Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 679

[679] Occurrence of the five senses (3)

Rian did not deny Kido’s words.

He had experienced how human nature manifests itself in extreme situations.

Rian was also able to endure more than others, but it wasn’t that he didn’t do it like them because his nature was different.

“Come down. Let’s fight.”

Slash because it’s just an enemy.

It was Lian’s strength to erase numerous meanings through simple goal setting.

“Humans are so arrogant.”

Kido, who had jumped down from a high place, landed lightly and swung the spear. A sharp sound was heard.

‘He’s a nimble guy.’

Lian, who faced him directly, knew best how fast Whig of the Flurry was.

‘I guess it’s faster.’

Kido’s figure disappeared, and when Lian twisted his back, the sword blade collided with the blade as he turned the sword upside down.


But all that remains is the sound.

Lian, who was shocked by the agility of Kido, who had disappeared again, realized his misjudgment.

‘It’s not faster.’

Much faster.

Although he hadn’t seen the battle himself, it was clear that Wigg would have been defeated without a proper counterattack.

Piri Riri. Piri Riri.

The sound of the flute from the window had the fatal disadvantage of exposing the location, but it was rather distracting if the speed was this fast.

“Kiki, as expected, it’s different, Mach’s knight.”

‘Do you know me?’

As Kido, hanging from the spear, spun like a wheel and sped on the ground, sparks flew wherever the blade struck.

The interval between the sparks gradually increased to 4, 5, and 6 meters, and sparks rose in all directions as if they had penetrated Lian.

‘Here to cut!’

Unknowingly, Kido, who rolled across the floor, swung his spear, and Lian sensibly kicked off the ground and flew up.

“Heh, on the topic of living with both feet planted on the ground… … .”

Kido, who arrived at the landing spot first, threw his back to the ground and swung his spear, causing a rough turn.

“I always look up at the sky.”

Goblin Spear – Blade Hell.


External gravity was impossible, but Lian overcame the inertia of the fall with the ability of divine transcendence and landed far away.

“Kiki, you know how to do one.”

Kido, who rolled on the floor in a spinning state, quickly approached Lian’s feet and swung his spear.


I felt a burning pain in my Achilles tendon.

Before Lian could even counterattack, Kido opened his mouth and raised his right hand.

“How about now, can you see what’s under your feet?”

The flesh that had been ripped off Lian’s ankle was clutching at it.

“you… … I realized something.”

Even if he wasn’t a goblin, he couldn’t have reached such a technical level.

Kido put the flesh in his mouth and chewed it.

“… … .”

Lian didn’t feel any special inspiration, but he didn’t miss the deep feeling that resided in the snake-like pupils for a moment.

Goblin Incarnation – Law of the Earth.

“All living things live on the ground.”

While humans were looking up at the sky and imagining the universe, there was a goblin who fell to the ground with an extremely humble heart.

“The earth embraces everything. They feed you, give you a place to lie down, and take your excrement. Just like a mother.”

One day, when the thought came to him, he gave up walking and crawled on the ground.

I tasted the soil, heard the vibrations of the earth, and observed everything in it.

When I discovered that the already enlightened creatures were completely entrusting their lives to their mother’s arms, I was moved to tears.

It was the first tear shed in a goblin’s life.

At the end of a year, his limbs slowly spread out like limbs coming out of a tadpole.

At first, it crawled on its belly, but as its fingers and toes gradually gained strength, it began to float and move on its belly like an insect.

And finally, when his mind and body were completely assimilated into the ground, he finally realized.


The principle of moving in the arms of the earth.

Just the fact that goblins, less introspective than humans, realized that they were incarnations, showed how deep their thoughts were.

“You are also a creature. You cannot catch me as long as I am bound by the law of the earth (gravity). Are you still going?”

“I guess so.”

Lian, who had a great sword over his shoulder, moved on, shaking his ankle after it had finished regenerating.

“After hearing what you said, I thought of a way to win.”


As Kido spun the spear and accelerated, the sound of the flute began to grow louder without knowing the end.

“Don’t expect it.”

The moment he lifted his legs in the air, his body seemed to tingle, and then he escaped from his line of sight.

‘It’s definitely a speed that is hard to catch up with the human eye… … .’

Lian, who had a large sword over his shoulder, twisted his body rapidly while lowering his center of gravity.

‘I am a yaksha!’



As the landscape surrounding Rian shook bizarrely, Kido hurriedly applied the brakes.

A large straight sword passed in front of his eyes at an unimaginable speed, and Lian’s muscles twisted.


Rian ran towards Kido without stopping.

It is a feature of Denai that the landscape is crumpled like a carpet and comes from the action that destroys Kido’s cognitive ability.


But Kido also charged forward, revealing the warlike goblin fighting spirit.

In a short moment, dozens of sums were made and the sound of iron clashing was heard loudly.

Goblin Spearmanship – Hundred and Eight Torments.

It wasn’t enough that the left and right blades pushed almost simultaneously, causing afterimages that spread in all directions.

However, Lian’s movements also moved at the same speed and the blade bounced off.

‘What the hell is this… … .’

As the sword the size of a yam caused an afterimage, even the sound of the flute was drowned out by the strong wind.

The physical strength was on a different level, and Kido crouched down and rolled on the floor at the shock that seemed to crush his hand.


He screamed and aimed at Lian’s ankle, but he was already floating in the air.

‘It’s caught!’

Kido, with his limbs glued to the ground like a bug, glided towards the landing spot.

Even so, it was faster than bipedal walking, and at the correct timing, he crouched down and unleashed a blade hell.

“what… … !”

In the rapidly spinning Kido’s field of vision, he saw Lian still hanging in the air.


It couldn’t be!

‘Why don’t you leave? no way?’

transcended gravity.

A person who escapes from the bosom of the mother of all living things and flies towards the ideal.

As I thought about it, a shudder ran down my spine.


As the will of divine transcendence applied a denai to the law, the sky behind Lian’s back split in two and rushed in.


Kido, who hastily stopped spinning, pushed his body with all his might, and the Daejikdo fell like lightning in his place.


The ground cracked with a tremendous roar, and Lian jumped out through the thick dust.

“for a moment! stop!”

Kido shouted, but Lian’s will, who had already made up his mind, was not disturbed in the slightest.


After shouting that, Kido looked at Daejikdo and closed his eyes.

“… … have to meet… … .”

Realizing that he was alive by the fact that his tongue was still moving, he opened his eyes softly, and the blade stopped right in front of his nose.

‘I’m glad I’m alive, but this stopped?’

Denying the inertia of the enormous power, Lian’s forearm made a twisting sound.

“What is sirone?”

It was the only keyword that could stop Lian, and Kido sat down on the ground, relieved that his idea was right.

“Whoa, this must have been Macha’s ability. I didn’t even have a schema, so I was easy on myself, but I was a complete monster, right?”

The tip of the great sword pressed against Kido’s stomach.

“Let’s just listen until the next statement.”

“Sirone needs me.”

The words came out without a chance to catch my breath.

“And I need Sirone too.”

“… … What nonsense are you talking about?”

“Because Sirone is looking for Ra Enemy. So do i. That’s why the speed killer also quit and is here.”

Come to think of it, Kido was alone.

“You want me to believe that? You must also belong to the spectrum. Weren’t you following La Enemy?”

“The situation is complicated.”

Kido shook his head and said.

“I think he is not real. He exists only as an incident. Of course he’s been to me too. He said he’s the king of the goblins, he’ll go further and make you the king of the humans. But he refused.”

“why? Isn’t that what you guys want?”

“I knew he killed my sister.”

Ryan frowned.

“I don’t know what you are talking about. Until just now, you said that La Enemy only existed as an incident, but now you killed your sister?”


Kido pointed at his throat with a long finger.

“After my sister died, I ate her body.”

It was nothing special in goblin society.

“Eating a creature brings back memories of that creature. Not all, but certain memories. I call it ‘the taste of memory’.”

Lian slowly reaped the great straight sword.

“At first, I thought goblins were like that. So she lived without much thought. People ate, and ate this and that. Then she found out He likes to read, and I’m the only goblin who plays music with his whistle.”

Kido got up from his seat.

“When I ate my sister, the existence that remained most strongly in her memory was Ra Enemy. I don’t know how, but I think she died of shock in a terrible despair. The reason I killed my sister was probably to draw out my anger. But as you can see… … .”

Kido spread his arms and shrugged his shoulders.

“I’m not your average goblin.”

“so? Are you going to take revenge?”

“I wanted to do that if possible. But anyway, that would also be the emotion of some creature I ate. Because goblins don’t take revenge. Then I found out about you and Sirone.”

It was through Wig’s flesh.

“And by eating your flesh again, I learned about the relationship between Sirone and La Enemie. According to that memory, the senses of hearing, touch, and smell are currently gathered in Radum. And if I’m a being that corresponds to the sense of taste… … .”

probably sure

“La Enemy is designing something. Conflicting variables to induce a specific pattern of events. If so, it can be said that our gathering was inevitable. Of the five senses, I don’t know about sight, but I think it will appear when the time is right.”

“Hmm, so the variables collide… … .”

‘I didn’t understand.’

Kido put an end to the explanation and got to the point.

“Anyway, we have two choices. Do you live as La Enemy designed, or reject it?”

To Kido who realized incarnation, regaining free will was an issue as important as life itself.

“To choose the latter, we first need to know what Ra Enemy needs to design. I can.”

Kido pointed at his sharp teeth.

“If I materialize Ra energy through the five senses, I eat it. Steal the plans for La Enemy through the taste of memory.”

‘It’s a good thing for Sirone.’

Before making a decision, Lian looked back at Wig’s corpse with a pitiful look.

‘Wig of the gale.’

As a prosecutor who made his name known around the same time, he felt a sense of identity, but there was no room for personal feelings to intervene in what Sirone was doing.


It’s not childish enough to question who did the wrong thing first in a battle.

However, as the same mercenary, he had to engrave the guilt in his heart for not being able to take revenge.

‘See you in hell.’

A knight’s sword can only be used for the purpose of the master, said Rian, who had made the decision, looking back at Kido.

“Follow me. I’ll take you to Sirone.”


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