Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 551

[551] Code disassembly (4)

“maze… … Seed?”

An unforgettable face came into Sirone’s eyes.

Although they fought against Heaven’s army together, they did not even know that she was alive because they were active in their respective regions.

“long time no see. how have you been doing?”

This is the second meeting since we met in the space-time of the labyrinth.

Instead of the divine feeling at the time, a realistic sense of reality came first, but the beautiful appearance remained the same.

“What happened? Why is Mr. Miro here… … ?”

“Sit down for now. You’ve been starving for quite some time.”

As if answering, I heard a growling signal from inside my stomach.

When we sat down at the table without a murmur, Miro put the grass porridge in a bowl and set it aside.

“eat. Because there are many.”

“Yes, I will eat well.”

She was on the verge of going crazy without eating anything, so as soon as she picked up a spoon, she took a big scoop and put it in her mouth.

‘It tastes awful.’

The bitter taste beyond imagination, the grass porridge flowed down like a waterfall and was put back into the bowl.

Miro put her chin on her hands and smiled.

“what’s the matter? Is your jaw uncomfortable?”

“I… … What medicine is this, to cure me?”

“no. It’s just my morning.”

I didn’t have anything to say in response, so as I was looking at it, Miro reached out to the bowl.

“If you don’t want to eat, eat next time.”

“Oh no!”

Sirone hurriedly passed the bitter porridge.

After eating, I wondered if I was worried about the state of my stomach after starving for a long time, but maybe this was just Miro’s skill.

Anyway, the feeling of something going into my stomach was satisfying.

While eating, Miro told me what had happened.

From the events that happened in heaven, to the cooperation of Theraje and Miro to enter the apocalypse to save Sirone, who was caught in debt due to the Valhalla action.

“Lian… … .”

Sirone’s nose was cold.

The Undercoder is nothing more than a duplicate of information, so it has nothing to do with memory, but the sight of Lian fighting for his life came to mind as if he had seen it with his own eyes.

“Lian suffered. Of course, I suffered the most.”

As Miro smiled, Sirone realized her mistake and added more words.

“Oh, thank you. Miro, as well as Marsha noona and Fermi. I have debts I cannot afford.”

“okay. But sooner or later you will have to deal with it.”

After finishing a bowl of porridge, Sirone put the tableware down and blinked.

“Speaking of affordability… … ?”

“Then did you think I saved your life for free? Follow me. There is work for you to do in the future.”

Miro left the cabin without even removing the bowl.

When Sirone left the door, the scenery of the mountain with the refreshing feeling of late summer was revealed.

“Where is this?”

“Where are you? It is a place where you will behave like an animal from now on.”

“Do you roll like a beast?”

Miro didn’t answer and went into the small training center behind the cabin.

Inside the wooden building, there were rows of candles lit along the walls and nothing but two cushions.

“sit down. From now on, follow what I teach you well.”

She sat facing Miro, but Sirone was not in a hurry.

It was only two hours ago that Valhalla Action got out of debt.

He didn’t even think of coming back alive from heaven, and above all, he remembered the faces of his parents and friends who were waiting for him.

“excuse me… … Are you training?”

“maybe. Why don’t you want to?”

“No, not at all, but… … .”

Sirone asked cautiously.

“First of all, can’t you at least contact your family?”

Miro’s smiling face suddenly turned cold.

“Don’t be c*cky, Sirone.”

Suddenly, the candles slanted toward Sirone.

When I met the night cat-like eyes, my saliva flowed down my throat.

“Whatever you experience in heaven, it is past. The only thing left in front of you is the magic school’s graduation exam. Competitors are still training fiercely. Or what, do you think you can graduate with your current skills?”

Thoughtful, Sirone looked straight at the maze and said.


Miro, whose expression was relaxed, sighed.

“that’s right. Actually, I think so too.”

In heaven, Syrone’s magic has taken off.

The conviction that he would work well in the senior class was neither arrogant nor absurd, but a word derived from his judgment ability to coolly analyze his own condition.

“You are strong. It is safe to say that there are very few people his age to compare with. Of course, the Valhalla action was sealed for the time being, but it’s a function installed on Armand anyway, so it’s separate from the graduation exam.”

Sirone calmly waited for words to follow.

“You can graduate. But that doesn’t guarantee that you will definitely become a wizard.”

“What does that mean?”

“It is literally. The graduation exam is only to decide whether or not to graduate, and it is entirely up to the scout’s evaluation of what kind of institution you will work for as a wizard and what kind of life you will lead.”

“I heard that from Ms. Collie. So, digesting the senior class schedule is also individual freedom.”

“That’s right. And I can assure you… … .”

Miro said softly twisting her lips.

“You will never be a wizard.”

Sirone’s eyes widened.

“Wizard… … .”

“Exactly, the wizard you want. After graduating from Alpheas Magic School, you can get an unofficial license. You could be a mercenary, or you could find a way to get into the black line. But don’t even dream of joining the Association as a certified mage or reaching a high position in the kingdom’s magic department.”

It felt like my heart was on fire.


“Because you killed God.”

“… … .”

“No matter what, it is the few rulers who move the world. Powers from around the world are watching you. Thera will not abandon you, but even she is only one of her three emperors in her temple. Will she let the other two emperors stand still? I guarantee you, you will get caught up in all sorts of political scheming, used, ripped off and thrown away.”

It doesn’t sound realistic, but it’s probably true.

This is because Miro, who suffered from the checks of world leaders through 20 judges, speaks directly.

“Do you have a grasp of reality now? I also built a dimensional wall and was imprisoned for 20 years. Of course, it was an act of my own will, but if I had refused, I would have died. Just like my family was destroyed.”

Sirone suppressed the desire to cry sadly.

“The strongest banya who stopped the army of heaven. That’s the title given to me. Of course, as a single entity, I’m strong enough. But Sirone, the nation is above humans. System is stronger than brute force. Even the Gaold you know lived 20 years holding his breath to save me.”

“… … Then what should I do in the future?”

“Be strong.”

Miro’s answer was simple.

“Graduation is not the problem. You won’t be in any country until you graduate. Thera will also use her strength. The real storm comes after graduation. Within that, you must become strong enough to protect at least one of your bodies.”

Miscellaneous thoughts disappeared from Sirone’s head.

“I’ll teach you the method about the wizard later. But that’s after I’ve gotten stronger.”

“yes. I understood. We will start right now.”

Thinking that this is why it is convenient to talk to someone who can change posture quickly, Miro told me the plan.

“I will give you guidance, but actually, during your time with me, what you should learn the most is not magic.”

Sirone tilted her head.

“What else besides magic?”


It was the art of incarnation that mankind’s strongest banya spoke of.

“Incarnation is in everyone. I just don’t understand. Also, even if you realize it, using it enough to call it a skill is another matter.”

Miro demonstrated himself.

Behind her, the incarnation of Kannon slowly rose and spread its 12 arms in full bloom like petals.

“This… … .”

“Thousands Arms Guanshi Yin. If it is prajna to reveal the incarnation outside the body through mental transcendence, prajna’s will affects the laws of the world.”

As Miro opened her eyes, Kannon’s arm flew into the air.

Sirone couldn’t even react until the palm of his hand pierced his body, and his heart belatedly fluttered.

“If I did it for real, I would be dead.”

Sirone nodded with a firm expression.

“This is just the work of the mind. It’s just that the effect of transcending the mind has materialized and appeared. You could call this a skill, but… … .”

After saying that, Miro closed her eyes and the incarnation of Kannon began to grow in size.

With a size that would fill the training center, Sirone opened her mouth and looked up at the ceiling.

“This is possible if you sharpen and polish it.”

Transcendence of the mind – all things.

Following the movement of the maze, Guanyin put his palms together, and hundreds of candles were extinguished.

Nobody opened their mouths as the smell of burning wicks permeated the air.

The wall side glowed, and before I knew it, I could see the maze lighting candles one by one.

“… … How did you do it?”

“Simple. Guanyin’s arms as many as the number of candles caught the wick at the same time. You just didn’t see it.”

“Are you saying that the power of an incarnation can act on things as well?”

“Not everyone can do it. Incarnations are different for each person, and their unique personalities come into play. The realm is set, and I only applied it through scale magic.”

Miro, who lit all the candles with Ignite, sat down.

“The basis of incarnation is to strengthen incarnation. There are many ways, but one that is too biased is boring, so let’s make it a sequence for easy understanding.”

“yes. I also learned sequence formulas.”

Miro laughed.

“The things you learn at magic school are things like how many seconds is zero to 100. But incarnation is on a different level.”

Miro’s fingers quickly drew a horizontal line.

“Zero bag, that is, the speed of the sequence increases mental power. I use the momentary concentration of counting 100 in one second. Therefore, unless the speed continues to increase, the mental strength does not increase indefinitely.”

Sirone also had experience in practice tests.

“On the other hand, the important thing in the art of handling incarnations is the greatness of the number. Grafting the size of a number to incarnation. Let’s do it now. Since you are also a banya, it will be easy to apply.”

“Yes, I will try.”

Sirone took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

Upon entering the mental transcendence, the remnant of an angel with wings of light appeared.

‘Intensify this in a sequential manner.’

By using the modularization learned at school, it broke through the zero-hundred mark in an instant and entered the thousand and ten thousand units.

‘Not yet?’

At the end of the five minutes, Miro yawned.

I didn’t know how many times I had to count to strengthen the incarnation.

‘then… … !’

Shirone, activated by Ogi, opened the Immortal Function.

It was dangerous to fully expand and surpass the number, so I adjusted it, but the enormity of the number increased exponentially.

The incarnation of Sirone began to become clearer, and the afterimage disappeared, revealing a clear boundary line.


At that moment, Sirone, who broke away from the sequence, let out a rough breath.

“It’s quite right. If you succeed from the start, that’s great. So, how many did you count?”

Sirone, who took a deep breath, spoke as she searched for memories.

“Um, 58.38721 billion… … .”

“Okay, that’s all right.”

Miro stopped talking as soon as the first digit appeared.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re late, but it’s too little for 10 minutes. That’s why you can’t handle the incarnation.”

“Then, how far has Mr. Miro gone?”

“me? Hmm. I didn’t really do any sorting. For example, if I just blew out the candle… … .”

Miro, who was engrossed with his arms crossed, said.

“Wouldn’t Gyeong (10 to the 16th power) have been exceeded?”

“kyung… … .”

All I could think of was that humans were not a unit that could be counted.

“What are you so surprised about? From now on, this is the stage you need to reach during the vacation period.”

Sirone’s face turned pale.

“yes? me?”

“you can do it. I will help you.”

Miro is a talent unprecedented in the history of mankind, but even so, there is no certainty.

“I won’t say it’s easy. But if you’re already scared, it’s troublesome. You entered that world.”

Miro said, recalling an anecdote from a while ago.

“There was a situation where I had to stop Satan in Heaven. It took some time, but in the end it landed the best blow. If you look at the incarnation art at the time as a sequence, how much do you think it would be?”

Sirone, who did not dare to predict, shook his head, and Miro raised his index finger and said,




At units that didn’t feel intuitive, Sirone began counting as he had seen in the book.

‘Cho, Gyeong, Hae, Ja, Yang, Gu, Gan, Jung, Jae, Pole, Hanghasa, Ah Seung-gi, Nayuta.’

As the unit got bigger, the pupils gradually rolled up.

‘secret… … .’

It was 10 to the power of 64.


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