Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 715

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[715] What do you get? (4)

* * *

Labyrinth Andre – World No. 1.

Without knowing what would happen in the future, Sirone spoke to Mitochondrial Eve.

“Even if it’s not the you I know, I never regret it. So, let’s live to the fullest.”

If the Kar value is 90% or higher, there will be no regrets left in the judgment already made.

“Ooh. Ugaga go.”

Mitochondrial Eve’s locked voice was interpreted through the Ultima system.

“I don’t know. Maybe not me.”

She couldn’t even speak the language properly unless she desperately raised her brain function.

Therefore, even the person himself could not be sure who the main character of the future incident would be.

“are you okay. You will definitely become the Empress someday.”

Mitochondrial Eve slipped away and shyly turned her head away.

“Am I ugly?”

However, there was nothing I could say to address this kind of question.

“Uh, that… … .”

“know. you’re from a different era I can tell. And what I should do next.”

Mitochondrial Eve held Sirone’s hand.

“I will help you. How can I get back.”

I don’t know what the other world is like, but it was true that it was difficult to get information in the primitive age because it was limited.

‘I’m glad though. There’s someone I can talk to.’

As I smiled and held Mitochondrial Eve’s hand, I heard human screams outside the cave.


These were the voices of those who had fled a moment ago.



At the dragon’s roar, Mitochondrial Eve jumped into Sirone’s arms.

“me… … I found it.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the dragon’s face filled the entrance of the cave.

Its long snout was covered with blue scales, and electricity flowed through its vertically slit amber pupils.

‘It’s different from other dragons.’

It was heinous, but there was a little more dignity in the sense of intimidation that was different from the wild.

“Here you are.”

The moment the electric gaze aimed at Mitochondrial Eve, Sirone suddenly realized.

‘perhaps… … .’

This mitochondrial Eve may not have been destined to die here in the first place.


Emotions disappeared from the dragon’s face when it found Sirone, giving off a strong inanimate feeling.


The cave shook at the roar of the roar.

“Ahh! Aaaaang!”

The dragon’s roar was not one, but hit the brain one after another like an echo without loss of sound waves.


The violence inflicted by the sound caused Sirone to bite his molars and hug Mitochondrial Eve even more deeply.

“Come out, human from another world.”

It was my honest feeling that I didn’t want to go out.

“If you refuse, I will fire a thunderbolt breath into the cave. There will be no avoiding it. You don’t want that, do you?”

“let’s go.”

As we held each other’s hands tightly and walked out of the cave, the dragon’s face slipped to the side.

‘It’s a mountain beyond the mountain.’

In the end, even the battle was in mind, but hundreds of dragons were already encroaching on the sky.

‘No matter how bad it is.’

In reality, the number of dragons is known to exceed a thousand, but there were very few cases where there were more than two of them.

“Obey. Our core is coming.”

As the thunderbolt dragon said so and took flight, a huge shadow crept in from far away on the horizon.

“It is not a shadow.”

It was covered with black scales, and the dragons were huge enough to make them look small.

Woo woo woo!

The impact of the landing made the ground shake, and the dragon with its neck about 20 meters long soared high, looking down at the distant ground.

“A human from another world… … .”

Sirone’s body trembled as the power contained in her voice was transmitted through the Ultima system.

The power of language, which was on a different level from the dragons he had met so far, contained an energy that could overwhelm all things.

“I am Karatorsa, the unclassified dragon. How do you disrupt the world’s information?”

“no way… … .”

Mudeung Dragon Karatorsa.

In the world where Sirone lived, he was the king of dragons, existing only in myths within legends.

* * *

Labyrinth Andre – World No. 847.


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“A power?”

On the way to the temple, Codename 97 Panika told Sirone what she was curious about.

“huh. Depending on how well suited to the divine authority, superiority and inferiority are divided, and a code is engraved on the forehead.”

“Then are there duplicates? For example, if I’m number 50, there might be people who are already number 50, right?”

“Are you number 50? Crunchy!”

Panika burst into laughter and covered her mouth.

“sorry. Because it’s such an absurd example. Anyway, if that happens, everyone will be pushed behind you by one rank.”

“It’s not like a tattoo. I mean the code.”

Panica pointed to her broad forehead.

“of course. This is a sign engraved by God himself. That’s why rankers are showing their foreheads. It is the symbol of the ruler.”

The shape of the bangs shaved along the forehead line was comical, but it was a natural trend in the city’s system.

“You mean you can use authority according to rank like that?”

“huh. The higher you go, the better your powers will be. There is no power below 400,000 units, but even if you enter only 300,000 units, the power is amplified and you can lift a heavy rock.”

If the physical force is different depending on the rank, it is understandable that the overthrow of the system has not happened so far.

“If you enter the 200,000 units, you can handle elements. Make fire or freeze water. If you enter 100,000 units, you can use both elements at the same time.”

Imagining an ever-rising pyramid of abilities, Syrone realized why people were terrified of number 97.

“Then what is a ranker… … ?”

“From 1st to 100th. They are people who use the ‘knowledge of God’, which is called the strongest authority. Me too.”

Panica demonstrated it himself.

“Basically, a ranker deals with all abilities up to 101st, but with one special addition. My power is a sphere object.”

An apple was caught in Panica’s hand.

“It’s the ability to turn what you think into an object.”

When Panica gave it to her to taste it, Sirone bit into the apple with a suspicious look.

‘Isn’t that a real apology?’

“You can make anything you want. jewelry, weapons and even explosives. However, as time passed, it withered a bit. So, these days, I’m obsessed with shopping.”

It was natural for people to be surprised when a ranker appeared in the middle-class town.

‘weird. It’s really strange.’

The ability called authority was different from the magic that Sirone knew, even from eating out the rules.

There must be plant wizards who can create apples, but only God was able to make everything happen just by thinking.

‘Is there really a God? no, maybe… … .’

Upon arriving at the temple, thinking of one possibility, the upper classes of the city were strolling around.

“Everyone from 500th place and above spends time here. It’s a place anyone can come, but I guess… … .”

It was a place where those with a low ranking did not know what would happen if they snooped around.

I saw numbers 467, 311, and 109, and the man named 37, now a frighteningly high ranking man, was also reading the newspaper leisurely.

“Hey, Panica. Who are you, sweetheart?”

In front of the temple gate, a sharp-looking man walked with his bangs cut short and his side hair down.

‘No. 9… … .’

It was ranked ninth out of over 400,000 people.

“Codename number 9 Gale. That person better be careful.”

Gail approached Panika and glanced at Sirone.

“What is this guy’s hair like? Not a ranker? where did he date? I didn’t know you were like this.”

The thought that there would be a myriad of people in the temple was something Gael couldn’t even dream of.

“What does it matter who I date? Get out of the way because you’re busy. Are you at Drain’s temple?”

Panica was visibly nervous.

“What are you so busy with? I need to get a stamp for going to work.”

When Gail grabbed Panica’s chin and kissed her, Sirone’s eyes lit up.

“stop! what are you doing now… … !”

Panika held out a palm to stop Sirone, and Gail said without parting her lips.

“haha! Why are you feeling bad? then take revenge Come to think of it, how many times are you? Will it be in the 100th?”

Panika, who felt threatened at the moment, risked her life and pushed Gale’s chest.

“Enough! Do it in moderation!”

“Are you being very picky in front of your lover? Shall we stick together? Maybe you can take number 9.”

The reason why friendship between superiors and subordinates is possible even though rank is everything is because of the ‘exchange and acquisition’ system that can obtain higher codes.

The higher you go to the top of the pyramid, the bigger the gap in skills, so it’s only natural that rankers want to avoid fights.

‘But not with Gail.’

Even so, the reason why Panica had no choice but to give her lips to Gale was because he was not an ordinary ranker, but a legendary ranker in the top 10 of the rankings.

Rankers in the 100th place in the ranking can use the highest authority, ‘God’s knowledge’, but if they go further and rank in the top 10, they will receive an additional power called ‘God’s Grace’.

‘If we fight, we lose unconditionally.’

No matter what, in the end, the most powerful force was the code, and Panika only resented the fate that was stamped on Gale.

“Isn’t it too much to engrave a number?”

At Sirone’s words, Gail turned around with an absurd expression.

“you… … What did you say now?”

“The number engraved on your ugly forehead. Anyway, aren’t you number 1 too? Don’t you think it’s too much?”


Gail smiled and leaned back.

“but. Low guys like you won’t understand. Panika is a great privilege. You’ve probably played with every handsome guy you’ve met on the street. So are you.”

“I am not!”

Panica shouted with a red face.

“Well, even if it’s a matter of taste, it’s a very comfortable life with only 96 people above. Even the 10,000 generation kids live doing whatever they want to do. I don’t have sympathy for people like you, codename number 97.”

Is Panica Unlucky?

If she is unhappy, how are we to define the lives of the 427,000 people below number 97?

“I still can’t accept it. Whether the strong or the weak, it is bad for humans to bully humans.”

“ha. It really annoys me to hear.”

Gail, who had been caressing her forehead, approached at breakneck speed and lifted Sirone’s bangs.

“How many times have you pretended to be proud… … huh?”

Gail, who confirmed that there was no number, turned to Panika with an angry look.

“you… … How dare you bring a musu to the temple?”

“What’s the fuss?”

All the rankers stopped what they were doing and turned their heads at the voice heard from the side of the temple.

Panica’s face turned bright when a man with a good-looking appearance with neatly grown bangs came down the stairs.

“Mr. Drain!”

Codename 1 line.

He was the only absolute in this city who could not be guided by anyone.

“Long time no see, Panica. Tell me what’s going on.”

After hearing Panika’s explanation, Drain turned to Sirone and nodded.

“Right. It must have been embarrassing to say that he was incompetent. Sometimes people come across as codenames. follow me God will place you.”

Gail looked back at Sirone and pursed her lips.

“Be prepared. Once you get the code, even Mr. Drain won’t be able to meddle. At that time, I will step on you miserably.”

As they walked up the stairs with Sirone’s arms crossed, Panica came closer and whispered.

“Don’t worry too much. Even if a lower number comes up, I’ll be your friend. It won’t be hard to live with.”

“Yeah, thank you.”

Numbers seemed to be irrelevant now, but her words warmed my heart in the cold world of rankings.


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