Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 714

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[714] What do you get? (3)

* * *

Emperor Aganos.

Uorin, accompanied by Gando, visited the secret space called the 3.8th floor of Aganos.

When I opened the door and went in, there was a bed in a 20-pyeong room, and a great wizard, who would be surprised to hear his name, was trying to sleep.

The manager of the 3rd and 8th floors stooped and waddled up and greeted Urin.

“Are you here, Empress?”

“How are you?”

The manager confirmed the color of the light that floated on the magic crystal ball and bowed his head politely again.

The crystal ball, which was initially black, gradually became clearer.

“It is much faster than expected.”

The Archmage was currently paying Sirone’s debt through Fermi’s contract of depreciation.

A debt of 127 years was impossible with a human lifespan, but Uorin did not doubt it.

If that’s already happened, it’s just because it’s the logic of the world that it happened.

‘The key lies in the hexa.’

If the debt of Valhalla Action is time, not life span, then the time Hexa has to experience may be different from that of ordinary humans.

‘Sibulsang Bombing, maybe Andre, and maybe… … .’

Uorin avoided hasty assumptions.

“When will the debt repayment be completed?”

“It’s true that it’s faster than expected, but I can’t measure exactly how much it’s shortening.”

“Is it the relativity of time?”

Even if the archmage pays for the debt, the size of the debt will be flexible like a rubber band depending on Sirone’s growth rate.

This meant that the time Sirone experienced in Andre transcended the scope of ordinary people.

“I get it. Let’s move on to the next step. Report any special changes immediately.”

“Is it possible? I will monitor you 24 hours a day without eating, sleeping, or drinking water.”

“Of course it should.”

As Uorin turned and left the room, Gando cautiously asked.

“Aren’t you giving too much? When Valhalla Action’s debt ends, Sirone will only grow stronger. The sense of time and synergy will be enormous.”

Uorin smiled bitterly.

“Gando, do you know what the most powerful weapon in the world is? It can neither be defended nor evaded, and it can surely kill the moment it is stabbed.”

“Do you have such a weapon?”


Uorin turned around and raised her index finger.

“It is trust.”

Gando felt like he had already been cut.

“No matter how wary a child may be, it is like leaving everything to him and falling asleep in front of his mother. The child has no idea that her mother could strangle her tonight or pierce her heart with her knife.”

“… … .”

Uorin turned around and walked away.

“Trust like this never fails, but that’s why it’s hard to build. If you can build it up by paying Valhalla Action’s debt, it’s cheap.”

“Sirone is not an easy opponent either.”

Uorin also admitted it.

“I’m fine with that now. I’m going to steer the debt contract. If you leave room for even a second of debt to be triggered, you can force Sirone into a moratorium at a crucial moment.”

Gando said worriedly.

“But can you really stab it? At the decisive moment… … Sirone’s heart.”

After all, since it cannot be stabbed, doesn’t the weapon of trust have absoluteness?

“I can stab you.”

Wu Lin was adamant.

“Theraze is trusted by many people, but no one trusts her. Gando, even if it’s you.”

Gando was a bit saddened, and he hoped that his words would apply to Sirone as well.

“Wouldn’t you like to sleep with Sirone?”


Uorin raised her head and smiled.

“love? Yes, it is not that we have never been in love throughout our long history. But it’s Gando.”

When he met Uorin’s eyes, Gando felt like he realized why she would never become human.

“What kind of life Therazé lived, you never know.”

* * *

Labyrinth Andre – World No. 1.

“Woo go go! Whoa, whoa!”

The humans of the primitive planet spoke to Sirone as if they were proud of their spoils, but they did not listen.

‘Those eyes are definitely Theraje.’

Anyone who has seen Theraje in person will do that.

“city… … as… … .”

Mitochondrial Eve, realizing something, instinctively turned away from Sirone.

Since it was in the early stages of development, her brain hadn’t even reached the realm of cool reason.

However, her genes, which will engrave countless history in the future, had a base event before the reset.

‘Maybe I can live a huge life.’

It was the wheel of the law, the fate that Mitochondrial Eve first realized in this world.

‘This should just go away. When the future changes… … .’


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The bottom case she had was all right before the 3rd reset was implemented.

Therefore, this incident was the first time, and Sirone had the same thoughts as her.

‘He’s being wary of getting entangled with me.’

It is probably an emotion that operates in the realm of instinct, but the intention was clearly conveyed.

‘Maybe it’s not the first Theraze.’

If there is an ancestor, there may be other daughters besides the mitochondria in front of you now.

‘The problem is that I’m not sure of that.’

To the early mitochondrial Eve, who has no reason to analyze the underlying event, a protoplanet would be the culmination of confusion.

‘Will this woman become Uorin in the future?’

Or do we end up in the tombs of history in this cave as one of the many daughters of Mitochondrial Eve?

If the woman in front of me was a direct descendant of Uorin, history would save her even if I left her alone.

However, if Sirone is rescued, future Theraze may not become Uorin.

‘If it wasn’t for Uorin… … .’

It was not impossible for the history of the world to change, and the aftermath would affect Sirone as well.

“Ooh? Whoa, whoa!”

Finally, the words of the people of the protoplanet came to us.

“hurry! I am presenting it to you!”

I did not feel like blaming them, who were just taking their first steps as servants.

However, Sirone was not a person from this world, and she could not ignore the unreasonable things.

“Ooh! Whoa!”

The humans who stamped their feet as if they were angry shoved Shirone and gathered around Uorin.

‘Terase… … .’

In a world where there are moral principles, the eyes of Shirone were murderous in the face of a situation that would never be tolerated.

“stop. Doing this… … .”

“Ouch! Aagh!”

Mitochondrial Eve shook her head wildly.

‘go! just go! Leave me alone!’

Reason was not established, but the urge to send Sirone surged to the peak of his life.

Even so, when Sirone did not stop walking, in an instant, the animal’s nature was pierced, and the agony of reason broke out.


Hearing the beast’s roar, Sirone bit his teeth and turned around and ran out of the cave.

“damn! damn!”

It was not just a matter of two people, but a matter of history.

* * *

“Mrs. Valhalla Action’s debt has fallen below 1 percent. You have to do it now.”

Waking up from a message from the 3rd and 8th floors, Uorin went down without even thinking about changing clothes.

‘It shouldn’t be even a little late.’

Gando immediately followed, and when they arrived in the room, the crystal ball became almost perfectly transparent.

‘Sooner or later the debt will be over. It will take a few more days to set the conditions. Now is your only chance.”

Valhalla Action’s debts are repaid, but it’s holding back the archmage’s time as he takes on the debts.

“I can’t hold on too long. Due to technical issues… … .”

“One second is enough.”

If Uorin could put Shirone into a moratorium for just one second at the time he wanted, it would be an instant to subdue him.

“Then I will receive Sirone’s genes.”

In the coercive way that so many men had done to Theraje in the name of love.

“It may not be a pretty sight, but… … .”

* * *

“What am I doing?”

Under the night sky of World 1, where the huge moon was floating, Sirone suddenly realized and turned.

“How stupid!”

Because the impact on the world was so great, my heart, which had been shaken for an instant, regained its place.

“Of course you have to save it!”

Even if this world advances to a different future, even if you are forever trapped in a moratorium… … .

‘That’s the right thing to do!’

As I flew through the sky at full speed and arrived at the cave, I heard Mitochondrial Eve’s scream.

‘I’m going to die like that!’

Maybe that was part of history, but Sirone didn’t hesitate any longer.

it’s mind

“stop! Free her of her!”

Feeling the hostility in the voice, the humans distorted their faces, baring their sharp teeth.

“This woman is ours!”

As soon as the horse jumped out, a flash of light passed them and crashed into the cave wall.


The roar that echoed in the small space startled the humans who recalled the daytime scene of meeting the dragon.

“Aww! help me! I don’t want to die!”

“Get off now!”

When he pointed outside the cave, everyone held their heads and quickly passed by Sirone.

“are you okay? Get your mind right.”

When Sirone untied the vines that bound Mitochondrial Eve, she attacked like a beast.

“Kyaaaa! Chiaaaaaa!”

It was a scream of resentment and anger.

“why! why did you save it! Why did you come back!”

Tears flowed from her eyes as she pounded on Sirone’s chest, although the meaning was different.

This might end a great life.


Having found a way to turn it around, she grabbed a large stone beside her and tried to hit her head.

‘I must die!’

Through countless generations, Theraze has achieved the spirit to end his life without hesitation… … .

‘scared… … .’

For the early mitochondrial Eve, death was such a frightening and hopeless thing.

“are you okay. Don’t worry about anything.”

Mitochondrial Eve, who put down the stone with a thump, slowly turned her head, and Sirone hugged her.

“I will protect you. No one will bother you.”

Aside from the incident that was still vague, she felt like she had swallowed something warm for the first time.

“Turn it off! Turn it off!”

Mitochondrial Eve, who buried her face in Sirone’s chest, howled like a beast and poured out sad tears.

* * *

“Then let’s begin.”

At the gathering of the best wizards, the manager of the 3.8th floor finished preparing to manipulate Sirone’s fan.

“Please give me instructions.”

Strangely, there was no answer.

It was Uorin who had been giving orders with cold eyes until just a moment ago, so Gando looked back curiously.

“The Empress?”

I thought it was unusual, so the question came out of nowhere.

“Why is that? Do you have any problem?”

Uorin was staring somewhere without even blinking, as if she had lost her life.

“Ah, ah… … .”

Seeing the empress shivering, everyone turned their heads with nervous expressions.

“why… … why is that… … .”

The spirit of Theraje, who has experienced countless lives, will not be able to shake even the gods.

“why… … why do you do that to me… … .”

The gigantic echo that exploded in the primeval beginning pushed something that had already been abandoned a long time ago back to the present.

‘no! I don’t love anyone!’

it’s mind

“I-I… … .”

Gando, as well as everyone present, opened their eyes wide in disbelief and looked at Urin.

“Oh, the Empress… … .”

It was the first time in her life Theraje’s tears.


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