Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 794

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[794] Beta Fish (4)

“it’s over. Totally ruined.”

Even though the previous week was almost over, Maya showed no signs of moving, so Falmus held his head.

‘Have I been eaten up by the tension?’

It was common for rookies to have their mind suddenly go blank and not be able to think of anything.

By the time Maya’s voice came out, Falmus, who couldn’t bear to look at reality, closed his eyes.

“Like a shower… … .”

A refreshing voice like the opening of the dawn.


Palmers opens his eyes, and the song begins as an intense drumbeat explodes.

“Light is coming down from the sky!”

The explosive singing power that cuts through the notes of all instruments burst out as if pushing the audience.

‘I got into a perfect berth. It’s much better than the rehearsal, isn’t it?’

Maya’s voice, surrendering to the rhythm before she knew it, was the most genuine I’d ever heard.

‘I’m not afraid.’

Because there can be no mistakes in sincerity.

‘Because I practiced countless times.’

I couldn’t think of anything, but the rhythm, the melody, and the time of the song flowed unconsciously.

“Like a sudden shower!”

As her ears gradually opened and she could see the world, Sirone smiled like the lyrics of the song.

“The inevitable light pours down!”

I can’t clearly define how sincerity changes technology, but the audience certainly felt it.

“That singer, does he sing well?”

“I know. The other invited singers are also famous, and even though they are newcomers, the level is high.”

Sirone’s mouth itched at the people’s praise.

‘That person is my classmate.’

I thought I’d just have to watch her from afar until she climbed higher.

“The best! Maya!”

It was a splendid debut stage.

* * *

At a point eight miles (14 km) away from the assembly grounds, a group was moving at high speed.

Those who flew low with the power of the wind, those who ran only with muscle power, those who borrowed the power of machines.

Although the methods were varied, their speed, which can be called arrows, was almost equal.

“Mortasinger-sama, we will arrive at the venue soon.”

It was the language of heaven.

“good. Wait two kilometers away.”

A woman whose face was covered with a cloth with a drawing of a black cube spoke from the center of the crowd.

“You have to kill all the pretty things.”

He was Mortasinger (10,48 years old), 10th in the order of the Ten Commandments.

“The response will not be easy. World beauty pageants are Arachne’s main business.”

“Yes, it is a country of subregions. It’s nothing for us who ruled over the subjects of Heaven to worry about.”

La Enemy enlisted the Order of the Ten and the Eternal community to build an altar.

The reason was that it could easily permeate into the human world through reset, but Ra’s final choice was Nane.

‘Anyway, I don’t have that much responsibility.’

Veron and Baknyeo died, and Shura heard rumors that he became Nane’s disciple and was learning Buddhism.

‘If I had known it would be like this, I would have brought Yoo-jung from heaven. Then the situation would have already been over.’

Ranked 2nd in the Order of the Ten Commandments.

However, at the time, the apostasy was not permitted, so he would have been sleeping languidly, entrusting everything to his alter ego.

‘I don’t know! Now I’m going to do whatever I want.’

The other executives were also eccentric, so after Nane let go of Buddha, they scattered all over the world with only a handful of followers.

‘Just talk nonsense later!’

Mortasinger, who was responsible for the community alone, moved the organization with personal feelings.

‘It’s sad to be ugly, but do you hold a beauty contest? Anyway, the people of the subdivision are less distant!’

A man with a bulging belly and a tiger-like beard approached Mortasinger’s side.

“Is this fight meaningful?”

It was a man named Bodhidharma who had reached the level of Vajrapani, and behind him was the one-armed monk Hyega.

“… … .”

It wasn’t the traditional 3 subjects, but anyway, heaven was a place where countless alien species flowed in.

Above all, their level far surpassed Mortasinger, who was over 10,000 years old.

“If you find the meaning, that’s it. If you don’t intend to follow my will, get out of here.”

Other Eternals of the same level had already left the community following the leader of the Council of Ten Lords.

“Gudo is not somewhere else. We will be by your side.”

Mortasinger was the only cadre among the Tenrohoe who relied on eating out, rather than the state.

“You don’t have to sympathize. Because I am strong enough.”

The Ten Commandments are strong.

‘That’s why it’s a pity.’

A perfectly twisted human being.

Even Geumgangseung couldn’t destroy her diet.


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* * *

On the first day of the competition, the representatives of each country were introduced, and the identities of the veiled women were revealed.

“everyone! This is Miss Weiden!”

Contrary to her yawning appearance in the waiting room, she appeared on stage like a shy girl.

“Wow! The best! After all, it’s Biden!”

Seeing her gently turn her head and blush, other participants gasped in vain.

‘Total pretense. Oh, my mouth is tickling to death.’

After a brief self-introduction and interview, it was Miss Tormia’s turn.

“uh? You should see this.”

Sirone, who was walking around the venue while checking the terrorist threat, stopped and stood on tiptoe.

“Don’t be alarmed! Miss Tormia this time is a royal family as befits a beauty representing the country!”


“I am introducing! Alfred Pony!”

When the fully-dressed Pony walked onto the stage, the audience greeted her with cheers.


On the other hand, Sirone opened her eyes wide.

“What about school?”

All kinds of thoughts crossed my mind, but the conclusion was that it was much more beautiful than when I was in school.

‘Maya and Pony. It’s embarrassing.’

Finally, when the representative of Arachne, the host country of the tournament, stepped forward, the loudest applause erupted.

“Rangi! Rangi!”

A man with hearts engraved in his eyes broke through the crowd and ran right under the stage.

“i love you!”

It was the man who held Sirone in the beauty pageant parade and delivered a long speech.


Rangi, accustomed to the stage, looked down without panic, but the bodyguards grabbed him.

“Pull it out! What are you doing!”

The moment I first saw Rangi, I realized it like fate.

“You are the person I was looking for!”

Sirone, who was watching the scene in bewilderment, suddenly turned around to feel the chill running down her spine.


From a distance unrecognizable by the human eye, a clear intent to kill was fired in a straight line.

“It’s a sniping!”

Numerous iron marbles were flying into the arena from the side of the mountain.

‘That’s… … ?’

If Sirone’s eyes were accurate, the Akra was a weapon used by the subjects of Mecca.

“Get down!”

J-Steen, who was the only one keeping an eye on the ridge, saw the iron ball first and moved.

He pushed all the participants with his arms and threw them off the stage, but Rangi in the center could not escape.

“what… … ?”

Explosive orbs reached up to 200 meters in front, and I was distracted by the shelling that covered the sky.

“Mr. Rangi!”

The man who shook off the bodyguards went up to the stage and threw himself into Rangi as if to tackle him.


As she fell backwards, she saw hundreds of iron marbles spinning like a whirlpool in her eyes.

‘Is it a dream?’

When the brain, which intuitively felt death, activated the seesaw of time, particles of light bubbled like soap bubbles in the middle of the landscape.

‘city… … as… … .’

The light composes sirone faster than the speed of thought.

‘… … yes?’

The marbles that received strong resistance began to light red flames like corn bursting.

‘As high as possible!’

Numerous orbs that rose up into the sky in a swirl like a dragon exploded at the same time.

“Aww! Terror!”

At the same time as the audience scattered in all directions due to the earth-shaking explosion, the guards activated the manual.

“Rangi, are you okay?”

When Shirone turned around, Rangi, who was dumbfounded, nodded involuntarily.

“Jaysteen! What about that one?”

J-Steen came up to the stage cleaning her ears.

“All is well. But this… … .”

Pony jumped out of nowhere.

“Sirone! Why are you here?”

“Are you? How are you doing at school?”

After choosing her words for a moment, she raised an eyebrow.

Jaysteen shouted.


About 200 people were running fast from the point where the sniper-like shelling had been carried out.

Pony, who had been contemplating an answer until then, looked straight at Sirone with her eyes shining.

“It’s a tactical choice.”


The corner of Sirone’s mouth went up.

“You don’t need to protect me, do you?”

A rough stream of water shot up along Pony’s hands, then clumped together in the air.

“A horse?”

At the same time, Sirone teleported down the stage, and the Eternal community rushed in.

“Kill! I mean kill all pretty things!”

‘What is it?’

Just looking at the Mecca equipped with the Piper, it was clear that the subjects were the subjects, but the reason for the terror was too crude.

“It is a terrorist! Execute them all on the spot!”

The guards mobilized and fought back, but the skills of the Eternals were one to one hundred.

“ha ha ha! The pitiful people of the land!”

When those equipped with steel skeletons jumped around like springs and kicked, the armor cracked.

‘Perhaps a strength aid… … .’

The moment the pony grasped the mechanism and raised the water power, a sharp wind blew in.


Pony’s concentration skyrocketed at the sound of singing behind her back, and the water dragon, a shogi, caused a flood.


Rangi put on a dazed look at the sight of the huge flow of water covering the bladed wind and sweeping away even the Mecha people.

“What are you looking at? Are you also from military affairs? Grab something and get ready to fight quickly.”

Pony, who gave the instructions, looked back at Maya, who had just cast sound magic.

“Ah, there… … hi? how have you been doing?”


It was not pleasant to reunite with the person who directly dropped Pony in the graduation exam.

“okay. Let’s get rid of it later, let’s fight for now.”

While a few came to their senses, most participants were terrified.

“Aaaaaagh! help me! What are the guards doing!”

“Take me! What kind of person am I! Fighting later and escaping from me first!”

Thinking it was Han that the audience didn’t hear, Rangi came to Pony’s side.

“When I saw them, they were very strong.”

There were guards guarding the stage in two or three layers, but it seemed like an instant to break through.

“Did you know Sirone?”

Rangi shrugged his shoulders.

“I know heaven helped. I don’t know which of the three of us came to meet… … .”

Although Pony’s prediction was wrong.

“At least I won’t die here.”

Where her gaze reached, Sirone was charging towards the enemy’s captain.

“What are you doing!”

A woman whose face was covered with a cloth painted with the symbol of Mecca flew into the sky and laughed.

“Knock-knock! why? Are you pissed off for bullying pretty kids?”

‘It ends in one shot.’

While loading the photon cannon, Bodhidharma and Hyega simultaneously attacked from the left and right sides.


Bodhidharma, who fell down stronger than gravity, threw his fist straight out.

“Pungnyu Geumgangwon!”’

The wind pressure, as if the shape of a fist had been stamped out, hit Sirone as hard as iron.

‘It’s incarnation.’

With the sphere of Yahweh in her palm, Sirone raised her wind fist from bottom to top.

“Get out.”

With a popping sound, the Diamond Fist was released, and it permeated into the atmosphere in a huge way.


Bodhidharma’s eyes widened grotesquely.

‘It’s a golden fist because it can’t be solved. however… … .”

Hye Ga rushed.


His body, which could transform anything it touched into adamantine, was covered in sharp diamonds.

“Stop! Hyega!”

A single flash of light hit Hye Ga’s stomach, and the diamond shattered in vain.


The face of Hye-ga, who opened her eyes in astonishment, was revealed, and Mortar Singer’s laughter stopped.

“Super unity?”

The ultimate in power that Mecha seeks.

And the Norse calls it Yahweh.


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