Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 678

[678] Occurrence of the five senses (2)

* * *

Brooks shouted at the medics.

“hurry! I do not have time!”

If the golden time was passed while the heart stopped, it would be the end.

“This, this… … !”

As a resourceful mercenary broker, those who flew to Brooks’ mansion were experts in first aid and first aid.

Electric shocks were applied and CPR was performed endlessly, but Venezia did not move.

“It’s not possible! He’s already dead!”

“Save! It’s all over without this woman!”

When Rufist safely completes his mission, Brooks gets the exclusive right to manage Radum.

The fastest way to stabilize Radum was to use Venezia, the leader of the spectrum.

“It’s okay to die, so keep going!”

It was nonsense, but the medical staff understood it perfectly and continued to shock the heart.

After 15 minutes like that, the exhausted people spread out one by one and fell to their seats.

“It’s done. dead.”

“Damn it!”

Brooks, who had kicked the door open enough to shatter the light chip, couldn’t control his excitement and walked around the room briskly.

“Huh uh uh uh!”

Then Venice’s eyes flashed open and she inhaled as much air as her lungs would allow.


Brooks ran, and the medical staff also forgot their fatigue and jumped up.

“Uh, how… … .”

My heart was beating again.

“I live! Lived, Mr. Brooks!”

“ha ha ha! What did I say? You said you could do it!”

The purpose was divided into life and money, but the joy was the same.

“Wait, what is this woman doing?”

One of the medical staff approached Venezia with a serious expression.

Raising her upper body before she knew it, she was staring at the front as if her soul had been lost.

“La Enemy… … .”

The three brains have three brains that recognize the past, present, and future, but the only living brain in Venice’s head is the forebrain, which recognizes the past.

This was also a sensory ability of a mechanism completely different from that of the human brain.

Her gaze moved sideways, following Enemy’s footsteps.

“You have to meet him.”

As I muttered an incomprehensible sound, I got up and a female medical staff put a coat over my upper body.

“Venice! Where are you going?”

Because the brain that recognizes the present died, she was unable to analyze the current situation, and it was impossible to predict the future that she would never meet Ra Enemy.

Also, this was the reason La Enemie came to Venice.

“To Radum.”

The eyes that saw Ra Enemy, the vision of Daejeonghwagi, moved to follow Ra Enemy.

* * *

Rufist, who was waiting for Jane at the entrance of the flower garden, frowned when the power to the concealed facility was cut off all at once.

‘It feels cheap.’

There is no way that an ancient weapon capable of biological feedback was cut off due to some kind of glitch.

In the end, it was the judgment of the spectrum, and it probably wasn’t good intentions on the human side.

‘I’m concentrating my power.’

A groaning sound came from the mouth of Lupist, who had bitten his teeth.

Judging from the size of the flower, if it is at its maximum output, the royal castle will also be within range.

From the first time he started managing Radum, he set a limit on the interception radius, but if Ra Enemy was directly involved, it was a situation that could be sufficiently lifted.

‘Now it’s a great purification period. I was born 19 years ago, so I was careless.’

It was easy to figure out the unlock code if La Enemy ruled over the events of the past.

Rufist did not wait for the party and infiltrated the flower.

‘Be sure to solve it, Jane.’

I just hoped that she would take control of the living flower in time.

* * *

Every time dozens of rapid-fire swords were pierced, the terrible screams of the subspecies erupted.

All the members belonging to the lower organization of the spectrum were attacking Chagall, and Etella and the others just watched in awe.

‘That’s not human. It’s a ghost.’

It was such a slaughter that even the warmongering Jordyk made his body tremble.


The screams grew closer to them until Chagall broke through the crowd and emerged.


His face was crumpled like a hieroglyph of intent to kill, and an unapproachable madness gleamed like oil in his bare white eyes.

‘kill! Eliminate all life!’

When the doubts disappeared in front of a clear purpose, the schema strengthened the body, boasting the best function ever.

“Stop! Listen to me!”

When Ethella shouted, Chagall’s face contorted even more.


why did she have to die?

‘do not think about anything! When all life is gone… … !’

Thinking is gone too.


When the martial arts of the rapid-fire sword surpassed the battle and reached the disaster level, they attacked Chagall regardless of race.

As if he was born to destroy life, those who entered his radius were instantly punctured and knocked out.

‘ trapezius muscle! clavicle! Deltoids!’


Blood spurted out of the shell of the rapid-fire sword as the blade pierced the goblin’s left neckline.

‘sternum! Pectoralis major! Overcoat oblique! Rectus abdominis!’


Pidu, with a blade embedded in his torso, screamed.

‘Rectus femoris! Park Geun! The vastus medialis!’


The dagger descended obliquely down Tubo’s thick thighs, starting at the crotch and going up the center of the body again, striking the vital organs.

‘bladder! kidneys! Camouflage! lung! heart!’

-The point is to stab quickly.

“shut up!”

Chagall, ignoring Raiden’s voice that did not fall like a specter, frantically twisted his upper body and stabbed his dagger in all directions.

Juggling of slaughter.

Chagall, who had driven the dagger back into the place where he had been stabbed and twisted it to collect the skin, glared at the next wave of enemies.

The goblin’s jaw trembled as their eyes collided.

“Do, run away!”

As soon as the words to run away came out of their mouths, which were unmatched in their aggression, the battle was almost over.


As Chagall approached at a speed that the eyes couldn’t follow, Aarkman cast teleportation.

‘Fire Snake… … !’

As soon as I arrived, I tried to cast magic, but my pupils shook from the pain that surged from my toes.


Before I knew it, the dagger of the rapid-fire sword had taken both of my feet.

If I cast teleport again like this, my ankle would be blown away, but it was better than dying.


What Aakman could see after tearing off his ankle and rolling on the floor were daggers pouring down like rain.

“You fool! damage!”

Jordic swung an ice whip made from an ice glove, but seven shells were already embedded in Aakman’s heart.

‘damn! Where are you!’

It was a jordic that captured Chagall’s movements through the spirit zone, but it was the realm of cognition.

It took a long time for the nerves to derive a logical response, and Chagall filled the gap.

“Ugh, ugh!”

Giving up on his thoughts, Jordyk recklessly swung the whip, but there was no feeling of being caught.


The sound of flesh being pierced was as clear as the chirping of birds.

“Ouch… … !”

The moment Jordyk stumbled like a crab with the dagger’s shell stuck in his neck, Chagall flew away.

He reached out his arm and stabbed the back of his neck three more times, and Jordyk’s body was pushed aside as if in sync with the beat.


Blood was sprayed by the pressure.

‘If we continue like this, we will all die!’

Etella attacked from a blind spot, but Chagall, who was in charge of the incident, left immediately and aimed at Yvian.


In front of Yvian’s raised eyes, Chagall’s dagger was unable to move forward and trembled.


The handle of the rapid-fire sword was metal.

“Now! hurry… … !”

Before Yvian could finish his sentence, Chagall’s kick hit his side.


All the ribs are broken, but if you release the magnetic force, the dagger will stab you in.


Chagall, who turned and landed on the ground, grabbed Yvian by the back of his head and pushed him towards the dagger.

There was a thump, and the blade pierced his forehead.


When Elwe cast his magic, powerful poison gas spread.

It was the only revenge she could do when all the masters of the three major guilds died.


After holding her breath for nearly five minutes, Ethella exhaled slowly as the thick haze dissipated.

“town! town!”

Chagall hugged Elwe from behind and sat down against the wall, covering her mouth.

No matter how powerful the gas is, it will not blow on the caster.

At first, he pointed the blade at him, but when he did not dispel the magic, he blocked his nose and mouth.

Ethella looked at Elwi, who was crying in fear.

“Wait. Something to tell you… … .”

“Oops! Ugh!”

Chagall stared only at Ethella and stabbed the dagger into Elwe’s upper body.

Tuk-tuk-tuk. Tuk-tuk-tuk.

It was a mechanical repetition, as if a stamp had been put on for fun, and each time the blade struck, Elwee’s body twisted as if it had been electrocuted.

When life finally died out, Ethella closed her eyes and meditated.

‘Where interest goes, only corpses remain.’

Over 100 corpses, including humans and sub-species, were strewn about, and blood was flowing as if it had rained.

‘But why does Master… … .’

Did he give his own life to Lee Ja?

“Do you hate me?”

Chagall asked.

“If you hate me, go for it.”

When Elwe’s trembling disappeared, Chagall stood up holding the only remaining dagger in his hand.

“You are strong. more than I.”

Ethella frankly admitted.

“But if you were nothing more than evil, you could not have murdered my teacher, Archbishop Raphael.”

“I am evil.”

There was no way Chagall would forget Raphael.

“Were you his disciple? Your master died by my hand. Get your revenge.”

“I found out about you. And I found out why Master was willing to give himself up to you.”


The corners of Chagall’s mouth went up.

“If you want to wrap it like that, you can do it… … .”

“There has never been a group called the Grassleaf Circus.”


In order to uphold the will that Raphael delivered through death, Etella endured the desire to defeat Chagall at any moment with superhuman good will.

“Your entire life is fake. It was just a brain in a vat.”

* * *

Sirone jumped over Radum’s building and searched the area.

“Rian, let’s scatter.”

Lian agreed as time was running out.

“Then I’ll take this one. you go the other way See you at the entrance of the fresh flower.”

“huh. be careful.”

Lian laughed as if she was worried about everything and threw herself away.

‘It’s a body that can’t die even if it wants to die.’

After jumping down from the building, Lian ran with all his might and meticulously searched the surroundings.

Although he cannot fly in the sky like a wizard, his traces remain on the ground.

‘Over there.’

After following the corpses of sub-species, Lian stopped walking.

Windstorm Wigg.

He was dead with his back cut off.

The face that contained the emotion at the moment of death conveyed the embarrassment of not even knowing how it had been cut.

‘It’s not an injury sustained in battle.’

As if it had been forcibly torn off, his right arm had disappeared from below the elbow.

Tuk, tuk, when Lian raised his head at the creepy sound, a glasses-wearing goblin wearing a red cloak was holding Wig’s arm and tearing at his flesh.

Lian, who licked his chin and confirmed that the flesh fell over, aimed his jigsaw.

“Come down. I’ll give you a piece.”

“If I’m going to argue… … .”

said the goblin, brushing his teeth with his tongue.

“He was the one who hunted me first.”

Wig’s arm trembled.

“Kill me to make money, and buy food with that money. Anything different from this?”

The true identity of the goblin that eats Wig’s body is the leader of the speed killers, Kido of Eating.

It was a person who corresponds to the beauty of the great purification period.


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