Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 738

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[738] To the stars (2)

* * *

“come in. It’s here.”

Room 12 on the third floor where Minerva stayed was a small room with simple furniture and a single bed.

It was a problem that there was only one bed, but even if it was a couple, it was too big to sleep together.

Sirone saw a long broom, supposedly hers, leaning against the wall.

‘Witch’s broom.’

Minerva’s broom has entered the history books as one of the fastest objects in the world.

Minerva asked, taking off her top.

“Which play do you like? I don’t really like it. If you tell me, I’ll make it right.”

“I told you before I came in, but I didn’t follow Minerva because of that.”

Minerva raised her head and smiled.

“Who would believe that? So, what are men? If you’ve followed me this far, don’t you honestly have an idea?”

The lines between the men and women seemed to have changed, but Sirone didn’t care.

“I was so tired that I would have followed him wherever I could sleep. And you promised that Mr. Minerva would take you to her ivory tower.”

Minerva, who took off all her outerwear, looked back at Sirone in front of her folded nightgown.

“So you kept your promise. Because this is the ivory tower.”

Sirone’s eyes widened.

“Is this the ivory tower?”

“To be precise, it would be the terrace of the ivory tower? The kingdom of Corona was founded by the inhabitants of the Ivory Tower. Residents can’t leave the ivory tower for the rest of their lives, so they need a space with all sorts of amenities. It is also easy to entertain guests.”

“Then where is the ivory tower?”

said Minerva, donning a silk gown.

“You can ride the magic circle under the capital. Also, there is no other way to get to the Ivory Tower. In normal cases, that is.”

Because nothing is absolute.

“It is you. A wizard who has reached super senses with a human body will find a way somehow.”

Minerva collapsed on the bed in a coquettish position.

“If you make me happy today, I’ll let you use the magic circle of the royal castle. how is it? It’s a fair deal.”

Sirone looked at her pathetically.

“I’m not used to that gaze. Nice to meet you anyway In the future, let’s do well with the same Five Stars.”

“Oh Dae-seong? me?”

Minerva’s eyes became serious for the first time.

“Maha Garuta has passed away. It’s currently vacant, and I’m back in the ivory tower to honor him. It’s not decided, but Taeseong’s thoughts will be the same as mine.”

The vacancy of Oh Dae-sung will be filled by Sirone.

“Leaving the world means… … .”

“okay. Immortal function was fully opened. You have returned to this world.”

Minerva jumped upright.

“I don’t get it. why did you come back Speaking of this world, eat, buy cheap, fight… … is that all? Honestly I agree with you. If he’s done everything.”

Minerva shrugged.

“It would have been fine. It goes back to before you were born. I know that? You don’t even think you’re alive until you’re born.”

“But we are alive, we are.”

Obsession with everything that exists was the only realization that allowed Sirone to return to this world.

“It is man who defines murder as evil.”

Minerva snorted.

“If I kill most of humanity, he will be the worst killer. But if he kills everyone, it’s not a matter of good or evil. Because it transcends existence.”

Sirone did not waver.

“The reason why even minor creatures can love each other equally is because of the extremely low kar. But after all, you are human too. You’d better think about why Guffin couldn’t fulfill her will and was forced to transcend the photon realm.”

‘Guffins also left.’

As Sirone crouched against the wall, Minerva pounded on the bed and said,

“Don’t do that, come up. I’ll really sleep holding your hand.”

No answer was heard.

* * *

It was probably a nightmare.

Even though Nane was stabbing the colorful sword, Sirone couldn’t even lift a finger.

“You are a minor.”

The pain became despair and ravaged my mind, and I couldn’t open my eyes even if I knew it was a dream.


The gaze that Karr’s near-perfect existence looked down on was stern enough to freeze his heart.

“You are the lowest in this universe… … .”

The dark sword slowly pierced the pit of the stomach and descended.

“A being of the lowest order.”


Light emanated from Sirone’s body, dispelling Nane’s afterimages and a dark space surrounding him.

‘Small world creation… … .’

Realizing that it was Armand’s space, Sirone’s mind finally regained a sense of stability.

“Natural enemies are fearful.”

The sound of sharpening knives was heard from where the small torches were burning.

“Armand… … .”

The body, which had been mixed with all sorts of monsters, was neatly organized and took on the shape of a beautiful woman.


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“Without a natural enemy, it does not cycle, and a world that does not cycle is dead.”

The blade, which should have been sharpened from the moment it was born as a demon sword, was now so thin that it was transparent like glass.

“What are you sharpening your knife for?”

“… … Promise me.”

The sword has completely disappeared.

“There will be one chance.”

Armand turned her head and raised the corner of her mouth, her sharp fangs glowing in the torchlight.

“One chance to wield me for all life. Don’t miss it.”

As she raised her hand, fluffy particles of light floated up and flew away.


The moment Sirone wrapped her arms around the light, the darkness disappeared and the huge eyelids opened in the distance and light came in.


I heard the sound of a strong arctic wind, and soon a chill rushed in and made my body tremble.

“Ugh, it’s cold.”

When I woke up and looked, Armand’s robe had disappeared without a trace.

‘It’s not a dream.’

Armand, assimilated with Sirone, changed his function whenever he broke through a certain level.


When Sirone opened his palm, the light with a heavy mass swelled up like a balloon.

“I see.”

If you can become an infinite wizard and control all information with the light of Yahweh, you don’t have to maintain the shape of a sword.

“for example… … .”

When Sirone came up with an idea, the brilliance of the material disappeared and was reduced to material.

It was a heavy gold nugget that reflected the morning sun.

“Information from a source that transforms into all matter.”

After dropping the gold on the floor like a stone, Sirone realized the material again and made soap, toothpaste, and toothbrush in succession.

“… … Are you sorry about something?”

Much more complex things could be made if supported by engineering knowledge, but for now this was enough.

Indeed, it could be said to be an infinite tool suitable for an infinite wizard, but Sirone savored Armand’s last words.

“I said it was a one-time opportunity.”

And when that opportunity comes, Material will become Armand again and wield the concept of infinity.

“What are you muttering about?”

When Sirone looked up, Minerva was smiling like a cute little girl.

There was no need to confirm her true identity anymore, so Sirone got up from her seat.

“it’s nothing. Are you going to the ivory tower now?”

Minerva watched the harmony of materials right in front of her nose, but seemed to already know without explaining.

“You were very noisy last night. He said he couldn’t sleep at all because he was crying and talking loudly.”

This is why the merger is burdensome.

“sorry. I had nightmares.”

“It seemed so. It was cold last night. Her coat is gone, and no matter how much she shakes it, she doesn’t think it will happen.”

Sirone’s eyes widened.

“Is that really all?”

“Is that so?”

Minerva walked to the door brandishing her broom.

“Wash and come out. I’ll be waiting outside.”

Unlike before, when he quickly left the place, he became even more suspicious, but there was no way to find out anyway.

‘What kind of Five Star is that?’

The reason why she was not afraid even in front of the fearful witch was the proof that Sirone had earned the right to become a star.

When I went down to the first floor, the residents who had played the card game the night before were still playing cards.

Minerva, who had been waiting with a broom that was taller than she was, gestured and pointed outside.

When they arrived at the royal castle along the knee-deep road covered in snow accumulated last night, they were greeted by the lineage of the royal family.

Unlike officials from other countries, he was not afraid of the stars, which gave a glimpse of the relationship between Corona Kingdom and the Ivory Tower.

“It’s been a while, Miss Minerva. You are still beautiful.”

“Ho-ho-ho! For a grandmother who is over 700 years old, that’s a while. The embassy has aged a lot since I haven’t seen him.”

“After about 20 years, a human being is bound to grow old.”

Despite Minerva’s harsh words, the embassy smiled.

“The reason why the one who lives like the wind came back to his hometown is because of the work at the altar, right?”

“yes. I don’t think I can stop you. Perhaps sooner or later this world will come to an end… … .”

Minerva, who suddenly frowned, turned to Sirone and stabbed her in the head with her index finger.

“After all, it is because of this guy. A human being called the Infinite Wizard could not stop the likes of me and came all the way here.”

Sirone was unfair.

“Take a look and tell me. Shouldn’t Minerva be able to stop it herself if she gets angry like that?”

“The kid who said he learned is talking stupid. You couldn’t stop it, so how can I stop it?”

The embassy bowed to Sirone.

“Thank you for saving human life. Humanity is always helped by the Five Stars.”

“I haven’t become a five star yet. and… … We didn’t just fight for humans.”

The embassy, ​​which had been welcoming the stars for decades, understood Sirone’s desire to do exactly that.

“okay. It must have a deep meaning. come follow me Let me guide you.”

While following the embassy, ​​Sirone asked.

“By the way, what is an altar?”

Sirone obtained infinite omnipotence by opening the immortal function, but when it comes to battery, it was all about portraiture.

Because knowledge does not exist by nature.

“It is a gate that erases the boundary between reality and the other side. They’re trying to bring man-made hell into reality. According to the Ivory Tower, 3,600 altars have been built worldwide.”

“3,600… … .”

“If the altar is activated, this world will become hell. The law will lean against me, and after that, eternal extinction.”

“Why are you leaning on me?”

“You’re the only one who thinks that way.”

Because only Sirone denies Nane.

“How many people do you think will find hope in the midst of terrible suffering? you are right The only safe haven for creatures is extinction. You are the one who denies that.”

Minerva’s eyes grew cold.

“Imagine. If you are born with pain, if your throat tears every time you breathe, your eyes burn every time you see something, and your tongue sores every time you speak.”

She stopped walking and looked back at Sirone.

“Are you still going to choose life? Can you wait for your lifespan to end, enduring the pain of every single second of every day?”

Sirone couldn’t be sure.

“I know someone like that.”

I know such a person, but I could never tell him to live like him.

“You mean Gaold?”

“yes. The driving force behind enduring pain is love for Mr. Miro. But in the end it fell into hell. And I… … You’re telling everyone to live like that.”

“It’s enough to know.”

It will be a tough fight.

“If I hadn’t gone to the extreme, you wouldn’t have gone to the opposite extreme. Ordinary people, what, they get their backs bursting in a fight between whales.”

Minerva patted Sirone on the shoulder.

“Anyway, the people who support you will be as few as your kar number in this universe. You have to push up from there.”

the embassy said.

“Im here.”

The magic circle to the Ivory Tower was waiting.


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