Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 737

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[737] To the stars (1)

you said

“Sirone, as long as you deny me, I cannot become a god, but neither can you.”

It meant that neither Sirone nor Nane could liberate this world from suffering.

“From now on, the world will face terrible suffering. I will end this fight as soon as possible.”

Sirone thought he could handle it.

“Even if life ends in vain, as long as we love something, I will never give up.”

Nane’s fingertips pointed at Sirone.

“Then you are the one who suffers the most.”


“Great purifier. The sins we have created will come true and overwhelm you. It is too much work to do alone.”

Nane’s body melted away like smoke.

“I hope the nightmare isn’t too long.”

In the place where Nane disappeared, a desert sandstorm blew up and erased any trace of him.

“A nightmare?”

I balanced the two extremes of the law, but it was me who was on the free side.

‘It’s a losing battle no matter what.’

This is because Nane, who defined the world as a ball, can commit any terrible thing, while Sirone must protect them all.

“You are not alone, Sirone.”

Lian came over and put his hand on Sirone’s shoulder.

“Even if everyone in the world turns away from you, I will follow you.”

I don’t know how far away the fight will be, but at the end of the day, Lian would be by my side.

“I agree too.”

As Seongeum approached Sirone and stretched out his arm, Lian’s large straight sword jumped through the space and was caught in his hand.

Throwing it at Lian, she said.

“In the future, humanity must face a great enemy. As the princess of the Jincheon Empire, it was something she could not ignore. I will return to her hometown and give her words to her father.”

If it were the emperor of the Jincheon Empire, even the voice could not be moved, but Mungyeong silently followed her.

“Go to the ivory tower. Since you put our lives on hold, I think we deserve it.”

“The ivory tower.”

To begin with, no candidate was obsessed with becoming an ivory tower star, but now things have changed.

‘If we don’t all fight together, we can’t win.’

Even Sirone, who reached the unprecedented level of being an infinite wizard, could not completely block Nane’s great work.

Unless there is a winner on either side, it is obvious that numerous sacrifices will follow.

“I’m going to the ivory tower.”

Voice nodded.

“Good idea. I will take you.”

If it was an etheric wave, it would be able to go directly to the Ivory Tower regardless of the distance.

Kido said.

“I’m not going to the ivory tower.”

Seeing Kido’s eyes, Sirone had already expected it.

“You’re thinking of leaving, Kido.”

“I want to find out what I realized. I’m so confused right now. Do you understand, Sirone?”

Just the journey from knowing to mind and from mind back to knowing takes time.

“of course. Because it is your life.”

Lian, who was lost in thought while listening to Kido’s words, said as he inserted the great sword into his back.

“Sirone, I’m not going to the Ivory Tower either.”

This time, Sirone nodded.

“I knew it would be you.”

“I want to go home and organize my thoughts. I should do what I can.”

Although he defeated Ymir, he was only a molar. In order to protect Sirone in the final war, he must become stronger.

“Sirone, you will become a star in the ivory tower.”

Maybe because she was the only one in this world who opened her senses, Lian was able to leave her side for a while.

“Then I should be a knight worthy of you. I always seem to be chasing after you, but give me time this time too.”

Mungyeong looked at Rian’s back and thought.

‘Do you think there is still room to go up?’

The power of Lian, who smashed Ymir’s torso, was not at a level that even Jincheon’s swordsman could catch up with.

“okay. I’ll be waiting for you.”

Rian and Kido are dependable colleagues, but in order to prevent Nane from doing a great job, they had to endure longing.

‘Because the world will change faster than ever.’

said the voice.

“Let’s leave when we’re done talking. Because I think I have to go back to the Jincheon Empire as soon as possible.”

Kido stepped back from Seongeum’s side and said.

“Sirone, are we friends?”

Kido would travel the world and come to a certain conclusion, and it could have been a denial of Sirone’s conclusion.

“of course. You are my dearest friend. No matter what situation you face, you will never change.”

Only then did Kido, who was relieved, turn around and quickly jumped out toward the desert where the horizon stretched out.

“Good luck, Sirone!”

Sirone kept his eyes on Kido’s back for a long time as he fluttered his old cloak.


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“Have a good trip.”

Then he turned to Ryan and asked.

“Are you okay by yourself? How about going together to the village? It would be difficult to find food here.”

Lian stirred up the great sword on his back.

“With this, you can survive in hell. Don’t worry about me and come back as a star.”

The Ivory Tower test felt like she had traveled her entire life, so Sirone also missed home.

‘Amy… … .’

My heart skipped a beat when I thought I’d see you soon.

“I will leave now.”

As Mungyeong bowed her head to Lian with a heart of respect and stood behind the three treasures of Seongeum, an etheric wave spread.

Seongeum, who had pulled the space all the way to the North Pole, cast Chukchi, and the three figures disappeared.

Lian’s eyes, who had been happily watching the place where Sirone disappeared, suddenly burned with fear.


An illusion of a giant shimmered over the desert horizon.

* * *

corona kingdom.

The Kingdom of Corona, on the northern limit of human habitation, was the only country in the Arctic.

As a country built on ice caps, ice crafts were developed, and it was almost the only market in the Ivory Tower.

People who live in a country where Blizzard strikes every day feel death closer than life.

People were making faces as cold as ice in the scenery of the city, where even the torches hanging on the walls were at stake.

“Where is here?”

It didn’t seem like an ivory tower, so when Sirone turned her head, Seongeum bit her lip with a puzzled expression.

“Probably Corona Kingdom.”

Corona, the size of a city on the continent, seemed small to Seongeum, who transcended the huge space, as if she had just passed by, but the only place where people lived in the North Pole was the Ivory Tower or Corona anyway.

“I couldn’t get to the Ivory Tower.”

At the same time as I cast Chukji, the feeling of the ivory tower disappeared and I lost my coordinates.

It was here that I arrived at a place where my senses were at least affected by a feeling of some kind of emergency escape.

‘Is there anyone who handles the space?’

It would have been unbelievable in the past, but now that I dealt with Sirone, Nane, and Ymir, my thoughts were different.

‘It’s quite possible to happen.’

It also meant that the knowledge of voice was broadened.

“There’s nothing you can’t do if you try again, but the result will be the same anyway. You wouldn’t be hanging the signboard of the ivory tower without this level of preparation.”

Sirone thought the same.

“huh. But since we’ve come all the way to the North Pole, we’ve shortened the time. I’ll visit you from now on. thank you.”

When Sirone, who had regained her composure, smiled, a blush slowly bloomed on Seongeum’s cheeks.

‘He’s a kind person.’

What Anchal said was not a lie.

‘I don’t want to fight with this person.’

As much as there are many things I want to say, I was not happy with the current situation where I am limited by time.

“How much time can you give me?”

“ha ha ha.”

Sirone burst into laughter at the words, as if the voice compulsion to measure an opponent by distance turned into time.

“I can give you anything. If it wasn’t for you, it would have taken more than 10 days to reach the North Pole.”

“I mean ten days.”

Seongeum shyly smiled and stepped back.

“When you become a star, please stop by Jincheon. I will use the 10 days you gave me then.”

“No, it’s not necessary, if you want… … .”

“You promised. 10 days.”

Now that Sirone knew the nature of the voice, he agreed without adding anything.

“okay. I’ll give you my 10 days.”

It was a satisfactory answer.

“I will also give you my spirit.”


Sirone asked back, but Seong-eum smiled meaningfully and disappeared with Mungyeong.

“… … Seeing the spirit is probably.”

It would mean being friendly without fault.

“Shall we start soon?”

Having come to that conclusion, Sirone walked the streets of Corona Kingdom with a much lighter heart.

It was already late at night, and there was no light on except for the bar, and the aftereffects of fighting for days without a break came belatedly.

‘Something is a little strange.’

At some point, I felt that Armand couldn’t recover from fatigue, but now I couldn’t even reach that point.

“I want to sleep. I want to sleep.”

Giving strength to my self-closing eyelids, I went to an inn where warm steam was rising.

‘I can’t. I should go to sleep.’

Even when they reached the North Pole, they did not know where the Ivory Tower was, and there were no competitors left anyway.

When I opened the door and entered, a middle-aged woman greeted me.

“welcome. This is the White Inn.”

Looking around, I saw a team playing cards at a table in the corner.

Passing through a common scene, Sirone’s eyes fixed on the table in front of the counter.

A red-haired girl of about ten years old was drinking strong alcohol by herself.

‘Do the kids drink here too?’

I thought it might be because it was a cold region, but thinking about it again, it was a nonsensical reasoning.

“Are you here to stay?”

Sirone hurriedly answered the middle-aged woman’s question.

“Ah yes. I would like to have food if possible. I haven’t had dinner yet… … .”

“Oops. There will be leftover bread and soup. But what to do? There are no empty rooms right now.”

“No room?”

Knowing about the kingdom of Corona is fragmentary, but it was not a country that tourists and travelers would often stop by.

“yes. Since yesterday, the residents of the Ivory Tower have been staying as a group, so the room is full.”

‘Ivory Tower residents? But how are you here?’

Sirone narrowed her eyes in surprise and looked back at the four people playing the card game.

There was no conversation at all, just like a machine, drawing cards, putting them down, and collecting stakes.

‘It looks like 4 Iruki are sitting.’

said the middle-aged woman.

“Today, the blizzard is bad. If it doesn’t matter if you join the room, I’ll ask the awake guests about their intentions.”

“Ah, if you would… … .”

“You can use the same room as me.”

After pouring the strong drink into her mouth, the girl looked back at Sirone and raised her mouth, while the middle-aged woman put her chin on her chin and muttered.

“Um, but the union of men and women is a bit… … .”

“How are you? It should be good for both parties. I still missed the man. I won’t be paying for the room.”

Sirone frowned.

“Little boy, I can’t use those words. And drinking already is not good for you.”

“Well, since it was me, it must be tiring.”

“huh? what did you just say?”

When Sirone blinked, the girl who had been looking at the glass with disheveled eyes turned her head.

“Even an infinite wizard goes to the goal if hit properly?”

Sirone immediately opened her senses.

‘I’m not a child.’

As the Ultima System combined with Supercognition, the false information surrounding her disappeared in an instant.

It was a woman with an attractive appearance that seemed to be wearing no makeup, a slender body, and coolly elongated limbs.

“Oh right!”

A middle-aged woman crossed her palms.

“To a normal person, she must have looked like a girl. This is St. Mirac Minerva.”


“I am an ivory tower dweller. Wait, what star did you say it was?”

Minerva spread her five fingers.

“Oh, it was five-star. By the way, how about Miss Minerva? Are you really willing to join us?”

“I said good. The doctor over there is important.”

Sirone didn’t hear anything.

‘If it’s five stars, it’s five stars, right? wait for a sec… … Minerva? The one I saw in the book… … .’

Mirak Minerva.

It was the name of a great witch who was one of the 100 most dangerous people in the world and who had driven the world into despair 700 years ago.


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