Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 674

[674] Radum’s Secret (2)

It takes about 4 seconds to fall.

Wizards could cast fly magic, but swordsmen had to make quick decisions.

“Aww! help me!”

The bicorn lost reason and struggled.

Even for schema users who could fight agile while armed with heavy armor, falling from a high altitude was a separate issue.

As Sirone spread his wings, Rufist shouted.

“no! Forward to fresh flowers!”

I ignored his words and rushed towards the bicorn, but the electric net hit me faster.

“this… … !”

Then Jane, who was nearby, cast teleportation, snatched the bicorn like a hawk, and sent it down to the ground.

‘Sheesh, it’s gone.’

As the other members chased after her, Rufist was unable to turn around and landed on the ground.

When I came down, the tall building was blocking all sides, and I felt stuffy.

After confirming that the bicorn was safe, Sirone issued an order.

“Starting with the number of people.”

“17 people. There are no losers.”

Jane said, looking back at the flower.

“I am collecting photons again. What you experience on earth will be on a different level.”

Rufist’s eyes widened terribly.

“So you said you had to move on? Did you disobey the president’s order?”

“… … sorry.”

Seeing Jane lowering her head, Sirone argued with a displeased expression.

“Since we were on the same boat, isn’t it natural that we fight together?”

Of course, it was the right thing to say, but from Rufist’s point of view, it was no different from the noise made by civic groups.

“Listen carefully, sweetheart. The mercenaries are everything to you, but I have an obligation to balance all the citizens of the capital, and furthermore, all the people of the kingdom. Equity to die unluckily with the same probability as possible. The kingdom does not tolerate other citizens being exposed to danger with a higher probability to adhere to your opinion.”

The bicorn approached and bowed his head.

“I am sorry. Please give me one more chance. It will never happen again.”

Rufist turned away without even replying.

It is difficult to rebuild a heart that has already been broken, and a person who can do that would not have been shaken in the first place.

“Jane, prepare for discipline when this is over. It’s still useful, so I’m keeping it alive.”

More than cold words, Jane’s face was overshadowed by the fact that she had disappointed the president.

‘part… … .’

To Lufist, all humans in the kingdom are nothing more than accessories to run the system.

“I’m sorry. because of me… … .”

As Bicon blushed and apologized, Jane shook her head and tried to smile.

“What are you going to do now anyway?”

At Jordic’s question, Sirone looked up at the iron tower towering over the building.

“What are the chances that they will attack us until they destroy Radum?”

“100 percent. They know this battle is the last one. They will do everything in their power to stop us.”

“Why don’t you hit first?”

If you hit it with the punishment of an angel, you should be able to destroy the sacks of fresh flowers.

“With whom? That is definitely the property of the kingdom. We have to preserve the system until we get back the seed of the flower.”

Mayray, who had eavesdropped on Ra’s thoughts through God’s frequency, pointed to the main road and said.

“Enemies are coming.”

Ra’s voice is always in the past tense.

That’s why the enemies had already arrived, and countless sub-species shimmered beyond the veil of the cloaking device.

“The location has been discovered. The interception will begin.”

“You’re bothering me.”

Rufist turned to Sirone and said.

“Approach the fresh flower as quickly as possible. can you do it?”

Sirone, who understood the president’s true intentions, took a deep breath and nodded.

“yes. I could.”

“Go forward at full speed. Quan focuses on protecting VIPs, while the others guard the flanks and aft.”

As Kuan snuggled close to Arya, the grotesque voice of the Guardians could be heard from inside the concealment facility.

“All attack!”

Enemies began to reveal their identities one by one.

They were members belonging to sub-organizations of the spectrum, such as the Black Revolutionary Corps, Gwangjong, and Speed ​​Killer.

“Kill the human! Fulfill the cause of the revolution!”

As the number gradually increased and completely filled the distance, Rufist opened the spirit zone with a frown.

‘Iron armor!’

As the steel magic was cast, waves of iron walls soared to a height of 10 meters and were pushed forward.

“What, what?”

At the moment when the crew went crazy at the speed of expansion that was comparable to that of the wind, Lufist threw himself.

“Follow me. The losers are abandoned.”

As hundreds of subhumans screamed as they were pushed against the iron wall, Sirone launched the incarnation of the light angel high into the sky.

‘Angel’s Punishment!’

With a thump, as the spear of light pierced the iron wall, the whole area was devastated and the bodies of the subhumans flew into the sky.

Kwak Kwa Kwak! Kwak Kwa Kwak!

After confirming that there was no damage to her allies, Sirone repeatedly cast Angel’s Punishment.

Hearing the screams of the mayhem from outside the iron walls, the crew felt goosebumps and gnashed their teeth.

‘Monstrous guys.’

It was to the point where I didn’t know who was not human.

“Stop! I mean stop it!”

“Crazy Goblin, how can you stop that!”

If the collision of the strongest spear and the strongest shield is called a contradiction, the situation when the two were combined was a disaster.

‘Is that an ivory tower candidate?’

Even if it was the president of the association, Sirone’s inaction, running on an equal footing with a certified first-class archmage, was terrifying.

‘I just need to go a little further.’

When the remaining distance to the flower was reduced to less than one kilometer, Kuan’s tension soared.

‘Are we finally seeing the upper class?’

As far as Kuan knows, all subhumans living in the concealed facility are lower middle class.

Of course, they must also be a powerful force, but the upper class waiting at the Spire of Life and Flower was on a different level from the subhumans who are now being crushed by iron walls.

‘There are rumors that there are pure-blooded vampires… … .’

As Carl heard the sound of crying and moved forward, Mayray, who had been eavesdropping on Ra Enemy’s voice, shouted.

“An interception order has been issued!”

At the same time as the horse fell, Rufist, who stopped charging, lowered his balance and put his arms together.

‘Golden prison!’

As the iron wall of enormous thickness was formed, it covered all the mercenaries in the form of a hemisphere.

Mayray started counting.

‘One second. 2 seconds. 3 seconds.’

At the point of 4 seconds, the energy beam fired from the flower directly hit the gold jade.


It was hell only with the noise that prevailed inside.

The situation was so dizzy that even the screams were drowned out by the roar, but Mayley raised her head with a clear gaze.

‘Four seconds later it was shot. It must be.’

The case of La Enemy is currently staying in the real life.

“damn! Try something!”

As the energy beam of the fresh flower heated the gold jade, the temperature inside soared rapidly.

I could understand the feelings of the chicken in the steamer.

“I’m going to ripen like this!”

Jordic blew cold air from the ice glove.

It felt cool for a moment, but in the end, it could not be lowered by even 1/10th of the degree and only evaporated into steam.

‘If you break the gold prison, you will die anyway. If that’s the case, I’d rather gather the heat to the limit… … .’

Calmly calculating the time, Lufist cracked the jade when he could no longer withstand the high temperature.

“Gather with fresh flowers!”

As the compressed heat exploded, the crew members spread in all directions along with iron fragments.


The difference between those who could withstand the explosion and those who could not was sharply divided.

While most of them flew out of control, Quan hugged Arya by the waist and quickly flung herself out of the radius.

At the moment when the energy beam that destroyed the gold jade rushed in, he cast the magic prepared by Sirone.


It occurred in an instant, and when the photon cannon passed through the magic circle, a huge flash of light was emitted.

The mass wave of light pushed back the energy beam for an instant, but it was too large even with Ataraxia’s amplifying power.

‘It’s really amazing!’

Even so, the fleeting time Sirone earned gave everyone a chance to get out of the radius.

Only Lian remained in place, running through the gale and blocking the line between Sirone and Ataraxia.


As they slammed the big sword into the ground, energy beams hit them.

‘Hold on! Hold on!’

Rian’s divine transcendence is usually strong, but his incarnation in the moment of protecting Sirone is unmatched by others.


Because it was not energy that living things could endure, the finger bones were crushed only by the vibration transmitted through the handle.

‘Protect! The Kingdom of Faith… … !’

The fracture started from the bones of the back of the hand and spread to the whole body.

Smille. Smille.

Following another auditory hallucination, the calf and thigh muscles ruptured with a popping sound, and the left eyeball was crushed and the cheekbone was blown off.

The energy beam finally dissipated.

“Huh… … .”

A groan like a ghost escaped from Lian’s mouth, who received the direct interception of the flower.

From him as the starting point, the energy beam diverged, leaving two wide roads in the city.

“Lee, Lian… … .”

Sirone’s voice trembled.

I had briefly heard about Lian’s realm from Miro, but it felt like a delusion to think that I could survive by blocking an ancient weapon with my bare body.

“Rian! You can’t die!”

I heard Ryan’s voice.

“okay. You can’t die.”

He vigorously pressed the handle of the Daejikdo and stood up. He slowly turned around and said.

“Until I die, you will never die.”

Lian’s smiling face with one eye closed quickly recovered.

Smille. Smille.

Ignoring the hallucinations he still heard, Lian looked at Daejikdo Edea’s condition.

‘It’s really amazing.’

It was a sword that cut numerous enemies, but it was the first time it had been exposed to such powerful power.

However, as an object that can never be destroyed, there was not even a scratch on the blade.

‘I don’t know how long I’ll hear the hallucinations… … .’

It didn’t matter anyway.

If it was to protect Sirone, even if this was the last time, he would have jumped in without hesitation.

‘Thank you, Grandpa.’

Recalling Clump’s face and inserting the jigsaw into his back, Sirone asked with a blank expression.

“Lian? Are you really recovered?”

“As you can see, no problem.”

The moment Lian raised his thumb, a fist hit his stomach.

Of course, there was no shock due to the muscular barrier, but it annoyed Sirone even more.

“you idiot! What if I do something reckless like that? Is it because you don’t know what that is? It’s an ancient weapon!”

“You were the one trying to do something with that ancient weapon, right?”


Sirone blinked.

“I saw you preparing for a counterattack. You didn’t intend to avoid it from the start, did you? Everyone caught in the explosion would have died if you didn’t buy them time.”

A Lufist would say it was foolish, but there was a point that even Sirone could not yield to.

“that’s right. The mission is important, but the mercenary squad I formed… … .”

Lian shook her head.

“are you okay. Whatever decision you make, I’ll just follow you as your sword. What I really want to say is that there is nothing as disgraceful to a knight as not being able to keep it.”

It meant that if Lian said what he really wanted to say, he would carry it through under any circumstances.

That is the knight’s belief.

Perhaps Rian has become a much bigger person than Sirone knows.

‘I’m sorry, Lian.’

As if reading Sirone’s thoughts, Lian smiled and pointed at Radum’s core.

“let’s go. We must continue our journey.”


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