Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 550

[550] Code Decomposition (3)

* * *

Apocalypse Reset.

Numerous symbols began to pile up toward the destination of information.

Where there is nothing, blue light rushes and draws a three-dimensional bird’s eye view, and the whole landscape is revitalized.

City information has been reconstructed.

Nothing has changed in the ruined landscape except that Sirone has disappeared.

The world was being reborn like that, and the man who was walking through the vast trench where the sea dried up suddenly raised his head.


His name is Gaold.

He was the one who moved towards the end of the world according to his instincts.

“I feel like I’m going down the road I’ve already walked.”

Her hair was shaved and her body was parched, and dirty rags were all that covered her bare body.

“It doesn’t matter.”

Gaold struck the ground with the cane he was holding in both hands and took another step.

To find something you don’t even know.

“Where is God? I have to kill… … .”

* * *

“Sirone never comes back.”

Ryan’s heart was heavy.

The sirone met in Apocalypse is just information, but that information exactly matches the real sirone.

If a situation like this happened in real life, Sirone would sacrifice herself again.

“But what remains at the end is ultimate futility.”

“Yes, to be open. Just as we feel the apocalypse meaningless, that’s what happens in real life.”

As Lian’s expression darkened, Miro evoked the atmosphere.

“don’t worry. Because it’s not easy. Apocalypse is a world made of human thoughts, but reality is not like that, right?”

“Nothing Sirone has done has been easy.”

Miro licked his lips at the sharp words.

‘He’s a sharp kid in a strange place.’

If the immortal function is infinitely expanded, the ego is dismantled, and if it is perfectly controlled, it will leave the world by its own will.

It is assumed that Guffin is the only one who succeeded in the latter, but since it is Sirone, there is a sense of old age.

As if to break the irreversible atmosphere, Arius appeared.

“You have returned safely.”

Because he was cut off from Apocalypse, he waited in Under Coder.

“Well, if I’m not safe, who will be?”

Arius nodded and asked as if it was a reasonable statement.

“Did things go well?”

Miro turned his head and Fermi pulled out the depreciation contract.

“Once the signature has been received.”

Although it was a forged signature, it was 100% recovered Sirone’s information, so the possibility was sufficient.

Arius carefully examined the contract and put it in his bosom.

“From now on, I will have it. Only stolen items can be brought back to life.”

In order for the forged signature to be effective in reality, it must be made into an object to avoid Dremo’s censorship.

According to the rules of Drimo, it was clearly denied, but it was a major for the grave robber Arius.

“Can you?”

“No problem. I robbed anything worse than this and sold it to Theraze.”

“Well, it was. Shall we depart then?”

Miro and the others arrived at Drimo by going back through Undercoder in reverse order.

The moment the infidelity was discovered by the dream keeper, he could be trapped in the land of dreams forever, but Arius made full use of his past experiences and proceeded with the matter in a flash.

“I want to get out of my dream.”

At the exit from Drimo, Arius calmly lied.

Mongin Louver looked at the party with his eyes shining, but soon replied with a benevolent expression.

“Did you have any good dreams? Have a good trip.”

Even Marsha, the leader of the thieves, had her heart pounding when she passed by Mong-in.

The group that came up to the surface level stepped out of the door Arius had installed.

Their bodily senses faded away, and bright light aggressively engulfed them.

“Gagging! Gagging!”

The first person to wake up from the dream was Lian.

Suddenly, Chimi woke up in great pain, and the people lying next to her also opened their eyes one by one.


“Rian, are you okay?”

Marsha looked around Lian with a surprised expression.

The carpet was stained red from how much blood she had vomited in her sleep.

“Because I was hit hard by the weapon of the underground. I even cut myself with a knife.”

Lian took a deep breath and fought back the huge pain.

The sensations in Apocalypse were real, but it became clear upon waking from the dream that they were merely conveying information.

Arius, who controlled the dream, undid the lotus position and approached.

“I had severe seizures. If it weren’t for her regenerative abilities, she would have died.”

Miro looked at the most important things first, as he would not die anyway.

“Let’s check it out. can you do it?”

Lian also looked back at Fermi, enduring the pain.

“You should try it. Whoa!”

Fermi took a deep breath and cast the spell.

When the depreciation transaction contract was implemented, everyone’s eyes were focused on the signature line.

“there is.”

The signature, Ariane Sirone, was clearly engraved on it.

“It’s not over yet. Will it really work… … .”

Fermi moistened his dry lips with his tongue and exerted utmost concentration.

Transactions in Depreciation – Valhalla Action.

A golden orb flashed on the palm of my hand, materialized into a chip and bounced.


Marsha opened her eyes wide and opened her mouth.

Of course, he fought to the death for this, but he didn’t know that Sirone’s magic would really be extracted.

As if there was no time to wait for the chip to fall, Fermi snatched it up and placed it in the palm of his hand.

A pattern of red and gold was drawn along the outline, and two curved arrows were drawn in the center as if chasing each other’s tails.

What was different from the usual was that a black line was drawn obliquely along the center of the picture.

“As expected, the decision to not use is coming out. It must mean we haven’t paid the price yet.”

“What about Sirone?”

Rian looked at Sirone, but Armand’s robes still didn’t come off and the sound of breathing was still the same.

“It still means that Sirone owes the debt.”

Miro agreed with Fermi.

“Because extraction alone has not changed anything. If you hand it over, Sirone will wake up. Maybe.”

“Give me this.”

Miro held out his hand, and Fermi tossed a chip.

“The expiration date is sufficient, but it would be better to transfer it quickly just in case.”

Only then will 190 billion gold start depositing in installments.

“No need to worry. Theraze must have already hired the Archmage. It should be enough for about 10 people to pay in turn. You will be needed at every transfer.”

That level of service was the basis of the broker.

“Anyway, it’s extremely sincere. Sacrificing 10 archmages just to wake up one of the magic school students.”

“You must think that Theraze’s idea is worth it.”

Miro’s thoughts were the same as Theaze’s, but she looked back at Marsha without revealing any more information.

“I’m leaving right away, will you come with me?”

Marsha was promised sponsorship for the parrot thieves if the mission was successful, but she had no intention of going to Kashan.

“No, I believe you. Not Theraze, but you. I have to go to the hideout first. I have a lot to discuss with my subordinates.”

Miro, who respected Marsha’s will, asked Lian this time.

“What are you going to do?”

I was thinking of accepting it if it came along.

Despite being Sirone’s most dependable ally, the courage he displayed in Apocalypse was sure to be of use in the future.

After thinking for a while, Lian asked instead of answering.

“What will happen to Sirone in the future?”

“I should go to Kashan and hand over the chips. And I’ll keep you for a while.”

Fermi pursed his lips.

“Your aunt is taking you?”

“of course. How much time, money, and effort was spent waking this guy up. He’ll teach you a few things and send you back to magic school. Anyway, it’s good to get a wizard license.”

Realizing something, Fermi smiled meaningfully.

“It’s a wizard’s license. It certainly won’t be easy.”

Even though they are separated, Miro also responded with a smile, thinking that they share the same bloodline.

“That’s why I’m taking him.”

In the future, the world situation will change rapidly, and Sirone will be thrown into the whirlpool of the typhoon.

‘Just looking at the kingdom of Tormia, the head of the Magic Association has changed.’

Fermi shrugged his shoulders as if he didn’t mind.

“Teach me hard. After all, as long as I’m here, Sirone won’t even graduate.”

“Ho Ho! That would be fun.”

Miro burst out with a pretentious laugh and asked Lian.

“Well then, what are you going to do?”

“I will leave the knight training again.”

It was an unexpected remark for Marsha.

“why? It seems like we haven’t seen each other in a while, but should we watch Sirone wake up? Because it’s as if you saved him.”

Ryan shook his head with a bitter expression.

“In this battle… … I have died a thousand times.”

The atmosphere became pious.

“Thanks to the hallucinations, I came back alive, but in the end I couldn’t protect Sirone this time either. It was all I could do to fight back. It was such a strong enemy.”

In Lian’s memory, the image of Park Nyeo charging like a beast flickered.

“In other words, even if I die a thousand times, I’m an opponent I can’t win. I want to be a little more diligent. I want to appear as a confident knight when Sirone graduates.”

Miro respected Lian’s determination. It was a belief that was worth it.

“good. It’s been decided, so let’s start quickly.”

So, the group left the Ardino family.

Miro looked back at Fermi, who was escorting him to the front gate before leaving, nagging him as a relative.

“You too should graduate this time. Don’t rot in your stupid daddy.”

“haha! Think about it.”

Miro looked back at Sirone who was carrying Arius.

“Well, it’s not that I want to graduate. You must have known the realm of Sirone this time, right?”

“It’s not because we’re fighting on the ground. The Valhalla action won’t be released until graduation, and the rest of the magic is what. More than anything, I have this.”

Fermi struck a gold coin and it bounced into the sky.

“… … Why did you make such a diet? Can’t you tell me now?”

“For now, let’s say there is a magic I want to buy.”

When he avoided giving a detailed answer, Miro gave up his lingering feelings and turned around.

“okay. I’ll give my regards to Sirone.”

“The sooner you deposit, the better.”

It was Fermi-like until the last greeting.

* * *

Arriving in Kashan, Miro delivered the Valhalla Action chip and explained what was supposed to be Sirone’s collateral.

This was the completion of the contract, and after leaving Kashan again, she gave Arius a mission and settled down in a hut deep in the mountains of Tormia with Sirone.

After giving the chip to Urin, nothing happened for two days.

Miro, who had been checking Sirone’s condition every night, decided to take her time and watch.

And just like that, another day passed.

-Release of restraints. acceptance of the will to act.

Sirone’s eyebrows twitched at the voice that shimmered like a dream.

As Armand’s robes became organic, they were sucked into the shape of the demonic sword, and Sirone’s eyelids slowly opened shortly thereafter.

“… … .”

Memories from heaven flooded into Sirone’s mind as he slowly blinked at the log roof.


Shirone, who jumped up with the fighting instinct, widened her eyes and was wary of her surroundings.


It was a strange sight no matter how I looked around.

Neither the spiers of Araboth nor the terrifying archangel Faiel were to be found.

‘What happened? Where are you?’

Fear crept in as if from a distant future.

However, the first thing the body felt after realizing the reality was hunger to the point of stomach ache.

Hearing the growl, Sirone grabbed his stomach and bent down.


As his sense of smell revived, the smell of boiling grass leaked in through the cracks in the door.

‘Eat something… … .’

When I opened the door and went out, a woman with long blue hair, wearing an apron, was cooking porridge in a small kitchen.

It felt familiar for some reason, but I couldn’t tell just by looking at the back.

‘Who is it?’

As she scooped the porridge into the ladle and tasted it slightly, she murmured happily.

“Oh, I’m a genius too. He is a genius with a sense of taste who finds tasteless things delicious.”

“… … .”

Sirone, who was staring blankly, asked.

“Hey, who are you? Where are you?”

Upon hearing Sirone’s voice, Miro turned around and smiled brightly.

“what? Did you sleep well, Sirone?”


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