Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 675

[675] Radum’s Secret (3)

* * *

ancient weapons.

A strategic defense weapon that mimics the biological mechanism that collects photons to grow itself.

It has power so strong that it can supply power to the entire Radum with only its roots in the ground, and it is currently being used as a fortress for the executives of Spectrum, the largest alliance of the subspecies.

As Venezia left Radum, only three ministers, the Combat Division, the Defense Ministry, and the Interior Minister, occupied the round table where the four wills were placed.

However, they were clearly aware of the existence of La Enemy sitting in the empty seat.

Spectrum’s Minister of Home Affairs, pure-blooded vampire Laika spoke first.

He was a handsome man with his black hair neatly brushed back, his face as pale as if powdered, and his lips as wide as magpies were vividly red.

“The kingdom has made a decision. It was to be expected. It’s surprising that the head of the Magic Association came in person.”

“Rufist is a strong human being.”

Spectrum’s Minister of Defense, Flower Tribe Flalino, said.

Her eyelashes were exceptionally long, her red lips glimmering as if she were slippery, and her body exuded a vivid floral scent, not a chemically processed product.

The ancestors of the Hwajok are known as the incarnations of lotus flowers that have attained enlightenment after 40,000 years.

Although they are an outstanding race that use incarnation techniques, there are currently fewer than 30 individuals worldwide.

The reason why they faced such a serious population extinction crisis was because of ‘extreme passivity’, a unique feature of the species.

With no instinct to choose a mate, they are genetically wired to conform to the desires of all races.

For them, an accidental connection is a beautiful probability, and they have a noble heart that cherishes any seed.

However, humans did not leave them alone and gradually withered away from their unique desire for possessiveness and monopoly, leading to today.

“Also a dangerous person. Worse than Gaold.”

When Mikea Gaold was the president of the association, the pressure on Radum was not that severe.

“That’s why I said no to Lufist. It’s stupid to think you’re going to have a conversation with such a conservative person.”

Spectrum also pressured Tormia Kingdom through the organization’s channel, but Gaold’s accident was too great.

“doesn’t care. Because now we have an opportunity. A chance to recapture Baska.”

said the man, half of his face covered in reptilian scales.

Minister of Combat of Spectrum, Dragon Demon Draker.

Yongmain is a human being created through a dragon’s biological experiment, and the creator, the dragon, considered them a failure, but nevertheless occupied numerous areas with a force incomparable to other sub-species, and finally settled as one race.

“Venice was stupid. If you can’t avoid it, you can use it.”

At Laika’s words, Flallino nodded.

“We subvert humans.”

Draker looked back at the empty seat and said.

“I guess you want that too?”

A new memory of La Enemy nodding with a smile was created in the three minds.

* * *

“Joshua! Wake up, Joshua!”

Joshua, who slowly opened his eyes at the feeling of his shoulders shaking, straightened his upper body and aimed his bow.

It was a learned movement, but it was an empty bow because he missed the arrow, but Kargin was not in the spirit to think about that.

“Whoa, whoa! calm down! It’s me, it’s me!”

She looked at Kargin, who was pale and raised his hands, for a moment, then regained consciousness and lowered his bow.

“What happened?”

“It looks like it was blown away by an explosion. I don’t even know where this is.”

Kargin’s face was beyond words.

Thinking that maybe he did too, Joshua touched the ground.

“I will look for it. Aww!”

Kargin examined her ankle as she smacked her buttocks with a painful expression on her face.

It was swollen and twisted.

“Oops, you’re injured. Because I am out of my mind.”

When the recovery magic was cast, the burning pain surged.

“it hurts!”

“Be patient. We will be able to fix it soon.”

Recovery magic is divided into a high-speed activation type that increases autogenous power and a regeneration type that quickly restores cells, but Kargin’s specialty was the latter.

“Thank you for being a regeneration professional. Even if you look at it like this, when you were young, it was the hand of God… … .”

“Shut up and treat yourself. Because I’m already crazy.”

It was Joshua who was openly embarrassing, but he didn’t feel particularly bad, perhaps because he had heard his inner thoughts.

“No matter how little it takes, it will take 10 minutes.”

Even in the regenerative system, it takes a considerable amount of time to heal a fracture.

“It is too late. I don’t even know where we fell… … .”

As I was looking around, I heard a muddy voice from the side of the street.

“Kick-kick-kick! I found it, I found it.”

Joshua aimed his bow from a seated position. He did not forget to carry the arrow this time.

Goblins appeared from all sides and approached, brandishing bloody weapons befitting their agile movements.

“damn! There are too many numbers.”

The arrowheads were equipped with flame-attributed magic bullets, but it was not enough to defeat over 60 enemies.

“Kuruk kuruk! wait! The woman is ours!”

Hearing the voice from behind, Kargin raised his head while casting magic, and Fidu tribes with large axes on the faces of pigs were approaching.

“this… … shit!”

Both races were terrifying to humans in that they ate meat.

The Goblin Alliance Speed ​​Killer was displeased with the Fidu Alliance Gwangjong trying to steal their prey.

As if representing the cruel eyes of the goblins, the leader, Martha, pretended to slit her throat and said,

“no. Both humans are ours. If you quietly step back, I’ll give you one leg.”

“Cluck! Do you think you’ll be full on one leg? We’re starving!”

Pugo, the leader of the Fidu tribe, strongly protested, but Marta was only delighted with the opponent’s earnestness.

“Kick-kick-kick! That’s your case. Didn’t we find it first? If you feel unfair, run quickly.”

The two men, leaning on an arrow and looking at the confrontation between the organizations, swallowed their saliva.

‘Maybe things will work out.’

If you stir up Goblin and Pidoo’s emotions, you might get a chance to escape.

However, as if mocking their thoughts, Fidu made a terrible suggestion.

“Kuruk kuruk! Then let’s do it your way! Then there will be no complaints?”

“Hoo? It’s the goblin way. What about you?”

Marta slung a nunchuck with blades over her shoulder, her eyes shining.

“good. Whoever catches it eats it.”

“It’s meat! meat!”

With Martha’s words as a signal flare, goblins and fidus rushed at the two from all directions.

At the same time, Joshua’s arrow shot and the magic bullet exploded.


The goblins scattered in all directions enjoyed even the resistance of their prey, befitting their warlike nature.

“The intestines are mine! Even the eyeballs are mine!”

“I am… … Khehehehe!”

Kargin grabbed Joshua and cast teleportation, but there was nowhere to escape unless he burrowed into the ground.

“Kikiki, a human on the verge of being slaughtered is more disgusting than a pig.”

“Don’t call me pig! Crowd!”

Even while teleporting, Joshua’s shots were accurate, but the goblin’s innate physical abilities rivaled that of a quadrupedal predator.

“Bring it on!”

As the members of Gwangjong continued to rush in and jumped off the building, a flash of teleportation passed between them like a curved flash.

However, they couldn’t avoid the goblin’s attack, and eventually the repetition compulsion broke and the two rolled on the floor.


As the condition of Joshua’s ankle, which had been restored by nearly 30 percent, worsened, the complexion on Kargin’s face disappeared.


Looking back, the members of Speedkiller and Gwangjong formed a semicircle, forming a siege.

“I promise you one thing. will never kill I will just eat.”

Marta, who confirmed the change in the expression of the two, held her belly button and smiled.

“Puhahaha! see that face I’m completely fed up with them.”

Kargin’s body trembled as he held Joshua.

‘How can I die?’

I thought I wanted to die while I was living, but when it came time to die, I couldn’t think of a way.

“Run away.”

Joshua said, throwing smoke grenade arrows at the protesters.

“Fix the timing and get out of the teleportation.”

“Ha, but… … .”

Kargin summoned the courage of his life and asked.

“What about you?”

So, what should I do? I was afraid that the answer would come out.

“Anyway, this life is over. Ever since Leo died.”

I dare not say I loved her, but she was a cute little child.

When I laughed with my mother, I was able to forget my miserable life for a moment.

“Guys! It’s mealtime!”

Just as Goblin and Peedu rushed at each other as if competing, Joshua set off a smoke grenade.


Kargin teleported to flight, and with the best concentration of his life, he avoided the blade and escaped the enemy’s radius.

“Kuruk kuruk! Shall we pursue?”

“it’s okay! Take it from the woman! That tastes better!”

As is often the case with the last desperate struggle, Joshua didn’t mind breaking his leg and threw himself away, sparing no magic bullets.

Whoops! Whoops!

As the sound of the explosion receded, Kargin’s running speed slowed.

‘What have I done?’

His legs gave out and he fell to his knees.

Didn’t he lose Marien like that and live his whole life in despair?

‘Let’s go back. If I live at this age, how much longer will I live?’

I turned my head to where Joshua was, but my heart still didn’t move.


I didn’t want to die.

I wanted to live even if I had only a short life left, even if I had to shoulder the yoke of a coward.

Kargin punched both legs with his fists.

“in action! I mean move!”

My leg hurt like it would break, but I knew the truth.

That it was better than dying to suffer and abuse oneself in this way.

“Aww! move please! Move!”

‘Did he escape safely?’

His quiver was empty, and his ankle was twisted terribly.

He single-handedly killed more than 30 enemies, and with a strange strategy, he even eliminated Pugo, the leader of Gwangjong.

It was a new record in her life, but what remained was a well-deserved retaliation.

“Don’t think that I will kill you gently.”

Marta’s eyes were filled with life, and the members of Gwangjong who lost their leader were also salivating at the thought of chewing on her.

‘I should have saved one foot.’

At least arrowheads are better than their teeth.

“Cut your legs first.”

The goblin, who had been instructed, was about to strike Joshua’s leg with a sword as tall as his stature.

“You wicked bastards!”

When everyone looked back, Kargin, who looked 10 years older, came running with a club.

“Aww! Kill me, you bastards!”

I could tell that he was already out of his mind by the way he ran with his gray hair scattered.

As Marta stepped, his body rolled and crashed into Joshua.

“What are you doing, you old man! Come and what are you going to do!”

“Huh! Like this… … .”

Kargin said through tears.

“I can’t live like this.”

“… … .”

In front of the foolish words that he was just looking for a place to die, Joshua realized that he was the same.

“Quack! what is this guy? I saved you at best, but you walk to death? Do you want to be eaten by us like that?”

‘What have I done?’

Kargin came to his senses again.

How many times do you have to come to your senses before you can live in the world pretending to be human?

“Good thing. One woman was not enough.”

“Guys, it’s a meat feast!”

Overtaking the Speed ​​Killer, the chubby Pidoo rushed first.

“Kwaeeee! My forearm… … !”

And the next moment, a flash of light flew in and my face exploded with a bang.


I looked around, but no one was there.

“I found it, Lian! This way!”

When I looked up at the voice I heard from above, Sirone was calling Lian from the roof of a two-story building.

“Black! Whoops!”

Tears began to form in Joshua’s eyes, and an honorific came out without realizing it.



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