, he didn’t care about the depth of his realm or his magical skills.

“I mean kill them!”

beautiful things in the world.

“Hidden Peace!”

As the regulation eating out was triggered again, the entire stage was divided into 98 blocks.

In the process of being jumbled like a puzzle, blocks with participants were pushed in front of her.

“I will burn your face!”

As she lit a fire in her hands, she rushed into space, sparks flew from Sirone’s eyes in the distance.

With a pop, the flames engulfed the participants.

“Kyaaak! save people… … !”

1 second to here.

‘Time Vibration!’

And when that one second vibrated without knowing the end, this time Mortar Singer grabbed his head and screamed.

“What, what?”

As one second of repetition was included in one second, the world was divided into countless blocks in the eyes of the participants.

After the section where information danced in huge waves, the world gradually began to take shape.

‘Found it, the last puzzle.’

The back of Sirone, who had her back to Mortasinger, caused a ripple as if gushing out, and the situation was reversed.

“Who are you?”

If the source of trauma is beauty, the condition for lifting the ban is to reveal one’s face.

As the wind cutter headed for Mortasinger’s face, the hidden piece was released and the scenery returned.

“no! Don’t look!”

Losing her will to fight, she flew towards the mountain, and Bodhidharma and Hyega followed.

“Now! Arrest!”

Listening to the sound of the guards capturing the terrorists, Sirone looked towards the mountain.

‘Eternal community. Have I lost my way?’

Ankera’s disappearance would have been like being abandoned by God.

‘I couldn’t seem to find the meaning to fight.’

Except for one person.

‘In terms of the strength of his abilities, he is at least a figure comparable to the Order of the Ten Commandments. But why would you do this?’

The more I thought about it, the more I couldn’t understand it.

* * *

The evening newspaper was an extra for a long time.

A newspaper headlined the terrorism of the world beauty pageant, and people’s attention was focused on it.

“Whoa, it’s not a fuss.”

When Jysteen returned to the guild, Sirone, who was having a meal with the members, asked.

“How have you been? What did the organizers say?”

“Contest follow-up. It seems that most of the terrorists were caught and eaten by the superiors.”

Sirone was bewildered.

“But you still have it, right? Also a terrorist instigator. Are you still continuing the competition?”

“Because it makes money. you know?”

“What about the participants?”

For the first time, J-Steen showed signs of being tired.

“I thought your ears were bleeding. Asking for psychological counseling, prescribing psychiatric medication, etc.”

I imagined it even without seeing it.

“Are you going to do it gently?”

“What can I do? It’s not just picking pretty people. Making the world peaceful with beauty is the official slogan. Anyone who runs away from here will be criticized.”

Sirone remembered the street demonstrations.

“There are quite a few people who watch the competition closely. It will be a great opportunity for them.”

“okay. So I do… … .”

Jaysteen sighed.

“They say you must protect me. When I deliver an official statement, I never do it without that handsome guy.”

“I can’t. I also have acquaintances. Please insert it.”

Jaysteen shook her head.

“No, they want you to take full responsibility to protect them. So you should be in the waiting room too. I even want to accompany you to the bathroom, shower, and restaurant.”

Sirone’s eyes widened.

“yes? Are you crazy? am i a man? What if I accept such a request? Besides, tomorrow is swimsuit day!”

Then you go and tell me yourself! What are the grown-up virgins saying, mother, mother, and weeping? I don’t believe in the guard or anything else! I’m in complete panic!”

A grunt sounded from Sirone’s throat.

“I will read it.”

“You know that. but it won’t work Who you are has already spread among the contestants. There is no human being who will refuse to be protected by the world’s best wizard.”

My head was already pounding.

“Everyone will stay in the bunker tonight, but the problem is tomorrow when the tournament resumes. What are you going to do? The guards seem to want you to do it too. Isn’t it fun to hear? The terrorists this time are the ones who unleashed demons all over the world?”

It was an organization that destroyed the special forces of each country.

“… … all right. I will.”

The participating countries heard the news and would quickly take action, but Sirone was the only one to protect the stage right away.

“Here you are.”

He put his hand on Sirone’s shoulder.

“if… … Don’t you need an assistant?”

Turning her head, Sirone read the bright eyes of the other members.

“Yes, there is no need.”

Sirone sighed resolutely and lowered Aku’s hand.


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